Eclipse Horde

Eclipse Horde

“Craft or die” It’s up to you to decide.

Your streaming is always welcome!

Let’s survive in zombie world! You can cut trees and mine ores, plow the field, craft items.

For example, you can do the following.

  • Pick a stone to craft a stone knife.

  • Cut trees with a stone knife.

  • Craft a stone pickaxe from stones and wood.

  • Mine iron rocks to get iron ore and craft iron ingots by a forge.

  • Craft iron axes of iron ingots.

  • Beat zombies by iron axe.

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Eclipse Horde on Steam

Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions

Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions


KoA CotC short for “Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions” is a PVE/PVP Fantasy Survival Game with many “RPG” aspects.

In the “KoA CotC” world you start your journey as a Champion; a divine mortal, sculpted by the great Elder, to quell the corruption that has enveloped the land and its inhabitants. Different champions, also sculpted by the elder, have the same goal. Be aware, some might be friendly, some might be foes, you all have the same goal but even the strongest Champions can succumb to the darkness. An array of combat options will be available to your champion from melee, ranged and magic. Choose your “Faction” with care! Factions reside in specific villages around the CotC world and belong to different “realms”. Be warned champion! Your actions in these realms will follow you and might effect your destiny.

Your aspiration, since arriving in this world, was to cleanse the darkness and vanquish those responsible for it….the Fallen. These divine guardians, once beloved and cherished by all of Atham, unearthed the Crown of the Champion; an ancient divine artifact that balances the light and the darkness in all living things.

The conflict between the guardians originated over control of the crown and lead to a split in their ranks. One that wanted to preserve Atham as is; the other that wanted to dominate it. As the battle between the adversaries raged it enveloped the known world. Giant shadows were observed on the horizon, the echoed sounds of shattered mountains reverberated through the realms and violent tremors reduced civilizations to rubble. The final engagement between the two factions lead to the shattering of the crown and the apocalyptic release of energy that reforged the Guardians into calous power mongers. Blinded to their original belief of maintaining balance amongst all things they transformed into tyrannical desbots. Their malice, brutality, and oppression altered the very nature of Atham.

The moment the Crown shattered every creature experienced and was changed by it. This was followed by 5 mysterious objects that fell from the heavens and impacted the world with such force that it created fissures across the realms. Following the “Sundering” despair invaded the hearts and minds of the people as an unnatural propagation of twisted creatures ravaged the lands searching for those remnants of the Crown. Inevitably this lead to a new conflict, the Divine War, and it has raged on for almost 400 years.

Your goal, Champion is to find the remnants of the Crown and restore balance to Atham. Build your fortress, find allies and save the realms. Crafting and fighting your way to honor and glory. The Darkness is your worst enemy; the Light … a lost friend.

We plan to add these features in the full release many are already existing in game.

-Building (make a small house, village or town).

-Complex Crafting (farming and fishing included).

-Towns with merchants and guards (Faction based).

-Party & Guild system.

-Impressive enemies of all kinds.

-Special companion to follow you around the world.

-Combat: melee, ranged, magical and underwater combat scenarios.

-Reputation aspect where your choice will impact your game play.

-Dedicated servers for rent to make your own rules and world.

-Three different races with bonuses to specific classes.

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Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions on Steam

Lab Craft Survival

Lab Craft Survival

This is a difficult survival sandbox game that doesn’t hold your hand. If you like figuring things out yourself and discovering hidden game mechanics, you’ll enjoy this game. If you don’t have a high tolerance for failing though, you might find the game frustrating.

It’s definitely rough around the edges with several bugs and translation errors, and updates have been non-existent. If you’re looking for polish in a game, you won’t find it here, although overall I found it enjoyable.

Real player with 80.0 hrs in game

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An interesting game, a simple but addictive indie toy to use the skills of adaptation in an unknown environment. Top for your money

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

Lab Craft Survival on Steam

Dig or Die

Dig or Die

I bought this game because, as anybody with eyes can see, it’s very similar (outwardly, at least) to Terraria.

Does it play like Terraria? Well… kind of.

The main thing that drew me to this game is actually, now, one of my biggest complaints with it: the building mechanics.

The building mechanics are terrible. It’s not worth even attempting to build any long-term structures until you have the strongest possible blocks and, even then, if you’re not playing on the Peaceful difficulty there’s every chance that it will be leveled during the night by the waves of enemies that come pouring in.

Real player with 40.1 hrs in game


Dig Or Die (DoD) is a 2D open-world survival game set in the far future, on an alien planet. Players impersonate employees of Craft&Co., an interplanetary building firm, that became stranded after a spaceship crash. Starting only with a few essential tools, you’ll have to scavenge materials to build a base, craft more advanced technologies and fight the local creatures with the ultimate goal of building a rocket to escape the planet.

🟩 Pros

  • Satisfying gameplay that merges sandbox exploration, tower defense and building simulation.

Real player with 36.0 hrs in game

Dig or Die on Steam

Undead Development 2

Undead Development 2

In Undead Development 2 you will be challenged in a dynamic world to survive against hordes of undead. Loot is immediately useful and not too hard to come by. If you die in the open world your loot will be at risk. Retreat to your safehouse to safely store your items and take them out again after a failed run. Survive long enough in the open world and be evacuated to the only survivor’s city or remain for an endless challenge.

