Astral Space

Astral Space

Join us to play this fantastic artificial intelligence-based game “Astral Space” with an amazing space theme with lots of adventure and challenges. it is a hyper-casual game that’s very easy to play. Here you can use your hands to control the ball and can destroy other obstacles in your way to gain points, but always keep away from black holes, damage obstacles, and so on.

Explore space and its difficulties that will make it hard to complete and curious to play. The big surprise for you is to explore a random thrower that can throw you randomly in any direction and teleporting feature.

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Astral Space on Steam

Dark Space

Dark Space

Dark space is worth the money.

the atmosphere is amazing and the puzzles are fun and challenging.

Definetly would recommend!

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

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Starts off pretty interesting, then you get annoyed, half the time you’re fighting with the controls and bad camera angles.

Even the menu is a bit hit n miss if the controller navigates the menu correctly or if you even have the ability to navigate the menu’s with the controller, I had to resort to using the keyboard most of the time I wanted to access menu, like when trying to exit.

enjoy 5 minutes of watching someone else give up at the same point I have got to.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Dark Space on Steam

Dark Asteroids

Dark Asteroids

First impression: nice music, love the vector like artstyle and obvious attention to detail; I can tell this is someone’s love child. For that alone, a thumbs up from me. Plus it’s an interesting take on Asteroids, for the price of a cup of coffee with which to support a fellow indie developer.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

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Dark Asteroids on Steam

Outergalactic Aliens Pinball

Outergalactic Aliens Pinball

fun table, same wonderfully complex table layout, LOVE the length of play per game, i feel like it almost never ends; and reaching target and goals feels much smoother of play than previous table. lots of fun ingenuity.

overall, 8/10. just still not a fan of the style of the graphics/art, and the DMD still without much option to adjust/relocate/hide/resize, etc, but I play on a VCab, so i know im a minority for certain features. highly recommend for fans of the game.

and again, great background track, major earworm

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

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Outergalactic Aliens Pinball :: a space/alien themed pinball game :: while a bit rough around the edges (especially in terms of UI) this is an interesting pinball board to play on, with levels. 6/10

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Outergalactic Aliens Pinball on Steam

Ancient Frontier

Ancient Frontier

The voice acting and storyline start off really really bad. But like a fungus it grows on you and now I’m quite liking it. I had originally complained of it being awful, but a few missions in, the dialogue between missions starts making sense in the style it’s presented and after a while it comes into it’s own and you start to appreciate these characters making the journey with you.

Botom line it’s pretty fun. There’s plenty of RPG elements, battle damage and mission consequences carry over from one mission to the next and there’s a nice tech tree and progression for all things from ships to ship components to crew. I’m enjoying the ways I can use a few ships with tech and crew or just a large fleet to go about my missions. There’s a lot of random elements that can happen so there’s replayability too. You can go about the campaign mission a second time using different ships, techs and strategies and there looks to be a few unique mission choices that you can do differently.

Real player with 79.0 hrs in game

Turn-based tactical goodness… in SPACE!

For a game out of nowhere, Ancient Frontier offered me a highly pleasant surprise. Good turn-based tactical games are not overly abundant to start with, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy on a whim. Something I rarely do, but boy am I glad to have done so.

The game is all about the tactical missions. There are two main campaigns, which apparnetly can take around 100 hours to play through. No multiplayer or skirmish mode.

Missions bring you varying quantity of one of the three main resources (“material,” “fuel,” and “research”). The first allows is used to buy new ships or components and repair battle damage. Aside from being required as well to purchase new ships, the second resource is an all-important balancing mechanism. Since each ship class (and modifier components) alter the cost of deployment for each mission. Take too many expensive ships too often on missions, and you will run out… which will probably end your playthrough. The last allows investing in upgrades to each ship class, or to research new and more efficient modifier components.

