Freespace 2

Freespace 2

There are no words in the English language (or any other, for that matter), to describe how much I loved Freespace 2. Especially Free Space Open from the modding community of the Hard-Light Project, which is basically the definitive edition of freespace, enhanced to todays graphical standards and featuring hundreds of hours of very high quality user made content they could actually charge money for. Writing, voice acting etc. the modding community did a better job at those than many AAA titles within the industry.

Real player with 36354.8 hrs in game

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Why I recommend this game

This game is what made me the gamer I am today. I bought it back when it first came out, I bought it on Good Old Games and now I’ve bought it on Steam. Why? I’ll tell you why - I believe it’s the greatest game ever made.

Why this game is awesome and deserves your attention;

  • The original graphics were fantastic back at release in 1999.

  • You won’t be using the original graphics when playing the game.

  • The story was - and still is - amazing. Far better than the usual tripe.

Real player with 412.8 hrs in game

Freespace 2 on Steam

Homeworld Remastered Collection

Homeworld Remastered Collection


Sadly, as a HW player since the first game came out, (Back in 1999) I cannot recommend this game.

The first time I played Homeworld, I was a young boy about 8 years of age. My grandfather introduced me to the game, and whenever I go see him I will still play LAN games against him, on the same two disks that we have always played on. Now, with that being said, at 8 years of age I didn’t really understand tactics or how to win, the main objective for me was to build a heavy cruiser and try bum rushing the enemy mothership, praying that my prized cruiser didn’t get salvaged in the process! As I grew older and understood the game more, I enjoyed it more as I began using formations and tactics to alter the outcome of battles, some of which were against slim to none odds.

Real player with 168.7 hrs in game

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Homeworld remastered collection

Homeworld is one of my favorite games, when i heard it was coming to steam, i immediately bought it (and it was the reason i got into steam) and when i got my first game, i couldn’t be more excited.

By playing both remastered and classic versions, i can see all the improvements they have done, and unlike many remasters out there in popular games, this one actually improves some gameplay mechanics rather than just giving some crispy new graphics.

Classic version

Real player with 93.3 hrs in game

Homeworld Remastered Collection on Steam

Space Quest™ Collection

Space Quest™ Collection

A Collection of 6 Space Quest titles released from 1986-1995. It’s a great Inventory Adventure series that Sierra On-Line created back when MS-DOS & Windows 3.1/95/98 was still by popular demand.

In Space Quest 1 - The Sarien Encounter:

Roger Wilco is one of the most important men on the starship Arcada: he is the janitor! Just when he was doing what he does best (dozing off in a closet), the shrill sound of an alarm penetrated the air. Arcada is attacked by the evil Sariens! Before Roger realizes what is going on, he discovers that he is the only survivor. The Sariens have killed the entire crew and stolen the valuable Star Generator. Roger’s immediate task is to find a way to leave Arcada, which is about to explode in fifteen minutes. And then he’ll have to show the Sariens why they should never mess with brave intergalactic janitors!

Real player with 143.3 hrs in game

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I heartily enjoyed the Space Quest Collection, but they won’t be everyone’s jam. These games are ‘classics’ in the sense that they’re old, and filled with design decisions that may frustrate the unprepared. If you are looking for sci-fi adventure games to enjoy then I would recommend the Space Quest Collection if:

  • You have the mindset of an archeologist. If you are interested in the history of video games, and want to experience older graphics and gameplay conventions then you’ll find a lot to appreciate.

Real player with 52.5 hrs in game

Space Quest™ Collection on Steam

Distant Worlds: Universe

Distant Worlds: Universe

This game should be fun, it looks like great fun and will lead you to expect that true enjoyment is just around the corner. However the fun you are anticipating will always be just beyond your fingertips until you finally get fed up and learn to stop trying, because in the end, there really isn’t any, just frustration at how this game could of been awesome.

1. The Crashes: This game crashes a lot, but only starts doing so after you have invested so much time into your save that you’re faced with abandoning an empire you have spent hours cultivating, or routinely losing 20-30 mins of progress or more depending on how long you set your autosaves to be. You may think the solution is to make autosaves more frequent, but once your game get’s to that point, it’s now taking 5+ minutes to save your game every time. If you can mke it to some real endgame points where you really are invested and theres multiple large, well developed empires that can truly challenge you, prepare for that to take even longer. Even better, reloading saves seems to randomly reset the enemy AI in certain ways that are difficult to immediately decipher but will become apparent eventually. For example, one game I manage to start getting friendly with a lot of empires that I had been trying to open free trade agreements with and suddenly they sort of cascade to where I want them to be, one after the other. Ok, not sure why but cool. Whoops, game crashed, reload autosave. Now all of a sudden, even though I followed the same actions I did last time, they’re all imposing trade sanctions and moving to war decing. Cool.

Real player with 564.9 hrs in game

An incredibly deep and rewarding game which has some of the deepest and advanced AI you may ever witness in a game, especially one of this scope. It’s clear the developers focused near purely on content over most other things for this game and unfortunately that comes at the cost of having a game that’s imposes a significant learning curve. Getting to grips with the UI will be a difficult romp, and the mass amount of options given to you will both satisfy veteran 4X players and discourage most beginners.

