Lightway Lines

Lightway Lines

In 2061, the desire for seamless interstellar travel continues to grow.

LIGHTWAY LINES - a modern, specialist airline - is trialing new technology to make space tourism safe and affordable for everyone. But in this moody, atmospheric sci-fi ARPG adventure, Captain Rain could end up paying the price for attempting to make history.

  • Explore the Lightway cruiser and unearth what really happened.

  • Fast-paced, ARPG-style combat.

  • Custom artwork with detailed, interesting environments.

  • A hard-hitting & unnerving soundtrack.

  • Plenty of collectibles that expand on the story.

LIGHTWAY LINES is set to launch in November 2022.

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Lightway Lines on Steam

Flat Earth Simulator

Flat Earth Simulator

My first impressions were positive with a beautiful model, pleasant narration along soothing ambient music.

  • It would have been great to zoom in more and see cities mapped onto the model from high altitude photos.

  • The Sun and Moon are different sizes, they should be about the same.

  • The Sun and Moon orbits are locked.

  • No Moon phases or eclipses present.

  • No Tropic of Cancer or Tropic of Capricorn sun orbit paths for seasons.

  • Stars seem random rather than actual mapped stars along with correct movements over the plane.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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No way to change display/sound settings in game, must quit and re-launch. No option to not have the really slow narrator read everything to you, instead you must mute it, hide the text, and then press space to open it with the full text visible for anyone who can read faster than a third grader, the text is poorly written with many grammatical mistakes and quirks that make it hard to understand, the information being presented raises more questions than it answers, and the clues that pop up every few minutes make no sense and don’t actually lead to anything.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Flat Earth Simulator on Steam

Gaia Beyond

Gaia Beyond

Gaia Beyond is a handcrafted 2D Action-RPG in space.

-multiple save slots, quicksave and quickload, autosaves.

-open world

-quest with multiple solutions

-ship building, upgrade-able weapons

-fight stations with your ship

Sure we’re fans of the genre and bound to like the game more than the usual fare,but those looking for an original and thrilling, handcrafted open world 2d space shooter, this will not disappoint. Gaia Beyond introduced a world with characters I actually cared about, and combat gameplay I could get behind. This game really does have something for every sci-fi shooter fan: Good writing, characters with depth(you get to meet the most spaced-out guys in the galaxy), huge amount of side quests(some with multiple solutions), factions, intimidating ships, upgrade-able ships and weapons, mining, trading, nice OST etc. It was not a very demanding game. You were just a simple nobody mining and shooting your way up, trying to make your way in this seemingly peaceful mysterious space. While all the ships were actually flying in the game world in real time, most of the time it was quite relaxed. Some fights were tough when I didn’t upgrade or choose my guns properly. It played especially good on big monitor(this game has 4K support). No other 2d space shooter I’ve ever played has impressed me like this one. Maybe Starsector has better combat than this but that’s the only thing it is better. I’d played 3030 Deathwar Redux , Star Valor, and Starcom Nexus, this game is better. After playing for around 30 hours , I doubt that I had reached even halfway of the main story, this game is loooooong. Yuki, one of the game writer, said the game is still a bit rough around the edges, but I could see that they were updating and patching up the game almost monthly, and they were quite active on the forum answering questions and acknowledging bugs, so I would not worry about that at all.

Real player with 51.1 hrs in game

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I would recommend this so much, but…I’d wait until the main quest is extended by at least 300%.

In a nutshell: Great game but I’d wait until the main quest is extended by at least 300%. Don’t bother grinding unless you really want to, regardless of main story.

Long review: This is a very cool 2D “Galaxy on fire 2-ish” space action RPG game where you explore, mine, hunt and upgrade your ships and weapons. Kind of like Zelda / Diablo in a spaceship and a huge map set in our solar system in a dystopian future.

