Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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MY PSYCHOLOGIST | BOT-Assistant on Steam



It’s a great game,i really love the characters and the music (oh man i can just let the game run in the background to listen to the menu music and chill out),the story is very interesting if i say so myself,also the gameplay was a bit confusing for me at the start but after learning it,it’s very fun,i’m looking forward to the full release.

(please add a pause button on full release)

(sry for the bad english)

10/10 would spend my time more on this game.

Real player with 41.6 hrs in game

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It has a lot of promise.

I talked to the developer in the forums, and they’re actively working on making improvements according to their posts albeit I don’t know how steady they are or how consistent they are at actually updating the game and correcting underlying flaws, of which there are many.

It’s a lot like Factorio, but if it was simplified, put into a Visual Novel game that has surprisingly good writing, and given a vaguely predictable “economy” built around the war for shits and giggles.

Real player with 36.7 hrs in game

ArmaCulture on Steam



extremely relaxing and fun, and it’s kind of like or but with sharks and it’s single player.

don’t buy it expecting some sort of action packed shark game full of blood and murder and then leave a bad review because it’s not your type, instead, buy maneater if you want action.

there’s basically nothing wrong with the game when it comes to glitches or bugs and it’s genuinely just enjoyable.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

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My 2 cents on how ‘Shoal’ game goes:

You start as a shark, you eat other fish to complete missions and get to the next day, every 10 days you have a boss fight. A specific fish and all other sharks will give you points, you can use these points to purchase other shark skins (I still have some doubts whether or not you get different perks/flaws depending on which shark you use, they are cool nevertheless).

You die if a bigger shark catches you or you deplete energy, which regenerates if you keep eating.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Shoal on Steam

Summer in Mara

Summer in Mara

Being up front the game has a lot of issues. It won’t teach you basic mechanics and it is very easy to get frustrated with quests due to a lack of information. There are some side quests that you are given that you cannot complete because you don’t have access to certain items yet. However the game never mentions that you will later get access to those certain things if you progress the main quest which has led to me looking everywhere for certain things only to learn that I have to progress the main story to gain access to them. While this isn’t outright a bad thing, I personally think it is poor game design to tell your players to get a certain item, while they don’t have access to that item yet.

Real player with 52.9 hrs in game

Little Koa is growing up on a small island in the middle of Mara. She is alone now, tending to her island but dreaming about exploring the whole world and becoming a pirate one day! When she finds a strange little creature on the beach her days of loneliness are over. With her new friend, Napopo, she set sails to the vast Mara seas. Koa will then meet different kinds of people with their own dreams, problems or old pains and although she is only a kid, she will do everything in her power to help them.

Real player with 46.8 hrs in game

Summer in Mara on Steam

An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs

An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs

I am a ‘dog person’ so this game looked intriguing. I had it on my wish list and picked it up, on sale. Having spent many hours in airports run by dogs, I have very mixed feelings. It is a silly, somewhat mindless game with the biggest challenge being to find specific characters, objects and gates in each of 6 airports. Woven into this is a love story about a long distance relationship between you and Krista (the last two humans left on the planet). Your busy lives intersect at airports and it is sweet to watch the relationship unfold through many brief encounters. Although each airport has very different geography, there is a lot of repetition (the same shops, the same vendors, and much of the same dialog).

Real player with 19.0 hrs in game

Hilariously it was my girlfriend who got me this game, we are long distance, and neither of us actually knew much about the game. I just kinda wishlisted it long ago cause haha cute dogs and alien airports, and she got it cause just frick it we get gifts for each other so sue us (please dont, legal action scares me). Well, 13 hours later and I am all misty eyed over what was supposed to be a silly little game. Even now typin this out I am gettin all teary eyed. Not gonna get too into detail cause I ain’t wanna spoil stuff but heck, this game is gonna last in my brain head for a long while. 10/10, Recommend it forever

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs on Steam

Workshop Simulator

Workshop Simulator

Feel the joy of turning the old into pristine condition again

Can an innocent request from your grandma lead to a nostalgic trip down memory lane, helping you find out about your family’s history? Workshop Simulator is a relaxing restoration simulator - take vintage items and give them a second life - the respect for the usefulness of every object, which in the hands of a specialist can become a small work of art.

Idyllic, comfy, and relaxing experience in highly detailed visuals

Workshop Simulator is more than a unique experience of transforming objects from ruined to brand new. The atmosphere, full of nostalgia and relaxation, together with the environment and gameplay, gives you a sense of warmth and calm remembrance.

Heart-warming Story - Exploring your family history through tinkering

Immerse yourself in an idyllic rural setting where you can explore the delights of tinkering in a workshop, but also discover the history of your family by interacting with unique family treasures, each with a different story to tell.

Immerse yourself

Will you dedicate yourself to each item and restore them all to perfection, or will you cut corners and only mask the most serious damage, so you can focus on your greatest creation? The choice is yours! Workshop Simulator allows you to repair and refurbish items using a range of restoration mechanics such as disassembling, cleaning, sanding and painting. The accompanying story will immerse you in the nostalgia of tinkering with your grandfather.

