Void Surfer

Void Surfer

Really fun concept. Has some bugs to work out. I can’t progress because objectives won’t update.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

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Void Surfer on Steam

Shakedown: Hawaii

Shakedown: Hawaii

Shakedown: Hawaii is the follow-up to Retro City Rampage.

Retro City Rampage (aka RCR) in my mind, was a sleeper hit of an indie. So how did VBlank manage to follow it up?

The gameplay in Shakedown: Hawaii is nearly identical to that of RCR, and so nearly instantly I felt quite comfortable with the controls. Mechanically the game seems rock-solid, which isn’t always something games of this nature get right, so it’s worthy of praise.

Shakedown: Hawaii sort of tones down the parodic elements that Retro City Rampage was known for by a lot, and while that might sound like a good thing since a common critique of RCR was how it was far too “in-your-face” about parodying pop culture of the 80s and 90s, I’m not so sure the comedy Shakedown: Hawaii goes for really “hits” all that often. Most of the jokes seem to elicit rolling eyes, rather than laughs.

Real player with 37.4 hrs in game

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A kiddie version of GTA2 with some business management.

Nice, easy, colorfull, pleasantly funny, sympathic.

Probably its very easy to identify with the maincharacter since he still lives in the 90s and is confronted with the modern business life. So its a great game for guys who played GTA 1 or 2 when it came out.

Further its not that hard like GTA was. You can’t die, you can restart every mission, you can get health on every corner, cops are kinda brainless, no long searching for special cars to sell, no blood (I am missing that!)… so Millenials will also have their fun from a different view without any big skills, effort or heart attacks.

Real player with 33.5 hrs in game

Shakedown: Hawaii on Steam

Vaccine A

Vaccine A

Lucky me gets to write the first English review for Vaccine A. Vaccina A is a totally free 2D top down retro pixel tower defense/shooter hybrid. Gameplay consists of defending the CPU of your computer from viruses that swarm in from the edges of the screen. You can build and upgrade a wide array of towers and utility structure (like a “cleaner” that restores your HP).

There’s some excellent technical and design ideas here, unfortunately the implementation does not come up to scratch. The game was made with the godawful GameMaker Studio from Yoyogames. This is a terrible game construction kit and results in terrible quality games. The retro pixel art is entirely substandard and obsolete. Resolution and controls are locked, so the game falls below minimum standards for PC.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Vaccine A on Steam

Biomes: Survival Era

Biomes: Survival Era

biomes: Survival Era

is a top-down, sandbox, solo or 4-player-coop, open-world crafting survival game.

The first version will appear as a regular survival adventure in a map based on the biomes of North America.

You will fight against animals and also flee from them, as well as harvest plants and mine rocks in order to use their raw materials in the manufacture of new weapons, tools and clothing. Either alone or with your friends you can build houses and explore the wilderness.


  • survival mechanics like hunger and thirst

  • Crafting of items and equipment

  • Hunting animals and harvesting plants

  • Different biomes with their native animal and plant species

  • Character creation

  • New human character (last screenshot)

  • Day-Night-Cycle

  • Speed of players and animals based on the slope of the terrain

  • Grid-based building system with which you can easily connect buildings with one another

  • Two camera modes, static with a vertical view and dynamic with a 60-degree angle and obstacle detection

  • Leaves of Trees between character and camera are hidden so that your character always remains visible

  • Show and hide roofs in buildings

  • Multi-floor building system

Pre Release

As long as the game has not yet been released, videos will be published on my Youtube-Channel .

You can also join my Discord-Server to stay up to date, sometimes I am also looking for people to test new functions. Of course, you can also talk to like-minded people there and make new friends who might want to play with you.

Idea behind this game

The idea behind this game is that animals and plants only appear in their native biomes before humans have messed everything up, including species that have been extinct and exclusive, introduced new species by humans.


This game was and is being developed by a single person.

Biomes: Survival Era on Steam

Survive Into Night

Survive Into Night

Hello ! First of all I want to say that I love Retro Pixel games and this game has unique atmosphere, very big potential to become amazing game. I really like the concept and ideas which are used in this product. I hope it will be still developed and I can’t wait for more updates :) Best greetings for Genetix Studio. I wish you all the best during work on the production of this game !!! Very very big thanks for the key of the game and I love this mini game with flying pig :P ;) I can imagine it takes a lot of time to make a game like this and I appreciate the work and idea put into this game.I hope the game will develop in terms of story, new quests, crafting and maybe even base building. I wish you perseverance in the further work on this game.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

I got a key from the developer so thank you for letting me try your game.

I wanted to try this game because I enjoy top-down horror games like this, sometimes when I was playing I couldn’t pick up items for some reason took me a while to figure out how to get into my inventory but that’s just me i’m thick.

I went to the hospital but couldn’t find any trace of the person I was looking for but again maybe I wasn’t looking in the right place.

Overall I really liked it and gave me retro vibes of playing back in the 80’s and 90’s I made a video with no commentary just having a look at the gameplay.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Survive Into Night on Steam



A very cute and fun game!!