Real player with 34.3 hrs in game

Gaia Beyond on Steam

Black Sun

Black Sun

In this game, you fly a space ship through an open world. Your sidekick is an AI assistant who understands your text-written commands and helps you to steer the ship, survive heavy space combat or to find the next gas station.

"Space is a terrible place. The kidnapping of my brother and the Captain’s death didn’t make it easier. Thank god, there is Hopper."

You play Eli, a young man stranded on the antique star freighter Lucky Beggar. You don’t like space yet here you are.


  • Text freely in natural language with your AI assistant Hopper: let her fly the ship, get her help during combat or ask for a market analysis to maximise your trading profit. She knows a lot - including terrible space jokes.

  • A large 2D open-world universe containing numerous solar systems, space stations and ships to discover. Large means astronomical and impossible-to-fly-through. Be grateful if the jump engine works properly.

  • Find your kidnapped brother while making interstellar friends and enemies. An over 5-hours long cinematic storyline is waiting for you!

  • Enjoy epic space battles with hundreds of ships.

  • You decide how you pay the bills for fuel and supplies: be a smart trader, solve rewarding quests or take missions from shady people in the space pub.

  • Your ship is a temple. Repair it, get upgrades and don’t fly it into asteroid fields. Those dents stay.

  • Put on the headphones, fasten your seat belt and relax: one hour of orchestral soundtrack - originally composed just for this game!

  • Modding encouraged! Most of the game’s content is freely changeable by using a beginner-friendly script language and images. Add your own quests, ships or places. Teach new commands to the AI assistant.

Black Sun on Steam

Zodiac Angel

Zodiac Angel

Game is still in development. To help magnify the scope of this game and see it to completion, visit .

Zodiac Angel on Steam

Polybius Invaders

Polybius Invaders

If you love retro gaming or grew up with games like Space Invaders, Galaxa, Centipede, Tempest and the many many others, then you will LOVE this game! If you’re a casual gamer, you will LOVE this game! The gameplay is engaging, even when it gets a bit repetitive. I am not a huge gamer at all, and I find myself going back to this game often. The music is calming yet exciting, and, while not chip tune or 8-bit, fits the game’s retro atmosphere well with its synthwave/retrowave sound. The graphics are a fantastic modern send-up to the classic pixelated game graphics of the 70s and 80s arcade games. General Goo, while definitely a villain, actually makes some valid points about our modern society. The gameplay is frenetic, but not too much or overwhelming, even for me, who is on the autism spectrum. Definitely play this gem of a game! This is one game that I want to actually beat, and keep playing. If classic arcades were still around like they used to be, this would be well worth your quarters!

Real player with 53.0 hrs in game

I had a lot of fun with this. I streamed it for two hours-before I needed a break. the music is great, the graphics and visual effects are really nice and the controls are easy to get used to, Really enjoyed this. Thank you.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Polybius Invaders on Steam



I have achieved the greatest milestone in all of Ricochet. Unlike other players who have only experienced the glory of Ricochet for 5 minutes of their unproductive waste of lives, I have achieved the euphoric life changing exception to human flaws known as Ricochet for more than 1,200 hours.

Ricochet has brought me many gifts, and one of those gifts granted to me is my burned retinas, allowing a new way of peering into this world, for example, you filthy subspecies can look at something and see smooth seams and vertices, but to me, every defined corner has a distinct glow illuminating even the darkest of voids with the same semblance of a low polygonal object. The people around me are no longer just people to me, for every person I see is just a target waiting for the sweet release of a flung Laserdisc to decapitate them, breaking them from their meager existence that have been ignorant to the touch formed by the greatest thing our Creator Lord Gaben has granted to us.

