Cosmo’s Quickstop

Cosmo’s Quickstop

This is my GOTY 2021, and frankly it isn’t close.

Cook, Serve, Delicious, except it’s a 3D runaround with Among Us Tasks, except it’s a decidedly charming and hilarious time, except it’s SO HYPE. What is otherwise a very solid and enjoyable experience is cranked up to one of the most surprisingly awesome skill expression games on the planet (or off of it.) An amenity upgrade system that both requires and greatly rewards playing with all of your options and finding what setup works best for you, and an excellent variety of tweaks to the formula and post game content, combine to give this game way more replay potential than I’ve ever had from something in the same genre. What was literally an accidental stumble-upon one night has turned into one of my top 5 games of all time, in the span of a week. I cannot recommend this game enough.

Real player with 53.6 hrs in game

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I have been waiting for this game to arrive since it said was coming out in 2019 after searching for coop games so I am glad to see it finally out. The art for the game immediately drew me in, and could tell it would be a great co-op experience.

After now playing for only 9 hours, I will say they poured love into every fibre this game and polished it well for the release as I have yet to encounter an issue. It is fantastic for a couch co-op game, while not as frustrating as overcooked can be while still leaving me overwhelmed in chaos.

Real player with 45.2 hrs in game

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Mass Effect™: Andromeda Deluxe Edition

Mass Effect™: Andromeda Deluxe Edition

=== Contains spoilers ===

I’ve put this off for awhile now since I was a die hard fan of the original trilogy. Hearing about all the changes in Andromeda from having only three powers to uncustomizable squadmates and tired faces had me leaving the Mass Effect franchise entirely.

But a sale came on and I was curious. Perhaps it was time I took Shepard down from the pedestal and tried something new. And that’s the sort of eyes you need when you play Andromeda. You can’t compare this to the trilogy or you’ll be disappointed. On its own though, it’s alright.

Real player with 254.4 hrs in game

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Aside from graphics, this game has problems.


Ryder is boring, period. Not the characters, nor even the writers seem to give a damn about Ryder. You go through the option of choosing your history that ties into your class ala old ME systems. But never, at any point, is it mentioned/relevant to the game. At least old ME would have characters address you depending on your history (“Oh the hero of ____, I can’t imagine the hardship of _____”, etc.) and one ME even had it be relevant to a plot event via tech classes.

Real player with 127.9 hrs in game

Mass Effect™: Andromeda Deluxe Edition on Steam



Good game, I very much enjoyed it.

As I see some reviews, I feel I should write something that ‘overcomes’ them all - well, I cant do that. But… This is finished game, balanced and polished. Long enough - maybe 14 hours to end story mode. Some levels are harder than others, not overwhelming, so game difficulty (adjustable: easy, normal, hard)is fine.

It brought me memories of Xenon II Megablast - my favorite shmup of all time - you have to even collect little balls from dead enemies, except story mode can’t be played through on one session (thankfully) and the music is not as good and…

Real player with 28.4 hrs in game

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I actually do recommend Stellatum, but it comes with an awfully long list of qualifiers to that and a lot of issues, so this is marked not recommended for those who are looking for the problems with the game as there may very well be dealbreakers in here for you. I could not in good conscience recommend it to just anyone who likes space shooters. If you don’t mind the things I’m about to mention though, then I can fully recommend it.

So first off, other negative reviews have stated that the component parts you need to craft items are really random. This is true, you will often be missing key pieces. As you get into later levels, more pieces drop, but more are needed, so this doesn’t help much. Fortunately, there is also a universal item drop that every enemy drops which lets you craft any component part you need. This isn’t mentioned anywhere in the tutorial and it’s not especially obvious on the crafting screen you can do this, but it means playing through each level once will typically give you enough parts to build anything you need, but you may need to craft specific parts at times.

