Astral Space

Astral Space

Join us to play this fantastic artificial intelligence-based game “Astral Space” with an amazing space theme with lots of adventure and challenges. it is a hyper-casual game that’s very easy to play. Here you can use your hands to control the ball and can destroy other obstacles in your way to gain points, but always keep away from black holes, damage obstacles, and so on.

Explore space and its difficulties that will make it hard to complete and curious to play. The big surprise for you is to explore a random thrower that can throw you randomly in any direction and teleporting feature.

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Astral Space on Steam

Mind Maze

Mind Maze


i swear, i will never stop enjoying these small lightweight puzzle games :)

some short description

mind maze is a great logical competitive game where you need to capture most cells on a playing field, building walls


first couple of times you lose, then you work out some strategy, and start winning level by level, and you feel so smart - brilliant! and this is the very point where game is becoming addictive :) who does not want to be smart? who does not like to win? though i cannot say its very easy,

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

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Very fun game to just pass the time, reminded me of the 15 minutes every school day where in tutorial id play the exact same game ona piece of paper with a friend. The AI could be improved on making them more of a challenge.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Mind Maze on Steam

Space Defense

Space Defense

I didn’t think making a simple 2D space blaster could ever turn into this big of a catastrophe…

  • No in game audio settings at all. Ugh.

  • The Timer at the top has a decimal and shows fractions of seconds down to the 10,000th of a second. WTF. Can this developer really not simply google “how to round a variable to a whole number in Unity”??

  • Your space ship has no collision at all with enemy ships! What the hell dev?

  • No impact is shown when you get hit by an enemy bullet, ‘nor is there any audio for this.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Space Defense on Steam

Space Drop

Space Drop

This is my very first Steam game.

This is a casual, fast thinking game where Planets and Objects fall from space (with a preview of what’s coming next) and require matching in 3, 4 or 5’s.

Game is controlled by Keyboard Left, Right, Up (Rotate) and Down (Drop)

There are multiple levels, with each level introducing an extra Planet/Object which becomes increasingly difficult to complete in the allotted time.

A special random 8 second window of time will give the player a chance to clear the board and earn a bonus.

Space Drop on Steam

Spaceship Trouble

Spaceship Trouble

Hey, pilot! Our spaceship get in trouble! We are in a dangerous place full of asteroids and pirates! Can you save your spaceship captain? Spaceship trouble is a 2D pixel arcade game, you have to reach highest score as you can! overcome waves of enemies as well as bosses on your own ship having problems, the game becomes more difficult with each wave, dodge meteorites so as not to become a simple piece of blizzardp


  • Nice graphics

  • Nice soundtrack

  • Waves of enemies

Spaceship Trouble on Steam

1000 days to escape

1000 days to escape

a very worthy time waster.

it might be frustrating at the beginning when youre ignorant of the mechanics - i almost abandoned it after the few first failures. then i “cheated"and i can recommend this for beginners: i restarted until i got a good central earth position with lots of planets in the vicinity, the above helped to go further and further, learn how the game works.

now of course i dont do it anymore and play putting up extra challenges for myself (all upgrades discovered, all planets visited, all enemies conquered) so its not that hard.

Real player with 115.8 hrs in game

A fun little game. The basic concept is, you explore a planet first, then you terraform it, and then you send humans there.

When you figure out the game mechanics and once all the jokes and quirks sink in, you’ll discover that the game features more depth to it than you may have initially thought. Your end goal is to colonize enough planets as quickly as possible whilst not losing a single earthling. So multitasking and saving time both become essential.

Launch rockets while still pouring fuel in them. Terraform planets blindly without pre-scouting them. Navigate the in-game interfaces efficiently. The game doesn’t explicitly mention any of those things, it’s up to you to experiment and to find such things out. Realistically you’ll get to see most of the content within a few hours tops, but if you get hooked with the game it’ll make itself last much longer. Personally, I enjoyed my time with it.

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

1000 days to escape on Steam



Chaotic, and most importantly : fun ! Works great, lots of power-ups, worth your time and money if you like space shooters that are going insane and throw ten thousands of enemies at you at the end because you won’t die :3

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game


  • It’s fun.

  • Your ship has 3 unlimited uses active abilities.

  • Many powerups (most of them unlockables).


  • Too grindy to get gems to unlock powerups.

  • Difficult to aim correctly.

  • Only 1 ship you can use.

I liked it even when I also played (and beat) Bit Blaster XL (Aliens & Asteroids has more content).

I give it a 7.5/10.

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

Aliens&Asteroids on Steam



Simple concept that becomes increasingly difficult, loved the additions of new mechanics as the levels progressed, was almost sure that some levels could not be beaten but eventually made my way through them.

The graphics are kind on the eyes, the controls are smooth, and the puzzles had a good ramp in difficulty.

Overall, really enjoyable game, worth the small price for the number of hours I got out of it!

Real player with 12.1 hrs in game

I beat this game; a fun and challenging puzzle game. Some of the puzzles took me up to 30 minutes to figure out and after I solved them I always felt great. All of the levels feel really unique and there’s a nice progression of new mechanic unlocks and puzzle difficulty. Would recommend!

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

Astronomia on Steam

Astronomy Lab on PC: Relativity, Lunar Landing, Space Flight, and Interstellar Travelling

Astronomy Lab on PC: Relativity, Lunar Landing, Space Flight, and Interstellar Travelling

A scientific little game. Ideal for students maybe. The surface environments of the Moon and Mars are pretty realistic. Also the Lorenz transformation (special relativity theory) while crossing the street at light speed is shocking.

My son loves it…

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

There isn’t any space combat or specific activities to do, simply landing/orbiting missions (on many different planets).

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Astronomy Lab on PC: Relativity, Lunar Landing, Space Flight, and Interstellar Travelling on Steam



Astroplatformer is a platform game that uses space theme. The game has a flow of story intertwined with humor. You must protect yourself from various traps and enemies as you try to collect valuable materials throughout the game.

Variety of Locations: In a platform game layout, you can navigate all the solar system planets, explore anomaly levels and discover hidden treasures in space.

Level-Specific Designs: Different levels include different mechanics, illustrations, enemies and other materials. Each planet has its own design style.

Great Soundtrack: Each level has specially selected music and sound effects. In this way, you can feel the spirit of the environment.

Simple Controls: You don’t need crazy keyboard reflexes to play this platform game. It’s easy to learn. Controls can be easily understood and implemented. The main purpose is to provide a relaxing experience.

Aight… Greetings! My name is Vincenzo. I’ve heard some rumors lately: Some people claim I’m crazy, some people claim I’m a genius. Don’t listen them. I am just an astronaut who works alone. Come, join my adventure. I am going to use my personal spaceship! (I made it in my garage.)

Astroplatformer on Steam