Excavator Simulator VR

Excavator Simulator VR

As a operator myself (pipleline, Cat 349) I bought this out of pure curiosity never seeing anything like it. I was not disappointed. Especially at the price. Understanding that the game is very much so in development is key. But the shear possibilities are endless. The controls are true to pattern, Sandbox digging. I enjoy it

My thoughts on what could be fixed or changed:

1. collision with bucket and material, its very goofy sometimes. material bugging out of the bucket or just sliding out as if there is no weight or texture to it. As well as the bucket reacting with the ground. The response time needs to be quicker when it comes to the material changing. That causes the bucket to grab the ground and send you for a ride (Not fun in VR)

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

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If you actually take a look about the developer you can see he did this game as Computer Science Senior Design project in 11 weeks. You can even view the project on Github https://github.com/MrJohnWeez/VR-Excavator-Simulator

I still decided to buy this and play around.

Besides the missing sounds, only annoyances I found were too sensitive controls when first grabbing the joysticks ingame, whole excavator started to wander around. This is also caused by missing physical response since you are just gripping your VR controllers. And when digging too big of chunk (which happens a lot because previously stated issue) the excavator starts bouncing(flying xD) around.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Excavator Simulator VR on Steam



While inspired by the classic Impressions city building games, it would be inaccurate to say Nebuchadnezzar is just a reskin of Pharaoh. The game has its own mechanics that are distinctive such as the beautifully worded caravanserai or the planned market/bazaar walking routes (as opposed to the annoying random wandering of sellers in the Impressions games that required the use of roadblocks). There are a ton of resources in the game and the tiered housing levels have an interesting intertwined dependence on how these resources can be collected.

Real player with 62.0 hrs in game

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Probably the closest any game has come to recapturing the old Impressions City builders (Pharaoh, Zeus, Emperor, Caesar etc).

This type of city-builder game focuses very heavily on production and distribution of goods to supply your population, where a mistake in logistics management can cause the whole city to come crashing down. If you’re expecting something more like a SimCity or Cities: Skylines, you might end up frustrated with the strong presence of logistics management aspects and harsh penalties for making mistakes in that department.

Real player with 61.4 hrs in game

Nebuchadnezzar on Steam



The Naked-Moledragon has hatched and turned society upside-down! It’s up to you to create a town and build a community with the local animals you’ll meet in your travels through a magical but dangerous wilderness!

  • Complete freedom to create your own town – Build your village tile by tile, customize and change the world around you

  • Make friends with local animals – Meet different villagers with their own stories and personalities

  • Solve problems your way – use elemental forces like water, fire, and ghosts to find creative solutions or cause general chaos

  • Spend your days in a living and growing world – Plants, fungi and monsters will all propagate and grow over time leading to a dynamic environment

  • Survive the forces of nature – Watch out for wild fires, thorny bushes, explosive berries, sentient fungi, and unspeakable monsters

  • Have a unique experience every playthrough – Experience procedurally generated worlds with meaningful gameplay differences every play through

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Burrowburrow on Steam

Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Stormworks: Build and Rescue

the game is generally good and i enjoy playing it but it has its fair amount of downsides too, but i am only making this review to complain that they changed how rocket fuel tanks looks, because it seems that they failed to realize that players have been using the rocket fuel tanks for decoration and now when it became simplified it just looks stupid. and there is no way to use the old ones. :(

Real player with 2347.1 hrs in game

Honest review from someone who has put a huge amount of time into this game

  • Badly optimised, crashes are fairly common.

  • Multiplayer mostly unplayable due to desync between clients.

  • Base game content is lacking after they pulled the original missions

  • Original purpose of the game entirely lost and forgotten by the devs based on a single discord poll

As much as I had no issues with the weapon DLC coming as it could’ve added some real great additional content but sadly the entire focus has been on the weapons.

