Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager

Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager

I almost let the most prominent Steam review here dissuade me from buying this game. It’s a shame that one so well written review completely misrepresents what this game accomplished and what game it really is. The reviewer really missed the point, or else it was before some updates and long since invalid. The game and its developers deserve better.

Puzzles just have one solution. This isn’t a puzzle. But it is much like chess, and there’s lots of ways to lose at chess when your opponent wants to win. Learning chess is fun, even if you never ascend to learning what the masters tell us: the number of openings with which you can plausibly win against a competent opponent is rather finite. Is chess still fun to play even when I don’t know the game that well? Yes it is. And if chess is a deal breaker for you, should you really be reviewing strategy games?

Real player with 146.2 hrs in game

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This isn’t a game for everyone, but it certainly is the one for me.

In Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager, the player takes on the role of the administration of a space agency. Either NASA or the Soviet Space Agency, usually in competition with each other, or a fictional conglomeration of the two as the Global Space Agency (GSA). The goal, of course, is to land on the moon before your competitor, if playing NASA or as the Soviets–if you’re playing as the GSA the goal is simply to land on the moon by the end of 1973. Playing as the GSA replaces interagency competition with short term objectives set by political higher-ups, with give a small boost if achieved, but a moderate penalty if ignored. If a sandbox is desired with no pressure or competition, that is available too for all three agencies.

Real player with 121.3 hrs in game

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager on Steam



I wanted the full experience of stumbling around an unknown spaceship desperately trying to work out how to survive long enough to reenter correctly without dying, so I selected hard mode to start with. This mode disables a little tutorial describing the spaceship at the beginning of the game, and also removes hilighting on which buttons to push.

In hard mode, I died twice, and then landed safely after about an hour of gameplay, at which point the game was basically done. I tried to aim the spaceship retrograde and deorbit manually far ahead of the script, but it didn’t do anything. As far as I can tell, the spaceship is on rails (you can’t actually fly and watch the oribital mechanics play out; you have one path and you die if you get too far off it).

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

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I truly enjoyed playing in this fictional Soviet spacecraft hurtling across planet earth, pulling levers switches and pushing buttons that do important things. Lot’s of fun and after a bunch of deaths made it safely back to earth!

Sound design was great, and helped with immersion. From radio chatter with ground control to the chunky metal clanks of buttons levers switches and hatches or the hiss of leaking gasses and electrical shorts.

The instructions over the radio were good, as I frantically searched for the needed buttons\ panels in russian and little english subtitled labels.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Interkosmos on Steam

Stellar Monarch

Stellar Monarch

If you are familiar with Eurogame style tabletop games, then the abstractions and economic focus (vice military control) will feel very familiar to you. The game’s pillars are not based on American-style wargames.

Many devs who make 4X games seem to have the souls of engineers; Aurora 4x being the archetype. In those games micromanagement focuses on design, production, and use of things like ships. Mastery of those concepts leads to victory.

This game requires micromanagement and is numerically obtuse as well, but it focuses on the qualitative values of game elements (i.e. cards) instead of design, production and use of things.

Real player with 30.3 hrs in game

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There’s a lot left to be desired in this game. The UI is clunky, the artwork is amateurish (think early D&D), and there are some strong biases (no female officers, everyone is Caucasian). Maybe there’s a button to change that - but if there is, I havent dug it out from the UI yet (oh, that tiny button on the map pulls up a list of worlds? Which cannot be ordered to tell me most populous, most rebellious, etc?).

For all that, however, the game does two things well. It lives up to what it says it is - you’re the Emperor, not a warehouse clerk. You dont deal with the minutae of the empire, you have People for that - who are, admittedly, often trying to kill you. Or skim off the top. Or are just idiots. But you’re the Emperor, you have People for those People too; people with sharp, pointy objects - my purges havent reached Stalinist levels, but every once in a while, I do feel the need to prune my court of the more corrupt or stupid couriers or officers (‘fire’ all corrupt governors except the loyal ones? Meh heh heh heh).

Real player with 23.5 hrs in game

Stellar Monarch on Steam

Disney•Pixar WALL-E

Disney•Pixar WALL-E

Wall-e is not any kind of game, it’s a game that truly makes you question how you didn’t find this game sooner, it gives a completely new meaning to video games, with the amazing graphics, amazing story and amazing smooth gameplay. There really isn’t a better game than Wall-e. Wall-e answers the questions like: What is the meaning of life?, What happens after death?, Is life real?, Why does dad hit me? Etc. It really is something special… You really wouldn’t think that it’s that much of a special game at first glance but when you play it you realize more and more how fantastic the game actually is… The only con is that people might make fun of you because it’s a “kids game”, but they aren’t real friends anyways, right? So I would 100% recommend this game to anyone who seeks for the most amazing and fascinating game on this platform. It truly is something special and I think that everyone should experience this amazing experience that Wall-e will give you.

Real player with 32.2 hrs in game

I got this game on sale for like 5 bucks, and it’s AWESOME. I had the console version of this, as well as the PC demo when I was younger, so I decided, “why not”? I was not disappointed. The controls were kind of weird to get used to at first, but I got the hang of it. It’s charming and cute, but action-packed at the same time. I definitely recommend picking this one up if it’s on sale, or even if it’s not. If you’re a completionist and would want to beat this 100%, I genuinely wish you the best of luck. Seriously.

Real player with 27.2 hrs in game

Disney•Pixar WALL-E on Steam



I have no words.

