On The Earth Shift :)

On The Earth Shift :)

“On the Earth Shift :)" is a VR resource management game / romantic experience about doing your silly alien job while your silly alien fish friend watches.

Your silly alien job is, as the title would imply, taking care of the Earth! It is your job to ensure that all aspects of Earth life flourish in perfect harmony, including global temperature, the horniess of the population, and the desire to dominate / submit to one another.

However, alien management from Glorf-31 have their own ideas on how Earth should be managed, such as Snarglarff Sneet, obsessed with extracting value from Earth, Elgore Smankoff, who wishes to perform sick experiments on the planet, and Mire Oodle, who just wants a friend, along with many others. It is your job to accept or deny their requests, as the world’s fate hangs in the balance,

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On The Earth Shift :) on Steam

Connect Chat

Connect Chat


Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

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So far it seems to run very smooth with little issue, and as someone with a low spec computer.. its very useful.. however there is a severe lack of users… hopefully this will change… the sync with the DMM VR connect site is also seamless….. Just wish there was more people

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Connect Chat on Steam

A Sky Full of Stars 仰望夜空的星辰

A Sky Full of Stars 仰望夜空的星辰

Good visual novel.

If you interested in astronomy you should try this one.

Heroines list:

  • Korona: Sister-like heroine.

  • Orihime: Rich innocent senior.

  • Hikari: Tomboyish childhood friend, has same vibe as Ageha (IMHHW)

  • Saya: Cute, innocent but also stubborn childhood friend

My fav girl is Orimihe, but my fav route goes to Hikari’s route.

Short review:

  • Long VN, around 50h~ (im slow reader).

  • Has 4 routes, after first choice the common route divided into two.

  • Less words censorship rather than previous coming of age title.

Real player with 738.1 hrs in game

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Overall I quite liked it. You can tell at least some of the same writers of If My Heart Had Wings were on here. Had lots of feel good slice of life romance but the main 2 childhood friend routes had some love triangle melodrama.

Honestly I think the common route was one of my favorite parts.

The childhood flashbacks were some of my favorites in VNs because of how fleshed out they were and had really good buildup and feel good friendship scenes. Akito having more character than Aoi due to common route beginning alone (though he kinda become generic after the second common route starts). And everyone got to shine in some regard. And the first common route was really nice and a good way to show how the 4 routes would ultimately end.

Real player with 72.1 hrs in game

A Sky Full of Stars 仰望夜空的星辰 on Steam

Black Sun

Black Sun

In this game, you fly a space ship through an open world. Your sidekick is an AI assistant who understands your text-written commands and helps you to steer the ship, survive heavy space combat or to find the next gas station.

"Space is a terrible place. The kidnapping of my brother and the Captain’s death didn’t make it easier. Thank god, there is Hopper."

You play Eli, a young man stranded on the antique star freighter Lucky Beggar. You don’t like space yet here you are.


  • Text freely in natural language with your AI assistant Hopper: let her fly the ship, get her help during combat or ask for a market analysis to maximise your trading profit. She knows a lot - including terrible space jokes.

  • A large 2D open-world universe containing numerous solar systems, space stations and ships to discover. Large means astronomical and impossible-to-fly-through. Be grateful if the jump engine works properly.

  • Find your kidnapped brother while making interstellar friends and enemies. An over 5-hours long cinematic storyline is waiting for you!

  • Enjoy epic space battles with hundreds of ships.

  • You decide how you pay the bills for fuel and supplies: be a smart trader, solve rewarding quests or take missions from shady people in the space pub.

  • Your ship is a temple. Repair it, get upgrades and don’t fly it into asteroid fields. Those dents stay.

  • Put on the headphones, fasten your seat belt and relax: one hour of orchestral soundtrack - originally composed just for this game!

  • Modding encouraged! Most of the game’s content is freely changeable by using a beginner-friendly script language and images. Add your own quests, ships or places. Teach new commands to the AI assistant.

Black Sun on Steam



I had a lot of fun learning physics. I’d pay for Space Tow Truck 2 any day.

Real player with 30.4 hrs in game

“I’ve come away from my great time with Space Tow Truck a little smarter…”

“…educational, entertaining, and stimulating…”


Full review at https://darkzero.co.uk/game-reviews/space-tow-truck-pc-review/


Real player with 13.7 hrs in game

SPACE TOW TRUCK - ISAAC NEWTON's Favorite Puzzle Game on Steam



123 hours, just came back for more after not playing for a few months, and had to write a review.

I can not for the life of me figure out the negative reviews (keep in mind though I am more of a ‘benefit of the doubt’ reviewer than a ‘this game is not precisely what I expect/desire therefore I will crap all over it’ reviewer). This game is a blast. I have to assume they are doing the usual ‘reviewing it as compared to some other game they like more’ or ‘reviewing it for what they want it to be rather than what it is’. Either way, my opinion is this game is one of the better unkown space games in existence. All these ‘FTL’ clones, and no mention of Interstellaria, is a travesty, this game needs more PR.

