Stream Skate

Stream Skate

this game changed my life for the better

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

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As others have said: It’s extremely glitchy, the controls are cumbersome a lot of times, and I ended up flying through walls more often than skating on them.

The premise of the game is really intriguing, and I would like to see this game in a more complete state, but as of right now it is virtually unplayable, unless you enjoy breaking games.

An example of glitches, besides flying through walls: You can die in the pause menu, you can manipulate your dead character in the pause menu, you can die while still paused after dying while manipulating your character in the pause menu. You can fly through floors that are solid on the top surface but not on the bottom surface.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Stream Skate on Steam



Absolutely life changing. My life has completely been changed by this wonderful game. Nothing can part me from this game anymore, my life is this game. I am in a deep relation with this game and i cannot escape it. Thank you pee war…..

Real player with 56.7 hrs in game

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this the best game i have ever played. since the time i started up the game and destroyed the battle ship was aboslutely fantastic. please make more games like this.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

PEE WAR! on Steam

Poly Racing

Poly Racing

Well thought out game (not) that deserves your 5 dollars. It is a great game for messing around and inspiring is the fact that it was created by one person who is, mind you, an idiot.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

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Poly Racing on Steam

Kitchen Simulator 2

Kitchen Simulator 2

(Got this game for free via dev submission to SteadyGiveaways. Thanks!)

Trailer makes it look good, gameplay gets boring and fast!

Kitchen Simulator 2 is a simple game about gathering food and serving it up…not exactly cooking stuff. Some people want pizzas, others want half avacados, and some idiots want a single carrot slice….though the biggest idiots already have food on their plates even if it’s something they’re asking for.

If there’s something this game gets right is that the food looks great. Handling the food and all other models, however, look pretty bland or buggy. There’s also LAN support, but why bother when you don’t even have LAN multiplayer? This game basically has 10-15 minutes of gameplay before it spits you out at the main menu as if you hit the ESC button, which gives you the same result.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

ok but what the actual fuck is this game??? it must be some type of woman thing but i cannot wrap my skull around this game, some of the items i think have been made up. wtf is a long muffin how can a muffin be long and where the fuck do i find it? what is the difference between french bread and normal bread how the fuck am i meant to serve you the correct origin bread that looks no different to japanese bread? i can grab the food just as well as Jimmy Savile can grab a child. there is no consequence if you miss a customer and i dont actually know the point as there is no scoring system and after the day ends it puts you back to the main menu. other than that id say 10/10 i would def recommend to a friend and i hope to learn all sorts of interesting facts about food prep and what its like in the kitchen. i would also like to state that Gordon Ramsay has been awfully quiet about the release of this game as i think all his fans would move to this far superior teaching method. i hope to obtain all the knowledge i possibly can from this game so i dont have to rely on my disobedient wife to make me shitty burnt scrambled eggs every fucking day. i hope you found this review helpful 👍

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Kitchen Simulator 2 on Steam

蚂蚁模拟器(Ant simulator)

蚂蚁模拟器(Ant simulator)

I can’t get enough of it, great game

Real player with 21.3 hrs in game

Ant simulator is more than just a game. It explores what it means to be human… ironically by being an ant. It takes the monotony of day to day life and encompasses it into the simplicity of what it means to be a simple creature. Were all much like this ant, following this shit log tree to fantasy destinations until the end and the whole time you’re asking yourself; whats the point? the point is to keep going! experience and live! Be an ant! That’s what ant simulator means to me. Its really an art form and i recommend that if youre here reading this review you should play.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

蚂蚁模拟器(Ant simulator) on Steam

Smuggler Simulator

Smuggler Simulator

Life at the border crossing is like a lottery - I never know what the next day will bring. People want to move all kinds of goods, and I help them. I love this job.

I fail sometimes, but I know how much people are willing to pay for shifting goods. The rangers are becoming more and more vigilant, so my ideas need to be more and more … creative.

But this adrenaline rush during the implementation of my plan … This joy when I manage to outsmart the border guards … You have to find out for yourself!

