Earth 2160

Earth 2160

Earth 2160 is a somewhat unappreciated RTS with a number of nice features mixed in with a truckload of bland. It will provide some decent entertainment in the here and now but it will never be remembered for anything.

Earth 2160 sets you in the future, corporations fight for control over the Solar System’s dwindling resources as a new discovery rocks the power structure and sets the game’s events in motion. As you start out you get to play as either a generic male dominated corporation or the curiously female dominated Mars corporation. They both, not surprisingly, turn out to be evil rather quickly into the campaign and you eventually get to play as the “good” faction, a generic robot corporation that really has no personality and eventually, a menacing alien horde.

Real player with 67.0 hrs in game

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I finally got down and finished the game all the way through, after nearly completing it some 12 years ago, and then not-even-close to finishing it some 5 years ago, so I’m naturally biased with nostalgia, but I think it’s an overall great rts, but sadly with a few shortcomings that can ruin the experience if you can’t or can’t be arsed to learn to avoid them.

The graphics in the game are often complimented, and at times they’re really amazing for 2005, but it kinda depends where you look. What I’m most impressed with though, is that each of the four factions has a COMPLETELY different gameplay. Literally every mechanic is altered: completely different vehicles with completely different types weapons, different ways to harvest resources (which require very different planning and sometimes microcontrol), different ways to set up bases and interconnect buildings, different defence systems (which require completely different base layout), etc. It’s literally a different game depending on what faction you play with, which is incredibly enjoyable. Crucially, the factions are all really well balanced, so that every faction has a fair chance against every other. Together with expansive unit customisation and cool base expansion options, it makes for tremendously fun gameplay once you get a hold of the basic faction mechanics. On top of that, the soundtrack is wicked!

Real player with 39.6 hrs in game

Earth 2160 on Steam

Annihilate The Spance

Annihilate The Spance

Annihilate The Spance is a real-time autonomous army, base builder. Construct your base, and provide your autonomous armada with the means to annihilate the enemy. Through calculated unit compositions, and rapid on-the-fly adjustments to your base.

ATS is set in a far future, with a unique phenomenon unseen in all history. The Spance.

Follow three factions across five campaigns into this glowing, writhing, and dark place.

A nebula ( or as close as we have a name for it ) that has roamed the galaxy, consuming hundreds of solar systems into its depths. It is undeniably rich in resources. Extreme and unexplained pseudo-physical phenomena. And creatures seemingly formed from burning energy.

A linear set of story missions across four interlinked campaigns will take you through the depths of the Spance. Fight with and against each of the major factions in conflict while gaining access to new units and technology. Learn the unique doctrines needed to command the military might of The Kontaalen Armada, the united fleets of The Vaalkorei Coalition mercantile guilds, and the experimental technologies of Emar’s Tychon Division.

Delve ever deeper into the impenetrable abyss of the Spance and unlock its secrets.

Alternatively, jump directly into the fray by versing AI in custom skirmishes and player-created custom levels. You can even create your own for others to play using the level editor.

Begin each mission from your command station and gather resources from the stuff of the rich nebula itself to construct your autonomous base. The interference of the Spance prevents you from directly controlling your units. Each ship is autonomous. Relying on its AI core, moving, targeting, and attacking on its own.

You, Strategist, are left to your base.

Plan your army composition carefully. Calculate build cycles. Make tactical positioning decisions. There is no singular vessel that can take you to victory. This war will not be decided by who holds the bigger stick, but instead who wields the more versatile one.

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Annihilate The Spance on Steam

Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program

Easily my game of the year. In my decades of gaming, never have I encountered a game this satisfying.

It’s basically Factorio in space, but there are 2 major differences: the end goal, and the visuals.

In Factorio, your goal is to launch a rocket.

In DSP, it’s to plan and build your very own fully customizable Dyson sphere.

Factorio’s moment-to-moment gameplay is a bit more engaging and interesting, but as soon as you put your first solar sail into orbit around your home star, you’ll know this game is something special.

