Incarnata: Dormant Stories

Incarnata: Dormant Stories

Incarnata is a text-based game where everything is procedurally generated: offering an incredible depth, within an infinite world.

Dive into this adventure simulation and become everything you decide to be. The game adapts and builds challenges, creates unique characters, places, and goals for you to weave your own story.

Gameplay depth

Will you aim for your enemy’s throat or maybe their left eye? Will the memory of this fight stop your character from sleeping tonight? Are you wearing enough layers of clothes to protect you from the cold? Create your own story by playing with an unprecedented level of depth.

Procedural everything

Everything in Incarnata is generated by a complex algorithm. The world, the items you find, but also the story you are going to live through. Love, Betrayal, Twists, and Challenges are all handled by an algorithm meant to always keep you on your toes.

Extremely moddable

About everything in the game can be changed. Play as a human in a medieval fantasy world, a cyber human in a dystopian future, a wild animal with godly powers. Anything you can think of, the game can be made to play.

As a modder, you are able to change the world the players will explore but also the very actions that are at their disposal. Incarnata works as the platform where your dream world will come to life.

Your custom-made content is incorporated within the procedural generation algorithm, allowing creators to be players in their own world.

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Incarnata: Dormant Stories on Steam

Franchise Hockey Manager 8

Franchise Hockey Manager 8

I like this game a lot. In my mind, this is the version of FHM that finally eclipses the last EHM that was released, even with the 1.5 beta enabled. It’s a bit buggy (ENABLE WEEKLY AUTO-SAVES!!!) and I’ve had a number of crashes, especially during the 2D sim portion of the game, but FHM 7 was patched up pretty quickly so I wouldn’t let that deter you from purchasing this game if you are a fan of the genre.

The budget system is a very nice addition, and I would imagine if you play in lower-revenue leagues, would present a different facet of gameplay in terms of balancing your scouting and development budgets. The new scouting reports are rife with information that can help you discern between a draft-day bust and a draft-day gem; I picked up a guy in the 7th round that had great mental stats that my scouts reported favorably on, and he ended up being rated as a 4.5 star potential guy after a season. Conversely, a guy I drafted in the second round has completely flopped down to a 2 star potential guy. Those are the kind of features that keep me immersed in a GM sim.

Real player with 157.4 hrs in game

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First let me stipulate that there is a lot to like about FHM8 and for someone who has supported the franchise since FHM1 but has more often than not been a harsh critic of past iterations, I am slowly being won over with this current effort. That’s not to say I believe it is a perfect 10, but for the first time I can clearly see that the evolution of this franchise is now showing the promise we all desire.

So to that end, if you are looking for a deep & engaging hockey fix, the plethora of gaming options provided by this game will be sure in some fashion to scratch that itch.

Real player with 137.2 hrs in game

Franchise Hockey Manager 8 on Steam

Warsim: The Realm of Aslona

Warsim: The Realm of Aslona

I LOVE THIS GAME! It’s excellent. Some fantastic ideas. Endless races to choose from or create. Build your kingdom up and conquer the world with hundreds of thousands of troops of various classes and types, upgrade your kingdom and build up the infrastructure, explore a rich and ever expanding world and then lose everything to the demon horde.

Responsive Dev, contant and regular updates. Gem of a game.


You know what, I didn’t do this game justice AT ALL with my review.

This game ticks SO many boxes for me :)

Real player with 682.1 hrs in game

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I think the single biggest problem with the game is the name: “Warsim”.

It sets itself up to be considered a possible grand strategy war simulator, while the actual army vs. army aspects are easily one of the weakest aspects of the current content. Wars, as they exist now, are just one list of troop names colliding with another list of troop names for a few turns. Fortunately, the game has so much else to do that’s fun and interesting, it’s very easy to forgive and forget this shortcoming.

The real core content and strength of the game are the large number of the different locations and activities you, as the Ruler of the Kingdom of Aslona, can discover and interact with. There are towns with dozens of different locations. A whole legion of different characters who will visit you in your throne room.

Real player with 110.8 hrs in game

Warsim: The Realm of Aslona on Steam



Trawel is an open world text adventure. What does that mean? It means that it’s a text adventure with a world filled with locations for you to explore, partly handmade, partly procedurally generated. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re looking for a romanticized, modern version of classic text adventures, look no further!

Explore a open world full of different locations, fighting various enemies while continuously looting them for better equipment.

