DeadOS is less a game and more a really entertaining toy where you generate a city, populate it with people, and watch a zombie outbreak of your creation slowly take it over. There’s no win/loss state, and your only task is to keenly observe as zombies convert the living, civilians run in droves from the impending horde of undead, and cops create blockades around infection zones to slow the spread.

Though the graphics and presentation are simple, the scale of the simulation impressed me; up to ten thousand people can be simulated in the city. It’s oddly satisfying to watch a fleeing crowd of hundreds, abstracted as a bunch of scurrying yellow dots seen from a bird’s-eye view.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

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There’s no other game on PC like this. It’s already a pretty nice little sandbox game as it is now, can’t wait for all the features that come out for it over time. I completely recommend this game.

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

DeadOS on Steam

Finding Home

Finding Home

I’m really enjoying this game so far!! I love the open sand box feel, with the cross of zombies and survival, It’s a perfect concept. Even though this game is still in Alpha it really is growing fast. So far there have been updates weekly and any suggestions or concerns mentioned in their discord from the community have been discussed and acknowledged. You can really see that the Devs want to bring this game to life with the input from their community. Its great to see an indie company listen to their community and work with them hand in hand. The fact that the company is only charging a 1 time price to buy the game and no future charges for any new maps or DLC is huge too! I cannot wait to see what the future brings!

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

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The game is a very early state but shows lots of promise.

Creator looks into feedback on their discord and is looking to constantly improve the game.

Looks like a fun game to watch and see how it grows!

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

Finding Home on Steam

Last Generation: Survival

Last Generation: Survival

Release day for Last Generation Survival and I picked it up without knowing much about it. For early access I’m liking how this game is looking. Couple graphics issues, rocks floating in the air, the dirt road is placed above ground by a couple feet in a few spots, there’s no sound when striking a robot. Needs some work but I like it so far. I did a quick intro video of it here.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

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While i am giving this a positive review, the game needs a lot more improvement.

1. The Settings options are buggy, you can check out my video. I DID NOTICE THAT I CHANGED A KEY IN THE GAME AND AFTER THAT I GOT A CRASH.

2. AI needs improving, DEV could go for a different type of enemie (maybe aliens, not zombies)

3. The maps needs a little more work, some of the assets are floating on the map and some of the map relief is wierd.

A Big PRO is that the graphics are not bad, and the mechanics are good. A good start for a game.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Last Generation: Survival on Steam

Post-Apo Builder

Post-Apo Builder

Build your own city in a post-apocalyptic future. Scavenge and fight for resources, everything counts!

Restore civilization on the ashes of the fallen world!

Explore wastelands to gather resources, protect and take care of your people!

Scavenge and gather for resources, everything counts!

Build and manage city of survivors after a apocalypse. Take care of every aspect of life. Gather, build, farm, upgrade, win !

Use parts of old technology to build machines, like cars, weapons and many others !

Fortify your settlement and protect your people from raging animals and deadly bandits. Take command of your soldiers and setup defenses.

Fight off raiders, wild tribesman and natural disasters.

Main features:

  • breathtaking, detailed graphics

  • postapocalyptic city management

  • controllable vehicles

  • demanding but accessible gaming system for new players

Post-Apo Builder on Steam

Art of Destruction

Art of Destruction

A physics sandbox simulation game for you to mess with. Build world you can imagine and destroy anything you create.

You can throw asteroid into the building, crush it, set it on fire, or smash it with bomb explosions.

Tornado, sand storm, black hole, tsunami, zombie apocalypse, nuclear explosion, and many many more!

Explore open levels with randomly generated elements or you can build your world.

Play, destroy, and have fun!

Art of Destruction on Steam

Just A Flu

Just A Flu

In Just A Flu, you take on the task of saving the region from the deadly fast spreading disease. ‘Patient Zero’ is infected, and you have minimal resources and time to stop the catastrophe.

Decide how to deal with infected people, when to close transport hubs, declare quarantine, or lockdown. Think not only about anti-pandemic measures but also how to avoid panic and not destroy the economy, causing more harm. The disease is growing and changing. You’ll be constantly rethinking measures taken to minimize pandemic consequences.

Key features

  • Random evolving disease to fight with, so each game plays out differently. An approach that worked successfully last game may not work in the next one.

  • Detailed stats and graphs; monitor infected and cured, track population and economy reactions.

  • Balance your strategy. If you underestimate the treat, the disease will kill everyone; if you overreact economy will collapse, causing тno less harm.

  • Random region with unique set of preferences.

Just A Flu on Steam

Infection Free Zone

Infection Free Zone

“The Mad Virus” has spread throughout the world with the speed of jet planes. The infected are highly aggressive, fast and strong.

In a couple of weeks, society collapsed. Cities are empty. There is no electricity, no water, and no food. Yet, there are a few survivors…

Type in the name of the city or town, download the map and start playing! Thanks to OpenStreetMap’s real-world data you can choose any place in the world for your survivors.

Establish a new “Infection Free Zone” wherever you choose. Set up shelters and production facilities. Adapt existing buildings to new needs. Build new farms and power houses. Establish defenses with walls, gates and towers.

Utilize your knowledge of the city. What is the best place to defend? Where were the grocery stores, where were the pharmacies? Where would you look for weapons?

Remember that it’s dangerous to search the old buildings, there might be some infected lurking in the dark!

Each night your settlement might be attacked by large hordes of the infected. Fight them off with every tool available - melee and ranged weapons, vehicles, walls and light. Research a vaccine or a cure for ultimate victory, or just enjoy rebuilding entire cities!

Your Zone is not the only one that exists. Your survivors will surely find other surviving groups. Some will be friendly and willing to trade, but others will be extremely hostile. There might be some fighting involved!

Infection Free Zone on Steam



Hobble is a 1-8 player hiking game. Take control of a senior citizen setting off on a bucket list trip.

Immerse yourself

  • Explore over 400km of gorgeous, hand-crafted environments ranging from lush pine forests to snow-dusted vistas

  • Hike on trails ranging in length and navigational difficulty

  • Collect photos of flora and wildlife

  • Use a map, compass, head-torch, binoculars and whistle like a true explorer

  • Dynamic weather and day/night cycle

  • Full VR Support

  • Dynamic, original soundscape and music

Hobble with friends

  • 1-8 player online co-op

  • Proximity voice chat

  • Build campsites to relax and enjoy the atmosphere together

Hobble on Steam



nice world/weather/civ simulator.

Enjoyable to just watch

Real player with 47.4 hrs in game

For a couple of dollars it’s a worthwhile experience. Just turn it on and let it go while you are working or doing something else and occasionally note how the world is changing.

I would like to see some more options to adjust the frequency of events or even turn some of them off, but even without them it’s fairly entertaining.

Quick warning: If you set the tiles to 40x40 it can take a toll on your frame rate. If that bothers you for this type of game (slow panning, laggy gameplay, etc.) you’ll want to keep it below 900 tiles^2

Real player with 25.8 hrs in game

Ardarium on Steam

Gentle Club

Gentle Club

Gentle Club is a fighting simulator inspired by Hollywood movies, distinguished by the choreographed stunts the players perform while fighting in dynamic and destructible environments.

Players will be able to interact with the environment (use a broken bottle to slice the opponent, break the window of an airplane and depressurize the cabin, throw any kind of objects on the opponent).

At the end of the fight, the players would have the opportunity to see the scene again in the form of an action scene.

Gentle Club on Steam