Spin Rhythm XD

Spin Rhythm XD


This is an amazing Rhythm game. I can’t really stress enough how fun this game is, and how it feels to play to the music. The key word I think that describes this game best is flow. There is an incredible feeling as you move the wheel, hit notes, hit beats, and match the colors. I don’t play very many Rhythm games, but SRXD has gotten me to take a closer look at the genre. It takes some gameplay mechanics from Vertically Scrolling Rhythm games, and makes them its own. As well as introducing entirely new sets of gameplay systems and mechanics, which I will try to explain below.

Real player with 1922.7 hrs in game

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Finally a fresh concept for a rhythm game, and it’s executed extremely well. Some of the most fun in a rhythm game you can have. Songs and charts are good, community is good, and the dev team actually does a good job to maintain and improve their game. There’s a good amount of in-game customization to suit the player’s needs, it also supports MIDI controllers.

I have a small issue though, my issue is the game is trying to be a hybrid of a casual and competitive game. The reason this is an issue is they’re limiting the skill cap with the hardest songs. In it’s current state, there are a couple people who have a perfect score on every chart. If the game wants to be competitive they should influence players to improve more and more. High level leaderboards is only an accuracy battle of who can get a perfect score on the most songs. Don’t get me wrong, the hardest songs are definitely challenging and very intimidating when you’re new or a casual player of the game. But why hold back players skills when there’s a global leaderboard? This won’t be much of an issue for the average player, but if you spend a lot of time in it you’ll find yourself slowly getting worn out only playing for accuracy.

Real player with 585.3 hrs in game

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