A Long Journey to an Uncertain End

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End

Not looking good, Captain. That holo-influencer you sent Matias to guard has been “upstaged”. Putting a former drag queen before every camera in the verse? Not the best idea. And the anti-sentience rally we sent Aylah to… that’s a riot now. Not saying it’s entirely her fault the audio drones were hacked but, you know. Probably didn’t help.

On top of that Truly and Denny are nowhere to be found. Any chance of keeping a low profile is out the airlock. Now there’s an incoming message from… your ex?

All in all, a quieter day than most.

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End is a narrative focused Space Opera that’ll have you flying around the universe assembling an unruly crew from an eclectic cast of characters and taking any job you can to keep one step ahead of your abusive Ex. The twist: you’re not just piloting a ship… you are the ship.

Supplies don’t come for free in the verse, doubly so for outlawed sentient spaceships. Every planet, moon and space station is a valuable source of jobs and their precious rewards. Assign crew tasks based on their skills, and help their decisions along the way. If everything pays off you’ll have what you need to escape, and if not…well, you can call in those favors you’ve been saving.

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End presents a unique vision of the future, a universe of inclusivity and diversity tainted by uncertainty and fear. Build a family within your crew. Every crew member has their own story, every planet its own history, and even your own adventure remains unfinished.

Sentient ships have been outlawed for centuries. With the help of your holo-companion C.O.R.G.I. and your (mostly) loyal crew, you managed to evade capture. Now there’s an entire galaxy between you and freedom.

So…where to next, Captain?


  • Fly across a unique galaxy, from the dust-bitten badlands of the Rim, to the techno-industrial megacities of the Core…and Beyond.

  • Recruit an eclectic crew from a diverse cast of characters with their own stories and varied skill sets.

  • Explore planets, moons and space stations as you put distance between you and your abusive ex. Match your crew to jobs and decide their actions along the way. If all else fails, you can always rely on a favor or two.

  • Manage your resources to keep your crew happy. Boosting between worlds can take its toll, as can failing at jobs. A happy crew is a productive crew… most of the time.

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A Long Journey to an Uncertain End on Steam

Escape from the Cosmic Abyss

Escape from the Cosmic Abyss

Great game to play on those short pauses in our busy rotine. The controls are very responsive and the game is imenselly fun to play with it’s twists on this classic mechanic. Once you begin playing a level, you’ll want to play it until you beat it, and after you beat all the levels you even get an arcade and a speedrun mode. Guaranteed fun with this one and really worth it for the price.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

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It can be a good flash game but upgrades are SO WEAK that it doesn’t even change the playstyle

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Escape from the Cosmic Abyss on Steam



Welcome to Space junk heroes a nostalgic 2D hand drawn action adventure game, based off the comic book series.WARNING! THIS GAME CONTAINS HIGH OCTANE gameplay that’s EXPLODING with ATTITUDE, play at your own risk!

Get Ready to clean up the galaxy in this outlandish space adventure. You get to play as captain Doodle head helping him along on his zany quest to save the galaxy from being destroyed by Ivan the eye and his synthetic pupil troopers. complete in tasks by helping your fellow citizens and earn awards for good deeds, you will need to find a weapon for your own protection against the dastardly space pirates


  • 2D Hand drawn action adventure game

  • Retro gaming

  • Open world galaxy map to explore

  • Discover new worlds and alien life forms

  • Fly a commercial space ship

  • Blast away your enemies with powerful ball blasters

  • Help your fellow citizens by completing tasks to become a space junk hero

How to play

  • explore the galaxy by using your star map

  • land on planets and talk to the locals for quests to complete

  • find a weapon to protect your self against Ivan the eye and his evil pupil troopers

  • fly your ship around the galaxy looking for space junk to collect

Space junk heroes prime directives

  • To serve and protect your fellow citizens

  • Keep the galaxy clean

  • Protect endangered alien life forms from other worlds

  • direct space traffic in a orderly fashion

  • always carry a spare pair of socks

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Star Fisher

Star Fisher

90s style arcade game.

I need a beer and a row of quarters to go with.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Star Fisher on Steam



Its still needs some work but for a one man project it has potential. You can play this game with a xbox one controller without issues.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Thumbs up for the effort, but it still crashes rather often

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

ShootOut(SystemD) on Steam

The Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox

This game has amazing potential. The game has a plethora of interesting civilisations and outcomes. Although, I’d prefer if their were more ‘developments’ as it only seems to include 5 things: Extinction, massive de-population in some way, contact from space, the building of ships, and colonisation.

I’d like a bit more variety but for what the game is right now, it’s good. It just seems that nearly every other development is mass extinction or depopulation.

Another thing (Which is only a nitpick) when the systems are on the eastern side of the ‘map’ the text that pops up goes off screen. This could be fixed by pushing the planets in a bit more or making the text be on the left of those planets rather than the right.