Real player with 124.3 hrs in game

Short version:

It’s fairly similar to FTL with the added ability to explore planets (with simple ground combat), move your ship freely in deep space (with dynamic tactical space combat) and enjoy an entertaining plot that guides you through the open-world universe.

Is it perfect? No. There are issues and the UX is not the best, but unless that puts you off, you can definitely enjoy the game.

Coldrice seems to be working non-stop to fix any issues and there are also some planned improvements.

Real player with 77.3 hrs in game

Interstellaria on Steam

SpaceNET - A Space Adventure

SpaceNET - A Space Adventure

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Authentic small two-color point-and-click adventure game in retro 80s style.

This game can be a real gem for you if you value minimalism and retro atmosphere with a non-linear sci-fi adventure with less graphics and more story.

Real player with 355.2 hrs in game

spacenet is a retro-style sci-fi point & click that gave me asteroids, elite and similar vibes, but there’s no combat, resource management (except money, see below) or anything like that here, just you in your spaceship wandering around, talking, puzzling and hacking in a non-linear fashion.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

SpaceNET - A Space Adventure on Steam

The Away Team: Lost Exodus

The Away Team: Lost Exodus

Don’t be fooled by its simple, rétro appearance and pixel graphics: this is a real hidden gem, with very solid writing and an interesting plot that will keep you playing, solar system after solar system, gameplay minutes turning into hours, wondering what will happen next, both to you and to your crew members.

The game has a lot in common with choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks (when your humans explore planets, you’ll have to help them decide what they’ll do, pulling a lever, exploring a certain zone, being friendly or hostile, and different choices of course mean different consequences), but adds to it a simple but effective simulation part (you have to carefully manage your fuel and food reserves, and find more if you deplete one or the other) and a deeply interesting crew member personality system, which adds a ton of replayability: a strong farmer will act, speak and perform differently than a genial but disabled scientist.

Real player with 40.9 hrs in game

The year is 2127. Earth has been destroyed, made uninhabitable by war, climate change and famine. You play as the AI on a ship containing the last known humans in the universe. Can you keep them alive as you search for a new home?

The Away Team is superbly written interactive fiction, a modern day ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ set in space. There are survival elements too, in that you have to scavenge planets for food fuel; otherwise you’ll end up starving, or stranded in space forever.

The graphics are basic, but for what’s essentially a sci-fi novel, they fit well enough. The music is atmospheric and calming, the sort of thing you can have a good afternoon nap to (I’m so rock and roll, I know).

Real player with 13.5 hrs in game

The Away Team: Lost Exodus on Steam

Tiny Space Academy

Tiny Space Academy

10/10 - After 41 hours, a little story -

It was my first attempt at a crewed landing on Mars, of course I’d made mistakes. So, the lander arrived with too little fuel to survive the descent. But also, I found I’d mis-connected the faring triggers, so the ship couldn’t re-configure to land properly anyway. It looked like the trip was a bust.

But, just as I was about to scrub, I noticed the ship’s trajectory skimmed the outer Martian atmosphere before the ship went flying into the deep black forever. So my brave, doomed crew figured what-the-heck might as well test if the broken faring blocks the parachute deployment BEFORE WE ALL DIE.

Real player with 247.2 hrs in game

Very good value for money.

Strong “Just one more go” factor.

While there is a learning curve, it would be a far inferior game if there wasn’t. Personally I got the hang of it quite quickly, but I have played a lot of Kerbal Space Program.

The game undoubtedly presumes some familiarity with this sort of game. So total beginners may struggle a bit at first. But your perseverance will be rewarded.

I found this game to be just as satisfying to learn and succeed at as any other game in this genre, for a fraction of the price.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

Tiny Space Academy on Steam



Wow. Was going through my steam discovery queue and saw this odd title that didn’t have a lot of players but had 100% positive reviews. I had to try it and boy oh boy I do not regret it. I couldn’t put it down until I did everything I could thing of to get a different ending. This game is so unique with the way you get to play as the antagonist while the antagonist itself is a separate being from you. This entity gifts you with abilities that I don’t want to spoil but I think I can say that you will be able to influence what people on the ship are thinking and talking about in a way that selfishly benefits you. It’s a bit of a puzzle that involves starting with no memory of your past and trying to piece together information in a way that allows you to at least convincingly pretend to be the crew member who everybody remembers/suspects. Otherwise, you’ll get ejected out of the airlock!

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game


5/5. What an amazing game. Vessels is one of those games that comes along every now-and-then, and just knocks it out of the park. I played the game through from beginning to end in one run. Admittedly, it is a short game. You can complete a play-through of this in roughly three to four hours. I was completely engaged from beginning to end, and I would have stuck with it for another four hours. The choices in the game gave me the impression that there are different endings and scenarios to experience, but I do not know this for sure.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Vessels on Steam