I have a lot of games in my library. This one has the most hours.

There is just something to say about suffering and struggling and every bandit pwning you for days. Then one day you are standing victorious while unconscious enemies lay piled around you.

Take the fight to those holy nation sanctimonious bigoted jerks, seriously those guys suck.

Shoot the tax man when he comes to collect, and when he returns with muscle I shoot them too.

After being beaten nothing says I win by making your own rules even if the NPC says no.

Real player with 805.3 hrs in game

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Simply the best game of this genre I’ve played, which is no contest because Kenshi is the first of it’s kind. I stayed away from it for years because I kept saying “ew, graphics.” I couldn’t have cheated myself more with that sentiment. Kenshi is far and beyond anything I expected. With a handcrafted world full of history, it’s up to you and lady luck to decide if you create a story of untold triumph, or utter defeat.

Wanna be a bounty hunter? craftsman? farmer? wandering samurai? Robin Hood? Maybe you just want to found a city, you can do almost anything! Additionally the modding community is very active to this day, heck, the game comes with it’s own built in modding tools so you can make your own mods!

Real player with 438.1 hrs in game

Kenshi on Steam

Freemium Way

Freemium Way

Freemium Way is an adventure game with tactical turn-based battles and sandbox elements. Find all pieces of the puzzle to identify why does Freemium come to the world of modern games and try to curb it. Make your own way.


  • Loot - A lot of items, materials, crafting, trading and upgrades.

  • Story - Multiple game locations with a story behind and puzzle mechanics.

  • Battles - It is not a yet another card game with decks, but it is turn-based, PvP and PvE.

  • Multiplayer - Ability to set up hints and traps for other players, compete or unite.

This is an indie game made by a small team and we hope you’ll like it.

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Freemium Way on Steam

Play With Gilbert - Remake

Play With Gilbert - Remake

My daughter adores this game. It caters to her generation pretty well imo…and it has really familiarized her with the quirks and overall feel of video gaming. She’s told me that sometimes her cat friends stop following her, and sometimes the cars don’t allow you to exit them..but besides that we haven’t run into any bugs. The open maps are awesome, and she loves that she can just run around and do whatever.

A few things my daughter has mentioned makes me think new levels, accessories, eye colors, and some emotive animations for the characters to perform would make it a little more fleshed out (though she recently discovered she can sit and lie down, which was excited with.) She had a huuge blast with the waterballoon fight mechanic. Some mini games (maybe races or mini golf or something?) would maybe give the game a little more in the way of activities to offer. Overall a great introductory game for young kids that offers some things I’ve noticed most children’s games do not, among them an avenue to use your imagination.

Real player with 67.0 hrs in game

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I spent far too many hours in the demo, worried if an adult should buy a kitten game aimed at toddlers. Just do it. I’m in my 40s and love it as a game to just chill in. Not only is it pretty, but there are seasons and day and night cycles. Your kitten posse that you gather with each rescue even helps out, though I’m not sure if it’s on purpose. But you can bounce off them to execute a super double jump, results will vary.

Some of the fish are a challenge to jump to for a game aimed at wee ones, but they have to learn platforming sometime. In the full game there are plenty of places to explore and things to do. Honestly tripping humans and knocking things off tables never gets old. You can also take a break to “paint”, visit space, or hit the beach. As it’s an all around labor of love, it got my vote for the upcoming awards. Best of luck to the dev, it’s amazing to see how far this game has come.

Real player with 14.2 hrs in game

Play With Gilbert - Remake on Steam

Project Create

Project Create

Project Create encourages exploration and creativity. Survive in this voxel world by gathering resources to build tools, weapons, armor, and fortifications against the wildlings roaming about looking for an easy meal.

Be on the lookout for the Mysterious Wanderer as he might have some useful insight into this world and beyond.

Key Features:

  • Endless procedurally generated worlds – Explore a world procedurally generated to discover unique land masses, NPCs, and structures.

  • Co-op - - Whether you want to survive the night alone or create mega-builds with friends, Project Create supports independent, player-hosted servers and unlimited world creation.

