Space Merchant

Space Merchant

nice little chilled game, easily played ( and minimised when the boss walks in ) between working on spreadsheets etc. Nice simple and relaxed.

Real player with 124.2 hrs in game

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It’s a mobile game, fun but you’d need to spend some time to get to other galaxies (it’ll unlock more ships and crafts). Great if you like slow paced games.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

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In Astrodition, all gamemodes can be played online with up to 8 players! Invite your friends or hop into an existing lobby to play either competitive or cooperative gamemodes! Every playthrough is unique in this procedurally generated world!


After crashing on the dwarf planet Ceres, you will need to grow food, repair the damaged spacecraft, and keep an eye on your suit’s oxygen level! After exploring the planet’s surface, gather resources by harvesting Meteorites, Graphite Rocks, and Iron-Rich Clay Deposits. Once you are self-sustainable, set out on a journey to uncover the mystery of why you crashed! But watch out for radioactive zones and leaking suits!

Space Dodgeball

Space Dodgeball has you moving in all three dimensions to out manoeuvre your opponents. The objective is simple, hit the other team while avoiding incoming dodgeballs! But be careful, dodgeballs can be caught and thrown back! Play 4v4, or 1v7 if you are feeling confident! Let the best astronauts win!

Capture The Flag

Team up with other astronauts and work together! Fight your way to the opponent’s flag and take it back to your spacecraft to score a point! Hit the other team with dodgeballs to stop them from reaching your flag, you will need to work as a team to win!

Free Play

In Astrodition, Free Play can take place both on the ground and in space! Have fun without worrying about keeping your astronaut alive! You can spawn in all items and decide when you take damage! The planet is your playground, so build structures, drive around, and craft to your heart’s content!

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

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Needs more development time and testing alot of stuff only half works and the inventory system needs alot of work. They need to change the inventory system as well as change the way your character gets energy replenished, it is currently too tedious to eat/drink. Cannot recommend this game, especially at that price. I see what they were going for and it is a cool concept, but for the price there is much better games for the same if not cheaper. I would like to recommend this game and give a good review, but in its current state I cannot. Hopefully it will get better and I think they should take ideas from games like Space Engineers on how to execute this games functions much better. For now this review will remain negative until much needed improvements are made.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Astrodition on Steam

Starpoint Gemini 3

Starpoint Gemini 3

Starpoint Gemini 3 Review

Release Version 5th Nov 2020

Starpoint Gemini 3, 4th title from LGM Dev Team. This time around LGM went with a different view on the Gemini Star System, So lets get into the nitty gritty of it all.

SPG 3 puts you in the shoes of Captain Bold, a brash upstart pilot of a starship who has his AI sidekick ADAH which both are at logger heads over things quite often. This to me adds some charm into the cockpit as I could see my future self in a similar situation as I went to do the dumb things and the AI constantly reminding me of how stupid it is going to be.

Real player with 165.9 hrs in game

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I don’t often write reviews, as I don’t often get around to games until looooong after they’re released, but I gave this a day one try and… now I remember why I wait so long to play games after they’re released.

With this being the third game in a franchise I’ve come to enjoy, I had high expectations. And I was left sorely disappointed. While the graphics are okay, and the ship fighting is decent, that’s about where my enjoyment ended. Here are some of my highlights that I hope the devs can take to heart:

Real player with 43.1 hrs in game

Starpoint Gemini 3 on Steam

Tiny Planet Protectors

Tiny Planet Protectors

Welcome to the Tiny Planet Protection Agency!

Your assignment: Protect, Clean, and Discover. Collect resources and encounter the inhabitants of nearby galaxies as you also fill your home planet with alien plants, futuristic tools, and uncover the greatest threat to the universe.

Tiny Planet Protectors is a Free To Play game that allows all players to try out the game by exploring the Hearth Galaxy but all other and future galaxies are available to explore through paid DLC. Tiny Planet Protectors plans to launch in 2021 but make sure to Follow and Wishlist today to find out when you can begin your work as an agent!

