Gods and Idols

Gods and Idols

So the reviews about the servers being offline a lot is no joke. I downloaded and installed the game and guess what? Servers offline! I looked at the linked Twitter and there haven’t been tweets for months. I read the news, and there were really weird excuses for taking down the servers. I mean, right now I have no idea why they are down. Is it from the patch that hit seemingly nearly two weeks ago? And previously, the servers were offline because of a thunderstorm? I have never heard of that in my life. Is the developer going to shut the servers down for every thunderstorm? I read through some other comments and people have weeks of play wiped away by updates.

Real player with 89.6 hrs in game

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I have followed for this project for quite some time, years before it was listed on Steam. I have gotten several hours ingame with this Steam release despite the login problems, so hopefully I can give some good information on this. This review is clear of any “I can’t play” rage. This is an indie game by the way.

What is this game? What do you do?

It seems like a beautiful 3d version of OGAME. You have a big open universe, where you go and claim yourself (and build up) several planets. You build up your troops/ships, find an alliance, then go to war for other peoples planets and try to defend your own.

Real player with 81.2 hrs in game

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nice game, even if I dont play it for a year or two whenever I come back I always get the same feel as if I were playing it as a 9yr old on my moms work laptop. The replayability of this will make you keep replaying it well into… well I don’t know how old but I know I’ll probably play this game when I’m middleaged with kids and even further on when my kids are middleaged with kids. This game is such a gem and I fucking hate EA for ruining maxis this game was perfect and it could’ve been even better if it weren’t for the GREEDY CORPORATE SCUM OF EA GIVING MAXIS IMPOSSIBLE DEADLINES! THEY HAD TO CUT OUT 2 ENTIRE STAGES OF THE GAME FUCK YOU EA CORPO-SCUM! anyway best game i’ve ever played 10/10 more creative than minecraft.

Real player with 75.9 hrs in game

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step 1 : make blob | step 2: make blob have legs | step 3: make blob a Panzer | step 4: make blob make a Panzer | step 5: make blob over inflate the economy of the literal galaxy with copious amounts of marijuana (green spice)

Real player with 63.7 hrs in game

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It’s a cute little game, but the inventory management is a real pain. The planets and their surroundings get quickly cluttered and that takes a lot of the fun out of the game. Would be nice if we could delete stuff more easily than dragging it all the way to the sun. The game doesn’t feel ready or polished, it seems to have a bunch of bugs here and there as well. Also I was hoping it would be a bit more realistic/educational but it’s really more on the same level as Little Alchemy ie. Stick + Bug = Stick bug. It took me two days to make sand, because I thought the logical route would be rocks but no, obviously I needed to make bunnies first.

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

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Cute little game, but ran into game breaking errors.

If you try to charge batteries under a thunderstorm, it crashes your game with a FATAL ERROR message. Poop doesn’t dissolve in water, despite what it says in the journal. And there’s no keyboard option to quickly pick up a ton of items instead of clicking over and over again, which will strain your wrist. You can also lock yourself out of progression if you run out of materials or have trouble cooling down planets.

I really enjoy the game, but it definitely needs some fixes and fine-tuning.

Real player with 12.5 hrs in game

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Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox

the physics are really good.. NO..more like PERFECT. The physics is based on Newtonian Physics, although this game isn’t using Einstein’s General Relativity, this physics is really accurate. If you lower the timelapse, the physics is more accurate. But if you add the speed of the timelapse, the physics is less accurate. Nonetheless, this game is not only stunning, awsome and satisfying ( Except if its lagging lol) But also Educational and Usefull. Perfect. [Note to player: if you have something wrong, just go to settings , there are so many tools.]

Real player with 98.7 hrs in game

I wish universe sandbox would add a feature where you can change the type of clouds a gas giant has along with more materials

Real player with 75.2 hrs in game

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The Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox

This game has amazing potential. The game has a plethora of interesting civilisations and outcomes. Although, I’d prefer if their were more ‘developments’ as it only seems to include 5 things: Extinction, massive de-population in some way, contact from space, the building of ships, and colonisation.

I’d like a bit more variety but for what the game is right now, it’s good. It just seems that nearly every other development is mass extinction or depopulation.

Another thing (Which is only a nitpick) when the systems are on the eastern side of the ‘map’ the text that pops up goes off screen. This could be fixed by pushing the planets in a bit more or making the text be on the left of those planets rather than the right.