Real player with 649.4 hrs in game

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  • Visually stunning

  • Straightforward tech & production graph

  • Planets

  • Strip mining planets

  • Good early to mid game performance

  • Feels more accessible than Factorio or Satisfactory

  • Modding (can help with the cons below)


  • Late game performance and file sizes can become horrible

  • Tedious editing of the titular Dyson Sphere

  • Boring and repetitive placing of mining equipment and factories late game

  • Not much replay value beyond going for certain achievements

  • Late game is practically waiting for hours for research/mining/achievement progress

Real player with 577.4 hrs in game

Dyson Sphere Program on Steam

Space Haven

Space Haven

i enjoy the game very much, nice, relaxing, do your own thing, the adventure is what you make it,

you can take your time, save the game any where during play, come back where you left off and

pick up the adventure again.

what i like most, is if something turns out wrong, you can change, rearrange, move and make it just right for you.

take the time to go over the settings, make your doctor, pick your salvage crew, who is going to tend to the plants,

move stuff around, who will be your boarding party, i have watched games where people get up set because a major portion of the crew stands around and does nothing, well it is because no one’s task has been set.

Real player with 328.6 hrs in game

It’s a more relaxed, less mechanistically picky resource management game than the likes of Oxygen Not Included, which works great for me. It doesn’t go far from where it starts, though, and leaves me wishing it had more narrative elements, which is fine for early access since I feel the underlying mechanics are superb and lay a great foundation for what will hopefully become a more well-rounded game.

Real player with 177.4 hrs in game

Space Haven on Steam

Galaxy Pass Station

Galaxy Pass Station

Galaxy Pass Station is a space station simulator where aliens from all over the galaxy arrive. You will be the first caretaker of this station, will work for the largest corporation in the solar system - Spherical Corp. All guests must go through your control! You need to carefully check all galactic papers, carry out various tests and not let dubious aliens into the station. After all the checks, the guests go to the station, to the galactic duty-free zone, where they can eat, sleep, buy something from Earth, apply for a visa, and have some fun. Your task is to build the best station in the galaxy to satisfy all the aliens and the corporation.

Galaxy Pass Stations is a game in the vein of indie titles, such as “Papers, Please” and “Beholder”, to name a few.

  • Explore more than 15 alien species.

  • Check alien photos, DNA, and others in galactic papers…

  • Build and manage your space station near Earth.

  • Meet unique characters from all over the galaxy.

  • Survive at the station. Monsters are nearby.

  • Unlock multiple story endings.

Game Features

  • Colorful 2D pixel graphics.

  • Procedural Character Generation - every visitor to the station is unique.

  • Endless and Story game modes.

  • Base Building System - your station will be your base, office, and home.

Galaxy Pass Station on Steam

Per Aspera

Per Aspera

It’s rare for a city builder / logistics game to have a good story, but this one sure does. Through monologue and dialogue options we follow the self-discovery and existential ruminations of the player character, an AI tasked with terraforming Mars. The planet visuals are beautiful. It’s incredible to zoom in and look at the contoured terrain and watch it change as it fills in with water and plant life.

Gameplay is less elaborate than most city builders and the logistics are not even close to the level of complexity of something like a Factorio style game. Managing the interconnected temperature and atmospheric composition is interesting. The end result is a casual, relaxing builder with a memorable story.

Real player with 95.2 hrs in game


This is my favorite game of 2021. I like simulation games as a group, and this is a beautiful installment of this growing genera. I love what simulations teach me, being spoon fed facts off a list. I love that (having played Per Aspera) I know the landscape of Mars better. I know some of the names, sure, but grokking the SCALE, the oddness, sparking my curiosity about Noctis Labyrinthus, just from working on the planet is priceless. I became familiar with Mars in a way that Surviving Mars never did (though I played that a lot too).

Real player with 68.7 hrs in game

Per Aspera on Steam



join World Of spacedominator!

SpaceDominator is strategy fantasy sci-fi open-world game where you can discover universe!

Contact other civilizations, make friends or enemies, start trading or fighting, expand your own area or help others to expand, increase your intelligence level.. and much more!

You can do anything what do you want! Do you want to be friendly? No problem. Would you rather be agressive? No problem. Play how do you wish!

Whole game uses procedual generation - it grants everyone will have different universe, different spawn of artifacts and valuables, different missions, animals, plants..

When you increase your inteligence level, others civilizations will do it too so game shouldn’t become boring after longer playtime!

You can also communicate with other players in CO-OP mode. You can join team, help each other, activate team boosters and more!

You can play this for unlimited time. Game will change difficulty regarding to your inteligence level.

If you meet more intelligent civilization, you can get their special technologies if you beat them or make them your friends! But be carefull, not everyone is friendly here.

Everything what you will done will impact your gameplay!

If you want to follow developing, you can join our discord!

And.. one more information: this game is being developed only by 1 person!