Trawel on Steam

World Wide Hack

World Wide Hack

World Wide Hack is an MMO simulation game about realistic hacking and cybersecurity for the Web, PC, and Mac. You hack into the leaked system of QuanTech company and, with other hackers, reveal their secrets while exploring experimental open-world networks.

Manipulate corporations' and inhabitants' lives by hacking their computers, observe the consequences of your actions and decide if you want to protect or exploit this world.

Collect the most effective sets of hacking and security tools, gather assets, and improve your computer to hack others, control parts of the network, or create the best websites and tools which will help other hackers and make you rich! Work with others to make your experimental activities useful for your faction and lead with them the world in the right direction.

Find out how easily some can manipulate many and how powerful but dangerous control over the information can be…

The game is in early access, so please be aware that the game still requires lots of bug fixing, polishing, and content and mechanics of the game can change.

Key Features


Real-life hacking and security tools which are authentic yet modified to be fun and created with several options to strategize


Use your power to manipulate the life of the game characters and corporates, which have various problems and stories and, in the end, affect the world balance.


Engaging main story and mini-stories in quests bring the player new perspectives on world problems. Discover different views of two factions, finding unique pieces with every gameplay.


From the first contact with the QuanTech application, you are pulled into a realistic atmosphere of the corporate environment and their secret quantum experiments, where nothing breaks your immersion.


Full of puzzles in competitive and cooperative quests, playable in both multiplayer and solo-like gameplay with your decision of involving in PvP and area control fights


Experience living futuristic IT context emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity. Find yourself surrounded by other players passionate about technological progress and innovations, learning about the impact of technology on modern society.

Join our Discord community here:

World Wide Hack on Steam

MMA Simulator

MMA Simulator

Oh, boy. So far, very bare bones. But it has great potential. First of all, you need to be able to pick your fighters tactics so they can’t just do whatever they want. You need to make a fight plan mechanic otherwise there is no point in playing this game. There also needs to be a point system for the sub martial art category e.g.(jab, hook, armbar) instead of it all going up together the same, just because that’s dumb. There needs to be more organizations, and you need to be the one who decides when and where your fighters fight, not the organization. Because that’s dumb too. Once that stuff is done this game should be in business. I also made a character and the face I chose changed to a different on and the strength coordination and stamina were not at all what I chose. stamina was my high one instead of strength being it. And also they get up from the ground right away. That’s kinda weird. How can someone consistently stand up right away after getting taken down? After this stuff is fixed it should be a pretty good game.

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

This is an text-based MMA team manager that also provides simulations of matches. You pick a number of fighters to contract, accept or refuse fights and with the prize money you can upgrade the gym. The game shows promise and can be enjoyed by MMA fans in its current state, but there’s still bugs in it, such as the training schedule that keeps resetting if you switch between weeks. When I try to manage the contract of a fighter it says it’s signed in the future. Sometimes you get a note there’s mail, yet there’s nothing. Eventually you don’t even get fight announcements anymore. Hard sparring matches cost no stamina despite what the game claims. And so on…

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

MMA Simulator on Steam

Transporter Manager Tycoon

Transporter Manager Tycoon


The game is a continuation of Freight Simulator (which I have also played). Transporter Manager Tycoon is a management game, which allows you to expand your company to several branches and follow different paths, different than Freight Simulator where you only managed your transport company, you can now transform your company into a distributor or in a stock holding. Of course, I couldn’t miss the chance to play this game, after having played Freight Simulator.


Real player with 30.9 hrs in game

It’s funny how Steam (and life) works sometimes. I spent £42 on CK3 and hated it so much I had to ask for a refund which is something I can never remember doing. I then spent £7 something on this and I haven’t stopped playing since. Goes to show some of the cheaper games can be better, Of course it can be improved, it feels a little bit clunky and it’s not exactly realistic. Why should a manager have to fuel a truck halfway through a trip, surely the driver would? Then you can stop a trip halfway through and come back to it later. Not something you can do in real life! I think it would be nice if there was some kind of basic geography included so you had loads going to and from different geographic locations and you could warehouse goods at different places, swap trailers, etc to make it more realistic. Overall though I really like playing and I’d recommend a buy.