  • Explore a procedurally generated universe! Explore endless planets across multiple galaxies each with unique plants and lifeforms to study and collect. Complete calming and satisfying tasks to rebuild the universe planet by planet.

  • Farm, craft, and shape your home planet Return your collected items and resources to your home planet to craft your ideal home.

  • Uncover the greatest threat to the universe! Meet other TPPA agents and discover a mystery that may lead to a galactic divide.

Tiny Planet Protectors on Steam



Day by day, technological progress changes not only the lives of people, but also the smallest life forms on our planet. In our project, we would like to direct your attention to a very important issue of our times - the extinction of wild bees, which despite their tiny size, has a huge impact on the entire Earth’s ecosystem.

Greetings explorer! You are going to spend quite some time in the laboratory - don’t forget to go on a research expedition into the unknown. A world full of exploration, building and crafting awaits you!

You are the last hope of Earthlings.

Research both flora and fauna - standard scanning is not enough. Explore the world of genetics and experiment with various possibilities to even create a new plant genera. Mutating plants and species promotes new raw material discoveries and blueprints. Experiment to master new technologies and settle your base in new environments.

This new world can be beautiful but dangerous as well - an undiscovered fruit or a contact with previously unknown, even the most innocuous-looking animals can provoke a disease, for which you’ll have to invent a cure. Some of them are tamable, some can only be feared and fled from - there is only one way to find out.

For optimal productivity, an explorer’s life has to be comfortable! Take care of your “workplace”, create the needed conditions by yourself and even decorate your base. Build drones, mobile laboratories, habitat, and research stations. Don’t stop there - create multiple stations in optimal locations, safety, weather or raw material wise, and ensure safe travel between them - hoverboard is the best way to start.

The planet stores the secret key that may help you in saving the earth and its inhabitants. Remember! It is up to you how you use that knowledge.

Honeycomb on Steam



A space adventure with a content struggle for survival. Explore a mysterious planetary system and discover its secrets. In INTERASTRA players will experience a survival simulation, where they have to take care of their basic needs. Exploration and resource gathering ultimately leads to leaving the planet you’re on, venturing further into the unknown. Take on various environmental threats, from different temperatures and weathers to unbreathable atmospheres and varying gravities.

Besides darkness, outer space hides many threats, so plan your journey into the unknown. You need to maintain optimal nourishment and hydration levels and make sure you have an ample supply of oxygen, as wrong choices can cause them to run out at the worst moments. In INTERASTRA you will experience different types of threats, depending on the planet. You may have to avoid certain dangers or create special equipment to withstand them.

Each of the planets has unique supplies and resources that can be used to create new tools or upgrade existing ones. Gather them to access new flight paths and make your survival easier.

Collect new ship part blueprints and advance your technology level to explore the entire planetary system. As you progress, you will unlock new and better rocket parts, allowing you to direct your space rocket further and further.

Wishlist INTERASTRA today to stay up to date with the game’s progress.


Astro Colony

Astro Colony

Astro Colony is an endless simulation focused on exploration, automation and management.

Traverse the universe full of unexpected events and discover unknown grounds.

Construct unique transport systems using conveyor belts and pipes.

Recruit new Astronauts and fulfill their needs by providing food and shelter.

Research over 70 unique technologies to progress in colony development.

Move stations, dock them and create a galaxy network no one have seen before!

But be aware, the danger is lurking around the corner!

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Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Empyrion - Galactic Survival

I’ve been playing the game for more than 5 years. I have over 7K hours in game, so I have had fun. Lots actually. But in the last couple years it has morphed from a cool survival game to just another FPS. In space, you can not travel from a warp point to a planet without getting blasted to bits by any one of dozens of hostile dreadnoughts that half the time won’t identify with the scanner. Doesn’t matter if you have shields, kaboom. Most starter planets no longer have the ores to make a proper ship to begin with, and the ores are usually small and on public servers are wiped out by previous player. Its just not fun anymore for me, but if all you want to do is masturbate with your trigger finger then have at it.

