Slave RPG

Slave RPG

A fun game with a unique look. You start with a big debt and have to earn your freedom by earning money through various methods. Like mining or fighting in an arena or looting ruined cities. It mixes sci-fi with fantasy. For instance you can be playing as an orc and fighting a robot. It’s a game I very much recommend.

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

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Love this game. The basic premise of this game is you play as a slave and you need to fight to work off your debt while learning about what happened to you. Now you can level up, you can fight mutated beings, attack npcs (with a perk) and more but It needs a lot more content I am 3 hours into the game and its starting to look like I am almost done with the second tier of arena and just need to find out where I came from there are no other arenas no crazy quests(that I have found) its just kind of there. If the devs decide to come back some day what I hope they add is-

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Slave RPG on Steam

Star Traders: Frontiers

Star Traders: Frontiers

Ok, I have been on Steam for 10+ years. I have purchased probably about a hundred games during this time. This is the first time I write a steam review for the game, which by itself might tell you something… :)

TLDR: This game is really amazing. Assuming of course that you enjoy turn-based combat and very deep strategy games.

Now, turn-based strategies (and RPGs) have always been my two favorite genres in computer games, and I’ve played majority of the most well known titles in these genre over the last two decades. Star Traders is not the best game in this genre. But it is one of the top 5, in my opinion. Of all times.

Real player with 506.5 hrs in game

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Star Traders is an engrossing and highly detailed sandbox simulator that’s grabbed my attention in the same way that the original version of Sid Meier’s Pirates did back in the 80s, when I was still playing on the C64. This is a slow-paced game with an emphasis on planning and crew management, and really sells the feeling of having to manage a complicated starship with lots of interacting systems. It’s a constant exercise in balancing different priorities. I can pay this game a high compliment in saying that in the course of just a few hours, I usually find myself making several dozen difficult and meaningful decisions that require a lot of thought – and then I can clearly see how the consequences of those decisions play out over time.

Real player with 249.3 hrs in game

Star Traders: Frontiers on Steam

3dSen VR

3dSen VR



my mind has been blown. im surprised at how little attention this has. as of now product is 2% positive reviews away from “overwhelmingly positive” and rightfully so (i hope it makes it there c:). First off i would like to emphasize that this is not a game but an emulator. A very very nice emulator on steroids. i would akin it more as software that you use to run other games. 3Dsen does not come with these games but it will greatly enhance them if you download the games (via a simple google search) and run them with 3Dsen. their very easy to download if i want super mario bro 3 i just google “super mario bro 3 nes download” and boom there it is.

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

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3DSENVR breathes new life into old classics. Duck Hunt makes for a respectable target shooter in VR. That’s right: Duck Hunt… a game that came out in 1984… is a FUN VR GAME now.

Even stuff that kind of sucked… at the time it came out… is now modernized into a total blast to play: A 1983 Pinball game I otherwise wouldn’t have given ANY thought to as an 8-year-old kid is freaking MAGICAL now. To be clear: I had ZERO nostalgic feelings for that title… but now it’s one of my favorite 3DSENVR games.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

3dSen VR on Steam



I like It! Still very early but has great promise! TRY THE DEMO FIRST FOR COMPATABILITY ISSUES!!!

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

Has been abandoned for at least two years at the time of writing this. Avoid like the plague.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Dungeoncraft on Steam

Age of Fear: The Undead King GOLD

Age of Fear: The Undead King GOLD

Very well crafted game, especially for a small indie dev. While this has elements of a fantasy rpg (spellcasting units, magical items, fighting “monsters”, etc.) it is an excellent turn-based tactics game. Each of the factions that you can play feels unique and requires different tactics to win battles. The stories can be hit and miss, sometimes they are funny and compelling, other times just ho-hum, but that is par for the course in even AAA games from my experience. Possibly the most impressive thing of all is the prompt, thoughtful replies that the dev, Les, provides to questions and comments on the discussion board. I bought the whole works in their “Stay at Home” bundle for about $20 and I have had more fun with this game than many titles I have bought for 2-3X as much and I still have plenty of content left to explore. GREAT WORK!!! Support indie games–buy this now!

Real player with 415.4 hrs in game

Never judge a book by its cover. I was very surprised when found this diamond among many of indie-games. Nice design is pleasing to the eyes, great music, very nice story line, which is voiced in the form of a fantasy story - all that are creates the atmosphere of the game, that very addictive and don’t let you go. Very nice Turn-based fights like Heroes or Kings Bounty series. You can proceed main story or play random fights to raise your hero and troops. HUGE amount of artifacts and items. Random encounters with rewards and traps. If you like hardcore you can choose “Death Seeker” difficulty, that gives a huge challenge to every experienced player. You even can choose option “Items for troops” and gear them with artefacts, that can break difficulty but also can give a new experience for playing.

Real player with 124.2 hrs in game

Age of Fear: The Undead King GOLD on Steam



Been playing a few days now and its getting more interesting each time i play, not found any major bugs or game breaking bugs, just one thing that might need changing is when you eventually get killed you gota start again, theres no load game screen once you die so you need to go through the start again creating a character, maybe on that screen you can put a load game , but apart from that its great.

