Galactic Mining Corp

Galactic Mining Corp

Galactic Mining Corp is decent. It’s not quite good enough for me to say its a great game, but its not bad enough for me to say its awful either. It occupies that middle niche of being compelling enough to enjoy but also shows off a lot of points where it could have used some more refinement.

=The Good=

  • The artwork is great. You can tell effort was put into the art direction off the game.

  • If you enjoy completionist style games, this is going to have a lot for you. Hundreds of items to unlock and rank up. Lots of achievements.

Real player with 60.1 hrs in game

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Game is not terrible, though its essentually a clicker with very little actual game play. You’re just increasing numbers so you can gain even higher numbers. The mining sections while there’s interaction with power ups and such, are more a measure if your progress is “tall enough to ride” you can finish some maps earlier than intended with some intelligent play, but that’s extent to the depth of gameplay.

The game honestly goes on a little too long. They could have cut the entire 3rd galaxy and the game been just fine to me, the game starts feeling a little long in the tooth around the start of the 3rd galaxy. at least 35 of my nearly 60 hours was in the 3rd galaxy. Also whoever on the dev team decided what you go through on the planet Apollo needed to be a thing. There’s a special place in hell for you, you know what you did.

Real player with 58.6 hrs in game

Galactic Mining Corp on Steam



Fun short relaxing game

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

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Great little fun puzzle game with gravity. Absolutely pick it up if you’re into that!

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

n-body on Steam

Orb and the Stars

Orb and the Stars

Fun and challenging platformer where you have to reach the exit as an orb while you can collect star shards in each level. The graphics are rather simple, but the game is fun and challenging.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

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Orb and the Stars on Steam

The Last Hope

The Last Hope

Running simulator

In the game we play the role of a viking who must save the world. To do this, he has to go through several portals in order to reach his destination, which is Mars. In addition, we have to control life, collect food and drink. On the road we will also meet various enemies.

And now what does it look like? The game is to run from one point to another in front of you. Eating and drinking is useless, all we have to do is find first aid kits, which usually lie on the road. Enemies are bugged and don’t want to attack us, so the whole game is based on running through yourself. And so through 5(?) locations.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

(Got this game for free from . Thanks, guys!)

I am walkin' to the limit! I am walkin' to the limit! I AM WALKIN' TO THE LIMIIIIIIIT!!!!!

The Last Hope is a game about walking to a destination which you have to discover while making sure you survive to meet it. During your quest, you will need to maintain your health, hunger, and thirst…which can become quite a challenge in various areas (this limit is removed the moment you board the plane to the USA, which makes the experience more casual and enjoyable). The overall objective is to push a small object a short distance (like nudging it off a cliff), but with a very long run towards the destination.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

The Last Hope on Steam

Kosmo Laika: Space and Beyond

Kosmo Laika: Space and Beyond

Get ready to discover the world of space exploration.

The game is good for both those who know a lot about space exploration and those who don’t, because the character “Laika” will give you hints and tips so you can proceed with the levels while learning.

The music and sound effects create a spacey and relaxed atmosphere.

Game tells about the releases of the history of space exploration.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Very cool. As good as the previous game.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Kosmo Laika: Space and Beyond on Steam

Dark Zodiac

Dark Zodiac

Mystictronaut is traveling alone in search all lost constellations. His costume, boots, gun and grenade give him special abilities so he is up to the task. Hunting aliens and robots, searching for the path through this universe of planets and stars.

Playing as Mystictronaut you can:

1- Fly through space using your revealing bomb to reveal hidden planets and asteroids.

2- When the planet or asteroid is revealed it comes with lots of aliens and robots that you must eliminate.

Dark Zodiac on Steam

Escape to Mars

Escape to Mars

The game has a very nice design, the soundtrack is simply addictive and the gameplay is very challenging but very fun

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Escape to Mars on Steam

Path of Memory

Path of Memory

This game requires a lot of your brain. Very cool.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Really great game and very fun, the musics are awesomes. Remminder me a little of the Donkey Kong 3 Crystal Puzzles. I always enjoy. I recommend this game, 60 levels it’s not easy to finish.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Path of Memory on Steam

Alpha Particle

Alpha Particle

Alpha Particle is one of the most innovative, creative games I’ve played in a while, a really fresh take on the genre. If you’re curious and up for a challenge, give it a go. Be prepared to explore and experiment. Check it out!

Like a top-down shooter but you can’t shoot so you have to get creative. A fast-paced thinking man’s game with highly polished graphics and sleek gameplay. Loads of variety. Unique, challenging, fun

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Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

What is Alpha Particle?

Your going to have to find out and you’re going to have an awesome time doing so.

Excellent level design,imaginative enemies,rewarding progression all wrapped in an amazing digital blanket sound track.

Rock solid game.

Play it now!

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Alpha Particle on Steam

Super Space Towers

Super Space Towers

Hello World… Working in the QA department for this game was a delight. If I could sum up the game in one word, it would be “Satisfying”!

Piloting the ship is more satisfying than an Instagram ### as the mechanics are very smooth and the graphics are polished. All visuals in the game are very well crafted and are easy on the eye. The sounds effects and visuals work together in perfect sync to create an amazing gameplay experience.

I love the simple, yet hard to master mechanics and the speed-running aspects of the game. It’s a great challenge to top the leaderboards and this gives the game an enjoyable arcade like feel!

Real player with 24.3 hrs in game

So few games like this, with the Thrust / Asteroids type control. Creamy playability and the cargo pickup / dropoff mechanism adds a unique extra dimension to the already awesome physics.

Graphics are crisp and polished, with a cool Nebulus-style rotating tower type effect. Enemies, pods and bubbles etc. sound and flash and satisfyingly when you shoot them. There are some neat design elements such as the elegantly curved platforms of Level 7, the rising water when you shoot water pods, and the slingshot style puzzle from one of the extra levels.

Real player with 17.4 hrs in game

Super Space Towers on Steam