This game will put friendships to the test as you figure out just how well you can cooperate with each other, especially when your death count reaches into the hundreds (which it likely will). Even if you are just playing it by yourself, it’s the type of game that can be rage-inducing, but rewarding once you beat those points. Eventually you will feel like Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow, as you (hopefully) get better with each death.


-Gameplay that is frustratingly difficult but somehow draws you in for more (like your Ex)

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

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This game is too fucking difficult, and 99% of the time it feels like you won by pure luck. It doesn’t help that you are playing with a piece of shit friend, known as Rend. He has completely ruined this experience.

These words are what he describes the game’s experience as: This game has shattered my hope and my pride. I have degraded into a filthy ape man, flinging shit at his screen.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

spaceBOUND on Steam



At this point I cannot recommend this game.. It’s beautiful but very strangely organized. There are also a number of technical problems, which you might or might not encounter. They have brought me to a point where the game is essentially unplayable. Your experience might be different.

Totally mind boggling what many reviewers have said about playing the game in two to four or more hours. I have explored and struggled and experienced many, many unnecessary crashes at the middle stage of the game. Lately whenever I click on a glowing object, the cursor gets stuck. There seem to be two different pointers, one belonging to the mouse, one thrown out by the game. Often in trying to disengage from the stuck point, the game becomes unplayable. Swings from high to low screen resolution and often crashes (“minimizes”) down to the taskbar icon. Generally the position is “saved,” but what saved means is open to debate.

Real player with 53.7 hrs in game

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Summary: Loved the aesthetics, music, and gameplay, puzzles were trivially easy, don’t get it if you want any challenge.

This is Talos Principle for kiddos. It uses a similar world system as Talos, where you can explore a beautiful world and 2-3 puzzles are contained within each world. Sometimes the puzzles overlap which is cool. The way the game uses colors is really fascinating and advanced, so if you’re after effects and aesthetics, you’ll love the hell out of that aspect of this game. There’s also dynamic weather! This works for the beauty of the game but can make navigating a bit confusing because levels at certain times of day do not look anything like they do at other times of the day. Loved the color and the natural design, simplistic but pretty. The soundtrack is amazing as well, it really added to the whole experience and is one of the better ambient game soundtracks I’ve heard.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Epitasis on Steam

DRONE The Game

DRONE The Game

One hell of a game. Although still a prototype, I think you’ll enjoy the public release. I was a backer for this project and I can say that the money I spent was more than worth it. If you paid mind to the game’s info, you likely saw the 12 backer tiers. I started out at Tier 2 (“Traveler”) when I first heard of the game. When they released the multiplayer demos I couldn’t wait, so I bumped up to Tier 3 (“Explorer”) a few months later. Last year I decided to upgrade to Tier 4 (“Operator”), and as of 2 July 2019 I ended up upgrading to Tier 5 (“Engineer”) because this game really has turned out so well. If you needed proof for how much these guys delivered, here you go.

Real player with 51.3 hrs in game

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This game showed significant promise in its early stages, and the main draw for me was being able to build and fly my own little fighting drones in the editor - with the hope of eventually being able to create land-based units with tank treads or mechanical legs.

However, development on this title unfortunately seems to have slowed to a complete halt: there hasn’t been an update, not even a bugfix, in over a year, and there’s been no word on how development is progressing in about 6 months.

They succeeded in their promise of delivering a functional drone editor, but even then a good portion of its features and place-able parts are unfinished, and at the moment users are restricted to basic cubes which they can cut into other shapes, as opposed to the totally freeform shapes seen in prebuilt designs. There’s also the slight issue of players being able to min-max their builds to obscene effectiveness by just putting a bunch of wings or something.

Real player with 37.9 hrs in game

DRONE The Game on Steam



Been a year that I last wrote something about this game, and considering that the updates for the game come frequently, I think it’s time to update the review as well.

Last year I called it “playable”. This year I can actually call it entertaining. What’s most entertaining, at least for me, is that the colonists are actually very human. Allow me to explain.

In most games, you have people that feel more like worker drones. They will go from place to place, build, mine, craft, sleep, get hurt, go to the medic bay, build, mine, craft… The “people” here feel actually like people. And they don’t want to be treated like worker drones. They get stressed out if all they do is build and work.

Real player with 101.5 hrs in game

The inspirations for this game are both obvious and subtle, influencing how it looks, feels and plays, or rather how you think you should be playing it.

It swings from a low pace base builder with an enormously detailed simulation behind every little thing you see and can interact with to a frantic struggle for survival as the dangers of Maia strike the unprepared mercilessly. Prepare to be unprepared and learn by failing.

If you prefer to learn from the mistakes of others - or perhaps boast about your most successful survival or expansion tips and strategies, visit the official wiki and help it grow.

Real player with 37.0 hrs in game

Maia on Steam