Nice twin stick shooter, with different map types. good although short sound track. tries to have rogue lite elements like ship upgrades, and while they are cool, i was able to unlock all of them right away (with the exception of 1 tier3 unlock). it almost feels as if those unlocks should just be like PowerUp drops during the game. but overall so far i have had a #Funtime

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

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Great game; this game gets more and more dynamic as you progress through the levels. It can get quite intense but the relaxing sound-track adds a nice balance. It seems to be well optimized for PC because it runs smooth and takes little storage. My favorite level so far is 10; maneuvering around the asteroids is good fun and makes a great scenery. I look forward to exploring the rest of the levels and arcade mode.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

#Funtime on Steam

Boltzmann Brain

Boltzmann Brain

Love those space-arts at the background, looks atmospheric :)

I was an indepented beta-tester, and after release I can say with my honor that I can recommend this game.

Single-player is pretty hard, but I get a nice feeling when finally understand how to solve puzzles, also they seem like well-designed and each of them is like small (or sometimes big) task. And ending… Yeah, nice one :)

Versus mode becomes INCREDIBLY fun when you achieve a full control under your movements and ball, also it’s a nice choice to spent time when there’s 4 of you.

Real player with 17.9 hrs in game

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Nice little oldfag thing, really enjoyed it. No bugs so far, hope none will be in the future. The gameplay shows the guys have done a great job. Though I had to spend some time reapplying controls but it was worth. This game will be appreciated by those who like challenges because each level always requires a portion of thinking =)

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

Boltzmann Brain on Steam

First Parsec

First Parsec

Space combat simulator. Ambush freighters carrying precious goods, protect space stations, destroy capital ships with deadly missiles.


Enjoy freedom of movement with simplified arcade flight model and semi-realistic physics.

Capital ships

Destroy or protect big capital ships, freighters or bigger space stations.


Before every mission you can choose your loadout of missiles and primary weapons.


Fast paced combat against small figters requires orientation and precise aiming. Mouse and keyboard or controller are supported.

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First Parsec on Steam

Spaceship for Newbies

Spaceship for Newbies


The planet Xanar is a big deposit of junk and debris. In an attempt to change this situation and reduce the amount of trash on the planet, a team of engineers and scientists developed a spaceship made entirely of scrap, which can be controlled by pressing one button!

You’re the test pilot of this spaceship. Can you fly it through the obstacles in outer space?


Maneuver the spaceship through different zones and obstacles - like asteroids, laser beams, and more - with only one button!


Fantastic pixel art visuals, which include explosion effects, delicate clouds and enchanting constellations.


Pass through portals with your spaceship, reach new systems, and discover new adventures!


Laser beams, alien portals, and slow zones… Which of these will seal your fate?

  • 72 unique and challenging levels!

  • 6 systems, each with their own thematic mechanics. Can you make it through?

  • One default spaceship and a second one as a reward for those who are able to finish the game!

Spaceship for Newbies on Steam

Star Waker

Star Waker

A wonderful bullet hell game, after not having played a bullet hell style game for many years it was quite enjoyable to play this game, even with its few frustrating moments. But what bullet hell game doesnt offer such frustrations every once in a while?

This game takes place IN SPACE! As Ariane Ducenar you learn of the back story of the galaxy and what all has happened to your fellow kind. Learning quickly of a virus that has doomed mankind into a mostly permanent semi-cryogenic stasis in pods awaiting a supercomputer to make a cure.

Real player with 17.9 hrs in game

Star Waker is a nice Shooter with a compelling story and some RPG elements. The upgrade system in particular is very well done, rewarding you for achieving bonus objectives and the skills changing the way you play as you unlock them. The story is nice but some times the good ideas are a bit held back by a somewhat poor delivery. Gameplay wise while there is some cases of annoyance due to “unlucky” inavoidable damage (but the game seems to be built with that in mind), the fatastic boss fights were definitly worth it as for some of them I was feeling like I was fighting a boss in a souls game.

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

Star Waker on Steam

Void Vikings

Void Vikings

An interesting game… Recommended for a fans of twin-stick shooters looking for something a little different.

The core concept of paying back a student loan by pillaging local star systems is both unique and provides some tactical options. Should you pursue an expensive yet effective degree and struggle to pay back both the principal and interest, or settle for a cheap but shoddy education and focus on upgrades? Ultimately, you need both the education and the upgrades, but the premise disguises what would otherwise be a transparent grind.

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

Fun, polished little arcade wave space shooter with a couple of modes including a ‘diablo’ style randomised loot system, customisation, leader boards, and several distinct ships to fly.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Void Vikings on Steam

Astral Traveler

Astral Traveler

Got to play Astral Traveler before release and got to master some tracks in it. Where it is on some points a bit challenging, its also really fun to play and to learn every track. If you have enough patience and you’re up for a fast-phased challenge, i highly recommend playing this game.

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

This game is fun and addictive. It is very challenging at first but once you get used to it becomes a great race against clock to beat all those top scores. Every track is different from the last and it has 47 gorgeous looking tracks over 5 nebulas. Check out my full video review of this game


Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

Astral Traveler on Steam

Detached: Non-VR Edition

Detached: Non-VR Edition

Beautiful game placed in space, originally created for VR and now available in nonVR version. It’s FPX game where we want to survive and find a way to get back home safely from malfunctioned space station. This will require a skill to control your spacesuit powered with fuel. We also need a oxygen and both of these can by found around by exploring an open world of the damaged space station. Some puzzle needs to be solved in the game to complete some of the tasks like opening the doors or activate various systems. Great looking and well optimized graphics and nice sounds well making a feeling of loneliness in empty space. Game has cross-platform PvP mode. Detached is a fantastic game that I’m hoping to play in VR mode some day.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

I would love to recommend this game, it’s quite a nice, short FPS story. Flying around in an authentic zero-g experience on Realistic mode was amazing, it’s the kind of game I like most. There’s not much shooting, just floating through space finding the path out, with enough light puzzles to not be boring.

Unfortunately, finding the small progression MacGuffins in level 2 was awful. They were hidden away and difficult to find when trying to progress the story. It took me a few hours flying around looking for them. I found a few, but they were placed near another progression point later down the line, so taking them earlier than I’m supposed to means I have to look for others in the more difficult places anyway.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Detached: Non-VR Edition on Steam

Cosmic Tank

Cosmic Tank

I was brought in to test the game for Early Access (full disclosure), but it’s been a blast to play. I’m sure it’ll only get better from here.

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Cosmic Tank on Steam

Iridion II

Iridion II

my favorite gba game maybe the best im very godlike at it

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

Fun shooting game with interesting visuals originally on the Gameboy advance. While I recommend the game let it be known that it is a very straight forward port with little to no changes. The control scheme is a bit counter intuitive if you are playing on an Arcade stick so rebinding through steam is likely a good idea for most.

I still recommend the title and it is especially impressive given the time and hardware for which it was originally released. I do have a CRT monitor to play games like this so that does a long way in making the visuals pop. As mentioned in a negative review it would likely scale rather poorly to higher resolutions on lcd monitors.

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

Iridion II on Steam