VEGA Conflict

VEGA Conflict

Great game ruined as a money grab. This game has so much potential, but it falls short due to greed. The game is beautifully rendered, fun to play, strategic and challenging, but not too difficult. Unfortunately the negatives way out weigh the positives. The negatives, and there are two only, are: 1. this game is pay to win to the nth degree, and 2. there is a ton of down time waiting for ships to build or repair. To put this into perspective, building a single mid-level ship would take 4 days to build, or you can do it instantly for $20. Yes, build one ship for $20. You have seven fleets of 6 ships each, for a total of 42 ships. Let’s do the math here. If you want to pay to fill up your fleets with these mid-range ships it would cost you $840!!! That is nuts! Well, if you want to build them without paying it would take you 168 days!!! This also leads to a ton of down time. After you reach level 40+ (mid range), there isn’t much to do other than grind. Many of the events are above your level, and all of the quests are done. So you can grind. And wait. And wait some more. And wait even longer.

Real player with 4328.6 hrs in game

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this game IS DIEING only Coiners play mostly, go find another game. This game was actualy fun to play but now with new stuff coming out every month thoese that spend 100$ a day or so have all the good/strong stuff. its also manily pvp. this game has gotten better but the above still holds true if you brand new you will have a hard time playing the game but if you can find a good clan that will help you you will fly through.

so any new person that joins now after they play for a bit. they get the ability to lvl straight up to lvl 60 which is a good lvl but you will spend about a month refiting you our base with the tech you got in 8 mins of playing the booster.

Real player with 2618.4 hrs in game

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