Real player with 26.9 hrs in game


Galaxy Squad

Galaxy Squad

This game is fantastic, get it, you won’t regret it. It has a little FTL and a lot of X-Com, and IMHO is faster and funner to play. If you like single-player, turn-based, strategic, tactical, team-based, isometric shooters, with a bit of pressure to keep you moving (ala FTL), e.g., running from the Federation Police after your big heist, then, for the price, you can’t beat this game. It is definitely a one-more-click kind of game and I stayed up three nights in a row until 4am playing. There are a few minor issues/bugs, which Oleg, the Dev, is fixing quickly in patches (three in just the first 14 days).

Real player with 73.0 hrs in game

TLDR: Galaxy Squad is a multilayered, rogue-like space RPG with tactical turn-based battles. While it shows promise, lots of work still needs to be done.

  • I like the idea of “multiple layers” in gameplay. i.e. there is a strategic map layer, an exploration layer (space docks, where you re-supply and get quests, etc.) and a tactical combat layer. Not many games do this (probably due to the challenge and amount of work), and fewer do it well.

  • The LoS combat system is functional, but needs work and refining. Combat and survival in this game is HIGHLY dependant on LoS and moving from cover to cover. Ignore this and you will get your a** shot off. Often.

Real player with 30.9 hrs in game

Galaxy Squad on Steam

The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience

The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience

The Orville is a fantastic show which is both funny and dramatic, and this game is a must-have for any Orville fan. Also its FREE!

The game allows players to create a character to explore the USS Orville, including the bridge, medical bay, various character’s quarters, shuttle dock, quantum engine rooms, the environmental simulator, and many other rooms on the ship. Players can visit various locations and planet as backdrops to look at out the windows. Players can explore alone or in multiplayer with friends. A few weapons from the show can be picked up and used by players. The ship also contains many Easter eggs from the show to discover.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game


The loss of the interactive “Star Trek: The Next Generation” experience was bad for Star Trek fans. (I never understood why CBS didn’t just buy the website and hire the developers to run it, but anyways…)

But in the wake of Bad Reboots, canon-ignoring prequels, Kling-orcs, spore drives and CBS boldly backing away from where no man has gone before, we’ve now got something now that’s “More Trek than Star Trek” in its present form.

Taking a brief tour of this interactive Orville experience was nothing short of awesome. I’ve only gotten to try one of the scenarios so far. But so far this is beyond cool. The graphics are top-notch, and the interactive features are great. A lot of it still needs to be finished but so far this is looking awesome.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience on Steam

After The End: The Harvest

After The End: The Harvest

Originally written for early access version 0.9u3 - 29May2017

Edited for version 1.4 20Jun2018

After nearly 90 hours and having seen the game to its completion, I’m finally comfortable editing in a final review.


–- The game’s description and screenshots are very accurate for what you’re getting here: an expansive open-universe RPG with the look and feel of an old action-adventure SNES game.

— Among the biggest selling points for After the End continues to be developer interaction. Throughout the early access period and post-release, The Sworn has consistently been available to field questions and bug reports in the forums. I very much value this!

Real player with 86.6 hrs in game


In a time of loot box gambling and unfulfilled promises many devs have been screwing over customers so it’s nice to see

an early access dev actually keep true to their promises and finish their game. This game has a couple of small issues, but what it does achieve is

so fun and refreshing that it is worth peoples attention.

I originally played through and finished the game during its 0.08 alpha.

It was prety different but i loved it! You can read my original review under this one.

Real player with 60.0 hrs in game

After The End: The Harvest on Steam

Moon  Defense

Moon Defense

Lucky me gets to be the first to warn other gamers about yet another scam from ‘beans rolls’.

Moon Defense is a Unity Asset flip, what Valve calls a “fake game”. The “developer”, beans rolls, took the Moon Defense Game Kit - FREE Unity Store tutorial/demo/game asset pack from the real developers, Azureda Games, changed the name, and dumped the result onto Steam. They’re attempting to scam people into buying this, so they can get your money for someone else’s work.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game


Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Moon Defense on Steam

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

By all means play this game so long as you don’t spend money on it.