Real player with 267.4 hrs in game

Criminally underrated game I highly recommend with some caveats. The resource management is intriguing - you get “Synthesis” points to spend on guiding the races, which you earn by choosing options that are harmful, or “collect” instead of boosting certain stats between events (or even sacrificing certain racial stats to get even more synth).

The gameplay is all about mitigating losses, determining when you can make sacrifices. It’s an exercise in risk-benefit analysis. If you’re good at this, you’ll be good at the game. If you’re not, you might find it frustrating. If you pick it up, be SURE to make sacrifices as you go to earn Synthesis, or you’ll be in trouble, and make sure everything you spend Synthesis on is worth it to you!

Real player with 38.7 hrs in game

The Fermi Paradox on Steam

Helixteus 3

Helixteus 3

Ever wondered how it feels like to manage and exploit entire universes? Start small with only one planet. Construct and upgrade buildings to produce resources. Explore caves to find treasure. Send ships to other planets to fight enemies and get more building space. Conquer other star systems and start building Dyson spheres and other megastructures. Do research to unlock innovative ways to expand your megafactory.

Done conquering the universe? Send probes that look for other universes and get ready to uncover all sorts of new, exciting and weird things in them, where the speed of light can be 35c, and the gravitational constant such that it affects how galaxies and planets form.


  • Procedurally generated planets, caves, star systems, galaxies, clusters, superclusters and universes for replayability

  • 50+ types of resources to juggle with, divided into many categories: materials, metals, atoms, particles etc.

  • 16 types of infinitely upgradable buildings with varied functionalities: resource generation, resource conversion, vehicle construction etc.

  • 6 types of megastructures where their costs and power can depend on the star or the planet they are on

  • 40+ researchable technologies that unlock features and boost gameplay

  • Incremental gameplay. Almost anything you do (including not doing anything) helps make numbers go up even faster. Offline progress. No or very little penalties when losing a battle.

  • 2 skill-based minigames that help accelerate things a bit

Helixteus 3 on Steam

Megaton Rainfall

Megaton Rainfall

Megaton rainfall is truly a game of the ages and fits two genres: Do you want to be an all powerful psuedo god who can literally go to the ends of the universe if they wish, or do you want to be a superhero who saves the world from the damned ufos? well this is the game for you, although at first when you only have one power the game can feel pretty slow, but as you get more and more the game combat starts to feel truly fun.

! Once you have super luminal speed (8 trillion times the speed of light) leave the galaxy and then look at the galaxy, follow the white light (not the blue one, thats earth) and stand in front of the monoliths/signs blue ray until you get a narration sequence, listen to what they say as this is half of the storyline, then use heat ray if you have it to destroy the monolith once its done, and then a new light will appear in a different galaxy, repeat this until you reach sign 7 This game was made perfectly that even something as simple as the enemies going to a different city gives you chills, the soundtrack goes from intense combat dubstep to a beautiful singing voice during transitions and It was done this was intentionally, because the author knew it would be beautiful. Although there really isnt anything in the universe aside from planets, stars, blackholes, pulsars etc (i mean no intelligent life except for invaders and humans) there is just something so satisfying about crash landing on the moon at mach 523534635894674563059467, kinda makes me feel like saitama. Or flying trillions upon trillions of lightyears to a distant galaxy, going to a star in said galaxy, and launching nukes at a planet and then landing in said crator. Another thing on the combat is that although you cannot die, you can fail if a city loses too many people aka “casualties” and the game teaches “with great power comes great responsiblity” because most of the time, you actually deal more damage to the city itself than the enemies ever could, just by missing with your most basic attack. There is only one mission i’ve seen where the enemies could do more damage than you in a shorter amount of time. And when i say more damage than you I dont mean you going on a full assault of the city, as i stated above, i mean just missing with your basic attack. There is so much more that i could probably say about this game but im terrible at writing reviews. You should most definitely play this game, even if its not necessarily your genre this game just slaps awe all over your face quite a few times.

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game


UPDATE: 6/20/2018: A recent update nerfed the speed tremendously for no apparent reason. Your character now moves about 50% slower now compared to when I wrote this review. This seriously hurts the fun of the game and if you’re a new player, you’re going to be spending a lot of unnecessary time moving around now that speed is crippled.

UPDATE: 6/26/2018: Another update that seems to show the dev is ruining his own game. You can no longer float downwards and “walk” on the surface. You’re forcibly gridlocked now and if you keep trying to descend, your game will crash. I can no longer recommend this game.

Real player with 17.3 hrs in game

Megaton Rainfall on Steam

Stella Pastoris

Stella Pastoris

After the Third Flame Deluge, the Vatican launched the last handful of the faithful into the void.

After a thousand years Stella Pastoris, the ship’s AI, struggles to keep the crumbling vessel and the precious sleep chambers functioning. Damaged by a passing comet’s tail, the ship plunges towards the nearest world, a class E planet bathed in radiation from a nearby pulsar.

As the ancient reactor begins to fail, it is inevitable that the sleeping faithful will awaken. They will need food, shelter, and most of all…hope.

  • Build the means to supply the needs of the ever growing ranks of faithful, both material and spiritual

  • Face the Void, on Proxima death is certain…or is it?

  • Let your faith sustain you, or embrace science

  • Explore the world to find the scarce resources needed to survive

  • Research an alien world’s resources to face its dangers

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The Universim

The Universim

March 2019 Update

Population explosion has a limit now, which in a recent game (currently year 610) it seems to top out around 250-270. The spread of the nugget stone huts seems to work in small grid pattern, 8 or so huts in a small rectangular area. What determines where they start plopping huts i do not know. Its much more efficient in some respects, although you will get a housing block started far out of the city core at times. Eventually with Tudor Architecture the nuggets will upgrade the stone huts to larger multi family homes. This is great when it comes to saving space, its just being an automatic process, you cant turn off the control. Which means houses in areas you want to abandon upgrading, while next to the beautiful Town Hall is 4 stone age huts. This means duplicate services for those out of reach areas, this doesnt hurt early game too much, but you feel the crunch later. Especially when it comes to refined resources.

Real player with 647.6 hrs in game

1. Early Access - A Preface

With any Early Access game, you need to make allowances. There’s going to be bugs and many features lacking and not everything will happen on time - after all EA is often something that small studios do to keep the lights on while they are developing the game.

That doesn’t mean you have to put up with everything. Early access makes it all the more important, that you have proper process management, a capable team lead, a plan and a time frame, that probably shouldn’t be longer than two or three years from EA start to release. During that time what’s there of the game should be playable without constantly running into gamebreaking bugs, because if people stop enjoying the game, they are not going to stay, not to mention that it’s very bad for the word of mouth factor.

Real player with 82.4 hrs in game

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Welcome to your Universe!

Gênese allows you to enter a meditative and relaxing experience of sculpting your own Universe, exploring physics in space and your creativity. Here you can create star systems and fully detailed planets, from a tiny molecule to an huge orb floating in the great void. You will be the powerful entity ruling this Universe, bending and manipulating the forces of nature and creating life. Rising from cosmic dust, this very life will go forward on its own crusade, evolving into intelligent life and conquering the arena you built, as you watch and care (or destroy) its progress, in a high detailed environment.


Gênese is also a story generator where every action, every event, every birth and death is recorded in the fabric of space and time. Planets formed from asteroids and cosmic dust, stars dying in colossal supernovae - or becoming black holes, the rise of galactic civilizations from its rudimentary ancestors and, fatefully, to their extermination caused by themselves, by others or… by you.


Every object wandering in the system will obey the laws of gravitation, effectively being attracted to one another at some point where they collide, merge, become satellites, explode, desintegrate: Watch powerful planetary collisions and the chaotic environment of the early stages of a stellar system that will create unique celestial bodies orbiting that system. Bring order and stabilize it to allow the appearing of life or consume every planet and molecule.


Every particle can be combined, to form new molecules with new properties - adding unique features to its host planet. Elements and molecules will melt, solidify or evaporate given the right temperature and circunstances. You can engineer a lush paradisiac world or a toxic burning-hot planet. Creating the perfect environment for life to thrive or the most inhospitable place depends on that right combination.


Once you create life and it becomes intelligent, a new level of complexity and fun is added to the game: they will evolve, create, explore, colonize and get to know those places you already know - and created. These beings you raised will become “co-creators” of some level, changing the landscape for good or evil purposes, advancing independently through the Eons, bringing on their own culture and technology. Watch over them or destroy them - if you decide there’s a reason for that.

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