Murders in Space

Murders in Space

“Urgent. This is orbital station PEGASUS. Presence of unidentified criminal on board. Demand immediate intervention. Situation of crew intolerable. I repeat, demand immediate intervention.” Use observational, analytical, and interrogative abilities to track down a murderer on a space station before they claim their next victim.

  • Save the lives of crew members by staying one step ahead of the killer – or witness their demise if you fall behind.

  • Timing is key: 24 hours remain to solve the mystery, with crew members changing their positions and activities every hour of in-game time. Set the pace with the ability to speed up, slow down, and stop time.

  • Ask the right questions: Interrogate crew members to get at their individual secrets and true intentions.

  • Run biological tests and use specialized gadgets for clue detection and analysis.

  • Dock a space shuttle, conduct a space walk, and explore a fully crewed space station in zero gravity – as imagined by the game’s designers 8 years before the launch of the International Space Station.

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Murders in Space on Steam

Space Pilgrim Episode II: Epsilon Indi

Space Pilgrim Episode II: Epsilon Indi

A year after the Alpha Centauri Incident, Gail Pilgrim is still in the passengers business, though she has Sabina White, the clever scentist that became her co-pilot. Unfortunately, now in Epsilon Indi, she’s under the investigation of the J.A.C., the corrupt space police. Between the rebel scientist, the priestess of a strange cult and the young man that want to be a Jackal, Gail and Sabina have to survive the encounter. And what surprise is in stock for them?

This game is the sequel of Space Pilgrim Episode I: Alpha Centauri. So, you bet that you’re familiar with the ship. The story is still well-written, with the same humor as before: Gail still in dangerous situation, not really trusting herself, Sabina still logical and in her world and now, on top of that, a young man overconfident with himself, a scientist that is too absorbed in his work and a priestess that makes sense but not really. You still have Galactic Hospital as the sitcom on TV and the cat Zubar, though he’s not useful in this opus.

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

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Space Pilgrim Episode Two: Epsilon Indi, 2020 FRIENDLY GAME SERIES

If you like Firefly at all then you may just love this RPG Maker style game where you interact with items to play out episodic style narratives, with a few small puzzles involving item mixing and of course, a few laughs now and then.

**Edit: 2019 and I have played this episode through 6 times over the past several years!

This game has mature content, mainly tame sexual or bodily references for humor. Recommended for teenagers and above.**

Real player with 9.5 hrs in game

Space Pilgrim Episode II: Epsilon Indi on Steam

Void Encounter

Void Encounter


Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

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Void Encounter on Steam

Traurig Secrets: Prologue

Traurig Secrets: Prologue

Fair artwork, enough content for the price, interesting enough characters. It didn’t blow me away, but for $2 it’s worth the money. It’s got some interesting tidbits. Little choices here and there that don’t seem to impact the story (the bigger ones do) but you sort of wonder, is it being kept track of and will it come into play later?

It’s also got some interesting elements that sort of hint at later puzzles or mysteries or lore. I could definately see it leading somewhere interesting in further installments. The product is similar in feel to the demo (the first quarterish is the demo) but more and deeper content so if the demo was interesting, this is more of the same.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

This is an entirely incomplete VN and should be listed as an early release. The story starts in color and then suddenly changes to B&W sketches. Took less than a half hour to play through what little content there is here.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Traurig Secrets: Prologue on Steam