  • Skill and level progression – Practice makes perfect (or at least progress). Improve your skills (mining, black smithing, fishing, woodcutting, etc) through use to unlock abilities and increase efficiencies

  • Travel through time – Discover new materials, blocks, and blueprints by traveling to different time periods. Talk with the Mysterious Wanderer to learn more…

  • Hire NPCs – Nobody has time for resource gather. Hire NPCs to do the dirty work.

Project Create on Steam

SkyLife: VoxelSurvival

SkyLife: VoxelSurvival

Amazing game and can not wait to see where it goes!

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

TL;DR - Skip down to “THE VERDICT”

Anyone who has ever played or seen a video about Minecraft, can probably identify this as “Sky Block”. I went into it mad that they are trying to cash in on, not only another Minecraft clone, but a paid version of a free minigame someone created withing Minecraft. While I am still upset at the idea, you have to remember that the only way to play Sky Block is to own a copy of Minecraft, or at least install and get into the map.

SkyLife however is a variant of Sky Block that runs on its own, and with (somewhat) higher quality graphics. It’s the Unity engine instead of Java, however the quality of the textures are really bad. Using an engine capable of textures greater than 16x16 should be using hi-res graphics and models. Just look at Eco and Creativerse as examples.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

SkyLife: VoxelSurvival on Steam

Drake Hollow

Drake Hollow

This game is like Grounded meets Remnant Ashes with a touch of Life is Strange atmosphere, and it works. I enjoyed it.

There are a few points I noticed people getting wrong and they have low play times - let me correct these thoughts and add some tips for starting out.

1.) The game isn’t short. There is a lot to explore and do, but once you complete a set of islands you’re offered to move on to the next area. Beware though, you can’t go back! It’s good to set up a network and farm supplies before moving on. Especially if you want to age up your drakes, they eat so much and take damage when they don’t have supplies. You can frequently heal them up from starvation/thirst but it means heading back to base a lot.

Real player with 47.4 hrs in game

Drake Hollows is a very cute game and a mix of various genres. As the protagonist we got teleported to another world where we need to care about the cute Drakes. It is a building sim as it is required to create some buildings for them. The game is also a resource management game as we need to feed and entertain them. Additionally, it is required to explore the world for resources, fight enemies and defend the camp from raids so Drake Hollows


…the character creation. You can be female/male and you can choose any possible color for skin, eyes, hair.

Real player with 44.1 hrs in game

Drake Hollow on Steam



I like the game its very good. Can’t wait for the next update! Please download

Real player with 41.6 hrs in game

Right now, this “game” is not worth $5. I’d even go as far to say it’s not worth $1. What we have here, is essentially an unpolished tech demo for a very basic unity “building” game. The entire map consists of two small islands on which you can build with, “as of right now,” two different materials - a wooden plank, and a longer, skinnier wooden plank. The drag and click build system needs lots of polishing, as it’s frankly an absolute pain in the ass to use. Character movement is extremely, EXTREMELY limited and FULL of bugs - try jumping off a structure you built, you’ll float in the air. The only positive things I can say about this game are that it looks nice and has a neat aesthetic, and the models themselves aren’t bad. I could only recommend this game honestly if it costed nothing, but $5 is absolutely absurd for the miniscule amount of “game” you get to play.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Feelin on Steam

Isles of Etherion

Isles of Etherion

Isles of Etherion is an open-world action/adventure sandbox RPG featuring airships, floating islands, dungeons, spell weaving, and 100% dynamically destructible environment.

Dynamically Destructible Voxel Environment

Explore a world in which everything, including terrain and structures, are dynamically destructible by players, monsters, or natural happenstances.

Airships for Combat and Transportation

Traverse the isles with your own airship, which could be acquired through purchase or battle.

Floating Islands with Dynamically Changing Seasons

In IoE, seasons change dynamically in front of your eyes. Like day/night cycle, seasons add another layer of complexity to gameplay dynamics and strategy.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, such as Earthquakes, Meteors, Volcano eruptions, Tornadoes, occur randomly throughout the Isles.