For those that don’t know, Star Trek Online (STO) is an MMORPG loosely based on the Star Trek universe. Canon is not followed that heavily however there are facilities to create your own story, involving roleplay communities and the foundry which is a tool to design your own missions. If you are a Trek fan I would personally leave your Trek canon feelings at the door as you might find they get challenged at regular intervals.

That said it is a personal thing, and so work through the story because that is one thing that STO has done reasonably well for. The art in STO has always been very good and so that combined with the story missions has always made good time spent.

Real player with 6260.5 hrs in game

Hey, you!

Star Trek Online is a game I have sunk many hours into, I have played the game (sometimes intermittently, sometimes continuously) over the course of almost a decade. The amount of hours I have in this game is, suffice to say, embarrassing. So embarrassing that I have stopped running the game through the Steam client despite still actively playing it, there’s a bit of sad trivia for you. No, approaching this without a bit of bias might be as impossible as quitting this game for good is, but let’s try! I think I can explain. I enjoy it, really. But I don’t think you will.

Real player with 3744.6 hrs in game

Star Trek Online on Steam

The Singularity Trials

The Singularity Trials

The Year is 2345.. The Solar Council is in Session. Tasked with creating a lasting tribute to honour all who had perished during The Singularity War.

The Singularity Trials was Born

  • Choose from 3 Unique factions from the Solar System

  • Pure Earth Initiative (Earth) / New Eden Alliance (Mars) / Theta Corporation (Titan)

  • Battle your way through the Solar System.

  • Unique landscapes and faction strongholds.

  • Purchase armour and weapon upgrades in the Solar Exchange Network – In Game Shop

  • Purchase faction swords, axes and poles, upgrade them for Insane Score & Kill Streak Multipliers.

  • Change your monitor display camera view to record Game play footage in 3rd Person Perspective! without the need for expensive Mixed Reality Set Ups.

  • Unlock additional weapons such as Grenades, Killing Discs and Defensive Shields.

  • Take on Faction Bosses located on each Faction Home world, with unique and intuitive Boss Mechanics.

  • Delve in to the Data Archives to discover a deep interconnect history between the Factions.

Story Prologue

The atrocities committed in Turing City, Titan, created shock waves across the Nexus.

Theta Corporations home system had been infiltrated by Earth Purists, determined to purge the solar system from the ‘abomination’ of the Nexus Mind, The single most Intelligent Sentient AI mind born of the Singularity.

This event became a catalyst for the 1st Interplanetary war that ravaged through the Solar System.

For 30 years. Millions of souls perished into the cold vacuum of space.

It was to become forever known as ‘The Singularity War’

The Nexus Mind offered a gift in exchange for peace. Space time distortion technology for ALL humankind..

It allowed each faction to look beyond the confines of the Solar System for the first time.

Stability returned to Sol but inter faction differences remained and the scars of war cut deep..

The Singularity Trials was born from this pain.

Each Faction offered up their most competent warriors and commanders to compete in an annual tournament designed to honour their fallen and test their readiness for battle.

For even though the Singularity War was over, the Universe is Infinite… And completely Unknown…

The Singularity Trials on Steam

Tiny Planet Protectors

Tiny Planet Protectors

Welcome to the Tiny Planet Protection Agency!

Your assignment: Protect, Clean, and Discover. Collect resources and encounter the inhabitants of nearby galaxies as you also fill your home planet with alien plants, futuristic tools, and uncover the greatest threat to the universe.

Tiny Planet Protectors is a Free To Play game that allows all players to try out the game by exploring the Hearth Galaxy but all other and future galaxies are available to explore through paid DLC. Tiny Planet Protectors plans to launch in 2021 but make sure to Follow and Wishlist today to find out when you can begin your work as an agent!

  • Explore a procedurally generated universe! Explore endless planets across multiple galaxies each with unique plants and lifeforms to study and collect. Complete calming and satisfying tasks to rebuild the universe planet by planet.

  • Farm, craft, and shape your home planet Return your collected items and resources to your home planet to craft your ideal home.

  • Uncover the greatest threat to the universe! Meet other TPPA agents and discover a mystery that may lead to a galactic divide.

Tiny Planet Protectors on Steam