Great game if you used to enjoy making marble tracks as a kid, there’s a good amount of variety in the part types and the physics are fun to watch, it’s fairly simple but allows for a lot of creativity with what you can do and the kinds of tracks you can make

(you can even disable parts snapping to a grid if you want to be really precise)

It also throws in the idle game mechanics for gradual progression, even while you aren’t actually playing, letting you unlock access to more interesting parts and higher numbers of parts over time, which is cool if you are into idle games or only play a little bit at a time

Real player with 30.0 hrs in game

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Cool little game to tool around with and make fun courses for the marbles to run. Not much to say on it, just don’t expect anything super enthralling; this is just a cozy little casual ball game.

you like playing with balls? I do.

Real player with 13.5 hrs in game

IncrediMarble on Steam

Isolationist Nightclub Simulator

Isolationist Nightclub Simulator

a good trip 10/10

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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It’s hard to describe this one… it’s a place that lets you go anywhere you want in your own abandoned club, which is sort of equal parts peaceful and lonely. It’s enjoyable making your own music with the in-game synths, and I could see this being great fun to have in the background at a (real world) party. The atmosphere is really strong with some great sound and music, and if you’re someone who enjoys exploring in games for the sake of exploring, there’s a lot to get from this nightclub.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Isolationist Nightclub Simulator on Steam



“Give the people what they want and they will… do what they want to do.”

Your Citizens Need You

Rustica puts you in the unique role of a custodian of a Greco-Roman colony. You have land but not much else and it’s up to you to spruce up the place. You’ll need to discover and provide resources for your world and your citizens will interact with it as they see fit, they have free will after all. Watch your world grow over time and with a keen eye for planning and a bit of luck you can sit back and watch your people thrive.

Start Out Small

You’ll need to begin by laying down the foundations. Your citizens can’t build out of thin air so you’ll need to give them the basics like trees and stone and hope they know what to do with it. Each object has requirements called schemas in order to be placed in the world and some need other objects present in specific spots, and it’s up to you to discover how to unlock them.

Plan For the Future

Eventually, some of your citizens will feel the need to specialize and focus on a trade. They’ll become farmers, miners, priests and then some. This will allow them to interact with their world in new ways and this in turn will open up new objects and schemas for your growing community.

A Hero Rises

Once in a while a citizen decides to go on a hero’s quest. Foolish mortals. You can then go and give the hero what they need to finish their quest or don’t mind them because you have better things to do, like making sure that temple gets built over there by those trees.

Sit Back and Watch the Sunset

Tinker and tweak with the world you create and watch your citizens hard work pay off. Or do like Nero and watch the world burn, figuratively.

It’s your world to play with, you decide.

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Rustica on Steam



Just an honest to goodness chill time. It’s definitely not a game, as the description itself even admits, but it excels as a tool to fulfill myriad purposes, be that of a creative outlet or simply a way to unwind for a few minutes. No time commitments, no goals and no real mechanics make Townscaper one of the purest sandboxes I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend some time in.

There is honest joy in placing random blocks on the grid and seeing them develop into houses, buildings, towns and discovering new shapes in the process, new special interactions between blocks.

Real player with 42.4 hrs in game

It speaks volumes that most of the admittedly positive reviews of this game were made by people who clocked around 5-10 hours total. Townscaper is cute and fun for a day or two, but is severely lacking in features and diversity of content to be anything more than that. I was excited to explore it during Early Access, in the expectation that more features were on the way for the full release. A few months ago, however, the project exited Early Access, as the dev revealed that he has no plans to keep working on the project. This is extremely disappointing, as the project does have potential, but as it stands, it is extremely barebones, akin to an alpha build (sans the bugs), and with nothing on the horizon to turn this into an actual fully-fledged game, I unfortunately don’t recommend spending any money on it.

Real player with 30.0 hrs in game

Townscaper on Steam

Workshop Simulator

Workshop Simulator

Feel the joy of turning the old into pristine condition again

Can an innocent request from your grandma lead to a nostalgic trip down memory lane, helping you find out about your family’s history? Workshop Simulator is a relaxing restoration simulator - take vintage items and give them a second life - the respect for the usefulness of every object, which in the hands of a specialist can become a small work of art.

Idyllic, comfy, and relaxing experience in highly detailed visuals

Workshop Simulator is more than a unique experience of transforming objects from ruined to brand new. The atmosphere, full of nostalgia and relaxation, together with the environment and gameplay, gives you a sense of warmth and calm remembrance.

Heart-warming Story - Exploring your family history through tinkering

Immerse yourself in an idyllic rural setting where you can explore the delights of tinkering in a workshop, but also discover the history of your family by interacting with unique family treasures, each with a different story to tell.

Immerse yourself

Will you dedicate yourself to each item and restore them all to perfection, or will you cut corners and only mask the most serious damage, so you can focus on your greatest creation? The choice is yours! Workshop Simulator allows you to repair and refurbish items using a range of restoration mechanics such as disassembling, cleaning, sanding and painting. The accompanying story will immerse you in the nostalgia of tinkering with your grandfather.

Workshop Simulator on Steam



This has quickly become one of my favorite games. I fell in love with just how magical and cozy Bunhouse feels. The music and graphics are amazing, especially for a 1-man dev team. It’s fun to just be in the world the game puts you in- immediately relaxing and happy vibes.

I also want to mention I usually don’t play games like this. I mostly play MMOs and MOBAs, with the occasional RTS or ARPG. That’s a big reason I feel like Bunhouse is something special- it’s outside of my usual genres and I love it just as much or more than my go-to games.

Real player with 43.7 hrs in game

I’m a grown adult dude who owns a car, pays taxes and goes to work every day.

I also own a little bun-boy chub who I rescued a while back from a sparrowhawk attack.

I don’t care about the stigma– this game is cute beyond belief from the wee bunnies to the music– I totally recommend it for chill times after a stressful day at work.

I love the little messages on the top right of the main menu with bun-care tips.

My little bun Pebble approves. :)

EDIT: I just pretty much 100% the game in under 15 hours solo, which consisted of two play-throughs. First one to chill and second to get all achievements and to fully upgrade everything and make a nice looking greenhouse. I get some people’s criticisms of the content, but pretty much 1 hours 1 pound, for a game that I will no dobut come back to, is a great deal. For a single bun-loving dev this is more than impressive, from modelling, texturing, rigging and animation to programming and implementation.

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

Bunhouse on Steam

FWsim - Fireworks Display Simulator

FWsim - Fireworks Display Simulator

Just as good in Steam as In Pro version apart from a few features / effects missing when transferring previous displays from Pro, but all in all excellent quality and highly recommended game for pyro enthusiasts and gamers alike !!

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game


Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

FWsim - Fireworks Display Simulator on Steam

Guns Craft

Guns Craft

so boring.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

you can’t make anything on your own you can only recolor the pre-made ones and even then it won’t let you chose new colors

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Guns Craft on Steam

Kity Builder

Kity Builder


Kity Builder is a relaxing and cute city building and exploration game about searching for lost blueprints around a desert archipelago to decorate its islands. You’ll get creative designing dreamlike cities for other kitties to live in, while you calmly explore the peaceful ocean.

Key Features:

  • A relaxing exploration and construction experience.

  • Pixel art combined with low poly graphics for a cute, nostalgic aesthetic.

  • Collect blueprints around the place. These will grant you new buildings to place.

  • Three islands with different environments and biomes.

  • Lots of buildable objects to decore however you want.

  • A short and easy game to beat, but you can spend as many time as you want.

Kity Builder on Steam



Hidden gem. You create maps using a HUGE database of stock images. Every world you make has a strange dream like quality. A must if you enjoy sandbox games. Iv’e played hours of this. Making worlds is easy and fun. Visiting other people’s worlds is funny, weird, and sometimes sad. A multiplayer option giving players the ability to visit worlds together would put this over the top for me. I hope they keep updating this gem of a game.

Real player with 26.1 hrs in game

dzieki tej grze odkrylam moje powolanie ktore jest architektura zawsze chcialam byc architektem ale nie zwawsze o tym weidzialam tak uwazam . i ta gra pomogla mi w okdryciu smageo sb nien oniezle zbudowalam burdel i zbudowalam szope to szalona sprawa ale bardzo sie ciesze ze to zrobilam

Real player with 15.9 hrs in game

sok-worlds on Steam