Political Arena

Political Arena

POLITICAL ARENA is a one-of-a-kind strategy/sim about American power. Seek fame or infamy in a fully simulated political world, complete with high stakes campaign strategizing, backroom deals, scandals, special interests, and the press. Be the politician of your dreams (or nightmares).

Run a top-notch campaign by leveraging Political Arena’s real world data. Learn what issues drive your constituents to the ballot box, scrutinize the latest polls, and analyze the unique demographics of every congressional district.

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Political Arena on Steam

Rogue State Revolution

Rogue State Revolution

Let me start by saying that this has the potential of being a great game, but this game is far from being ready for release. Consider this game an early access.

Here’re some warnings if you wanna purchase:

  • Update 1.2 introduces a lot of CTDs, every few turns.

  • Game mechanics is only partly there. For example, there’s still no building to help boost a province’s security score. Dev is also still working on mid-to-late game progression issues such as running out of imported resources.

  • Many QoL changes needed. Ffs let me look at my current exports every time my neighbor asks me to increase export!

Real player with 29.9 hrs in game

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Rogue State Revolution is a resource management game with a novel theme and deary indie production values, but falls into to the typical issue of initial hump of difficulty after which you are free to explore and express regardless of difficulty. (Mind I’m a bit sadistic with difficulty on these games.)

After setting up your economy and surviving the initial diplomatic/societal/environmental challenges the game throws at you, one slowly but surely is on top of the wave. This is where the game suffers from bad pacing and/or balancing. I found myself having way too many actions while not having enough favors and/or money. There are several stretches like this in the game and it seems the team tried to introduce mechanics into the game that one can sink extra resources into (civilians & space missions & casino), but all of these will be exhausted relatively quickly leaving you, again, just passing the turn waiting for something to happen.

Real player with 29.4 hrs in game

Rogue State Revolution on Steam

Citystate II

Citystate II

Don’t buy.

  • Unfinished game

  • Bugs

  • The “realistic economics” in this game leaves a lot to be desired and calling it realistic is laughable.

  • The dev has been MIA since early October (within weeks of release).

  • Developer is either a huckster or lacks any sense of professionalism.

The misrepresentation that you are buying a finished game on the store page and the fact that the developer just disappeared makes me feel as if I’ve been had. The excuse on discord by some person who is not the dev is that he has a family and he takes long breaks. Make of that what you will, but I will not buy another product from this developer.

Real player with 65.1 hrs in game

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You simply can’t play more extreme ideologies anymore (Left & Right) which Is kinda where alot of the fun came from. Everything needs to be balanced. It’s okay but at some point you’ll run into bugs that remove zones not just buildings and tank everything. Tbh it gets boring after it happens a few times. Oh and after many hrs my political leaning instantly went from 47-53 to 100-0 to the left which sent everyone into a riot and the whole city was destroyed. That right there is a game breaking bug. I’d honestly say buy the first one. I’m not hating btw, I actually really wanted to like it.

Real player with 25.3 hrs in game

Citystate II on Steam

Europa Universalis III Complete

Europa Universalis III Complete

Whee. Europa 3, like its predecessors and its cousins Hearts of Iron and Victoria (Crusader Kings as well, but that isn’t as hard to learn), is an extremely complex game that is notoriously difficult to learn, not helped by crappy tutorials. I had an edge having been playing this series since its first installment, but it still took some time to get used to everything. So right from the start expect a significant time investment on learning how to play the game, and learning to do well at it. War, Diplomacy, Trade, Exploration, and more. It’s all here.

Real player with 535.5 hrs in game

As far as I’m concerned, this is the best game ever - especially in this version with the first two additions to the game.

To a certain extent, it is comparable to the Total War games, if they only included the map mode, which would here be simplified to armies only being able to move from province to province and not within a province. However, you have a more complicated diplomacy and domestic policy to deal with.

Another thing that makes it different, and, for my taste, better than the Total War games, is the greater realism and historical accuracy - in this game you can’t just conquer everything, and it remains challenging for the more than four centuries that its timespan covers.

Real player with 492.4 hrs in game

Europa Universalis III Complete on Steam

Silicon City

Silicon City

I really enjoy this game! The perfect amount of challenge while still being great fun and just a little bit mindless since I play to relax and not to create more work for myself. I look forward to the next evolution of this game!

Real player with 26.8 hrs in game

Very nice take on SimCity-style games. I especially enjoy the graphs of various metrics, and ability to really drill down into each silizen’s life. I am excited for continued development and look forward to how this game will evolve!

