Spaceman Sparkles 3

Spaceman Sparkles 3

One of my favourite games! I love everything about this game! The only negative is that the new update has made the game controller based, making it hard for me to use a keyboard. Unless I’m missing an option to change the keys, an option like that would be great!

Overall rating: 9/10

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game

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Its a very interesting game. It has little to no story but I think that is a strength of the game that it is good without one, and would be best without it. Its a hard game. If you would like to challenge yourself with a hard game, this would be one to check out. The weapons are given to the player in stages, which I think is a good way to get used to the controls and to introduce how to use it (even if it seems hard to find out what it does for the first few attempts). My only gripe with the game is that the way to get to the bosses is extremely difficult for a few, specifically the ones on the sides of a floating platform. It looks amazing and I absolutely love the music, but there were only a few tracks so it got annoying after it looped for the 20th time. This game was a lot of fun and I would recomend it to my friends and anyone looking for a game to play for a few hours, or a lot of hours depending on how well you get used to how gravity works in the game.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Spaceman Sparkles 3 on Steam

Cosmic Express

Cosmic Express

If this game appeals to you, chances are you’ll like it. It’s a delightful puzzle game. I like games like Divide by Sheep and Dungeon Warfare, and this scratches a similar itch.

WARNING: The puzzles are not unlocked in order of difficulty. You’ll have easy puzzles and impossible ones right next to each other as if they’re on the same level. This can be disheartening if you get stuck because you feel like the puzzles are only going to get harder and that’s not the case.

My suggestion is to forget about any particular puzzle that’s pissing you off and move on. Don’t spend hours on one puzzle or you’ll start getting upset with the game. For example, Andromeda 14 is one of the earlier puzzles that gets unlocked, so it seems like you should be able to beat it in the beginning. IT IS THE HARDEST PUZZLE! At least it was for me and lots of other people online (which I found out when I looked up the solution; something that killed me inside but I had to move on with my life because I was having dreams about that damn level).

Real player with 160.9 hrs in game

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I think I have to give a thumbs down (Though itd probably be a neutral), because of some of the later levels.

Id get stuck on them for hours, I tried literally thousands of paths, worked on the logic of which routes could or could not work, and finally had to get an answer to the level in the game I simply couldnt do.

So I guess Im doing this out of spite? Well, I thought about that, but I dont think so. I believe its because ultimately there was no trick. There was nothing special going on, no deeper logic I was missing, I looked at the solution I put in and there was nothing at all in there that gave me any idea of what Id been missing for all that time, it was just a raw path finding task which is inherently tough to complete if you cant just pluck it out.

Real player with 100.6 hrs in game

Cosmic Express on Steam

Space Otter Charlie

Space Otter Charlie

A unique humorous space adventure to find Otters a new home. Really fun gameplay & story with cool weapons and upgrades.

Space Otter Charlie is a really fun space adventure game where humans have abandoned Earth and Otters must take on responsibility to find the animals a new home!

The movement mechanics are very unique and smooth which makes it very easy to learn, the gameplay is really fun with many weapons and possibilities for attacking the various enemies in each of the well designed levels. I loved the story and the humor too, there were some great Otter puns and at no point did it feel like the story was dragged out.

Real player with 26.0 hrs in game

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Target Audience: Those wanting a small test of puzzling, and those with kids


Space Otter Charlie tries to be the little space engine it could, and it somewhat succeeds in being a middle tier puzzle platformer that uses momentum and trap placement to test the player, but not be overly difficult in the process. To me, it’s a good game to get your kids introduced into thinking about things while still being something you can play and enjoy, even if those looking for a hardcore challenge in the genre and not going to find it here. Puzzle design hits a game of great to annoying, and in the middle third of the game when it hits its stride, you can be really having fun with it. Granted, there will be times it stumbles, sometimes the lack of useful information can lead to the wrong assumptions made and lead to even more frustration on the player’s part. The combat is serviceable but only serves as minor hazards to space out the puzzles, although the reflector ray can lead to some really fun moments.

Real player with 22.6 hrs in game

Space Otter Charlie on Steam

Light For Plants

Light For Plants

Do you love plants?

Do you love space?

How about looking after plants in space by applying some basic quantum physics principles?

Time to apply your knowledge of light and advanced physics - split or teleport the Light Beam to make the Flowers in the level Bloom, saving the Space Station.

Play with different elements and adjust them in a way that the light beam from the source reaches the plant located in the room.

Try it now and save the Space Mission!

Play Light Games in Space Station

Light For Plants on Steam

A Sky Full of Stars 仰望夜空的星辰

A Sky Full of Stars 仰望夜空的星辰

Good visual novel.

If you interested in astronomy you should try this one.

Heroines list:

  • Korona: Sister-like heroine.

  • Orihime: Rich innocent senior.

  • Hikari: Tomboyish childhood friend, has same vibe as Ageha (IMHHW)

  • Saya: Cute, innocent but also stubborn childhood friend

My fav girl is Orimihe, but my fav route goes to Hikari’s route.