Real player with 10.7 hrs in game

I love this game . but it is a terrarium for bugs so i cannot recommend it

Real player with 10.7 hrs in game

Birthright on Steam

Deadwater Saloon

Deadwater Saloon

Create Your Character

Playing as a rich and dynamic character in the old west, you will be able to fully customize your attributes to fit your playstyle, such as Mixology, Seduction, and Sneakiness. You will manage your life as well as your saloon, such as maintaining your reputation and getting married. You will struggle with the effects of disease, aging, sanity, and addictions.

Form Relationships

Provide travellers with a distinct drink parlour, gaining legendary stories to regale and build your legend. Interact with townspeople as they populate the town, forging friendships with blacksmiths, sheriffs, and preachers, romance prospective partners, or blackmail, abduct, and murder those who threaten you.


Build your saloon from the ground up. Expand the walls, build bordellos, opium dens, high stakes gambling rooms, and railed porches. Buy and place spittoons, tables, chairs, handcrafted bars, pianos, chandeliers, and diamond dust mirrors.


Thrive within a complex economy system, stockpiling booze, food, guns, and opium. Research a diverse array of drinks and foods to serve customers. Hire and manage staff from within the town populace, including barkeeps, cooks, servers, prostitutes, croupiers, pianists and bouncers. Help them reach their full potential, or fire and replace them with those more skilled.

Hundreds of Events

Face the forces of nature, meddlesome customers, firebrand Preachers, rival outlaw gangs, and much more. At some point, you will be tested by stronger and more formidable nemesis in longer event chains. Whatever you choose, you will face the consequences of your choices. The frontier is an unforgiving place.

Deadwater Saloon on Steam

Grand Attrition

Grand Attrition

Okay, I’m not a big review writer but I found this game and thought I’d give it a go.

Things I liked:

Over all this isn’t too bad for a cheap indie game. All of the units (Normal, special, or otherwise) are actually unique with their own functions and purposes, which was rather nice. Map size goes from small to rather absurdly large. Honestly most of the standard stuff is par for the course but the things I really enjoyed are the Side-grades, the forts, the special units, and most importantly, the Talents. The side grades are all just that, sidegrades, they really change up how you can tackle a game and once I figured out that I could do that to the unit spawning buildings it really helped. The forts are these “Structures that contain “loot” that can be very beneficial for the rest of your current run. Then the special units, Some of them are spawnable units that cost a lot of resources but they all do different things aside from just attacking whats ever in front of them. Then you have the non-spawnable units which are also strange and fun to use. Finally the talents, I really love the talents in this game and it’s one of the main reasons I keep playing. They are a ton of fun to use and can really change up how you play a game. Furthermore, none of them feel particularly jarring or like you are supposed to have them. My favorite two are Explosive when touched and conversion blossom. My computer hates it but its great to watch unfold at higher difficulties.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Fun free-form strategy game that doesn’t lock you into one form of playing the game. A good way to pass the time with plenty of features to experiment with. The game has great potential and plenty of room for improvisation and improvement.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

Grand Attrition on Steam

Out of the Park Baseball 22

Out of the Park Baseball 22

I have been playing OOTP off and on since it was in single digits. I have a love/hate relationship with this game. So, let’s talk about this dysfunctional relationship a bit.

First, how do I play? I am only interested in GM with slight manager touches - typically, setting lineups and pitching roles, and team strategies - because the AI is atrocious at this, but I hardly ever manage or watch a game. I just sim sim sim. For me, I like to do the majors with fictional players, or a full redraft of real players and go from there.

Real player with 2341.3 hrs in game

I didn’t want to buy this game at first, given Out of the Pockets’s complete and total greed with their Perfect Team system. However, OOTP came out with some nice updated graphics, a cool new tournament system (Perfect Draft), and made promises to fix one of the largest and most glaring flaws with the Perfect Team system : live players being trash tier in comparison to pretty much every single historical equivalent.

Okay, so…how’d they do?

Graphics : Are updated. But, now, it is clearly noticable that the attendance, no matter the era you play in, is full of cardboard cutouts. Literally. Your in-stadium audience is a bunch of flat, lifeless sprites. Now, I don’t know if this is a graphics option you can turn off or not, I have yet to look. If it isn’t….100% fail. Sorry.

Real player with 1662.4 hrs in game

Out of the Park Baseball 22 on Steam

Political Arena

Political Arena

POLITICAL ARENA is a one-of-a-kind strategy/sim about American power. Seek fame or infamy in a fully simulated political world, complete with high stakes campaign strategizing, backroom deals, scandals, special interests, and the press. Be the politician of your dreams (or nightmares).

Run a top-notch campaign by leveraging Political Arena’s real world data. Learn what issues drive your constituents to the ballot box, scrutinize the latest polls, and analyze the unique demographics of every congressional district.

Political Arena on Steam