I love this game, it’s new and it’s incredibly fun. I just got lost in time for over an hour building satellites and generating substantial income. I’m super excited to see where this game goes in the future and I’ll definitely be playing more, definitely recommend!

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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This game is awesome fun to play no matter your interest on space and rockets! it fulfils the need to learn and experiment with different rockets and stratergys to launch rockets into orbit. im not so good at it :) but have had a good laugh trying my best to have a successful satellite internet company.

would highly recommend for any space and economy enthusiasts and any gamer looking for a cool, casual and chill space sim!

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Orbit-X on Steam



This is the game for Vibing!

Its super chill and the perfect for winding down.

The music really sets the mood of the game and the next thing you know you know, you’ve lost track of time and its time for bed. The controls are intuitive and the shortcuts become muscle memory, navigation works well and the UI is clean.

First play I sat there and completed the campaign mode and am now ready for getting those achievements in “Run mode”. Campaign helped to learn how the economy works and gave some backstory to the “signals”.

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

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I really wanted to like this game. I don’t like combat games, or games that test hand-eye coordination. This has a lot to like for somebody like me. The problem is the interface. There’s no decent help. I passed challenge #1, but couldn’t pass challenge #2. So I tried the run mode. There are three icons at the top of the bottom bar. I can’t repair the portal until I have all three resources, and I can’t even figure out what the third resource is. Whatever I do, it stays at zero. It might be titanium, but I’ve three three runs and checked every planet and I can’t find any with titanium. And I can’t find a way to get advice. So I’m done.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Signals on Steam

Interstellar Transport Company

Interstellar Transport Company


Theme. The game brings this out very well. It really feels like you are running the company that is responsible for the interstellar expansion of humanity. The visuals work well. The planets look cool. The ships have fun names. The line of ships you get going from home, out a colony, and back looks good. It is satisfying to see the progress as a colony develops. It feels like you are working to established permanent homes other worlds.

Strategy. You have a lot of choices. You are always deciding what ships to buy, what they should carry, and what route they should take. You usually have options that are either “cheaper and better now” or “more expensive and better later.” You always have “things to work on.” You can choose where new colonies will go. You can tinker with current trade routes to make them more profitable.

Real player with 324.3 hrs in game

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This will be a bit of a long one. But I can’t help it.

On the surface I absolutely love everything about this game. I have turned back to it many times trying to make it work. But it just feels like the fundamentals of the gameplay is not working quite right with what the game is trying to be. And I always end up leaving a bit unsatisfied.

The game is about humanity colonizing the solar system and later going beyond. That’s what got me real exited about the game. But that is not what you are doing. You are there to make money. On the surface this is great.

Real player with 85.7 hrs in game

Interstellar Transport Company on Steam



A truly rare and substantive peace. Something with true emergen in mind. 8/10 (so far)

Real player with 74.7 hrs in game

Great dynamic and evolving characters and compelling story. I am really enjoying this.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

Crypterion on Steam

X2: The Threat

X2: The Threat

X2: The Threat is the continuation of the X saga and is, for it’s time, the quintessential space game. That is not to say it starts off that great. Most people will quit after a few hours of gameplay and label it a mediocre experience and they’d be right to do so, X2 is not a game that impresses in the beginning, it is a game that requires tremendous investment in time and effort before you start to understand and appreciate the scope of the game.

As the game starts up you’re treated to some low quality cut-scene with poorly modeled people trying to cover up their lack of animation, you’re then booted into the game with little instruction on how to do anything and a tutorial that is so completely useless at actually teaching you anything it might as well be a deterrent to keep new players from learning the game.

Real player with 200.7 hrs in game

An hour or so into the game, I’m given a transporter ship and a mission to ferry some civilians from one sector to another. Accompanying me is my employer’s daughter, Saya (who bears an uncanny likeness to Alyx Vance). Just as I’m approaching the last jump gate separating me and my destination, Saya’s voice crackles over comms: “…I think we’re being followed…I swear I saw a pirate ship.” We pass through the gate and my heart sinks. A dozen pirate ships were waiting for me. I hand the controls over to the ship’s computer and hop in the aft turret to lay down some desperate cover fire. The intelligent auto-pilot system gracefully and effectively dodges the brightly colored emmisions from the enemies' gamma impulse rays as I fire wildly into space.

Real player with 79.2 hrs in game

X2: The Threat on Steam

X3: Reunion

X3: Reunion

X3 Reunion is a game of monstrous proportions. Everything in it is vast and massive in a way that’s both exciting and daunting. It is relatively easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the game and the lack of any sort of proper guiding hand to teach you the basic will make many newcomers run for the hills. If you stick it out however you will find that underneath it all is one of the best open space games since the last game from the X series.

Reunion picks up where X2 left off and starts you as Julian Brennan once again. Your trade empire from the previous game destroyed by the Khaak you now have to resurrect it from the ashes, if that’s what you want. The story missions available are in true X style utterly forgettable and easily missable. They can even be disabled entirely by picking from one of several sandbox starts this time around.

