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Choose one of 102 countries and guide character-driven national intelligence agency through rough seas of the Cold War. From Soviet KGB and American CIA, up to Israeli Mossad and British MI6, expect different approaches to grand strategy gameplay.


  • Espionage finally made as it should be

  • Precise modelling of views & ideologies

  • Direct links between causes and effects

  • System of geopolitically active actors

  • Emergent multipolar simulation

  • Operation plans, campaigns, and opportunities


  • Prioritize grand scale and leave micro to your operatives

  • Establish contacts, threaten, exploit, and trade

  • Manipulate public opinion, support and establish political factions

  • Launch coups and proxy wars, falsify casus belli

  • Hunt spies and terrorists, protect internal stability

  • Form alliances, prepare all-out attacks, break rules

  • Advise country leader on critical decisions such as military interventions


  • Nuclear race: first atom bombs, thermonuclear revolution, mutually assured destruction

  • Huge progress in technology, simulated in the game with Kuhn’s paradigm shifts

  • After-war poverty, civil wars, controversial past

  • Configurable balance between alternate history and determinism

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Espiocracy on Steam

The Fear Island

The Fear Island

this game fucking blows. i got it on sale for $2 and even that was too much

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

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A Confusing Attempt at Coop Horror

I look all over Steam for random / unknown Steam games to play. This was one of the chosen titles this week! If you’d rather watch than read, you can do so here:

[Thoughts and First Impressions]

I love coop games. It’s so nice to sit down with someone you like (or hate, depending on the game) and play a game where you have to work together to solve puzzles and get to your goal. It’s always fun, even when the game isn’t necessarily great if the puzzles are good then you can forgive a lot and get through it. This game is not that case. This game is a case of a neat idea that just failed on the execution.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

The Fear Island on Steam

Hello Neighbor Alpha 2

Hello Neighbor Alpha 2

Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 is great because you can go into the console and type lots of commands, such as the “summon” command, where you can summon any item that you want. Also, It’s the most realistic HN build (with final art), none of that roller coaster, mounted windmill, crazy contraptions thing, but a subtle house in the suburbs, which you can explore. This is a truly fun game build that let’s your imagination run wild with the summon feature and messing with the neighbor. No need to download a console mod for the game, because it comes with one! I like this build very much and I highly recommend you check it out and do what you feel like doing, Hello Neighbor doesn’t always have to be about getting into the neighbor’s basement.

Real player with 361.7 hrs in game

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Real player with 51.5 hrs in game

Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 on Steam

Creeping Darkness

Creeping Darkness

Is it worth 5$? Depends on who’s paying and who’s playing. Can it be WORTH 5$? I’d like to think so. Batteries, Painkillers, and Decisive Doors closing can really make it feel impossible to beat. I wish we had a little more guidance on where to go and potentially what to do even though you can kinda figure this out through trial and error.

Also, I made a video if you’re interested. ( .

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Creeping Darkness on Steam

Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha

Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha

While yes its a pre alpha and has lots of bugs, in my opinion it is what hello neighbor should have been, i mean the newer art style just isnt scary and it focuses more on the puzzle solving then the actual horror, i also love the fact that the house looks like a real house that doesnt have roller coasters or anything crazy like that it feels like your sneaking into a real home with a real person who learns things living inside it which i think really adds to the horror aspect, so i highly recommend this version as it feels a lot more like a horror game than it does a puzzle solver.

Real player with 57.3 hrs in game

What Hello Neighbor Should’ve been. This is the first build of Hello Neighbor. It’s buggy, broken, crashes constantly, is extremely hard, but is a masterpiece.

The atmosphere is insanely good. The game nails the creepy atmosphere. The music that plays when you enter the house/when the neighbor is close is enough to send chills down your spine. The game is straightforwards enough, find the correct items to unlock his basment. He sometimes patrols the house, but usually just watches TV. Give it a try, you won’t regret it. That is unless your game crashes and you lose all your progress. Happy breaking and entering!