From a playability standpoint - on my laptop (8gb ram, i7 (4 cores @ 2.20GHz)) at lowest settings, the game plays reasonably when going on the 1x speed. Either of the faster speed options causes the game to become very choppy. Even when using 1980’s top-down style it seems to be quite slow (perhaps because that’s just a different camera angle?). Increasing simulation speed also seems to mess with the power grid distribution: when my network is not super-saturated with electricity, running at a faster simulation speed makes parts of my city run out of power. But if I turn it back down to 1x and wait a bit of time, all of the buildings will come back online.

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

Silicon City on Steam



A simple political simulator focusing on a gameplay element that was missing in Democracy 3 and not well developed in Urban Empire.

To keep it short: The game is fun, but somewhat lacking in depth and can be rather random at times. Better to watch gameplay videos to see if it is for you, unless you really love politics and want a parliament simulator badly.

To be more elaborate: The game offers a variety of policies that are unlocked through research. Policy effects are very clearcut and not as complicated and multi-layered as in Democracy 3. Also they tend to be rather simple. For instance there is a policy to establish a pension system, but it is not explained what kind of system it is, nor is it possible to have different types of systems (Democracy 3 at least distinguished between private and public pension schemes).

Real player with 27.1 hrs in game

Mixed leaning negative, with lots of caveats

Firstly, I love the presentation, the UI design, the idea of the sim. It is nice to see so many countries represented, with an actual democratic method of passing or repealing laws and legislation, via voting done by members of the chamber. It is a solid base for the game to (hopefully) improve with in time.

But, sadly, I feel the overtly positive points halt here.

While many countries are represented each one works exactly the same, even if their constitutions and ideology differs. Each will start with the same rules and a empty parliamentary chamber. It is like establishing the very first government. And then the system does not emulate the country you are supposed to be. Every country gets the chamber filled, and then the “lawgivers” themselves pick a PM/President. Not the majority holder. Not public vote. Not the popular vote or the most weighted votes as seen in real systems across the world. Only through pushing new rules and laws can you actually get around to emulating your chosen countries real system.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

Lawgivers on Steam

Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV

I’m a divorced woman of color. Recently, my ex got our son Larry a video game called Europa Universalis for his 14th birthday. It seemed good for him, because it takes place in the distant past and he’s always been interested in history, so it seemed like a nice enough game, no graphic violence or anything, at least until I sat down and watched him play at it. I don’t know what sorts of racists made this game, but it’s basically a colonialism and genocide justification simulator. If you want to survive, you need to have access to money and soldiers, and the most (only) reliable way to ensure you have enough is to attack and conquer your weaker neighbors. If you don’t, you can be sure someone else will eventually come attack and conquer you.

Real player with 4558.6 hrs in game

So EU4 was a good game. Then they released the 450+ ‘bug fixes’. The entire game outside Europe has now been put back behind a new paywall unless you have the paradise DLC as it is now impossible to develop your provinces to spawn institutions as army tradition gives you impossibly high dev costs. I played one game and when I needed to dev an institution from a 1/1/1 grasslands province and starting cost is 120. That is only with 33 army tradition giving a 150% penalty. This was a custom nation and I had -20% dev cost. Good job paradox forcing everyone to buy your shittiest dlc in order to use any of the other DLC’s you have paid for. The game is now broken outside of Europe without the paradise dlc. You make me sick Paradox!

Real player with 1819.5 hrs in game

Europa Universalis IV on Steam

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

Sigma Theory is a good niche product that was incorrectly exposed to the public. Yes indeed, it is a turn-based strategy game about spies, but it is far from Phantom Doctrine or any other action-packed tactical title. Jeez, in the very old “Spy vs Spy” game was much more direct action! Sigma Theory is text-based. It is a board game by the set of rules and overall dynamics. Think of Battlestar Galactica, think of Monopoly. In the realm of video games, think of The Witcher Adventure Game or maybe Plague Inc: Evolved , in a way.

Real player with 94.1 hrs in game

This game is a dream come true for me. I’ve always been a fan of the spy genre (video games, tabletop games, tv shows, movies, board games, card games), I think Sid Meyers Cover Action is one of the best espionage games ever made; with Invisible Inc and Phantom Doctrine coming in at close second; totally different games but they mange to make you feel like you’re a real intelligence officer on the job. Now there is a new spy game in town and I have to say this game is the type of spy game I’ve been looking for, for years! Ever since I played Streets of Chaos (it’s a game where you run a criminal origination. You send out gang members to do crime all over a fictional city) and another hidden gem called Black Closet (in the game you’re like the president of boarding school, and you send out your team to investigate students; to avoid scandals from destroying the school).  I thought to myself, both of these games have great micromanagement mechanics and they’re not very graphic heavy, it would be great to have a spy game that played a lot like those 2 games, and now that game is here!

Real player with 55.0 hrs in game

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War on Steam

Asset Flip

Asset Flip

Ever wanted to play a game that has every feature you’ve ever wanted in a game?

