Voxel Printer

Voxel Printer

Voxel Printer is the voxel art crafting game similar to Minecraft that up to 12 players compete with building cubes.

Create a your work that fits topic within the time given.

There is a voting for the best work after the round is over.

The work with the most votes wins the game.

You can also extract your work as an FBX file.

And please use your masterpiece in several places.

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Voxel Printer on Steam

Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Under the Sea

“All that glistens are not gold.” by this phrase we mean watch out!

In the deep sea where any light is gold for survival, we need to be quick and know how to differentiate what is food and what is the enemy!

Under the Sea is a 3D survival mini game based on time attack, race against time to survive, collect the lights and gain time to live in a world full of enemies.

Steam version:

  • Time Attack Mode

  • Achievments

It’s a brazilian indie game created thinking about a easy under water game simulator.

To move use the WASD keys, to move up and down use the Arrows Keys Up and Down.

Thanks for playing!

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Rodrigo Antunes - @roddykan (Twitter)

Pedro Zisman - @pedro_zisman (Instagram)

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Under the Sea on Steam