Real player with 66.3 hrs in game

Ancient Frontier on Steam

Apollo Red Moon

Apollo Red Moon

Apollo Red Moon - is a retro sci fi fast paced shooter. That takes action in alternative history. As a member of Apollo Mission, after successful landing on the moon, you were amubushed and taken prisoner by Soviets who builds military base on the moon.

Your mission is to survive and find out what’s going on, establish contact with orbiting comand module and get back to earth.

You have to gather intel, and sabotage soviet structures.

You have to watch out for oxygen levels and other factors that allow you to survive in space

Remeber to keep your suit fully sealed and powered up

Take control on space rovers, armored suit and many more

Choose your patch, stay stealth and deadly or just jump in and destroy everything around

Or maybe it’s just dreams caused by the failure of life-support systems.

Maybe you’ll never make it to the moon

Find out by yourself!

Apollo Red Moon on Steam

Dark Moon

Dark Moon


Dark Moon is a survival strategy game where time is working against you. With the Moon’s electronics down it is up to you to traverse the lunar soil and try to make contact with Earth while managing your crew and resources. You will never know what you will encounter along your way, thus be prepared to make crucial decisions and live with the consequences. Whatever you do - don’t go into the light!

As a member of the Engineering Council sent by Moon Shell, your task was to oversee the construction of a newly developed mining system on the Moon. The simple objective changed dramatically when a massive solar storm hit the Earth, destroying all electronics in its wake. Soon after, you witness the Sun’s scorching heat as the Moon’s main communication relay falls into the light. You are alone, and now everything within the Sun’s reach is gone within seconds. The light is your enemy and the darkness is your salvation.


The Sun is destroying everything it touches, you must avoid its radiance. The Mechaplex - a giant, general-purpose engineering vehicle will stand as your base of operations. It will also serve as your getaway vehicle, thus plan your actions accordingly and escape the tireless enemy. You must constantly move forward.


A different experience with each playthrough as each location and event may bring unpredictable results. Scan the terrain and obstacles with your drones to prepare for what lies ahead. Embrace or beware of other survivors who will want to join your convoy. Gather minerals and use their properties to increase your chances of survival.


The Mechaplex is your means of survival; build new buildings on top of it, research new technologies, enhance your crew’s abilities, and traverse the lunar plains. Develop new mechanical prototypes that will enhance your mineral gathering or focus on enhancing your convoy’s movement speed to elude the Sun’s deadly grasp. You can’t stay in one place for too long.


You are not the only one who is seeking a way out of this disaster. New crew members, some even pilots such as yourself, can join and bring you valuable abilities and new building platforms, but you have to feed and shelter them. Will you help the unfortunate? Or will you look out for yourself and not risk being betrayed? What kind of person are you?


Keep in mind that your crew will react to your decisions. Some members will dislike joining with someone from a rival country while others will embrace him. Decide to throw out a popular member and you may risk a revolt, which may have dire consequences for everyone.

Dark Moon on Steam

Dark Space Conqueror

Dark Space Conqueror

This game does not work - forever loading screen.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Unless I am missing something there is no way to start the game. Possibly a bad mobile port? You get to what appears to be the main launch page and there is no ‘new game’ no ‘start’ button just the image of a planet and the name of the game V1.0. I have submitted the only screenshot. Unless this is fixed I obviously can’t recommend this game.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Dark Space Conqueror on Steam

Lost EVE

Lost EVE

Lost EVE is a dark, atmospheric puzzle-platformer, the story of which unfolds in a post-apocalyptic future about 3 thousand years after a nuclear war.

With the departure of the dryad on the Moon, the power of the magical obelisks that supported life dries up and the forest gradually fades.

The forest has changed a lot, now it is ruled by strange semi-biological, semi-mechanical creatures.

A magical and very unfriendly world is waiting for you. The main character becomes involved in a spinning carousel of events, where he remains until the end of the story.

Lost EVE on Steam

Motor Assailant: Prologue

Motor Assailant: Prologue

The game looks great, but the timer is a bit too tight, and the first boss is way too hard. Loved the intro movies!

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

It’s alright

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Motor Assailant: Prologue on Steam