Voxel Printer

Voxel Printer

Voxel Printer is the voxel art crafting game similar to Minecraft that up to 12 players compete with building cubes.

Create a your work that fits topic within the time given.

There is a voting for the best work after the round is over.

The work with the most votes wins the game.

You can also extract your work as an FBX file.

And please use your masterpiece in several places.

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Voxel Printer on Steam

SkyLife: VoxelSurvival

SkyLife: VoxelSurvival

Amazing game and can not wait to see where it goes!

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

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TL;DR - Skip down to “THE VERDICT”

Anyone who has ever played or seen a video about Minecraft, can probably identify this as “Sky Block”. I went into it mad that they are trying to cash in on, not only another Minecraft clone, but a paid version of a free minigame someone created withing Minecraft. While I am still upset at the idea, you have to remember that the only way to play Sky Block is to own a copy of Minecraft, or at least install and get into the map.

SkyLife however is a variant of Sky Block that runs on its own, and with (somewhat) higher quality graphics. It’s the Unity engine instead of Java, however the quality of the textures are really bad. Using an engine capable of textures greater than 16x16 should be using hi-res graphics and models. Just look at Eco and Creativerse as examples.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

SkyLife: VoxelSurvival on Steam



This is indeed early access. Only buy if it’s half price or you want to play through a very rudimentary Minecraft clone.

In just 20-30 minutes (using a controller):

  1. Can’t invert the Y-axis view - that makes it almost impossible for me to play.

  2. You can’t tell what anything is, there are no tooltips for things in your inventory and no indication of what you’re looking at.

  3. Basically I figured out how to dig up the ground but that was the only thing I could figure out how to do other than wander around (looking up when I meant to look down :) ).

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Muspell on Steam


At first I was skeptical of this game. I guess just something about it looked off- like an advertisement for a mobile game vs. the game itself. I bought it partly because of its low price (it may have gone up by the time you are reading this). While there is definitely some room for more content in general, I was shocked by how convenient it was to do exactly what I wanted: build ships. It’s super easy to stay updated on the dimensions, displacement, total hit points, etc. while in the process of building. What’s more, downloading ships from the Steam Workshop and pitting them against each other is a blast! If you’ve played World of Warships, combat in Navalart is essentially that but a bit simplified. The sheer fact that you can have WoWS-esque battles with ships that YOU and others like you created is amazing. I know there is a plethora of other games where that is possible, but I don’t think I’ve found another one that is, as I said earlier, as convenient as Navalart.

Real player with 651.4 hrs in game

This game is what Battleship Craft should have been.

It’s like my dream came true, what would it look like on PC. This is it.

This game has so much potential and I think the dev needs some more time, but it has the potential to be one of the best ship building games out there. You can build anything from small boats, like PT Boats up to Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, (Aircraft carriers) and everything beyond your imagination. The limit is your fantasy like really.

For exmaple I have built some realistic destroyers, but also my own creations of BB’s and cruisers, you can build what you want.

Real player with 159.3 hrs in game

NavalArt on Steam



This is one of my fav crafting/building/adventuring type of games already and I’ve only around 60hrs of game play so far..it’s right up there with Portal Knights Imo and it’s only early access and doing such a great job! Sure there are the normal early access things to expect…but you can see where things are being improved. The Dev’s are great and respond regularly in the forums..so there is communication..that’s a major plus! Updates/fixes, etc. are not thousands of years inbetween so you can see progress progress progress.

Real player with 75.4 hrs in game

While this still needs some work, I definitely recommend it - on the surface it is a Minecraft clone but look closer and there is rather a lot of innovation. It’s still obviously Early Access – many small to medium bugs – but it’s very playable and has an active developer team. And it’s an absolute steal; I’ve played way less fun games for more money.

Real player with 56.3 hrs in game

qb on Steam

Blow it up

Blow it up

Welcome to Blow it up!

Explosions! Explosions! and more Explosions!


