Polygon World VR

Polygon World VR

Polygon world VR will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an unusual low-poly style. With the visual composition and musical accompaniment, your consciousness will be completely relaxed by five minutes. The game gives you the opportunity to relax before, between or after other VR games or just relaxed after hard day.

#### Key Features

Gameplay - This game has many possibilities. You can: Fly like Superman, warm up muscles before training, overcome phobias, train with weapons, or just have fun. What will be the gameplay? One of those or you can find own?

Interact - In the game you can:

*Pick up staff like mug, knife, fork or weapon.

*Open doors.

*Climb on ladder, wall and balks.

*Much more coming soon.

Locations - Each location represents its own world or the era of that time. You will be able to penetrate the atmosphere of each era in just 10 minutes

Music - Every Location “world” has high quality music like on AAA games. Every location has more than 15 tracks. This track has specific atmosphere (Meditation, action adventure calming).

Visual - You gonna drop in on unusual low-poly style. There are no visual effects in our game that can cause discomfort for players.

What is the goal of Polygon World VR?


Who are the developers?

Just myself. This started off as a simple animal education project which I worked on as my portfolio. I only started learning to be as game dev or any IT branch. Now, after a 2019 Here we are!

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Polygon World VR on Steam

Two Coins

Two Coins

Two Coins is a time-traveling action adventure. You play as Richard, a guy with a completely normal life. He finds a magazine about forests and wilderness at work and is inspired to go on a forest trip.

“Richard walks for a while before it gets dark. Suddenly he falls into a cave and faints. When he wakes up he is confused and trying to find his way home again. Things seem different now. Very different.”

This is a single-player game where you can switch between first person or third person perspective. Survive by hunting, eating and drinking. Do tasks for people, contribute to the village, and even build your own temporary home. Perhaps the most important thing is to try to find the way back to the present again. If it’s even possible?

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Two Coins on Steam

Isles of Pangaea

Isles of Pangaea

Pretty unique little dinosaur simulator as it has some choices not usually found in dinosaur sims.

Isles of Pangaea has dinosaurs such as dimetrodon, sarcosuchos, archelon, and compsognathus…yup, that’s right, the tiny lizards from Jurassic Park: Lost World…few dino games offer this dinosaur to play with.

In fact, you start off the game with a choice of either Compsognathus or Pteranodon…or Archelon or Oviraptor…and you earn evolution points by eating (DO YOU GET POINTS BY KILLING)…

Real player with 29.8 hrs in game

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I have tried the other dinosaur games i have found on steam. Such as Saurian and prehistoric survivors. i don’t play multiplayer so i don’t know what those games are like. But if you want a single player dino game then get this one. Aquatic and flying dinosaurs are playable and you can be a stegosauras that alone is worth my money

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

Isles of Pangaea on Steam



An interesting take on an emulator… If the price doesn’t put you off.

I have only tried the Commodore 64 emulator so far. I like it, it gives a sense of depth to running programs with the models and sounds of the hardware there. It took a while to get used to the keyboard layout and I still haven’t found the £ mapping but otherwise it is smooth sailing. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there was a patch sometime in the not so distant future that addressed that (or I have to smash more buttons to find the pound sign :)). Joystick supported. I spent much more time with this thing than I thought I would and I gifted a copy to a friend who had one of these as a kid.

Real player with 41.4 hrs in game

I love this simulator, and it is definitely my favourite simulator/emulator that I have used.

Real player with 20.4 hrs in game

Breadbox on Steam

No Time

No Time

This game has so much possibility. It’s so much fun, with the free roam option, it makes the game even better. Personally, ive completed act 1 and 2, and when act 3 comes out… this game will be awesome!


  • Free roaming: Just the ability to free roam is just amazing. Other time travel games don’t (usually) have free roaming, which this game does.

*The Growth of Mankind: from 1750-present, the evolution of mankind is unbelievable.. you can go see how the town was, is, and will be!

*Seeing yourself: If you go to a date you’ve already been to, you can see the exact steps you’ve taken in that year. Just do NOT get too close!

