Lightspeed Frontier

Lightspeed Frontier

Lego’s in space… With guns… what more could you ask for? Your childhood dreams become a reality with this game.

The gameplay is very well made and will only improve. The camera mechanic’s are great for dogfighting/brodsiding other ships and enemies.

This game keeps you entertained by trying to constantly make your ship better, faster, and stronger.

You go from a small trade/fighter vessel to a dreadnought and you can feel the power flowing through it And that’s not the end if it.

You can be a trader,merc,transport you decide. Go from being a small freighter to the deathstar… the choice is yours.

Real player with 73.9 hrs in game

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When it comes down to small ship combat it feels fast and fun, how ever it feels more like a game where giant ships shine more when it comes to gameplay. It is missing some parts that make it feel like a living galaxy but in regards it does feel as if there is so much that can be created for the game, the game is in Early Access so keep that in mind.

What could make it more enjoyable:

-Customisable pieces to make a ship look more unique (such as paint jobs and different models of same components).

Real player with 72.3 hrs in game

Lightspeed Frontier on Steam

Moonbase Alpha

Moonbase Alpha

Moonbase Alpha is a marvel of the 21st century. You cannot even compare any other games like Gears of War, Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, or even Assassin’s Creed to this landmark in human intelligence. If you were to put a average Joe into this kind of enviroment, his head would implode from the amazing graphics, story, and gameplay. If you were to play this game, your feeble monkey brain would not even be able to understand the deep, complex and twisted story of Moonbase Alpha. NASA’s masterpiece of 2010 shows us how far America has come in understanding space and lifestyle in space. Moonbase Alpha shows that even through NASA, we can learn much more about space and the human psyche. Moonbase Alpha follows the story of astronaut John Madden and his daily life on Moonbase Alpha, NASAs experimental base on the moon. If John fails his secret mission objective, his family and status in the NFL will be taken away and soiled by NASA. Moonbase Alpha brings us this harrowing story along with intense gameplay elements such as fixing carbon dioxide leaks, repairing solar panels, and driving robots. If you even attempted to finish such a hard, cruel game, you would be hailed as a god among men. Jesus would bless you with immortality and wealth beyond comprehension. The graphics in Moonbase Alpha top even Crysis 3 and have made many a computer catch fire. Even my IBM Super Computer cannot handle such a masterpiece as Moonbase Alpha. Many will look back to this game in the future, and smile as they remember their glorious past. NASA will forever be hailed as the wunderkind of this millenia. Thank you, NASA, for creating such a wonderful and exciting game.

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

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john madden pizza

[:nh]I’m gonna eat a pizza. [:dial67589340] Hi, can i order a pizza? [:nv]no! [:nh]why? [:nv] cuz you are john madden![:np]

Portal 2 space core

[_ 1,30 ]spayyyyyyyyyyyace

tetris tune

[:t 430,500][:t 320,250][:t 350,250][:t 390,500][:t 350,250][:t 330,250][:t 290,500][:t 290,250][:t 350,250][:t 430,500]

funky town

[:t 520,250][:t 520,250][:t 460,250][:t 520,500][:t 390,500][:t 390,250][:t 520,250][:t 700,250][:t 660,250][:t 520,500]

Glados’s birth parents prank call

[:dial6387657]The birth parents you are trying to call do not love you, please hang up[:t 350,500][:t 1,500][:t 350,500]

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Moonbase Alpha on Steam

On The Earth Shift :)

On The Earth Shift :)

“On the Earth Shift :)" is a VR resource management game / romantic experience about doing your silly alien job while your silly alien fish friend watches.

Your silly alien job is, as the title would imply, taking care of the Earth! It is your job to ensure that all aspects of Earth life flourish in perfect harmony, including global temperature, the horniess of the population, and the desire to dominate / submit to one another.

However, alien management from Glorf-31 have their own ideas on how Earth should be managed, such as Snarglarff Sneet, obsessed with extracting value from Earth, Elgore Smankoff, who wishes to perform sick experiments on the planet, and Mire Oodle, who just wants a friend, along with many others. It is your job to accept or deny their requests, as the world’s fate hangs in the balance,

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On The Earth Shift :) on Steam

Sunshine Heavy Industries

Sunshine Heavy Industries

Sunshine Heavy Industries is a puzzle game about building spaceships for a cast of colourful clients.

It starts off very easy but as you go along you unlock more parts and customers have more specific demands, the challenge is trying to meet those requirements (such as enough Thrust, Firepower, Cargo space and so on) whilst also coming in under budget, after all this is a business! (Although a few extra fins and a horn couldn’t hurt, right?)

It’s a very chill relaxing game with some nice music and a cast of fun characters who are always a delight to talk to, there’s some real good witty dialogue at times.

Real player with 56.3 hrs in game

In the not-so-grim darkness of the future you are a newly employed spaceship designer building spaceships with about as much attention to detail as you would expect to be put into a custom pepperoni pizza.

All the characters are cute, funny and preposterously naive considering how often they must face their own mortality (judging by the size of the arsenals you staple on to the sides of ships).

The game is well paced and gradually increases its complexity.

The puzzles are tricky to do well, but are easy to complete, so players probably will not experience failure or be prevented from advancing the game.

Real player with 30.4 hrs in game

Sunshine Heavy Industries on Steam



Astroplatformer is a platform game that uses space theme. The game has a flow of story intertwined with humor. You must protect yourself from various traps and enemies as you try to collect valuable materials throughout the game.

Variety of Locations: In a platform game layout, you can navigate all the solar system planets, explore anomaly levels and discover hidden treasures in space.

Level-Specific Designs: Different levels include different mechanics, illustrations, enemies and other materials. Each planet has its own design style.

Great Soundtrack: Each level has specially selected music and sound effects. In this way, you can feel the spirit of the environment.

Simple Controls: You don’t need crazy keyboard reflexes to play this platform game. It’s easy to learn. Controls can be easily understood and implemented. The main purpose is to provide a relaxing experience.

Aight… Greetings! My name is Vincenzo. I’ve heard some rumors lately: Some people claim I’m crazy, some people claim I’m a genius. Don’t listen them. I am just an astronaut who works alone. Come, join my adventure. I am going to use my personal spaceship! (I made it in my garage.)

Astroplatformer on Steam



Play with 4-10 players online to neutralize one or more traitors among the crew members. Exposing the traitors is vital, otherwise the crew will die!

Objective: Complete all tasks or Discover the Traitor!

  • The task of the team is to complete all the tasks or find all the traitors.

  • We must act quickly, otherwise the enemy will arrange a diversion.

  • Track and observe other team members to identify the traitor.

  • Instantly collect a vote after the discovery of a body.

  • When voting, you must cast your vote to expel the suspect.

Objective: Kill of the crew or Destroy Equipment!

  • The task of the traitor, prevent the team from completing tasks or kill all team members.

  • Merge with the team, so you won’t be discovered.

  • Use the robot assistant to sabotage.

  • Break the security system and the room will become a trap.

  • Shut down the crew’s vital equipment.

  • Use shelters to stay unnoticed.


  • Quickly find a game online from the host list.

  • In-game text chat.

  • Quickly single game with bots.


Galaxy Trucker: Extended Edition

Galaxy Trucker: Extended Edition

I’d recommend this game but with a few caveats. I’d encourage the developers to patch it with a couple of things:

Some of the missions are buried in the game in a way that could have just little more convenience built in to finding them. There are even dialogue boxes that say for the player, “I thought I was done with the campaign.” Kind of cute. Mostly irritating.

The more difficult missions, especially the big race, are so difficult that they are likely to be redone. Please don’t make a player click fifty times through the same flavor text every single time the mission is reset. That’s a mid-90s rookie mistake in any game design–like the long cut scene that can’t be skipped. Do it once, give us our laugh, and then let get about the business grinding away at a nearly impossible mission.

Real player with 70.8 hrs in game

Great, great conversion from the board game. This is one of those board games that was looking for the perfect digital adaption and they nailed. I only wish they didn’t TAKE SO LONG to make it playable on my OS, and that my version wasn’t still in the habit of making all my options on the home screen come up with a question “Do you want to quit?”. That is some serious glitch. Every time I come back to the home screen I’m forced to quit the game if I want to do anything because I have to restart it to use any option on the homepage. Other than that the game is free of glitches, and just excellent on every level. I want different musical options too, though I’ll probably not use any of them much. Another expansion would be good too, but the included one still has me busy :)

Real player with 39.6 hrs in game

Galaxy Trucker: Extended Edition on Steam

Gravity Vector

Gravity Vector

OK, right up til two Snakes level.

Then the lack of manuevering thrusters and keyboard inputs really shows itself. Shame as it was fun up til then. Simply put you can’t turn the ship fast enough for complicated course correction making this level close to impossible unless i’m missing out on some controls?

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Really enjoyable but depending on the level you are playing.

The game premise is really interesting, the first impression is good, but after some levels it becomes a bit repetitive, having to fail until you get the shot right or get lucky. Currently Im more and less about half of the game, the most enjoyable level was two snakes because you knew exactly where your vessel was going, and you could change the direction in real time.

In my opinion, the progress is either too slow or there isnt enough vessel control. I would say earlier and stronger thrusters, and more skill based levels with less random shots and see where it goes. Maybe knowing where the ship is going to go at launch (show 1km of trayectory for example) would help.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Gravity Vector on Steam

UFO : Brawlers from Beyond

UFO : Brawlers from Beyond

Nice game to play with friends!!!

Real player with 46.4 hrs in game

At first I wasn’t sure but once I started playing this game it was hard to put down. Definitely one to play with friends. It’s hilarious, technical, and lends itself to a lot of variety so very replayable. If you like Alien, co-op or vs fighting, and you have a good sense of humor, consider picking this game up.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

UFO : Brawlers from Beyond on Steam

Flappy Hypership Out of Control

Flappy Hypership Out of Control

Great game in the Flappy-Bird-style. It’s harder than it looks, but I had a lot of fun playing it.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Sometimes you just wanna play a dumb arcade game. Worth 99 cents at least.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Flappy Hypership Out of Control on Steam