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

Transporter Manager Tycoon on Steam

Super Dango

Super Dango

Similar to Baba is you, but most the puzzles are not as tight and clever and many of the are based around a large number of rules instead of just getting you to think outside the box about a small number of rules. Many of the levels feel like more traditional puzzle game levels and have a large number of fixed rules and only a had full of accessible rules that you can interact with to get through some set of obstacles. But the game still has fun puzzles, even if they don’t feel as clever as Baba is you’s, and it has a easy to use level creator to play around with making your own levels. Also the simple automations and interactions create some different puzzles and have some good potential for creating more interesting puzzles.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Super Dango on Steam

Zafehouse: Diaries

Zafehouse: Diaries

For those who are willing to lose… a lot.

So…where to begin? For every game, it will have its pros and cons. For every player, it’s up to them to decide what a game’s pros and cons are. This review was made to (hopefully) make you decide whether you should buy this game or not. So without anymore delays, long and interesting sentences, long agonizing vocabulary words, and delays… Let’s start with the pros of the game!

Overall, this game is astounding, repetive, and challenging. This game is based on strategy and randomly generated scenarios (mostly RNG). Every desision you make can and will affect the situation your survivors have in any way possible. Whether choosing to inject yourself with a zombie “cure” (if you find it) or not, to let a little girl inside your safe house or not, or to kill one of your infected surviors or let them live in hopes of finding that cure (RNG could just straight out kill them if it wanted to). One of the best things about this game are the customization options. This game allows you to create your own survivors. Not only that, you can also customize and create your own occupations, locations, even gear! In my opinion, the best thing about this game is the idea of reading your survivors' story/diary. Whether they became trapped and met their awesome demise, or became one of the lucky ones who made it out of that dreaded city alive to tell the story. Now, I believe this game has the capabilities of being a best seller, however like every game, when there are pros, there are also cons.

Real player with 93.0 hrs in game

Played this game a lot when it first came out and in the early build it was just the hardest scenario. Not surprised it has a mixed reaction, as it’s a difficult game. Right from the start I love the look with the hand drawn notepad map and Polaroid pictures. It’s also cool that you can throw in pictures of people and locations you know and make it your own town. The sound is very good too and effective at putting you on edge. The game itself is overall pretty simple. You manage the different characters using pieces on the map. The goal is to move the pieces around to locations on the map to search and find things you will need to survive. Along the way you can choose a base and fortify it and upgrade any weapons/equipment you find. There is also a very rudimentary social aspect. Each character will have inherent biases (along with varying skill levels) and usually they will collide with other group members. If you are smart you can mostly ignore this by only grouping up people for tasks who are likely to get along and making your most volatile (or useless) member the base babysitter or solo lookout. You also get a few options to basically lie to the group about one person to boost their standing. I tend to save these in case I need them later, as you will also get frequent but random flavor scenarios that can really damper things depending on how you handle them. These are the best part and I wish there were more of them. I don’t want to spoil any but they will pop up as a text giving you a few options to chose from. The outcomes can be positive if the right choice is made but will usually require more risk. Some of them have no possible positive outcomes. String together a few of those in a row and the game can become seemingly unwinnable. That’s why you are seeing all the negative reviews. I have played enough to survive hardest difficulty with just one person after some bad rolls like that. It’s doable but understand the game is supposed to be challenging in that way.

Real player with 43.8 hrs in game

Zafehouse: Diaries on Steam

Fabled Lands

Fabled Lands

Fabled Lands is adaptation from the open world gamebook series of the same name, originally written in the 1990s.

If you are not familiar with the original books, what you can expect is a primarily text-based adventure in a medieval world in pen and paper style, accompanied by pretty illustrations and graphic UI. This isn’t your typical RPG game. There isn’t a single main story to follow, instead you explore the world and do whatever you please. Dice rolls determine the outcome of events, danger lurks around every corner, and your adventure only ends when you die permanently.

Real player with 58.9 hrs in game

Back in the 90’s in Germany Ravensburger released the first four of the Fabled Lands solitaire-RPG game books in German under the Trademark “Sagaland” (not the Board Game). Already the first book “Kampf um das Königreich” (“The War-Torn Kingdom”) got me deeply involved in the world of Harkuna and the mechanisms of the books. Although I already had known the Fighting Fantasy Classics game books like “Death Trap Dungeon” there was nothing like the “Fabled Lands”-Series.

Those books are outstanding and unique in every way: You could travel back and forth in the book itself, from book to book, buy ships and become a sea trading mechant, the books “remembered” you decisions and changes the world accordingly.

Real player with 28.9 hrs in game

Fabled Lands on Steam