Dynamic Nailing

Undead Development has a dynamic nailing system that allows you to nail any object to another. Board up an open doorway to slow down the undead, nail an axe to your rifle, or see what happens when you nail a bear trap to the end of a baseball bat. Use your own creativity to come up with unique ways of fending off the undead.


  • Scavenge for randomized loot from levels across a variety of regions.

  • Build a base anywhere using your surroundings to fortify your perimeter.

  • Freely explore between self-contained levels.

  • Retreat to your safehouse to store loot safely for future runs.

  • Survive until evacuation or continue for an endless challenge.

  • Additional “Free Play” mode lets you control the pace of the game or focus solely on building.


  • Play on dedicated servers with hosting control.

  • Easily setup private or public games to play with friends.

  • Accessible server browser to find the lobby that fits your playstyle.

Play in VR or with a mouse and keyboard

  • UD can now be experienced without the use of VR equipment.

Undead Development 2 on Steam

Winter Warfare: Survival

Winter Warfare: Survival

Played for 3 hours straight, this one is really for the hardcore survival player, i like it alot! Has a lot of potential!

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Loved this game! Only came out today and didnt play much but from what i saw i loved it. Gonna play more tonight to explore the game better and try and get to the end (which i didnt still)

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Winter Warfare: Survival on Steam



I don’t write reviews…often. However, after more than 450 hours of enjoyment, with no end in sight, this deserves my valuable time…and yours. My favorite game of all time, prior to this, was Minecraft. I love the Survival genre. When I first saw this game, I doubted it could live up to the claims, the screenshots, and the videos. I was wrong, it does, in spades! Enough vague praise, let’s talk about why.

Basic Gameplay: I enjoy Surviving, and this game drops you on an Yland, in your underwear! Fortunately, I’ve yet to encounter a Bear, Wolf, or Puma at spawn, but I’ve rarely survived the first day without being mauled…entirely my fault, throwing caution to the wind (which sounds awe-inspiring, I might add), I explore over hills and around bends with abandon. Crafting is intuitive, with searchable help available. This is particularly useful for my absent-mindedness. I sometimes forget to put on my pants after respawn, true story. Starting out is tough, but respawning drops all of your hard-earned Survivalism next to a Gravestone. If it stopped at Survival, I’d still like it…it does not stop there. Make a boat, sail to a new island, be Magellan! If you are so inclined, you can build houses, fortresses, castles, and LITERALLY anything your brain can think up! There are even cars, yes cars! I’ve yet to get into that though, to be honest. Create your utopia, explore, build a ship, go underground, this is a world with possibilities limited by little more than your imagination!

Real player with 599.9 hrs in game

Okay, I guess I am ready to write a review for this after 204 hours play time.

Well, It’s very addictive and fun at first but when you finished crafting everything it gets really bored. A lot of players just quit after joining your server. The map is really big though, exploration mode allows you to travel to different islands but in a sense that those island are basically almost the same. So, its like finding the same island over and over again.

Flying Pack allows you to just flying around the area freely. With it you can just explore the map in 5 minutes without any hassle. Pretty much killing the game. Building charging station is pretty useless too, cost 30 ylandium but the only thing that need charging is the drill. Maybe flying pack needs to be recharge too? I guess that was the plan in the future.

Real player with 431.1 hrs in game

Ylands on Steam

Anima Forest

Anima Forest

at least it’s a good start. please keep improving it.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

This game is probably going to be really good when it is finished, So far, while the game is difficult, it is really fun. The art style and different enemies are very unique and are different from other survival games I have played. Now knowing that the game is still in early access, there are a few things I would change. First, adding wasd controls would make the game a lot easier to control. Secondly, I think the days should be longer. The amount of time in the day is not enough to make food, gather materials, and set up a wall. Overall though, for a dollar, this game is really good and I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a unique survival game with a good challenge to it. (also if you like animals)

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Anima Forest on Steam

Computer Physics Simulator 2020

Computer Physics Simulator 2020

wish it could be playable for some entertainment value

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

i cant even play because added the best graphics so my computer cant work its super lagi on my computer can you please lower the graphics please

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Computer Physics Simulator 2020 on Steam

Deep Despair 2

Deep Despair 2

A game with good atmosphere, a nice amount of content, a surprising amount of horror elements, and all at a good price. Its a good game.

After looking at the reviews of the first Deep Despair, it appears that in this installment, every issue and problem people had with the first game has been fixed, along with improvements to every aspect of the game. Also I like how the deeper you go, the more monster types appear

Real player with 21.8 hrs in game

I want to like this, but I’ve already had a game breaking bug. I equipped a torch for the first time, went down a ladder for the first time and that was all she wrote. I got the “Mines” text and the game hung permanently. I tabbed out and closed it, reloaded and the “Loading world” screen hung indefinitely. SO that world is broken, and is now useless. We’ll see what happens in the next .8 hours before I have to make a refund decision :(


New world made and attempted to recreate the issue. The game DOES take a long time to load mines, so don’t think it will be an instant transition when you go down the ladder. This time it finished loading and the game did not freeze. I tried leaving and re-entering several times and with the exception of less loading time, there was no change and it worked fine. I DID go back to the original world and let it load for a half hour but it remains broken and unusable. Second world seems to be behaving as desired so far.

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Deep Despair 2 on Steam