Now you can!

Introducing, the most unanticipated title to hit the shores of the gaming community since that last indie game you bought that was utter trash.

Build, craft, survive, and asset flip.


Click the Visit Website button on this store page to jump straight in!

Presenting, an ever evolving multiplayer sandbox environment where you can craft an increasing number of items, build empires, explore environments, kill enemies, level-up, and even buy loot crates for unique and rare non-gameplay altering aesthetics as we progress through the development process. All the while having the game itself being manipulated and moulded by the community - a mod-centric asset flipping survival experience.

That’s right! This game is moddable, and it is our primary focus. It is you, the player, who will direct this game’s story, playable features, quests, AI, and any other feature that you can imagine and wish to see within this realm, alongside the direction of the developer.

Voting will occur on what assets you want to see flipped within our expanding universe. You too can add your own Unreal Engine assets to the game and have the community choose the most popular mods to see officially asset flipped. Each flipped asset that is officially introduced to the game will be meticulously integrated and optimised within the framework we desire to create a unique player experience.

Join us on our journey to flip as many assets as possible while maintaining a coherent and unique gaming experience.

Asset Flip on Steam

I Am Your President

I Am Your President

Congratulations, Mr. President, you have just won the elections! Now the lives of seven billion people depend on your decision, world leaders reckon with you, industry kingpins have to follow your orders, and you have the whole army at your beck and call. No pressure. Take it slowly. It’s not like you can be impeached, die during the nuclear bombing or in assassination. Not like that at all.

So, as we have completed the formalities, let’s talk about your new prerogatives:

Personalize your political views and create the presidency which America – or you - need.

Wisely choose your advisors and cabinet members. Hire and fire on a daily basis.

Every decision matters – choose your way of ruling and embrace consequences!

Make friends or enemies. Talk your way out of difficult situations.

Use social media and read the news – maybe this time they wrote something nice.

Provide sustainable development, or simply watch your country fall into chaos.

Try to survive as the President. If an impeachment occurs, you must start the entire presidential term again!

Be sure to wishlist the game to be notified when it is released.

You are the Commander in Chief of the army and it is entirely up to you if you want to conquer the world, or abstain from violence. Remember – whether you send a group of soldiers on a secret mission or start a regular war – people will be watching your actions closely. Journalists, other politicians and leaders, justices, even common voters, they will all react to the situation.

Use special agents, steal technology, assassinate inconvenient leaders, move troops, send nukes or try to maintain status quo – all of these action can be performed right from your office. What will you choose – peace or war? Make no mistake, the fate of the world rests on your shoulders.

How should you respond – jokingly, seriously or ironically? Different options can help you make allies, but also enrage your previous supporters. Be careful with words and make sure that you don’t neglect any of the prominent groups or important people… or do and deal with the problems later.

Follow the narrative and react to events. Talk to your advisors, receive visitors and make decisions. There are no wrong answers… unless there are? Check for yourself and repeat the game if you fail – new dialogues await your discovery, so don’t worry about repetitiveness. After all, America was not build in one day.

Every encounter has its effects, some of which can be really long-raged, so wait patiently and hope for the best. Your citizens surely will.

An excellent entry in social media can be the key to a great popularity among the public or a nail in the coffin for a careless person. Your actions have impact on the world and even the most innocent post can ruin someone’s career!

Use the most well-known social media platform - Screecher. Screech about your plans, attitude, call somebody names or maybe praise the voters. It is entirely up to you how you want to come across in the internet – as funny, empathetic, factual or maybe weird? Being the president you have a will and a power to create your own image and write schreeches to your liking. But remember - there are always going to be responses from other users. Prepare for a public backlash!

Touch people’s hearts with your writing abilities. Create the most compelling speeches and statements to achieve your goals. Want to calm the enraged strikers? Show the party that you’re the most efficient president? Raise everyone’s spirit at the state funeral? All of these can be done with a proper composition. Receive the title of the most charismatic leader ever!…

…or fail and make things even worse by being tactless. But hey, at least you had some fun writing about that salad you’d eaten in the Supreme Court!

No teddy bears allowed. Everyone must stay at home from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. You cannot say a bad word about president. See? This is the real power.

Create executive orders that will change people’s lives. Throw your weight around when it comes to guaranteeing the rigid rules or put the freedom of the Americans first. Reject the acts that don’t appeal to you and check what will happen then. Outline new borders of democracy with your abilities, but remember – no one is untouchable.


You wish to start a war or maybe make peace? Take care of the poorest or support capitalists? Advocate for gun rights or stand against them? Support cats or maybe increase the dogs population? Everything is possible!

Why, you may ask?

Because you are President of the Goddamn United States of America, that’s why.

I Am Your President on Steam