Space Panic: Room Escape (VR)

Space Panic: Room Escape (VR)

The game looked nice so picked it up and desided to help the devs a bit by testing the game for Oculus support.

The Oculus supprt is not 100% ready yet, but prety sure it will be soon.

Liked playing the game, liked the puzzle - i’m into games that are about the puzzles and not about scaring you.

VR is a perfect media for this kind of games, making them a lot more emersive. Played some of them, think this is one of the better ones out there at the moment

  • suport

  • puzzle

  • family friendly

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

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‘Space Panic: Room Escape’ is, unsurprisingly, another ‘escape the room’ game which is set in one room on a space station. There are various puzzles from “find element” to “rotate these rings until they fit”. The game supports Vive and Rift, and features teleporting. It took me about 2 hours with one restart due to a bug. There are no save points.


This is a very minimalistic game; the environment is extremely clean. There is a weird mix though between spacy elements (the environment) and old stuff (the objects, like a candle, a greek statue, rotating stone rings) which I say didn’t really fit together. The game is incredibly resource hungry (read: laggy) and you can’t really play it on higher quality settings (there are 7 in total), which is a real problem since some colored elements where the color matters are in fact hardly visible in the lower quality settings. No matter the setting, there is annoying visible aliasing.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Space Panic: Room Escape (VR) on Steam