Real player with 267.4 hrs in game

Criminally underrated game I highly recommend with some caveats. The resource management is intriguing - you get “Synthesis” points to spend on guiding the races, which you earn by choosing options that are harmful, or “collect” instead of boosting certain stats between events (or even sacrificing certain racial stats to get even more synth).

The gameplay is all about mitigating losses, determining when you can make sacrifices. It’s an exercise in risk-benefit analysis. If you’re good at this, you’ll be good at the game. If you’re not, you might find it frustrating. If you pick it up, be SURE to make sacrifices as you go to earn Synthesis, or you’ll be in trouble, and make sure everything you spend Synthesis on is worth it to you!

Real player with 38.7 hrs in game

The Fermi Paradox on Steam

Deep Sky Derelicts

Deep Sky Derelicts

I will caveat my recommendation by saying that it only just makes it over the threshold. It has a couple of nice ideas that make it playable but many small annoyances that make it far less so. It’s quite cliched but if I could give it a “meh” I probably would.

There are several reviews that compare it to Darkest Dungeon (one of my all time favourites) so I gave it a go. After an hour playing, I realised that this was not particularly accurate. Other than having turn based combat and a map where you wander round and encounter random things, it is not that similar, please disregard anyone saying that!

Real player with 72.2 hrs in game


As a TCCG/RPG game Deep Sky Derelicts scratches an itch I didn’t know I had. It has a few rough edges, but I can certainly recommend it. It is mechanically sound and thematically interesting, albeit somewhat clumsy and childish at times; more on that later. The presentation is well executed and the pacing is just right thanks to careful balancing.


There is a lot of variety here - the number of classes/specializations makes for great replayability. I’m pretty far along in my current playthrough and I already know what my next party composition will be. The game can be swingy at times, but I never ran into long periods of it being too easy or unfair party wipes. At least… not yet. That said, there are a couple of things I dislike, mechanically speaking:

Real player with 53.0 hrs in game

Deep Sky Derelicts on Steam

Void Bastards

Void Bastards


Void Bastards (VB) is a FPS rogue-lite game in which players collect parts to repair the Void Arc, a prison spaceship. Stranded in the Sargasso Nebula, you, the WCG Client, are tasked with fixing the ship while avoiding the many threats found throughout the nebula.

✔The Good✔

  • Lots of replay value

  • Challenging and fair runs

  • Fantastic art direction

❌The Bad❌

  • Enemy awareness can be wonky at times

Real player with 153.7 hrs in game

This is both a review and a word of advice to players before they begin, regarding how to play it.


Play the game on Hard or Hard Bastard difficulty, not Normal difficulty.

Explanation and review:

I was this close to writing a negative review of Void Bastards, after finishing it on Normal difficulty. I enjoyed it, but the amount of content was mismatched with the price, and I’d purchased it - despite reading other reviews to that effect - hoping the game would continue to be expanded.

Real player with 41.3 hrs in game

Void Bastards on Steam

Clash Cup Turbo

Clash Cup Turbo

Get ready for Clash Cup Turbo - a colorful and intense pick-up-and-play multiplayer competition with friends and family! Play as various intergalactic Clash Cup athletes and use your unique turbo abilities to smack the puck into the opponent’s goal in a variety of stylized levels filled with obstacles and traps!


  • 1 to 4 local multiplayer with AI bots

  • Supports Steam Controller, Xbox 360, DualShock 4, and any other standard USB controller, as well as keyboard controls

Clash Cup Turbo on Steam

LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham

LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham

Although not the best of the Batman series (I believe the first one cannot be beat), this is pretty enjoyable.

Things I like

  • Character Roster. The roster has a lot of variety and plenty of people to chose from. I feel though maybe taking out some of the generic lanterns and putting more iconic lanterns instead as rewards would’ve been cooler.

  • ADAM WEST. Probably my favorite part, I really liked thses rescue missions and the special mission. These are the very deffinition of charming.

-Flying. The controls are a definite improvement over the last one, at least the one on the Wii (aka take this with a grain of salt)

Real player with 128.0 hrs in game

As I write this review the Arrow DLC still has yet to drop so I’m basing this on having 100% this game with the current three dlcs out with the season pass. First and foremost let me say how much I hated the storyline in this game. For me it was the worst of all the lego games I’ve played (the other Batmans, Harry Potter, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lego Movie). I will admit my biggest problem is that I’m not a big DC person. I only like a few characters and Batman is one of them so when I buy a game called Lego Batman I expect the storyline to be promeniently about Batman. This wasn’t that. This was Lego Green Lantern or Lego DC Universe but it wasn’t Lego Batman. I realize that they probably called it that to make more money but it really irks me. Don’t get me wrong I still had fun with the game, as I do with all the lego games. I was just really looking forward to a batman centric story. That being said I did not run into as many glitches as others have complained about. I also played this game with the XBOX wired controller for Windows and never had a single problem with the controls as some other people have said. The controller worked fine for me and I played all nearly 70 hours with it.

Real player with 70.7 hrs in game

LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham on Steam