Real player with 30.7 hrs in game

Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha on Steam

Snow Survival

Snow Survival

not to to bad, its not fully released so im sure it will improve much, if your for Survival games, then this will be fun for you.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

I will give a positive review to this game, because it ok, even if it has a few problems.

1. I got a few random crashes, but the only persistent crash was after dying and pressing the “Retry” button.

2. Another thing that i have noticed is that the “Triangular Foundation” and the “Wooden Wall” are reversed in the menu. So if you craft a triangular foundation when you try to place it on the ground is actually a wall.

3. I did also noticed that the enemies you take out, they respawn from the place that you killed them.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Snow Survival on Steam

I.G.I. Origins

I.G.I. Origins

Go deep into the origins of the Institute for Global Intelligence, re-imagining a pioneer of the tactical first-person shooter genre, the prequel to 2000’s Project I.G.I.

You are Michael King, codenamed Regent, an ex-SAS soldier, recruited by MI6 for covert, global missions to target an enemy with a world war in their sights. Armed with a sophisticated arsenal to divert, outsmart or wipe-out your adversaries, decide your approach; ghost-like espionage or heavy firefights. Twisted actions raise questions over the true enemy and harden your resolve against a shifting, hostile world.

I.G.I. Origins on Steam



Dread is first-person 4 player online co-op survival horror game. Explore haunted environments ranging from abandoned manors, the underground catacombs below Paris, abandoned schools and more in realistic detail. Investigate, find evidence and get out to get paid.. Or stay and figure out how to cleanse the location of the spirit. No two games are ever the same as each spirit has it’s own unique abilities. The locations change becoming more dangerously terrifying the longer you stay but the payouts are also greater.

Some locations allow you to roam outside of the haunted environments in safety and play a supportive role. Sometimes the safest play isn’t actually safe at all..

Realistic Terror: Dread was built from the ground up around realistic graphics and minimal user interface for full immersion. This will feel too real.

Interactive: Most things in the world of Dread are interact-able. Open everything in the search for clues. Leave no stone un-turned.

Cross platform: Dread allows VR and flat screen players to enjoy the game together.

Never the Same Game Twice: Locations change in different ways as the investigation intensifies. While poltergeists will throw things around more and more the angrier they get. A demon may reveal the grisly details of the location’s past.

Trust No One: Sometimes death isn’t the end. A spirit may decide to possess a victim instead of adding their soul to the location’s list of victims. A possession victim must eliminate the remaining investigators before they can escape.

Dread on Steam



spent 2 hours trying to get shit to work waste of money, really bad buy

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Good Game.

I like that you can pick up and destroy everything. :D

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

EscapeVr on Steam



In short - a quick and dirty ripp-off of The Long Dark - about 5% of the fun, it only deserves 5% of the price also.

Its only WASD - no directional key control remaping except for looking around…I don’t like or use WASD controls..also there is no strafing.

Made in Unreal engine with so many bugs I thought it initially must be a Unity game.

Very large single map (maybe too big?) - will take long time to get around. Graphics always popping in right in front of you. Nice looking environment but weather is terrible at best - its like someone turned on the snow or off again - its instant with no warning and too simplistic. My own game is far better than this.

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

Played enough to complete the main story, not really interested in the other game modes (Kill 20 bears in 24 hrs, survive 7 days -25 degrees Celsius) where it just feels empty. Visually, it look great, especially the high-res textures, which almost make the environment seem real enough. Once you go third person, you realize the dev is using a character model from one of their other games. Main character doesn’t look horrible, but definitely does not fit with the game, looks like the guy from The Division with that iconic jacket he wears lol. The survival aspect felt okay for a game this big. By the end was able to stay warm using the best animal pelt I had found. I really did not have much trouble at all with food or water, for it was everywhere, though by the end I started to worry about not being over-encumbered. Seeing the other games the devs have made, this one seems like their best one in my opinion, I suppose it captures the Turkish feel(never been there), and the high-res textures really made all the objects pop-out(the assets placed all over the world, I mean). Overall, for a small-time game, this is good for killing the time and enjoying the environment when there’s boredom in the real world. Edit: hope the devs can make a game better than this in the future.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

Erzurum on Steam