Apollo in Outer Space

Apollo in Outer Space

Apollo in Outer Space Is a 2D platform / adventure game that makes use of physics mechanics in its puzzles. An adventure marked by challenges that follow continuously until the end of the campaign.

Apollo must jump between planets!

Solve puzzles to advance the campaign!

Dangers such as meteors and alien life forms will cause the player to

Think twice before taking a leap!

An adventure marked by challenges that continue continuously until the end of the campaign. With the desire to return to Earth, Apollo knows that his intelligence and the laws of gravity will be his greatest allies in solving puzzles, crossing space and protecting himself from dangers never seen before!

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Apollo in Outer Space on Steam

Us Against Aliens

Us Against Aliens

Игра хороша своим геймплеем, имеется некое напряжение при игре, умные ИИ, хорошая разработка, проще говоря. Советую поиграть, имеется мультиплеер!

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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Us Against Aliens on Steam

Super Power: Rising of A.I.

Super Power: Rising of A.I.

Did you dream for defeating super villains with your endless super power? Realize it in Super Power: Rising of A.I. and immerse yourself in this 360 degree view. The future belongs to smart warriors and trough training, you will be one of them.

In this super smart city of the year 2068, you, a nobody, need to fight all your way up to the next generation of super fighters, armored and blade in hand. After defeating the enemy, you will be qualified to master superpowers, Use your moves to trigger your four super skills to defeat AI robots with your super power.

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Super Power: Rising of A.I. on Steam

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality

A great Doctor Who game brought down by the second level!

This game is honestly a really fun mini adventure for any Doctor Who fan, with 6 fun and genre diverse levels. Remembering this is an indie game on a BBC budget, it really does show there is a chance Doctor Who can be adapted a a AAA experience on console. This isn’t a AAA experience, but is the bones of what could be.

It doesn’t need to be a AAA experience to be fun, and that’s exactly what this is, however the quality of the game falls to a dramatic low during the second level.

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

TL;DR - Very little actual gameplay, lots of fan service. Wait for sale.

Edit from my original Review.

First time I played one of the first major puzzles, a needed item never spawned.

After several failed attempts at solving the puzzle without it, another needed item stopped re-spawning.

Reloaded the game the next day, got through that puzzle without issue because it randomly decided to spawn properly, only to find a very glitchy elevator that left me needing to jump down an elevator shaft to progress.

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality on Steam

Liberty Fighters

Liberty Fighters

Liberty Fighters is a classic retro shoot’em up game with mixed rpg elements that adds an unique touch to this game. You explore a space station full of interactive characters and make impactful choices through the story. Fight action tense space combat missions with your upgradable spaceship.

Key Feautures:

  • 15+ Space combat missions

  • Explore the huge space station with interesting characters

  • Upgradable spaceship

  • Hidden quest and moral system that impact your story

  • Characters will remember your acts

  • Multiple Endings

  • Climb up the ranks and own your room in the space station

    Enjoy challenging gameplay and pixel art graphics

    Get some rest at Lew’s Heaven

Liberty Fighters on Steam

Comet Crusher: Block Breaker

Comet Crusher: Block Breaker

I love this game!! The power ups make the game super satisfying and the concept is really cool. Some levels are really hard but its rewarding when you finally get all the blocks!!!

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Comet Crusher: Block Breaker on Steam

Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD

Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD

Game Library randomizer once again returned me a familiar game title. Galaxy on fire 2 is a game I had on my iPhone 3. I probably wasted over 200-300 hours of my life playing this game when I was bored and I don’t even remember when I got this full HD version on steam.

After so many years I finally tried this game for real on steam. Graphics is aged but the full HD is still wonderfully eye candy. The Nebula, Planet, Asteroids and space station is well designed and looks on par with much bigger space game series like X, Wing Commander and space ranger.

