As of right now, I just installed the version and have not played it yet.

Four hours in, can I recommend the game? Yeah. It has a low price, and it is filled to the brim with potential in my eyes.

I can see the workshop being used a lot for this game, and if given enough freedom and creativity, I can see some really awesome things coming from this game.

However right now, all the jokes you see about having low frames is true. Game lags hard. Especially when you’re doing what you’d want to do in this game; make battle scenarios and play. It honestly is pretty bad. But this game is still very early in its development, so I can imagine a performance patch will be in the works.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

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This is a great game but it can be even greater there are a few things that need to be fixed and alot to be added the creators need to fix the healing system as when ur controlling a character u can not heal it and when ur not controling a character u can not heal it so. With the maps the comands and flags need to be fixed. If u want this to be a great game creators u need to add multiplayer, melee, more maps, a steam workshop, being able to go prone, more missions even a campain, more styles guns ect, and u need to add more comands like to make charecters fly and every enemy player to target one man and if a player kills there teamates than the whole team should kill the traitor. I understand this game is in its beta and for its beta its amazing this game could become one of the best games ever just depands on what the creators do with it. All together definetly recomend this game.

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

Warbox on Steam

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

UEBS is not really a game. What it is is a platform that allows you to creae your own scearios by positioning units in starting arrangements. Then you watch them fight. I compare it more to watching a lava lamp or sitting around the campfire. For some reason watching the patterns flow is mesemerizing. But it is not really a “game”,

If that was all there was to the story I would say go ahead and buy it as the cost is quite reasonable. But there are too many problems to recommend it.

  1. The AI is too limited. For me it was fun to try to coax the AI into doing more. But that will get you only so [not very] far.

Real player with 168.7 hrs in game

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I dont review much, but I have some strong opinions for this game so I figured I will share them:

The Pros:

-Epic and large scale battles! You can have huge amounts of troops on the field at once, and lag is very reasonable for the most part.

-Lighting is really nice, looks quite good!

-UI for setting up battles is good enough, more on that later.

-Mods are supported, but more on that later as well.

-FPS version is fun for about 30 minutes, not why I bought the game, but entertaining enough to add to the pros.

Real player with 21.9 hrs in game

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator on Steam

Airship: Academy

Airship: Academy

Airship: Academy is a fantasy airship skyfaring simulation game with hyper-rich lore and narrative. Inspired by many space-sim and pirate-sim such as Star Control, Freelancer, and Sid Meier’s Pirates.

  • You are a veteran airship commander enlisted for a job in a Kingdom far from home

  • Navigate a vast open-world and explore the sky of a shattered continent

  • Engage in spectacular airship battles with insurmountable depth and complexity

  • Fight pirates, rob merchants, repel law enforcers, and challenge the military

  • Buy, build, and upgrade your airships and parts. Enlist, level up, and build relationships with your crews

  • Traverse the skyscape and learn about the history and recent events through helping and listening to people

  • Visit ports, towns, villages, and cities to collect resources and build industries

  • Over 70 ports and 150 NPCs each with unique storylines

  • Over 30 different airships with more than 150 parts to fit into them

  • More than 100 questlines to follow and unravel lore and mysteries of the world


The Great Sky War has stalled, it has been almost a year since the last battle. War has been a good business. Without it, you have been resorting to freelancing to get by. An offer arrived one morning, from some big-name trade and security company. It is an honest and stable job, so you took it right away. Now you found yourself at the Segson Archipelago, unknowingly involved in something far greater than you ever wished for.


Eons ago, the Great Cataclysm shattered Spheara into pieces. Wild magic wind engulfed the globe, lifting the grounds hanging afloat in the sky. Spheara is the world in the sky above the deadly and dark ocean. Life in such a world is difficult and perilous but humanity and civilizations found ways to prosper.


The place in the center of our focus is the continental group of landmass called Europa. These landmasses above the great ocean below is classified into three belts or rings by their vastly different distance above the sea level. Different nations and cultures developed on different archipelagos, at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, they struggle to define their coexistence.