Real player with 7577.4 hrs in game

You pay to be a Beta tester for a game that left Early Access a year ago and will technically still be in Alpha in 5 years from today on. And, oh boy, if you do not sacrifice your time to play free bug tester you do not have any right to complain about these bugs.

Technically the idea of the game is great. But the execution is so incredibly subpar and the devs do not seem to have any coherent plan and are operating way outside their scope. They are a 7-people team working in their spare time on a freakin universe. Every normal thinking human should now be totally aware of how long this may take.

Real player with 1557.4 hrs in game

Empyrion - Galactic Survival on Steam



Lodestar is a crafting, base-building, adventure game that you can play alone but is better with up to 8 friends.

Lost in space, you have to survive by gathering resources to improve yourself and your ship through tech upgrades to help you navigate 8 hostile planets!

Work with your friends to survive the deadly aliens, murderous environments, and be the first of mankind to communicate with an intelligent species.


  • Multiplayer campaign with online co-op!

  • Upgrade your spaceship and optimize the layout for maximum efficiency!

  • Survive a variety of life-threatening monsters!

  • Explore a series of handcrafted planets that get you coming back for new secrets!

Lodestar on Steam

One Lonely Outpost

One Lonely Outpost

A barren, alien world needs YOU to bring it to life!

Start out with just an ancient space-RV, your handy tech gauntlet, a handful of potato seeds, and work to build up your colony. Grow crops to attract colonists, build a town and economy, and work to achieve independence while establishing your colony as a prime destination.

Whether you opt for an all-natural farm or a more high-tech one, you’ll need to balance producing food with other activities on your planet. Explore alien ruins to learn more about this strange world, grow your relationships with the many different characters that will join your colony, and have a blast playing various mini-game activities along the way.

It’s One Lonely Outpost … but not for long!

Decide: Natural or Synthetic?

Order up some supplies from Delivz-On, fertilize the ground, and plant crops with a unique tending mechanic – blow off dust, clip off dead branches, and watch for bugs! Pursue either a Synthetic route with robo-cows and gene-splicing (watch for glowing cabbages), or take the Natural path where you raise Earth-based farm animals and hand-tend your prize crops for premium produce. With either path, the more and better food you can make, the more colonists you can attract.


Build a Community and Forge Relationships

Every colony starts out with just one person (and a robotic pet), but colonists from around the galaxy will come to conduct research and offer other roles or services to help you grow the colony into a full-fledged town. But our career isn’t everything in life – befriend your fellow colonists to find fully developed people with their own histories, lives, and dreams. Grow your rapport with more than just gifts from your farm; perhaps even one relationship will result in true romance!

Explore Ancient Ruins

Ancient alien ruins have kept their secrets for millennia – until you’ve come along. Discover why a barren world is full of all of the features necessary for life, even though according to top scientists it shouldn’t. Puzzle and/or fight your way past the robotic guardians and be rewarded with rare items and a deeper understanding of your new farm planet.

Customize Your Character

Develop a unique sense of style and personality with clothing options and character statistics.. Choose how to balance your strengths and weaknesses across farming, exploring, crafting, socializing, and dungeon-diving as you progress on your journey.

Play To Your Interests

There’s no set path to perfecting your colony. Any element of the game can be played in any order. Whether you choose to focus on tending your farm to unlock every perk, spend all day exploring ruins fighting robots, or dedicate yourself to building up the town and connecting with residents, fun and rewards await to be discovered along the way.

Share With Friends

Play online with up to 3 other friends in collaborative co-op as well as competitive minigames. Friends can either visit your existing outpost with a greenhorn character, choose to start a fresh world from scratch together, or take a short vacation on your main to see what other colonies are up to, all while developing new relationships and even building branching families with other player characters or NPCs.

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