This game is truly a hidden gem. I cannot understand how this game has only around 30 reviews.

Sure the gameplay might not be that much, yet it’s still fun, but the story is just so good, I was literally excited to see how things go in diffrent paths, I got all of the 17 endings and almost all of the achievements. Nearly all details are there, even the smallest ones. There’s quite a lot of humour too.

There are so many refrences to pop culture and other games. I still cannot fathom how this game was made by ONE person, with little help from others.

Real player with 101.2 hrs in game

This is a narrative game revolving around completing drone assemblies of spaceships made out of tetris-like pieces. The central mechanics are serviceable and make for some interesting puzzles and an alternately frustrating and satisfying experience as you try to get pieces to connect by bumping and pulling them.

Whilst that wouldn’t be enough to make a great game by itself, the narrative is the real draw here, running a pastiche of soviet-era space and sci-fi references into the exploration of various characters - and enables you to change how the story turns out as these characters vie for power and try to keep Space Force going in very trying circumstances.

Real player with 96.3 hrs in game

Kosmokrats on Steam



Great game that I was surprised to see how much it has improved since the first version I played months ago. The color palette is perfect, the music fits in perfectly with the atmosphere of the game and the art is quite original.

I can say that this game is not made for people who want to go as fast as possible but for people who like to do puzzles and be patient. This does not mean that the game is slow and boring since it is made in a way that you can not get bored at any time, either because they add something new (mechanics, obstacles, robots, etc.) or because of the dynamic obstacles.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

I have not yet played this game for hours on end. YET! I have to say this. This game is very VERY fun. It is funny and a well played game. Easy controls and the cartoon like appeal is even better. So far all I have seen are three different type of units to play but this game has potential to an epic level to keep building. Do I recommend? By all means YES. It is a fun pass time game and has funny story to it.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

M.A.R.S.S. on Steam

First Strike: Classic

First Strike: Classic

I love the game, but it has some issues that bother me. I’d love to see them fixed in an update at some point.

  1. Sometimes I start the game and there is some kind of bug that doesn’t allow me to click on anything and expand or build nukes/cruise missiles. I end up backing out of the game and starting a new one, then it just starts working and lets me click things.

  2. I can have a single warhead headed towards my country, but when I send up a missile to take it out, the missile instead goes after missiles heading to/from allies or enemy countries. This means that sometimes I have to send up three or four warheads just to finally hit ONE warhead that is actually about to hit my country. A lot of times I can’t launch that many in time to stop it from hitting mine. This is frustrating. Surely this could be changed so that missiles only target incoming warheads for OUR country only and not outgoing from some other ally/enemy country that aren’t even headed for my country.

Real player with 170.8 hrs in game

For the past 3 years I have been playing the mobile version waiting for this PC port.

The game has its flaws , but generally I am not disappointed.


+Nice arcade graphic

+Nice set of soundtracks

+Not too hard to master

+Decent replayability

+You get to nuke the world…enough said

-Pros compared to the mobile version:

+It does look much better

+12 unique superweapons , a significant upgrade from the mobile’s 6

+I felt more control of the game




+Few bugs here and there

Real player with 19.8 hrs in game

First Strike: Classic on Steam

Ningakki XXVI FPS

Ningakki XXVI FPS

It would be a decent idea to have a halo style multiplayer, and less mountain terrain. also possibly some horror aspects?

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Ningakki XXVI FPS on Steam

Rushaug: Project Emerald

Rushaug: Project Emerald

The free world is threatened by a tyrannical empire looking to unite the stars under a single voice. The Sayari System is under invasion, and the Colorsky Star Force (CSF), a joint military alliance is fighting to defend the capital from being grasped by the mighty Dekenzia Major Allegiance (DMA). In the middle of this conflict is Rushaug, an elite soldier operating behind enemy lines, gathering critical information, all while sabotaging the enemy from the inside. His accomplishments does not go unnoticed, and he is quickly building a reputation after he defeats DMA’s greatest operative; Ridley Wesker. The DMA is determined to stop the threat, prompting Zargasso to dispatch additional forces to hunt down and eliminate Rushaug. Unknownly, Rushaug is about to meet his equal; Red Nuke.

Suspicious activity has been observed on the cold planet Snotikia. Why is the enemy conducting missile tests on a foreign planet? Rushaug is sent to investigate.

  • EXPLORE a vast spectrum of planets adapting from cold tundras to arid deserts.

  • INFILTRATE hostile settlements ranging from remote outposts to enormous spacestations.

  • ENGAGE in combat against enemies such as the skilled infantry of the DMA, experienced guerrilla fighters on planet Ecuador, or take on the feared Bolse Death Squadron. The game puts huge emphasis on gunplay, and realistic bullet velocity, so it is all about quick reactions.

  • COLLECT intel to reveal new locations and gun schematics to unlock 40+ different weapons to choose from.

  • UNCOVER the truth about Project Emerald and save the free world from a nuclear holocaust.

Rushaug: Project Emerald has been a passion project for more than eight years. It is a dream come true to have you view this page right now. If you’re passionate about stealth games, shooters, and platformers, and happen to like cats as well, I think you’re going to like this experience very much.

Rushaug: Project Emerald on Steam



A very cute and fun game!!

Reminds me of galaga, except it has it’s own unique and fun gameplay 3

Made by an awesome person who takes time and devotion to make his games the best!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Metori on Steam