SpaceDominator on Steam

Star Sonata 2

Star Sonata 2

I cautiously recommend this game only if you can look past its shortcomings. I have been playing since ~2008 when I was only 12yr old.

The Good:

There is something about this game that can get you addicted like no other. The player base is very close (admittedly also rather small) and everybody knows everyone else and that makes the community very strong. You can create your own team join a team (aka clan, faction, country) and take control of start systems and use the resources within them to build ships, weapons, space stations, and become an industrial powerhouse. But you better be prepared to defend what you own. Much like a country in real life, your team could become a true superpower with all the fame and infamy that comes with it. You can exercise your hard and soft power as you see fit. Politics are very real in this game and I love it. Likewise, if you upset too many players they may declare war against you. Every solar system you own and space station you build is at risk. In a worse case scenario you could lose all of your territory, all of your industry, and be forced to surrender which almost always results in the death of said team. This is something I really like about this game. You have a lot of freedom and the choices you make can make you insanely rich, respected, and powerful. But you could lose it all.

Real player with 4273.5 hrs in game

TLDR - A decade+ after the game’s initial launch there is still nothing else quite like Star Sonata on the market today.

The game is heavily influenced by the Star Control series and combines 90’s style arcade action with MMO character development and an almost limitless item progression that rivals many modern MMOs. It has in-depth base building that is basically a whole different game unto itself where you can make money doing colonies, making gear, selling industrial commodities and more. The PvE content is typically fun and offers a variety of solo and group style engagements.. The PvP and team vs team combat probably needs the most improvement but the game doesn’t really revolve around those.

Real player with 3859.9 hrs in game

Star Sonata 2 on Steam

Starship Theory

Starship Theory

I felt a review was needed in response to the volume of negative reviews.

Early Access and Learning Curves.

‘So far, so good’ would have to be the short version.

As stated many times before by other reviewers, Rimworld and FTL…. Bla Bla… Yes i agree, so lets skip. Insert generic dismissal of bugs and technical glithces due to Early Access state here…. Again, I agree. SKIP. But…

Known bugs i have encountered and how I roundabout:

1. FIRE! A Danger that needs no explination. AI is AI, so, Skip.

Real player with 296.6 hrs in game

I’ve tried really hard to like this game, as I play simlar, like Prison Architect.

Firstly, the UI: it’s nice, easy to navigate through, and most importantly, scaleable. It’s also pleasant that you can change the colour - yes I know, it’s a gimmick really, but having a purple UI is pleasing!

Secondly, fires: these can quickly become a thorn in your side, even with adequate cooling. The mechanics behind how your sims fight them is flawed as instead of one sim fighting all the fires in one area, the game will send multiple sims to fire each individual fire in the same area, which can mean that some grow to the point where they’re close to compromising the structural integrety of the ship. Now, there is a manual mode that allows you to control sims, but when you’re navigating an asteroid field, while being pewpewd, there are things you don’t want to micromanage, and damage control is one of them.

Real player with 170.3 hrs in game

Starship Theory on Steam



Day by day, technological progress changes not only the lives of people, but also the smallest life forms on our planet. In our project, we would like to direct your attention to a very important issue of our times - the extinction of wild bees, which despite their tiny size, has a huge impact on the entire Earth’s ecosystem.

Greetings explorer! You are going to spend quite some time in the laboratory - don’t forget to go on a research expedition into the unknown. A world full of exploration, building and crafting awaits you!

You are the last hope of Earthlings.

Research both flora and fauna - standard scanning is not enough. Explore the world of genetics and experiment with various possibilities to even create a new plant genera. Mutating plants and species promotes new raw material discoveries and blueprints. Experiment to master new technologies and settle your base in new environments.

This new world can be beautiful but dangerous as well - an undiscovered fruit or a contact with previously unknown, even the most innocuous-looking animals can provoke a disease, for which you’ll have to invent a cure. Some of them are tamable, some can only be feared and fled from - there is only one way to find out.

For optimal productivity, an explorer’s life has to be comfortable! Take care of your “workplace”, create the needed conditions by yourself and even decorate your base. Build drones, mobile laboratories, habitat, and research stations. Don’t stop there - create multiple stations in optimal locations, safety, weather or raw material wise, and ensure safe travel between them - hoverboard is the best way to start.

The planet stores the secret key that may help you in saving the earth and its inhabitants. Remember! It is up to you how you use that knowledge.

Honeycomb on Steam