The Kingdom of Suthseg has long been the sovereignty over the Sagson Archipelago, a cluster of three major drifting landmasses with plenty of rich minor isles. The Archipelago also holds the key prominent point of interest, that is the Great Mana Coil, the largest gateway allowing airships to descend and ascend across belts.


Destiny has brought about two young souls and two patriarchs together. All strive towards different things in life and want a better world for themselves and those who come after them. What will be their legacies?


You can make, buy, or take ship parts from many sources and fit them into a wide variety of airship frames. The balance between speed, agility, durability, firepower, and transport efficiency are key to various strategies and tactics once entered into battle.


Exercise the best use of tactics and skills of the crewmen. Push the capability of an airship to its limit and seize the day to enjoy the spoil of victory.


The continent is vast. It has many things to offer, many stories to tell, treasures to collect, and mysteries to unravel. The measurement unit and time taken during travel are measured in real-time and real units. Even though the player can accelerate time, this can infuse them with a strong sense of immersion.


Many ports and merchants offer parts, ships, and all sorts of other items that would aid the player in their quests for fame and fortune. Merchants sell and buy specific things, demand and supplies are also limited to the nature of the settlement they are from.


Producing, processing, transporting, assembling, and manufacturing goods and weapons are beats that keep Europa going. While skyfaring, freelancing, and privateering could earn a ship captain a good fortune; supporting and arming a fleet would require other kinds of ingenuity.

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Airship: Academy on Steam



It’s a great game,i really love the characters and the music (oh man i can just let the game run in the background to listen to the menu music and chill out),the story is very interesting if i say so myself,also the gameplay was a bit confusing for me at the start but after learning it,it’s very fun,i’m looking forward to the full release.

(please add a pause button on full release)

(sry for the bad english)

10/10 would spend my time more on this game.

Real player with 41.6 hrs in game

It has a lot of promise.

I talked to the developer in the forums, and they’re actively working on making improvements according to their posts albeit I don’t know how steady they are or how consistent they are at actually updating the game and correcting underlying flaws, of which there are many.

It’s a lot like Factorio, but if it was simplified, put into a Visual Novel game that has surprisingly good writing, and given a vaguely predictable “economy” built around the war for shits and giggles.

Real player with 36.7 hrs in game

ArmaCulture on Steam

Battle Jacked

Battle Jacked


Real player with 591.1 hrs in game

Battle Jacked is a decent game if you wanted to go in to blow off some steam, It has many different classes as well as soldiers to choose from, each having there own abilites giving the game alot of variety, however i found the cowboy classes to be some of the best since the powerful longrange makes gameplay alot easier. The game has many different gamemodes and maps which keep it from getting repetitive. It also introduces a Hacker mode, which i found not as fun to play with, but i feel like if your into simulator style games it would be perfect for you.

Real player with 60.7 hrs in game

Battle Jacked on Steam

End War RTS 2

End War RTS 2

Compared with the first generation, End War RTS 2 transforms from 2D to 3D, which is a classic real-time strategy

End War RTS 2 is a story inspired by modern science fiction. It is mainly based on the fact that human beings started the world war in order to fight for survival resources, and the launching of nuclear bombs has become the killing means of various countries.

In the world of End War RTS 2, it is constructed by seven camps of the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Russia, Cuba and Libya. Each country’s power weapon units are different, and the U.S. space carrier, Russian missile submarine and other characteristics

End War RTS 2 on Steam



I love this game! For being made by 1 person It beats a lot of AAA games in creativity. I would really like to see more games like this in the future and I will be following the game’s development closely!