  • Place bombs and destroy everything

  • Build your own worlds using a simple to use system

  • Advanced physics engine simulation powered by Havok and a custom layer on top of it

  • Use aircrafts to fly down on buildings

  • Place vehicles with guns to run over and shoot buildings

  • Catapults and other siege machines to destroy castles

  • Place fireworks and confetti to make your explosions more spectacular

In development

  • Create your own vehicles and aircrafts

  • Built-in voxel editor to create your own parts and buildings

  • Motors: Use a core motor to bind blocks together and make them move. Use it to make it fans, trains, cars and the blow them up while they are in motion!

  • Environments: Islands and mountainous terrain template starting environments.

… and more coming!

Come join us on early access!

Blow it up on Steam

Inno World

Inno World

Inno World - interesting adventure, there in world with interesting survive, you must survive for create new civilization and build spaceship for return to home. In realistic voxel world with full terraforming landscape you can get the ores and build yours houses and factories. First in Ultima World you should create your first instruments from stones and wood. After you can obtain rock and ores and create more efficient instruments. Then you can build first bronze steam machines and create an automated manufactory. Your technologies progres begining from stone “century” to space “century”, Don’t forget that main character want eat, drink and warm. Create transports, mechanisms, power lines and change this planet as you want.

Inno World on Steam

One Million Worlds

One Million Worlds

One Million Worlds is a block world, but unlike other block worlds it’s not focused on buildings and architecture but on machines and movement.

Want to build a space ship that works? Absolutely!

Want to build a hidden landing pad for it that opens up from the hillside? You can have that to!

Want a tree to actually fall over when you cut it down (you’d think that would go without saying)? Obviously!

One Million Worlds is a blockworld with physics which means you can create things that not only look cool but are cool, because they work. Things like this:

But you can start small and simple

That’s a ship, really simple, could be put together in a couple of minutes, and that can fly!

The game is built with simple pieces that let you build whatever machines you can imagine; thrusters, rails, axels and then you can wire them up so they all behave and work how you want them to. There are even command chairs that bind to the keyboard keys so the machines you build can work just like built-in vehicles in other games.

That said, not everything is going to be your friend…


Maybe its time to add some weapons to your ships.

  • A game without preset models where you can build whatever you can imagine, and make it work as well.

  • A world with computer controlled machines and creatures (when the game is fully released it will be “filled with” for now its just “with”).

  • Computer controlled machines are built from blocks, so you can re-purpose them for your own use, or if you destroy them they are destroyed realistically.

One Million Worlds on Steam



3500+ hours in and counting… I think that means I like it! lol

Edit: Over 6000 hours now and still love it!

Don’t feel like reading? Consider checking out my video describing Boundless in broad strokes ^^


The Game is officially released but is still being developed!

Like any good MMO the game is still being added to, balanced, and improved upon. Updates oscillate from going to the public test severs one week and then to the live servers normally the next week so that 1-2 updates come to the live servers each month.

Real player with 6775.4 hrs in game

Edit: I’m adding a new review now that I’ve been putting this game on hold/maintenance mode, as I’ve reached my endgame in terms of content (highest tier gear, comfortable in terms of economy, and having a base i’m satisfied with). My old review is still available below.

At the time of writing (9 Jul 2021), the devs hasn’t communicated anything for several months now, and there’s no news about the latest update (nor is there any significant update). I’ve put the game down for about 3 months now. However, the servers are still up and the players are still playing (although to my knowledge the player count is getting smaller), which is questionable for an MMO.

Real player with 984.3 hrs in game

Boundless on Steam



Explore a giant world made of blocks and modify it with your own creations. Construct houses, build entire villages, cities, monumental constructions or dig deep underground.

Place torches or design complex electric circuits to light up your creations in the dark and enjoy beautiful day and night cycles.

• Creative sandbox block-building experience: Create your own worlds with more than 215 unique materials.

• Jump into Virtual Reality and experience your block world as if you were there with incredible 360 degrees immersion.

Discovery on Steam