Real player with 892.5 hrs in game

X3 Reunion is a great game, if you considering it by its own. A large living universe, dynamic economy, many ways of earning money suitable to all kinds of players and, of course, many ways to spend money. Make money by doing bonty hunting or capturing pirate ships! Want to whipe out the evil Xenon from the universe? Go buy a couple of destroyers (if you are wealthy enough) and kill them all. Take their sector for yourself, use patrol ships to eliminate their reinforcements! Not interested in fighting, more in the economic side of things? Start by discovering local opportunities in needed goods, then hire other merchants to trade for you. Set up a whole network of good-producing station to exploit the holes in the economy and dominate the market! And don’t forget to protect your properties by the evil pirates (or worse enemies).

Real player with 201.7 hrs in game

X3: Reunion on Steam



Wow. So this game is incomplete however it has long way to go for greatness. The Dev needs keep working on it. I am sure though eventually this game will be great.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Economica on Steam

X4: Foundations

X4: Foundations

The game’s come a long way from launch but this version definitely redeems X Rebirth’s game design choices that drove some long term fans (myself included) away.

If you’re coming to this from X3TC, a lot has changed. This is an evolution of X:R into something that leans back towards the kinds of things X series fans loved. X:R felt oddly constricting and disconnected, even as it brought new ideas to the series. If you avoided X:R like the plague, it’s time to try X4 out. There are some things here that are just amazing like station building and getting out of your ship is a great way to feel the scale of these ships like you’ve never experienced before. You also get things like sector ownership that can change, arguably better fleet organization and management (especially with recent updates), and a universe closer to the original with the recent Split and Terran expansions.

Real player with 686.8 hrs in game

A lot of the reviews are written for returning veterans of the X series, so let’s give newcomers a quick rundown instead.

WHAT IS IT: Essentially, it’s a 4X (no pun intended) strategy game set in space, except you physically exist in the world rather than being some disembodied overseer.

IS IT FUN: If you like empire building and space battles, then yes, it’s extremely fun.

WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE: There are many other first-person space combat games and many other space strategy games, but few if any other examples of games that are both these things at once.

Real player with 485.4 hrs in game

X4: Foundations on Steam



Minor good part :

  • The idea space ship management is kinda ok, you can be pirate, you can be trader, you can be transporter, you can be smuggler with kinda good gameart.

  • The random generated appearance of the crew is good… but need more base model, I found like total 8, 4 for human m&f…or maybe more…

Minor bad part :

  • Sometimes missing UI sound fx.

  • Crew sometimes gone missing.

  • Crew sometimes idle too much.

Bad part :

  • Boring at traveling, you almost do nothing here and the thing make it worst is the traveling time is long enough to make me think “jir, what the hell am I buying this game for?…” (you know a few seconds different is too long for game with nothing to do).

Real player with 26.2 hrs in game

SimTower meets Privateer

Interesting combination of game elements in a manner that shouldn’t work, but somehow does. Interesting range of ships (but needs to be bigger and include more classes), the commodity model is reasonable (albeit rather basic), very similar to the Privateer model of base types, except that this game allows for bases to be multiple ‘types’.

Crew recruitment and requirements can be counter-intuitive and frustrating, especially with limited options at each base and the need to build up a large crew over time. I would have thought that having a crew that eats different things would lead to better harmony as they’re not all competing for the same subset of the food supply (but that’s me I guess).

Real player with 24.6 hrs in game

Cosmonautica on Steam

Galactic Mining Corp

Galactic Mining Corp

Galactic Mining Corp is decent. It’s not quite good enough for me to say its a great game, but its not bad enough for me to say its awful either. It occupies that middle niche of being compelling enough to enjoy but also shows off a lot of points where it could have used some more refinement.

=The Good=

  • The artwork is great. You can tell effort was put into the art direction off the game.

  • If you enjoy completionist style games, this is going to have a lot for you. Hundreds of items to unlock and rank up. Lots of achievements.

Real player with 60.1 hrs in game

Game is not terrible, though its essentually a clicker with very little actual game play. You’re just increasing numbers so you can gain even higher numbers. The mining sections while there’s interaction with power ups and such, are more a measure if your progress is “tall enough to ride” you can finish some maps earlier than intended with some intelligent play, but that’s extent to the depth of gameplay.

The game honestly goes on a little too long. They could have cut the entire 3rd galaxy and the game been just fine to me, the game starts feeling a little long in the tooth around the start of the 3rd galaxy. at least 35 of my nearly 60 hours was in the 3rd galaxy. Also whoever on the dev team decided what you go through on the planet Apollo needed to be a thing. There’s a special place in hell for you, you know what you did.

Real player with 58.6 hrs in game

Galactic Mining Corp on Steam