Vidya Poker

Vidya Poker

Do you like video poker? So do I! I think this game captures the enjoyment of an arcade style poker game pretty well. I really enjoy the fact that I can play the game (AKA lose money) as fast as I want to or maybe take some time if I have a really buff hand. I also like how casual it is because losses don’t carry near the same weight as real life. I made some videos if you want to check them out.

The customization options are cool because you can change the fronts and backs of the cards and you can change your toon/avatar/mascot in a couple different ways (skins and the 3D model). I like the animations of the default toon but I haven’t gotten enough diamonds yet to buy a different toon. The background can also be changed from the default stormy sky to a plain green background.

Real player with 35.2 hrs in game

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It’s ok. If you like to gamble its fun. If you like to play hold em and 3 card poker, but never played video poker like me you might run out of money often.

Real player with 31.8 hrs in game

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Elder Sign and Alien Frontiers' ugly baby

Tharsis is basically a cheap, space-themed copy of Elder Sign . I’m not giving this thumbs-down because it’s difficult and sometimes you’ll lose just because of bad luck. I liked Elder Sign enough to buy each one of its overpriced expansions (on the iPad version), because although Elder Sign does a piss poor job of explaining how the game works, it’s actually FUN and gives you enough control over the chaos to be satisfying. In contrast, Tharsis feels more like the Iraqi version of Wheel of Fortune:

Real player with 32.3 hrs in game

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I love board games, I don’t hate dice, I usually like a good strategy challenge, and I think space & Mars are cool - So I can recommend this to people like me when it is on sale for at least half off. YOU SHOULD KNOW: I’d ignore reviews before August 2016 because a patch was added with a better tutorial, bug fixes, and some missions - All of which were significant additions to the game (at least for me). If you expect something more than a turn based board game, you’re gonna have a bad time. Also, I strongly encourage doing the Training missions before or after beating Easy as well as picking crew abilites that best main reasons for losing a game - Without these I could’ve rage quit before beating Normal mode. Now for a full breakdown that I haven’t seen anyone else give like this, followed by exactly what turns consist of:

Real player with 24.8 hrs in game

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