Real player with 306.2 hrs in game

This game is really going to go far. It is a very interesting concept for a game! I love how the map changes when you time travel. You feel like you’re really time traveling! You can even see your past self reenact all of your actions! I accidentally left a Fusion Cell in 2014 and I saw myself leave them on the ground and I flew away to 1885! Very very addicting game. Especially with the hover conversion. It makes it a lot easier to time travel. I rate this 11/10. I wonder if someone will make a mod where it turns the DeLorean into the one from Back to the Future. And turn the Sir. Atom into a Mr. Fusion! If you’re a really intense Back to the Future fan like I am, this game is definitely the game for you.

Real player with 180.9 hrs in game

No Time on Steam

Jurassic Architect

Jurassic Architect

The earth has been deteriorating more and more for many years. The development of civilization has depleted most of the earth, and the sky no longer lets in as much sun as it used to. The only solution was to combine the forces of the world’s greatest powers and the construction of a portal that would allow humanity to once again move to the times of natural fertility. Unfortunately, not everyone can get there. First of all, it will be necessary to send appropriate groups of people who will build and secure the settlement in order to be able to attract more people to it over time.

When creating our settlement, we must remember to provide it with all the necessary resources. The areas from this era provide not only various rock deposits, but also ideal conditions for renewable energy sources or soil for numerous crops.

It is only up to you what kind of people you want to create a new civilization from. Qualified scientists, soldiers, mechanics, farmers - there is a job for everyone if you provide them with a roof over their heads.

This era provides plenty of essential resources, but the presence of dinosaurs is not always positive. Some of them can be harnessed to work in mining, others can be ridden or placed in arenas to the delight of the inhabitants, but you have to defend yourself against others, constantly strengthening the fortifications of your settlement.

Lead a group of colonizers and create a new civilization in the age of the dinosaurs. The fate of mankind depends only on you!

Jurassic Architect on Steam

Dodo Adventures

Dodo Adventures

Explore the past in VR - seek out and save some Dodo eggs, but beware of those eyes peering through the darkness. Somewhat educational, but also somewhat glitchy. Humans ruin everything.


Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Dodo Adventures on Steam



I’m writing this review after completing the game a few times. I’m playing StressOut on my Quest 2 thrugh VirtualDesktop on Steam with my 1080ti graphics card and I didn’t see any performance issues so far. The game runs smooth.

From a design perspective game is an smash up playground and I think it’s meant to relax and intrigue with unique mechanics. Even tho the game is in Early Access, I enjoyed fun mechanics like object manipulation that resembles a bit of Portal 2 and Garry’s gravity gun. It’s sooo satisfying wrecking havoc in VR.

Real player with 90.0 hrs in game

Break stuff and get rewarded for it in VR. Time constraints force toy to exert yourself quick as you absorb and shoot objects from your hand when you’re not just picking stuff up to smash other stuff


Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

StressOut on Steam



Build up!

This game focuses on the most enjoyable part of architecture - creativity.

If you have always wanted to feel like a chief architect of the project at a construction site, but do not want to deal with endless calculations and legal disputes, then you are welcome!

Play with friends!

The game is more fun in coop mode! Team up with friends to coordinate your actions and build together!

Variety of architecture

You will visit construction sites of 8 different eras:

  • Ancient Egypt

  • Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome

  • Ancient China

  • European Middle Ages

  • Baroque

  • Art nouveau

  • Constructivism

Each era contains a multitude of new architectural elements for construction. You can build unique historical buildings by combining them. Also each era brought other game mechanics as well. Discover all the architectural secrets to build your very own palace!


  • Travel through different eras and explore their cultural features through architecture

  • Flexible system for assessing the level progress. Find your own building style. You can be a professional microcontroller and strictly position workers to achieve the best result, or you can burn a budget for improved materials and bonuses for a guaranteed victory

  • Unlock new crafting recipes to create your own designs. Experiment and combine architectural elements of different styles

Buildest on Steam