Real player with 588.9 hrs in game

Stormworks: Build and Rescue on Steam



AS ABOVE SO BELOW is a Survival Horror Open World Action/RPG. You play as a recent college graduate offered a job in a small town, but upon arrival things are not what they seem. Face a series of unexplained events that unravel history, and ultimately change the future. Explore, Fight, Survive.


Niiikotopia: Sky Fall

Niiikotopia: Sky Fall

The evil aliens are invading Niiikotopia and attacking your beloved Niiikos, so your task is protecting them and repel the invasion. Collect and manage resources. Maintain Niiiko’s population by provide them foods and houses. Research new technology, design new gun and bullet to hold again enemy invasions. Save your cute Niiiko race from anihilation.

Niiikotopia: Sky Fall on Steam

Block Machine

Block Machine

Block Machine is a difficult yet poorly explained programming puzzle that combines the joy of doing homework for computer science class with the eerie satisfaction of toying around with Redstone in Minecraft.

In Block Machine, you build machines from blocks (who would have guessed!) to solve a variety of programming tasks. Block Machine’s programming model is unique: Blocks are both code and data, and all computation happens in parallel. Von Neumann would have loved this.

15+ Different Block Types to Explore

How many different ways can you find to use the basic arrow blocks? Or maybe you fancy the charged battery blocks? Wrap your head around the different capabilities and use them to build the smallest and fastest Block Machine.

25+ Challenging levels, ranging from HARD to REALLY HARD

Solve difficult programming puzzles in this Turing tarpit. Can you beat the global highscore in any of the three categories?

A Sandbox mode to mess around to your heart’s content

Build that 1000 block machine your dreamt about last night. Or don’t. It’s a sandbox!

Block Machine on Steam

The Signal State

The Signal State

Great little Zach-like. If you like this genre of fiddly little programming games, you’ll like this. If you’re not interested in the genre, you won’t.

Pros of this particular game:

+Charming analog aesthetics. The game’s UI feels very “physical” and low-tech in a neat way.

+Minimalist but reasonably interesting story. I’m all about workers seizing the means of production.

+Good soundtrack. Really helps you get into that zen programming mode.

+More accessible than most games in this genre, as difficulty curve is lower. This might be a con for you, if you’re super good at this genre and really want a challenge, but I think difficulty curve is in that sweet spot challenging without feeling like you now have a second job learning an imaginary programming language.

Real player with 36.4 hrs in game

This game falls short on so many aspects and makes so many dubious design decisions that makes me wonder whether the devs actually know what they’re doing:

  • UI/UX:

The main UI, a physical rack representing modules, is just bad, period. Now before you yell blindly, “but node-based programming is the future!”, please note that the game does not feature node-based programming: actual node-based programming would be like Scratch, LabVIEW or Blender nodes. This game’s UI represents specifically DAW skeuomorphism, notably Propellerhead’s Reason. It is also a design decision from the last century, done by nobody else, and being commonly criticized around all the time. Also, DAWs don’t have a million tiny modules like this game.

Real player with 20.7 hrs in game

The Signal State on Steam

Bloody Rally Show: Prologue

Bloody Rally Show: Prologue

Bloody Rally Show is my game of the year for 2020. It has everything I want in a racing game, from violence to an endless array of tracks to meaningful progression. It has become my favorite racing game of all time, so I implore you to try out this free version, and I hope you fall in love with it as I have.

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

One of the most satisfying drift mechanics I have ever experienced. Great variety of cars, each with an unique feel. Super fun daily randomly generated tracks. Super squashy pedestrians. Most stressful gaming experience ever if I lose a car and have to play as a pedestrian instead.

And all of this… For free. Man!

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Bloody Rally Show: Prologue on Steam

DumbBots: Hello World

DumbBots: Hello World

A grate game 10/10

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

This was pretty easy & fun. (Although I am a professional game developer.) Looking forward to the full DumbBots game!

EDIT: Seriously, why doesn’t this have more positive reviews? :/

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

DumbBots: Hello World on Steam