Real player with 463.9 hrs in game

Distant Worlds: Universe on Steam

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds

This is my favourite game now. It’s difficult to describe to people because it really is the less you know about it the better, but I’ll give it a go while staying spoiler free:

The absolutely gorgeous soundtrack is so immersive, from the moment I heard the menu music I was immediately in love. It’s so versatile and yet consistent in theme and quality throughout, I listen to the soundtrack outside of the game. The puzzles manage to balance the line perfectly between being difficult enough to stump you for a while but also having a simple straightforward solution that you can find hints for readily if you just explore enough. The moment of breakthrough each time you figure out something significant is also incredibly satisfying. Having watched a few other people play this game, I can say that everyone’s play through is completely unique because everyone will try different potential solutions and discover things in different orders. The story is really beautifully told and combined with the soundtrack really hits hard emotionally, the most I’ve ever felt from any game.

Real player with 57.9 hrs in game

Even though it’s been several several months since I’ve beat it. This game’s soundtrack still gives me chills. Opening the game’s page to write this review still had me reliving the emotions I had throughout the journey months after my initial playthrough. I recently played it again to give its expansion a shot, which is also awesome and I am pleasantly surprised to say that it also lives up to the vanilla game.

I’ve played a lot of games, but this is one of the only ones that I’d consider a masterpiece. It mixes music, story, characters, time-looping, and mechanics in a way that is both engaging and so very endearing.

Real player with 35.7 hrs in game

Outer Wilds on Steam



Skyrift is a reaction-based game about deflecting projectiles, and while I had a hard time with the colors, it would be a lot of fun if I got better at it. The leaderboard adds competition, too. 6/10

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Skyrift on Steam

Void Vikings

Void Vikings

An interesting game… Recommended for a fans of twin-stick shooters looking for something a little different.

The core concept of paying back a student loan by pillaging local star systems is both unique and provides some tactical options. Should you pursue an expensive yet effective degree and struggle to pay back both the principal and interest, or settle for a cheap but shoddy education and focus on upgrades? Ultimately, you need both the education and the upgrades, but the premise disguises what would otherwise be a transparent grind.

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

Fun, polished little arcade wave space shooter with a couple of modes including a ‘diablo’ style randomised loot system, customisation, leader boards, and several distinct ships to fly.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Void Vikings on Steam

ILL Space

ILL Space

ILL Space is a survival space station sim with elements of tower defense!

Construct your rigs with loads of different modules and grow them into fully-fledged autonomous mining colonies. Mine asteroids, manage colonists and crew and defend against the ever increasing cosmic threat!

Creativity is key, or enemies will soon overwhelm you. Will you spread your resources to create a fleet of smaller rigs with designated roles, or will you construct a bulky and slow station with some serious firepower - the choice is yours!

Take on various missions in the sector for the highest bidder and eventually create your own mining empire! You will haul cargo, conduct research for new modules and tools, scan asteroids, build stations and extract resources from harsh environments all the while defending from ancient alien force.

MINE asteroids for resources and position your rigs optimally for the highest yield.

DEFEND your assets at all costs.

BUILD your stations with loads of different modules.

PILOT and maneuver your rigs for tactical advantage.

ILL Space on Steam

STAR WARS™ Empire at War - Gold Pack

STAR WARS™ Empire at War - Gold Pack

Empire at War

Forces of Corruption

Empire at War is a Real Time Strategy game on a galactic scale.

How you can play:

🔸 1 x Empire Campaign

🔹 1 x Rebel Campaign

🔸 1 x Zann Consortium Campaign [Forces of Corruption]

🔹 Galactic Conquest (sandbox on some or all of the ~70 systems)

🔸 Skirmish missions set on unique Ground or Space maps (many options)

What kind of RTS ?:

As there are many variants of RTS games, this is a brief overview:

🔸 Space looks 3D, (some units can pass over others) but expect 2D,

Real player with 924.1 hrs in game

In my opinion, I would recommend that you should buy this game if your considering to buy it. The game is pretty fun, considering that its graphics and everything are like pretty old but I like it. Also, If your considering to buy it and not sure, well make sure that you want to spend $20 and also to make sure that you like Star Wars or you just wanna play this because it looks fun (Which it is). Some things I suggest though when you buy the game.

Suggestions -

  • EAW (Empire At War)

Once bought the game “STAR WARS™ Empire at War - Gold Pack”, you will see either EAW (Empire At War) or FOC (Forces Of Corruption). Since you have bought the game just now, your experience might not be the best. Consider that you load into Empire At War, have some practice or do the campaign if you want, it was pretty good in my opinion. Skirmish Battles or Galactic Conquest in #Single-Player is pretty much your options to practice in EAW (Empire At War)

Real player with 544.4 hrs in game

STAR WARS™ Empire at War - Gold Pack on Steam

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

I’ve played all the various Halos since ~2002, and have 3000+ hours on MCC. Despite all that, I can’t recommend it. Here’s why:

The Good

  • The ports of the games are reasonably solid. The games look great in 4k. Several longstanding H1 graphics bugs have been fixed. MCC is now the best-looking versions of any of the legacy Halos.

  • There is online co-op for all games - something that H1 & H2C historically lacked. However, H2 co-op can be very buggy. The others work well.

  • The achievements are varied, mostly fun, with some good challenging achievements also.

Real player with 3946.3 hrs in game

Worth A Buy. HOWEVER…

This is one of the best value purchases you would ever find. MCC is a steal even with no discount.

For 40$ you get 5 masterpieces… and Halo 4.

…MCC is packed with content. So if you’re wondering if it’s worth a buy, the answer is a resounding yes.

That said, as per 343i’s MO, this release has many hiccups that hold it back from being definitively great.

These issues are inconsequential to some, but I’ll list some of them and why I think they matter.

I was dreaming of the entire Halo franchise coming to PC ever since I played CE. Till finally MCC’s PC port was announced in 2019.

Real player with 442.3 hrs in game

Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam