ORR is an off road racing game with open world exploration. The racing is arcade with big jumps, crazy crashes, and shortcuts. There are random events like animals crossing the track that the player will have to deal with. At any time, the player can leave the track and explore the open world. If you can see it in ORR, you can drive there. Climb mountains, jump hills, or look for hidden easter eggs scattered around the levels. Race against friends or play follow the leader with up to four player local split screen.

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ORR on Steam

Infected spaceship generator

Infected spaceship generator

10/10 Literally Best Game

Real player with 426.6 hrs in game

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many small bugs, but I hope they will be fixed in the full version

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Infected spaceship generator on Steam



Mine resources! Upgrade your gear! Make Profit!

It is a dangerous but lucrative job. Explore this vast procedurally generated world with your jetpack. Extract the minerals with an explosive gel. Expand your mining platform. But most importantly: stay alive.

The game offers you:

  • Mining and selling resources for profit

  • Exploring an infinite procedurally generated world

  • Upgrading your gear

  • A lot of explosions

The depths of the planet hide many unique biomes and treasures, but also dangers. Every biome has its own way to harm you and having the right set of gear will make your life much easier.

On the ground, you can build your base of operation. Different machines allow you to process and trade the resources that you have brought from your last mining operation.

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Grind: Skateboarding

Grind: Skateboarding

A perfect blend between Tony Hawks Pro Skater controls, and realism.

A good break from Skater XL or Session if the Sim experience is getting monotonous.

Has needed animation work and sound design, but for what it is in its current state, it has so much potential to bring a good arcade skate game to the store.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

I am really exited to see future improvements of this game and feel like it has enormous potential.

Easy to implement improvements that I feel could benefit the game massively include:

-Text at the bottom corner of the screen, which shows up after landing a trick, stating the name of trick you just landed.

-More detailed guide to the controls.

-Some sort of text which indicates which stance your currently riding (regular, switch, fakie or nollie).

-A way to choose weather your skater is goofy or regular (setting the default to regular so it doesn’t confuse people who aren’t familiar with skating).

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

Grind: Skateboarding on Steam

Nobody’s Quest

Nobody’s Quest

You start with nothing, not even your body!

A relaxing sandbox RPG adventure in a mini pixelated open world.

Explore the realm of Hubbington, collect crafting materials and resources, save the citizens of Hubb Burg so they can help you in return, defeat Evil spawns and eventually face the Lord Of All That Horrible Evil… at your own pace!

Explore the realm of Hubbington at your leisure

Find and rescue the quirky denizens of Hubb Burg scattered around the realm: Each can help in their own way!

Increase your HP (Happiness Points) to dispel the Evil Spawns roaming the land into nothingness

Gather resources and materials to craft tools, go fishing, catch bugs, grow crops, among many other activities

Earn TYPs (Thank You Points) in various ways to learn new abilities that will help you explore further, reach new areas, citizens, treasures and secrets!

Boost your stats with candy and food: whenever you feel ready, go to the Lair of Evil to face LOATHE!

Will you help Nobody in its quest?

This game does not feature overly intricate crafting systems, complex hotbars with plenty of shortcuts to remember or overwhelming UI. It was designed so players can relax and focus on exploring at their own pace, while retaining a sense of discovery and adventure.

Nobody's Quest on Steam

Sweet Transit

Sweet Transit

Sweet Transit takes place in a strange world wherein trains dominate the transportation industry. However, some radical citizens begin calling for cars and other more “inefficient” innovations. You play the head of government-financed settlers and are tasked with proving once and for all that trains are the final stage in the evolution of transport. You must thereby build a self-sufficient colony with trains as the only means of transportation.

Start with only one warehouse and connection to the outside world. Build a village that will later grow into a sprawling city. Fulfill inhabitant needs so they in turn happily pay taxes and prepare to work. Employ that workforce within farms and factories to keep up with the demand for goods and services. And most importantly, build smart rail networks to support your ever-expanding colony.

Key Features:

  • Procedural generation! Each new map will provide you with new challenges.

  • Cities! Build villages and grow them organically until they can become cities.

  • People management! Your citizens have needs and get tired as they work.

  • Production! Both simple and advanced production chains will engage your mind.

  • Factories! Design your farms and factories to fit the landscape and your needs.

  • Trains! Trains can be assembled in any variation to accommodate your route needs.

  • Rail networks! Build rails using puzzle-like rules and signaling to direct traffic.

  • Progression! Unlock everything while expanding and ramping up production.

  • Modding! Add new structures/trains/rules, or change gameplay with new progression and visuals.

Sweet Transit on Steam

WormJuice Skateboarding Olympics

WormJuice Skateboarding Olympics

Ollie straight into a vibrant nes colored world!

Skate and compete in premade Arena tracks, download new ones, or build whatever you like with the provided voxel-styled objects (by poetic voxels).

Ride down the Mega Ski Ramp and jump onto the speedrun track!

Try to get that fastest time or make the speedrun machine generate your favorite new track.

In short

WormJuice Skateboarding Olympics keeps you going for hours, losing track of time with plain old fun.

Features include

WormJuice Skateboarding Olympics on Steam



An RPG from Microprose that, to my knowledge, was the only RPG Micropose ever released. And you know what? It may not have aged well, as in at all, but oh, how it puts some games to shame! Basically, one of the earliest examples, if not the earliest example, of an open-ended Role-Playing Game, you have everything you could want just about in this one package!