Reminds me of galaga, except it has it’s own unique and fun gameplay 3

Made by an awesome person who takes time and devotion to make his games the best!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Metori on Steam

Rustler (Grand Theft Horse)

Rustler (Grand Theft Horse)

one of those game thats basically 7/10. its very decent

Played on the hard difficulty, i belive the time i beat the game (all quest, all side mission, some unlockables ) i was abt 80%

theres some massive jank bugs that probably already adressed after i beat it, but one of the jank are the horse mission. it is a massive bitch when i played it. to the point i had to email the dev on what im saying.

Story humour probably could get better if theres some form of actual talking instead of just Sims blabbering.

Real player with 26.4 hrs in game

I am having a lot of fun with this game. It is relaxing at times and not frustrating at all. It is obvious where it is inspired from.

The graphics reminds me of shadow tactics. It is very pleasant to look at.

The sound in this game is relaxing. The birds and the nature ahhh. The music of the barde is very funny.

The combat is good but needs more work besides the bug fixing. I would like to see more fighting techniques, not just hit and block. I am enjoying it so far.

The humor in this game is spot on. I had moments when I laughed out loud.

Real player with 15.2 hrs in game

Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) on Steam

American Fugitive

American Fugitive

I remember before picking up American Fugitive that all it took was a mention of the development team being “ex-Timesplitters” to sell me on a first week buy. As a huge fan of that series, even if the the new game’s genre was a Casino simulator, I’d probably give it a chance. A few small touches of TS' supremely fun aesthetics might be lurking somewhere in the graphics or writing of this game but mostly none of Splitters' infectious humor or silly rebel spirit are found in any one location that I can accurately point out. What we are left with is an updated take on the early GTA games that unleashes its loaded magazine on farm country Americana. Is it any good? Eh, I had a lot of fun but don’t expect a perfect experience. It’s all about what you’re looking for when it comes to your enjoyment or hatred of American Fugitive.

Real player with 22.7 hrs in game

Man this game, It’s the weirdest game. Addictive yet mediocre. Enough to be entertained, but mundane and repetitive. Good enough to hook you but story is disappointing overall. This game is like the movie “The Room” constantly dancing the line between funny and just sad. TL;DR: 5.5/10



-Douche characters that are never redeemed. Refreshing in that GTA or Game of Thrones way that almost no character is secretly trying to do the right thing, or has a change of heart.

  • Choices. The choices in this game are pretty cool cause they can be so hilariously dry (and realistic to a degree). At one point one character asks you to go buy them donuts. You can just say “Hell no!” and they respond “ok” and then they wont give you missions for like an hour of gameplay. Or your wife shows up 2 thirds in the game (after leaving you) and she begs you to give up. You can answer with something like “F U!” and she disappears forever, never to be heard of again. These moments are utterly hilarious. But the choices are pretty intuitive and that’s cool.

Real player with 19.6 hrs in game

American Fugitive on Steam

Star Valor

Star Valor

  • Superb feel, responsive controls, pleasant visuals with a good use of color, and (mostly) intuitive UI. Nice physics model.

  • Transparent mechanics. If something on your ship isn’t working, you’ll know why.

  • Decent balance, especially for this stage of development.

  • Ship-building through component selection and upgrades is very satisfying.

  • Perfectly stable for me. No crashes, no lag, no freezes, nothing. The few bugs that do exist usually have workarounds. On this score, it’s already better in EA than most AAA games in full release.

Real player with 328.3 hrs in game

First off- this game is fantastic.

Addictive, even.

It fills a niche I’ve been dying to satisfy for ages; mining, fighting, trade, transport in a top-down space pilot sim.

Every ship has strengths, and weaknesses, as well as implicit faction stats. You can find ships with horrible, boat-ish mass but enormous storage and equipment capacities, you can find fighters deficient in those categories that more than make up for it in agility and handling, and anything in between. There are ships geared to transporting materials, warping between different sectors at much greater range, mining faster, extending stealth, increasing critical damage, increasing trade values, decreasing repair costs and so on. Every single deficiency you might encounter has some cure or other in the form of equipable components that alter almost any stat you can think of, or add special abilities such as cloaking, tractor beams, energy boosters, etc.

Real player with 302.3 hrs in game

Star Valor on Steam



0xFFBADD11: SYSTEM32 has been corrupted.

In this retro operating system simulation, eliminate invaders attempting to corrupt files. Gameplay involves switching between fast-paced bullet-hell action and use of a retro terminal in order to alter the battlefield, and your character.

  • Use the terminal to completely alter the battlefield and create endless customized weapons.

  • Computer memory is currency. Stack your upgrades by copying files, or free up memory by deleting them.

  • Deck out your PC as you loot and extract corrupted files from enemies to gain new weapons, armour, and abilities.

  • Themed for programmers and computer-science lovers, but accessible to all types of players.


SYSTEM32 on Steam