Key features:

  • Open world 3D puzzle game!

  • Immersive and realistic FPP experience of being smuggler!

  • Procedurally generated content and missions!

  • Advanced crafting and tools upgrades!

Smuggler Simulator on Steam

Saints and Sinners

Saints and Sinners

great game!

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Saints and Sinners is a game heavily inspired by Among Us.

You start with a maximum of 8 people, most are saints but 1 or more play as sinners.

Saints get a task list that they should complete but they also need to work together and try to figure out who the sinner is.

Sinners need to act like they do the tasks, win trust and brutally slaughter the poor saints one by one when nobody is watching them.

You communicate with each other through the in-game chat or voice chat and you can share your suspicions at any moment of the game.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Saints and Sinners on Steam

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Become World’s Best

Stunt Coordintor

Create spectacular and unforgetable Film Stunt Scenes - Direct action sequences, set Cameras, Edit and Add VFX Effects, Explosions and… ACTION!

“As a cinematic director or VFX supervisor I’ve had a pleasure to work with talented Stunt Crews. I’ve had my share of “stunts” and I’ve seen how hard this work is. All the best to Stunt Crews and Action Sequences Creators around the World. Special thanks to Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton."



  • Career Mode - plan Film Scenes like a professional Stunt Coordinator!

  • Film Set - work on almost real Film Set as a Stunts Star and a Veteran!

  • Puzzles - find a way and solve puzzles to create unforgetable Movie Scenes!

  • Collect - souvenirs from movies You have completed - vehicles, posters and other collectibles!

  • Sandbox - test and play Your own ideas for movie stunts!

  • Blockbuster visual and sound effects!

  • Steam Achivements - there is a lot to achive in a stunt world!

-Realistic physics and simulations!

  • Amazing and diverse Soundtrack!

More information coming soon.

Wishlist and Share and see You on the Set!

Stunt Coordinator on Steam

Bike Messenger

Bike Messenger

Bike Messenger lets you hop right into a big city and ride through it on your bike. Deliver packages to clients, find your way through the dense traffic, and from time to time be the only one on the street observing an amazing sunrise!

Your main objective is to deliver various packages. Sometimes it’s just food or regular items from shops. But beware! Some clients look shady and you can just imagine what’s in the box. Will you take this job? Decide for yourself…

The game is all about finding the best route through the traffic. You can take a slow pace and admire the views but you will be rewarded for reaching a destination point as fast as possible.

Customize your bike as you want. Repair the old one, buy the most expensive new bike, or just go with the budget one. You can replace parts, change colors, and make the bike reflect your own personality.

Bike Messenger on Steam



Switchcars is amazing. It’s fun, has an interesting concept, and with the new update, you can let your imagination run wild and create any car you want. I recommend taking a look at the tutorial for creating cars though, because when you got that down, you’ll never want to stop making cars.

Playing the run mode is adrenaline inducing and addictive. You have to travel right as far and as fast as you can before the aliens catch up and try to kill you. It makes you use strategies and tactics, from fleeing with an airplane to blowing them up into a million pieces with a tank. The game also has 1000+ vehicles to collect (and that’s before mods) and multiple game modes, such as the run, hardcore, free ride, and the newly introduced rally mode, which requires you to travel as far as you can from the start with a time limit. Don’t worry, you have 3 tries to get as far as you can. :)

Real player with 379.6 hrs in game

Steam recommended this game on release day so I checked out the videos and it looked interesting. Over the course of the next week I watched a few let’s plays which looked better and better, and saw how active the dev is with answering questions - you can see the guy’s passion for this game, and he alludes to some really cool future features.

Realizing this is early access, I am having a TON of fun with this game. After splattering my head a number of times during the first hour, I find the game is pretty easy to learn. Once you understand the controls it’s a matter of experimenting with the mechanics to optimize your game play, but I feel like mastering this game still takes long enough to keep you coming back.

Real player with 134.0 hrs in game

Switchcars on Steam