Real player with 1366.4 hrs in game

When my wife left me and took full custody of all 26 of my Irish children, I almost lost it. I became suicidal, cutting deep into my wrists and wishing the emotional turmoil would end. I opened up my computer and planned to have one last good time before I ended my pain-stricken and worthless life. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a notification popped up on my desktop, a steam gift, I could only wonder what it was. I finally used my last essence of courage and wonder I had left in my battered and bruised body to open it. Ricochet emerged on my screen. ♥♥♥♥ it, I might as well have some fun on my last day of measly existence. I downloaded and opened the game. A flash of colour, the amazing soundtrack, enjoyment. I came to the epiphany that it had not been a worthless journey. I had rediscovered Jesus. No not Jesus, one who is greater than he, the legendary Gaben. I played it for hours on end. Win after Win. My wife came to her senses and realised the sexy alpha male she was missing out on. She came home, all my children in her hands.

Real player with 600.4 hrs in game

Ricochet on Steam

Astero Inc.

Astero Inc.

Beautiful game. After the first hours of game, feels very addictive and funny situations with the characters and gameplay. It maintains tension at all time on the asteroids! Highly recommended

Real player with 50.0 hrs in game

The game felt fresh, fun and challenging. If you skip the tutorial you will suffer punishment, but you will feel acomplishment as you make your way through the game and master it step by step.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

Astero Inc. on Steam

On The Earth Shift :)

On The Earth Shift :)

“On the Earth Shift :)" is a VR resource management game / romantic experience about doing your silly alien job while your silly alien fish friend watches.

Your silly alien job is, as the title would imply, taking care of the Earth! It is your job to ensure that all aspects of Earth life flourish in perfect harmony, including global temperature, the horniess of the population, and the desire to dominate / submit to one another.

However, alien management from Glorf-31 have their own ideas on how Earth should be managed, such as Snarglarff Sneet, obsessed with extracting value from Earth, Elgore Smankoff, who wishes to perform sick experiments on the planet, and Mire Oodle, who just wants a friend, along with many others. It is your job to accept or deny their requests, as the world’s fate hangs in the balance,

On The Earth Shift :) on Steam

Cosmic Awakening VR

Cosmic Awakening VR

Very Fun and scary game. The atmosphere and space station setting are both really well done. There’s a real sense of dread When you’re moving down the halls. The controls are fairly responsive although some things, like picking up certain objects, don’t seem work perfectly. I’m usually very sensitive to motion sickness when it comes to VR games, but I had no problems here. I was able to play for an extended period with no real problems. I definitely reccomend this game to any Vive owners who love a good horror experience.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

First thing I want to say is I liked this game and I had no bug issues. The game ran 100% fine for me and there’s a video to prove that below. My specs are listed at the bottom.

Well this game was gifted to me so I decided to try it out. I am not very good at puzzle and discovery games as I have not played many in my life time so this one started off a bit slow for me. The atmosphere was fine and the graphics well enough and since it was horror the game went into creepy mode nearly right off the bat. The game in general starts off very slow until you kind of figure out what you need to do. There are 2 game modes. The first I wasn’t sure what to do but the story mode basically keeps you moving along a certain path, so to speak, I am guessing to a climax. In the begining exploration takes up most of your time then after you get the jist of what you probably should do the game moves faster and then gets more tense. I purposely didn’t finish the game because I was making a video and didn’t want to spoil the experience. Later this week I will continue where I left off as you can save your progress (yay!!). Look at the tags. If you like any of the tags then you should enjoy this in VR. If this was a regular game I don’t think I would have been too interested but I am looking for VR games that put me in another time and place. This fulfills that for me. I like action but I think adventure and exploration games fit VR really well since the mechanics are not very complicated and the focus can be on the environment rather than running here and there not really enjoying the setting. The price is a bit steep since I am guessing it is not super long but the quality of the game is not bad. I love Virtual Reality and scifi so this kind of game sends me there. It has many options too for graphics and other things. I say it is a buy. A number rating would be above average but only 7/10 mainly because the price is a bit high, in my opinion. Don’t expect to be very scared by this. It is more a “atmospheric tension” experience but does have some surprises which I won’t reveal in writing.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Cosmic Awakening VR on Steam