Castaway Paradise - live among the animals

Castaway Paradise - live among the animals

I’ve had my eye on this game for a while, given it’s so much like Animal Crossing. In fact, that’s what people are constantly comparing it to. I was excited to get it on sale for like five bucks, but…that excitement didn’t last long. I had most of the island unlocked within a day of playing, and after that, things get very repetitive.


  • It is a lot like Animal Crossing, which is nice because it’s a familiar gameplay mechanic. You run errands for the other villagers (quests,) catch bugs and fish to sell (or donate to the local museum,) and scavenge fruit and washed-up shells.

Real player with 31.6 hrs in game

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Pretty fun and addicting.. being a fan of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon games I’m thrilled to see a game like this come to PC.

The game has room for improvement, yes, and it may not be everybodies ‘thing’ but I’ve been hard-pressed to pull myself away from it.

There’s something about Facebook and Mobile games (not calling this game one) that I like;

sounds weird but I always liked the ‘feel’ to them, but at the same time I hated the microtransactions.

So this game is perfect for me because it has that feel but without me needing to worry about spending any (extra) money haha.

Real player with 22.8 hrs in game

Castaway Paradise - live among the animals on Steam

It’s time this school faced a revolution - only chaos shall rule!

Play quick 5 minute rounds with 6-10 players online as you try to make the greatest mess ever seen - but keep an eye out for teachers… and don’t forget to frame Timothy for it - you don’t want to end up stuck in detention.

With 2D action sandbox gameplay & a fully-fledged map editor, you can throw, push, smash, break, spill, splash, shoot, dump, ride… this list of verbs just keeps going! Discover cool interactions like spraying deodorant over a fire - you can create your own prank strategies in a multitude of different maps!

  • Win by creating as much chaos as possible before the timer runs out!

  • Work together with other students to trick the teachers and avoid being caught

  • Frame other students to get teachers in trouble with the kids' parents

  • Experiment with tons of items in different maps and create your own strategies

  • Win by keeping chaos in check until the timer runs out!

  • Investigate the map to discover all the mess caused by students

  • Uncover the culprit of a prank and send them straight to detention

  • Get it wrong and you’ll have a thing or two to explain to Mr. and Mrs. Timothy

  • Rich sandbox system allowing for really cool gameplay interactions

  • Pick from hundreds of hairs, hats, accessories and even… body parts?!?

  • Play in a multitude of official maps, from normal schools to… not-normal schools!

  • Create your own maps and share them with the community, friends or neither

  • Automatic matchmaking, in-game chat, custom lobbies & other essential features

  • Cross-platform play between PC and huuuh… PC(web) and Android/IOS(soon)!

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Perfectly Balanced

Perfectly Balanced

Although very simple, the game’s proposal is very solid “Distribute the weights in the remaining blocks”. It was a longer game play than I expected, but it was a plus for me as the game has a window mode so I just played casually while doing other things.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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A interesting game with a clean art and good sound, the concept of this reaaly caught my attention

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Perfectly Balanced on Steam