Real player with 97.3 hrs in game

For those that find the X series of games a little intimidating this is probably the game for you.As a big fan of the X series I was looking for a ‘Space Fix’ as the new X game ‘X Rebirth’ is very very broken at the moment but I should point out that Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is no where near as in depth as those games so if you are a fan of the X series this game may not fulfill your space sim need.If however you are looking for a more arcade type space sim Galaxy on Fire 2 maybe the game for you.

The basics are simple enough..there is a storyline(a short one) and there are various freelance missions you can take at the stations to earn money and buy upgrades for your ship or buy another ship..you can also mine asteroids (an annoying mini game but a cash cow non the less).

Real player with 44.4 hrs in game

Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD on Steam

Meat & Greed

Meat & Greed

Meat & Greed is a 3D side scroller puzzle platformer game set in a slaughterhouse.

By controlling cows, chickens, and other animals, the player has the ability to manipulate the environment to solve puzzles, and eventually escape the place. Intense atmosphere of horror and visual narration will help to convey criticisms of the modern meat industry beyond a supermarket shelf.

All puzzle indie game lovers, as well as environmentally cautious players will appreciate both the moral goal and the refreshing approach to movement, switching between playable characters, and narrative design of the game.

Meat & Greed on Steam

Oddyssey: Your Space, Your Way

Oddyssey: Your Space, Your Way

The world was doomed, but that was just the beginning. Now four thawed-out crewmembers are the only hope for two million passengers seeking life on a new world. In an effort to save humanity from an earth-shattering asteroid, an ARK Mothership was built to transport two million frozen souls safely to a new, habitable world. At least, that was the plan. Midway through its long journey, the ARK Mothership computers discovered that it was far off course and low on fuel. With no other options, four passengers were awoken early.

Their job? To crew the “Oddyssey” resource vessel, mine asteroids for resources and help the ARK reach the next source of fuel. The process is slow, and more crew members may need to be awoken, but the fates of 1,999,996 fellow passengers hang in the balance.

It’s up to you and your crew to Build, Explore, and Manage your team to get enough resources for the next big jump to a habitable planetary system. The future of humanity literally depends on it!

Collect resources by mining nearby asteroids. Use the collected material to create new tools and technology or send back to the ARK as fuel.

A good crew works effectively. While one is building a new science station, another can be mining asteroids or improving the ship.

Crewmembers can gain temporary boosts and debuffs while working. Ignoring a negative status can impact your performance and eventually lead to grave consequences.

Discover lost alien technology and study it to improve your own.

**Use resources to repair and expand your ship and upgrade its technology. Defend it from alien creatures, solar flares and dangerous asteroids.

Every crew member is an important and unique part of your crew. Unless they die, then they are preplaced with one of the 1.9 million other potential crew members. Assign the new crew where they best fit, or use some gene editing to get the skills you need to survive.**

Oddyssey: Your Space, Your Way on Steam



This game is an absolute steal. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into this.

At first glance, this game seems like your standard, run-of-the-mill runner - dodge randomly generated obstacles and get the highest score that you can. Controls are simple: A and D to move, Q and E to strafe/blink, Left Shift to boost. I found it easier to use a controller, although Q wasn’t automatically mapped for mine - I’ve published a controller configuration that works like a charm that you can use. You’ve got shields, which are replenished by defeating bosses; health, which is replenished by passing asteroids; and charges for both strafe and boost which replenish over time by themselves. You can adjust the difficulty.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Omniblast is a free to play (but monetised) 2D retro pixel vertical scrolling endless runner. It does have the appearance of an Asteroids/SpaceWar! ripoff but it’s considerably more dumbed down than that.

Gameplay consists of basic dodging left and right, and “boss fights” which just involve dodging stuff for a while then ramming the boss with the “shift” key. There’s a series of upgrade systems and so on, which makes it seem like someone took SpaceWar!, then removed most of the gameplay, then went back and started bolting alternative, less enjoyable gameplay onto the game they stripped down. Essentially, this pig has 6-10 layers of lipstick on it. If it’s not broken, break it, then weld pointless stuff onto it?

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Omniblast on Steam