Short review:

  • Long VN, around 50h~ (im slow reader).

  • Has 4 routes, after first choice the common route divided into two.

  • Less words censorship rather than previous coming of age title.

Real player with 738.1 hrs in game

Overall I quite liked it. You can tell at least some of the same writers of If My Heart Had Wings were on here. Had lots of feel good slice of life romance but the main 2 childhood friend routes had some love triangle melodrama.

Honestly I think the common route was one of my favorite parts.

The childhood flashbacks were some of my favorites in VNs because of how fleshed out they were and had really good buildup and feel good friendship scenes. Akito having more character than Aoi due to common route beginning alone (though he kinda become generic after the second common route starts). And everyone got to shine in some regard. And the first common route was really nice and a good way to show how the 4 routes would ultimately end.

Real player with 72.1 hrs in game

A Sky Full of Stars 仰望夜空的星辰 on Steam

Die, AI

Die, AI

A traditional horror RPG set in space, with heavy emphasis on puzzle-solving, survival and jump scares. As the lone survivor onboard a spaceship returning to Earth from a mining mission, you must work your way through the ship that has been taken over by the systems A.I which hellbent on killing everything on board. Limited oxygen, failing systems and A.I created booby traps.

Die, AI on Steam

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!

I tried to keep this short but it didn’t work. Sorry. There’s actually a lot to say about this game in which potato sisters travel through space with their fluffy space cat.

I wanted this game because it looked cute, and I’m a sucker for a fat cat. I vaguely assumed, from the cutesy character art, that it was a game aimed at a young audience; but like I said, fat cat. 200 hours later, I would not let a kid anywhere near this, and it’s become one of my favorite games of all time. I know potato people (and their vegetable brethren and sistren) in space sounds bizarre to say the least, but don’t let that put you off. This game is hilarious, wonderfully crafted, endearing as heck, and even manages to deliver some pretty solid cosmic horror.

! Think Cthulhu and fellow horrors from beyond. Yes, in a game about anthropomorphic potatoes.

Real player with 231.9 hrs in game

Cute game, has its issues, but it’s fun overall.


  • Visuals

  • Space exploration, make weapons, hire your team, play turn based ship to ship combat

  • It seems rogue like at first, but it is much less random and easier, with some difficulty spikes at bosses


  • The humor is a bit too “young” for me, it’s probably aimed at anime fans

  • One single run lasts way too long. It took me 50 hours to beat it once because i approached it as a rogue game and over planned things, ended up with 3 millions credit and thousands of ressources. If you play this i’d recommend you don’t try as hard to “be ready for all situations”, the game is actually much easier than expected, and i realized after beating it that it had a save system, i thought dying would mean the end like any rogue, but it actually auto saves very frequently.

Real player with 74.3 hrs in game

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! on Steam



The Survival-Crafting polar opposite of Don’t Starve. It’s a gentle and relaxing sci-fi survival game - deaths are rare and usually only the result of overextending yourself (e.g. being away from base too long and running out of oxygen or food).

Although at this stage of development (April 2020) there isn’t much content, it’s very stable, rare bugs, with consistent, high quality art assets - it doesn’t have the rough “beta” feel of many other early access games.


  • Fairly casual/relaxing survival game, with tech tree/research based progression.

Real player with 58.3 hrs in game

MewnBase is a cool little survival crafting game about a cat.. in a space suit.. driving a buggy on another planet. What’s not to like :)

The default day/night cycle is quite relaxing to play, although you DO have to work to get food and maintain your base.

Oxygen levels drain fast once you start exploring and so is the contents of your stomach or the power levels of your suit when you enable your headlight.

While there isn’t that much to do compared to the more known games in this genre, it certainly is entertaining. Slowly expand your base, research upgrades, grow some crops and try to automate things to make life easier. By the end, you’re speeding around in a buggy, with or without additional trailers to pick up more goods.

Real player with 32.5 hrs in game

MewnBase on Steam

Miaou Moon

Miaou Moon

A cute pick up and play physics game!

I have already played over 20hours and I have only unlocked the first few planets that you travel to. It is a lot of fun resetting skills to find the best balance for each level and planet. Getting your kitty to eat fish to get bigger and bouncing about reminds me a lot of a game called Sushi Cat.

I had a couple of problems that the devs fixed very quickly and since the addition of the 1.05 Antigravity Belt, I imagine control is very much improved over any earlier versions.

Real player with 40.7 hrs in game

This is a very difficult but cute game. You’re going to be spending time making sure all your moves are correct because you’re going to be managing your air. I recommend it if you’re looking for something difficult.

Check out my video, thanks!

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Miaou Moon on Steam



This game is great to have fun with some friends. If you are playing with friends, I would suggest using controllers so that the keyboard isn’t cramped. When playing solo, some of the characters are much better at certain levels, so I would suggest you switch characters if you can’t figure the level out with the one you are using.


Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Observers on Steam