Voxel Combat and Spell Weaving

Voxel environment can be altered to your advantage during combat. IoE not only offers a variety of spells but the possibility to spell-weave as well!

Game play in IoE

The environment in this game is completely destructible. Terrains and structures can be altered and destroyed by player or monsters. Players have to venture into the world in order to acquire power and magic spells from monsters, Shrines and lore books.

Isles of Etherion on Steam



The 360° exhilarating gardening game in space: Explore a colorful open world that defies the laws of gravity, create mountains and rainforests with surprising properties, travel with your ice bridges, crossbreed dancing plants to discover hundreds of absurd combinations like a mad biologist. The cosmos is your playground!

Seed the world:

Plant seeds and shape the stars with tons of surprising and delirious blowpipes. Rush through the galaxy, meet eccentric characters, defy animals as nutty as a fruitcake and rap with gangsta trees.

It’s savage party time!!!


  • Explore a colorful, 360-degree open world that defies the laws of gravity

  • A zany sandbox: create material with surprising properties by discovering many powers scattered throughout the world

  • Garden, crossbreed plants and collect hundreds of seeds combinations like a mad biologist. You will always be surprised!

  • Each world is unique: explore other players' galaxies online to exchange seeds, collaborate, discover fresh new powers and meet new friends

Janga on Steam

Just Die Already

Just Die Already

After a lot of re-consideration, I think i can reccomend this game, For the price and the amount of hours i play’d it. I did have fun, There were times i wanted to smash my controller, and others i laughed like a maniac. The Problems i have with this game, is how it feels unfinished and very limited in how it wants you to achieve the objectives. For example a puzzle in the game is in Zen park and it involves moving a green statue. They have these statues all over the map, What if you wanted to take the statue from the park and drag it across the map to do the challenge, sure more work but in games like this, you also make the challenge/fun for your self a lot of time. You cant do that here, none of the other statues move, just a certian one the game wants you to move you can move. Same electrocuting your self in water, it only works in one type of water source. The ocean, pool, kiddie pool, and fire hydrant all dont work, its just the fish tank that works for it. This added a layer of puzzle on top of the challenges. You may understand what its asking, just not how the devs want you to do it, another example is to de-rail the tram, i would have loved to be able to derail it with force, by clogging the track enough. i put on the 3 flattners, 2 forklifts and the 1 giant green statue from zen garden and nothing happend, the tram could only be derailed by electricity. But overall i had fun doing the tasks once i understood how to do them, and the frustrating path to get there was kinda fun? Another thing that makes this game feel unfinished is the amount of clipping buildings and invisible walls. You will often times see a building clipping through another building, or a invisible wall that dosent line up with a physical wall right beside it. Some of the rewards for doing challenges feel pointless. For setting off the biggest firewrok on the docks, it opens a room, with nothing in it. For moving the statue we talked about earlier, you unlock a furry room, a ninja mask, and a healing well. A lot of sections leave more to be desired, and thats where my frustration with this game comes from, it could have been so much better, they could have added more challenges to the toy store and other sections that only have 2 or 3. Overall i did have fun playing this and would reccomend to anyone who findes the trailer intruging

Real player with 24.7 hrs in game

A real review:

Game mechanics: The game mechanics are how you expect with a rag-doll physics, but the aiming is actually a lot better than expected. Some things are hard to control, like cars, but that is what is expected when you are a elderly person.

Content: This game has so much content, and for 14.99 it is a really good game to play with your friends, or even by yourself. I see a lot of people writing reviews about them getting bored, well explore the maps, do the puzzles, there are some insane puzzles, there is even A ROCKET SHIP THAT SHOOTS YOU INTO SPACE. You can customize your character, get buff, unlock new areas, play basketball, play tennis, kill someone’s brother, unlock items like a rocket ship backpack. get eaten by a shark, destroy things with explosives, etc. There is so much content and it is insane and 14.99 is a perfect price.

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

Just Die Already on Steam