Real player with 123.7 hrs in game

I pirated this game from Google, but after playing it for a while I decided to just buy the game to support the developer bcs this game is just super fun, after just 40 hours of playing this game I can say I love it the designing of the hull and turret is simple but is still fun, I’ve already made about 20 tanks just from WW1, the only problem with this game is that it’s empty and lacking a lot of other features that I would like in the game, I understand that it’s only made by one person so I can wait for as long as possible so that he can improve this game a lot, so I’ma just list the problems I have with the game:

Real player with 50.3 hrs in game

Sprocket on Steam

Dieselpunk Wars

Dieselpunk Wars

I think I am the player who has been playing this game for the longest time ever (most of them spent on building stuff in creative), and I did enjoy it and had high hopes. But still…


Several serious bugs exist, including one that makes airships pretty much unplayable.

The Devs have been informed of those bugs for months but no action was ever taken.

They also stated on Discord that the May update is going to be the last update, so consider it officially abandoned.

Severe Lack of Content

Real player with 466.8 hrs in game

A very good game.

Important notes:


Movement on the ground for wheeled/tracked vehicles is generally pretty good, the only issue i tend to have is the velocity being canceled completely by trees/random geometry such as rocks. Movement also feels very slow/tanky however i think that fits the game just fine. Sea/Air movement works perfectly well, though i couldn’t get a walker to work.


I have a few nitpicks about it, namely with not enough keybinds/options for keybinds in the building menu, and not being able to press esc to exit out of some menu prompts. There are some bugs here, as you might guess from an early access game, but aside from the occasional incorrect mirroring, it works just fine.

Real player with 65.8 hrs in game

Dieselpunk Wars on Steam

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

Sigma Theory is a good niche product that was incorrectly exposed to the public. Yes indeed, it is a turn-based strategy game about spies, but it is far from Phantom Doctrine or any other action-packed tactical title. Jeez, in the very old “Spy vs Spy” game was much more direct action! Sigma Theory is text-based. It is a board game by the set of rules and overall dynamics. Think of Battlestar Galactica, think of Monopoly. In the realm of video games, think of The Witcher Adventure Game or maybe Plague Inc: Evolved , in a way.

Real player with 94.1 hrs in game

This game is a dream come true for me. I’ve always been a fan of the spy genre (video games, tabletop games, tv shows, movies, board games, card games), I think Sid Meyers Cover Action is one of the best espionage games ever made; with Invisible Inc and Phantom Doctrine coming in at close second; totally different games but they mange to make you feel like you’re a real intelligence officer on the job. Now there is a new spy game in town and I have to say this game is the type of spy game I’ve been looking for, for years! Ever since I played Streets of Chaos (it’s a game where you run a criminal origination. You send out gang members to do crime all over a fictional city) and another hidden gem called Black Closet (in the game you’re like the president of boarding school, and you send out your team to investigate students; to avoid scandals from destroying the school).  I thought to myself, both of these games have great micromanagement mechanics and they’re not very graphic heavy, it would be great to have a spy game that played a lot like those 2 games, and now that game is here!

Real player with 55.0 hrs in game

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War on Steam

Toy Tactics

Toy Tactics

The fight to become the supreme strategist has begun!

Command your troops and outclass other military geniuses from different ages in a take on battles like never before. Think fast, deploy your units, and emerge victorious. There is more than one road to victory, but only the smartest will get the prize. Sun Tzu is watching, are you ready?


Placing and moving your warriors wisely will allow you to overcome sieges, ambush your opponents, and deceive them. It may sound complicated, but you will control your wobblers by just drawing formations on the battlefield: you can also drag, merge, or change them: Surround, feint, outsmart… The world is your canvas!


During your adventure, you will come across ancient artifacts which enhance the abilities of your troops, but that is just the beginning… You can also unlock and acquire special powers: invoke reinforcements like catapults, summon flaming meteors, build your own walls and towers… Just draw and set the target locations on the ground, wait, and see…


When the contenders collide, their masses, weaponry, and inertia could make some helmets fly through the air. Physics is not oly fun to watch in massive matches, it may be on your side if you jump at the chance.

Toy Tactics on Steam