Character creation: Whoo, boy! This game has a very complex, but very fun and interesting, character creation system. While you only have so much to choose from for your character’s sprite, the real fun comes from choosing which skills you want each party member to have. For example, want to have a well-balanced party like the game manual suggests? Go right ahead. Want a party full of big strong warriors who are dumb as a bucket of rocks but can wear all armor and wield heavy weapons without breaking a sweat? You can do that. Maybe you want to have just one character to be an alchemist and have the rest be what would be considered in many modern RPGs as a “paladin,” nothing is going to stop you. Now, having said that, there is no “traditional class” system, it all depends on your characters attributes and skills, and you can alter them (within reason) to your liking. There is no “true” right-or-wrong party here.

Real player with 247.7 hrs in game

A masterpiece by MicroProse

This game is right up there, in quality and complexity, with MicroProse’s other legendary titles, such as X-COM: UFO Defense and Master of Magic/Orion. Darklands is the result of such geniuses trying their hand at an RPG.


A massive open world, in medieval Germany, with historically accurate towns, names, geography, economy, and so on. Everything is simulated in an extremely complex way, the world is very alive. The game was so complex, it actually required 5000 hours of testing, and even after that several patches were needed. The version on Steam is the latest and best one, of course.

Real player with 41.9 hrs in game

Darklands on Steam



Firstly, I’ve been playing Everquest for 14 going on 15 years at this point. The amount of hours that Steam has tracked don’t do me any justice. That being said, Everquest has some serious problems. There was a time when I would have recommended the game and I have recommended the game. That time is past.


  • A good community. The community overall is full of nice and helpful people. Yes, there is some people who definitely don’t fit that description but they are few and far between.

  • The game being modeled after tabletop D&D. The fact that somebody can have a max level character with all the best stuff in the game and still miss/have attacks dodged by lower level mobs is hilarious.

Real player with 17805.8 hrs in game

This game was good 10 years ago.Now it is junk, crashes, log-in issues, lag, and 15 year old graphics are what its about now. EQ is free to play but with conditions added. Daybreak makes new expansions with consist of 75% old zones that have been upgraded to a higher level and maybe 1 or 2 new ones. Mobs are copy and paste from all other zones so no new ones in a long time.All the special events are old ones that just keep coming back. Once in awhile something interesting will come along but far and few between. So after reading this i cant say any thing good about EQ anymore, theres other free to play games that are a lot better. But the one upside to EQ is that it does have a nice community, people are always willing to offer advice that will help you along.

Real player with 10616.9 hrs in game

EverQuest on Steam

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is the second game in the franchise and helped to establish many of the core aesthetics of the series. Addressing the biggest complaints about the first one, Silent Assassin is a solid and worthy sucessor. Controls are more solid and responsive, with better aiming, and wider options for the player to tackle the missions; and everything is bigger and better. The main new feature is the creation of the famous rating system, were the highest rank is Silent Assassin.

The briefing is now narrated by Diana, creating one of the most recognizable features in the Hitman series, which you can hear while watching the mission video (the first one, in St. Petersburg Stakeout, is glitched though, as it cannot transition to the second part of the video). Locations are more alive, more populated with NPCs and with more indirect approaches. The map is now more useful, showing real time positions of NPCs and critical elements like elevators and ICA caches. Albeit still mostly linear, Hitman 2: SA tries its best to give the player different options of approach and has more signature kills, with the most famous being the killing of Hayamoto Jr. with a badly prepared Fugu fish.

Real player with 110.0 hrs in game

Codename 47 was a success, a success that needed a sequel. And what do the good sequels do? Fix what’s broken, evolve what’s working. And Silent Assassin does that…kinda. Unfortunately, not always right. The overall structure of the game remained the same - you have a map where you need to do something, preferably unnoticed, and then, usually, leave the area. But how you do it is slightly different. First of all, and that is important for more… kind, i guess, players like me, - you can knock out enemies with a chloroform instead of killing them. This also means, that now you can knock out innocent people in the area and use their clothes almost without any consequences. Almost, because knocked out people do regain consciousness (quicker on higher difficulty), and because there is a new meter. Yes, starting with this game there is a “suspicion” meter in play. And it’s rather stupid, unfortunately. When you are seen by enemy/guard-type characters, their “suspicion” goes up. It’s universal for the map and it can only be slightly changed by what you are wearing at the moment. But it didn’t work as well as in later installments, with lots of smaller “if"s in play, where enemy/guard character could truly be described as “suspicious” and not “crazy and paranoid” and willing to shoot a hotel visitor just because he made a wrong turn (and yes, this can happen). What’s also sad, is that the infamous jungle chapters from Codename 47, are here as well, only now you’re in snowy Japan. Why would developers want to leave this kind of section in the game is still something i don’t understand. But it’s a solid game. Not yet as refined as Contracts and Blood Money, but not as raw and hardcore-ish as Codename 47. Definitely worth the play. P.S. Jesper Kyd’s music is amazing as always. P.P.S. You can now save in the game, if that put you off in Codename 47. Amount of saves depends on the difficulty level. P.P.P.S. The game is ridiculous to play if you speak russian. Russian stereotypes in this game are amazingly funny. Game even starts with a very harsh russian profanity, it’s the first thing you hear when you start the game.

Real player with 78.2 hrs in game

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin on Steam