Workshop Simulator on Steam

I Am Your President

I Am Your President

Congratulations, Mr. President, you have just won the elections! Now the lives of seven billion people depend on your decision, world leaders reckon with you, industry kingpins have to follow your orders, and you have the whole army at your beck and call. No pressure. Take it slowly. It’s not like you can be impeached, die during the nuclear bombing or in assassination. Not like that at all.

So, as we have completed the formalities, let’s talk about your new prerogatives:

Personalize your political views and create the presidency which America – or you - need.

Wisely choose your advisors and cabinet members. Hire and fire on a daily basis.

Every decision matters – choose your way of ruling and embrace consequences!

Make friends or enemies. Talk your way out of difficult situations.

Use social media and read the news – maybe this time they wrote something nice.

Provide sustainable development, or simply watch your country fall into chaos.

Try to survive as the President. If an impeachment occurs, you must start the entire presidential term again!

Be sure to wishlist the game to be notified when it is released.

You are the Commander in Chief of the army and it is entirely up to you if you want to conquer the world, or abstain from violence. Remember – whether you send a group of soldiers on a secret mission or start a regular war – people will be watching your actions closely. Journalists, other politicians and leaders, justices, even common voters, they will all react to the situation.

Use special agents, steal technology, assassinate inconvenient leaders, move troops, send nukes or try to maintain status quo – all of these action can be performed right from your office. What will you choose – peace or war? Make no mistake, the fate of the world rests on your shoulders.

How should you respond – jokingly, seriously or ironically? Different options can help you make allies, but also enrage your previous supporters. Be careful with words and make sure that you don’t neglect any of the prominent groups or important people… or do and deal with the problems later.

Follow the narrative and react to events. Talk to your advisors, receive visitors and make decisions. There are no wrong answers… unless there are? Check for yourself and repeat the game if you fail – new dialogues await your discovery, so don’t worry about repetitiveness. After all, America was not build in one day.

Every encounter has its effects, some of which can be really long-raged, so wait patiently and hope for the best. Your citizens surely will.

An excellent entry in social media can be the key to a great popularity among the public or a nail in the coffin for a careless person. Your actions have impact on the world and even the most innocent post can ruin someone’s career!

Use the most well-known social media platform - Screecher. Screech about your plans, attitude, call somebody names or maybe praise the voters. It is entirely up to you how you want to come across in the internet – as funny, empathetic, factual or maybe weird? Being the president you have a will and a power to create your own image and write schreeches to your liking. But remember - there are always going to be responses from other users. Prepare for a public backlash!

Touch people’s hearts with your writing abilities. Create the most compelling speeches and statements to achieve your goals. Want to calm the enraged strikers? Show the party that you’re the most efficient president? Raise everyone’s spirit at the state funeral? All of these can be done with a proper composition. Receive the title of the most charismatic leader ever!…

…or fail and make things even worse by being tactless. But hey, at least you had some fun writing about that salad you’d eaten in the Supreme Court!

No teddy bears allowed. Everyone must stay at home from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. You cannot say a bad word about president. See? This is the real power.

Create executive orders that will change people’s lives. Throw your weight around when it comes to guaranteeing the rigid rules or put the freedom of the Americans first. Reject the acts that don’t appeal to you and check what will happen then. Outline new borders of democracy with your abilities, but remember – no one is untouchable.


You wish to start a war or maybe make peace? Take care of the poorest or support capitalists? Advocate for gun rights or stand against them? Support cats or maybe increase the dogs population? Everything is possible!

Why, you may ask?

Because you are President of the Goddamn United States of America, that’s why.

I Am Your President on Steam

The Loneliest Summer

The Loneliest Summer


Max and Ziggy combat their summer blues 
 by embarking on an adventure that tests 
 their friendship and leaves nothing 
 the same
 … Venture out to explore the unknown.
 Bike, dig, camp and collect to uncover hidden secrets.

Game Features

  • Bike to explore the woods and discover hidden areas

  • Dig for geodes and buried treasure

  • Play music around a campfire

  • Complete photography quests with your vintage instant camera

  • Unlock super secret journal entries as time passes

  • Enjoy a beautiful soundtrack

  • Watch the cinematic story unfold

The Loneliest Summer on Steam



Experience some of history’s greatest stories like never before. Storyteller is an award-winning reactive puzzle game that lets you build the story.

Storyteller’s charming animations and comic-panel design allows for a unique puzzle mechanic. Use your wits to retell iconic tales — or experiment and find something new.

Play with a library full of characters and themes, featuring heroes and villains, dragons and vampires, infidelity and remorse, love, lies, madness, and more! Use the blank canvas to manipulate secrets and desires, slay monsters or terrorize people with them, betray lovers or bring them together. You know how the stories go — but this time you are the author.

Storyteller on Steam