From the Depths

From the Depths

coffee tastes like purple

Real player with 4364.8 hrs in game

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There is a lot of thing that I would like to say, so I’ll try to keep it brief.

Here are some question from new players who I’ve heard a lot:

Is the Learning Curve steep?

Yes. It not just a learning curve, but a learning cliff, on fire and covered in bears. It would take quite some time to get used to the mechanics of the game.

The tutorials only teach the absolute basics (e.g. its (proprietary) build mode controls and AI programming). For new players, Only finish the first section of it and go experiments with the designer yourself. Expect some ragey moments at this stage as it will bombard you with an insane amount of content (even with over 1000+ hours, I’m still considered quite new by FtD’s community standards). Fortunately, the FtD community have very experienced people who are ready to help you if any problem arises (as long as you don’t say the game as a whole sucks), so I advise you join the Official FtD Discord server as most activities happen there.

Real player with 1167.7 hrs in game

From the Depths on Steam



I see great potential in this game, the development is very active and content and bug-fixes are added frequently.

I love the building system, you can build whatever ship you like, from small torpedo boats to battleships or even fictional monstrosities from your own imagination.

Real player with 24.3 hrs in game

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good game but i can figure out on how to make a proper hull and the game cant tell you again the tutorial. there is also a budget i dont get on how to change to to edracate

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game




The gameplay dynamic in Windward goes from calm, controlled and thoughtful (if you’re looking for trade routes and quests to build up your towns), to outright mayhem and sudden and repeated death (if you’ve ventured into a tough pirate region, or a combat instance).

These are some basic facts to know, if you’re considering a purchase:

The game begins with creation of a World, somewhat under the control of the creator, in terms of its shape, the challenges it will present, and some other global features. The world consists of a large number of rectangular regions, each of which contains a procedurally generated terrain and oceans, with a few coastal towns scattered in each. The next decision is to choose your starting faction. There are several Windward factions, all of which are allies by default, and each comes with a different set of advantages and drawbacks, which are described to you when you’re asked to choose: maybe you want to get rich as an Exchange captain, or rampage the seas wiping out pirates with Valiant, or … the choices are yours.

Real player with 885.2 hrs in game

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Over all, I do enjoy this game in small doses. The Pirate genre is sadly under-served in video games. I’ve played a few from Sid Meier’s Pirates (which I loved, for the most part), Assassin’s Creed 4 (which is beautiful and interesting, but needs more sailing) to New Horizons 2 (which is for me the absolute gold standard for pirate games.) Windward isn’t as good as those guys. At all. You could forgive Black Flag for not having a robust trading system since it is an action game. You can forgive Sid Meier’s Pirates for not having a developed 3rd or 1st person character action since its focus is on piraty things. You can forgive Uncharted Waters 2 for not having beautiful graphics because of its age. But they all offer something special. Windward doesn’t have a robust trade system so at least it has what the other games have, right? Well, no, the graphics are pretty average. Graphics aren’t everything, at least you can develop your avatar through some sort of story or purpose. Except… you don’t really have an avatar. In fact, there’s no story at all. In fact, the premise is not even “here’s a boat, go and do as you see fit”, it’s more of a sentence fragment of “boat”. Ok, fine. Boat it is.

Real player with 225.9 hrs in game

Windward on Steam


At first I was skeptical of this game. I guess just something about it looked off- like an advertisement for a mobile game vs. the game itself. I bought it partly because of its low price (it may have gone up by the time you are reading this). While there is definitely some room for more content in general, I was shocked by how convenient it was to do exactly what I wanted: build ships. It’s super easy to stay updated on the dimensions, displacement, total hit points, etc. while in the process of building. What’s more, downloading ships from the Steam Workshop and pitting them against each other is a blast! If you’ve played World of Warships, combat in Navalart is essentially that but a bit simplified. The sheer fact that you can have WoWS-esque battles with ships that YOU and others like you created is amazing. I know there is a plethora of other games where that is possible, but I don’t think I’ve found another one that is, as I said earlier, as convenient as Navalart.

Real player with 651.4 hrs in game

This game is what Battleship Craft should have been.

It’s like my dream came true, what would it look like on PC. This is it.

This game has so much potential and I think the dev needs some more time, but it has the potential to be one of the best ship building games out there. You can build anything from small boats, like PT Boats up to Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, (Aircraft carriers) and everything beyond your imagination. The limit is your fantasy like really.

For exmaple I have built some realistic destroyers, but also my own creations of BB’s and cruisers, you can build what you want.

Real player with 159.3 hrs in game

NavalArt on Steam

A pirate quartermaster

A pirate quartermaster

Don’t overlook this curious little gem of a game! Do yourself a favor and give it a try. I’ve never played anything quite like it.

As an added bonus the developer is very active and present, and has already provided several bug fixes and added improvements.

Edit 16th of October:

An earlier version of this review mentioned that the game needed some serious rebalancing, as it was very difficult to keep going for any significant amount of watches. The developer has since changed a number of things, and it is now much, much easier to progress in my experience.

Real player with 92.0 hrs in game

This game is truly charming.

It has got style and character and a great atmosphere (it does not struggle to create a feel-good one).

You gotta love the music, absolutely enjoyable and this goes for most everything of this game.

It also has very good achievements that are desirable but seldomly quick to get.

They let you know there is more adventure for you in this game sort of in addition to the already

solid watch to watch “routine” of being the quartermaster.

Make smart decisions (one of them is not to think “1 portion” ought to be enough when there is no better reason to skimp there other than saving a few coins when that is not crucial) and you can sail a fearsome, capable pirate ship you will mourn to ever lose. This might even entail mourning the loss of your former captain (I admit that happened to me ;-) ).

Real player with 54.1 hrs in game

A pirate quartermaster on Steam

Sea Dogs: To Each His Own - Pirate Open World RPG

Sea Dogs: To Each His Own - Pirate Open World RPG

Heads up, this review is LONG. There will be a TL;DR at the bottom.

This game is a gem, covered in a pile of shit. If you’ve read negative reviews for the game I hate to say that most of them are very much accurate. This game is very unwieldy, hard to learn, harder to master, and really doesn’t teach you anything. The closest this game has to a tutorial is essentially a few hours of being stuck on one island doing small quests to make enough money to buy a small ship. Unfortunately, this means you likely won’t know if you want to keep the game or not until after the refund period has passed.

Real player with 663.4 hrs in game

Very OLD Akella Pirates game player here when “dinosaurs ruled the earth”.

I basically played the entire game in Russian (no DLC) before it was released in English offline.

I recently went back and have been playing the DLCs online, and my immediate review is still valid in any case.

The game series has been around since 2000. Published by Akella, and eveloped by various studios. This is actually the SIXTH game in the series. Sea Dogs, POTC (Sea Dogs Modification, SD2, the bad disney production), Age of Pirates (AoP) , Tortuga - Two Treasures, AoP2:COAS (City of Abandoned Ships) , and POTEHO (SDTEHO). Black Mark Studios has most of the original modders and designs from the original games. SDTEHO has MANY of the same landmarks as COAS and similar quests. Personally, I am partial to COAS for many reasons, but predominantly the freedom to do whatever the hell you want very early.

Real player with 504.8 hrs in game

Sea Dogs: To Each His Own - Pirate Open World RPG on Steam

Pixel Piracy

Pixel Piracy

Let’s get the obvious shït outta the way first: I like Pixel Pirates! And yes, I know it’s actually called Pixel PiraCY, but Pixel PiraTES just sounds way better.

Anyway, moving on… I like this game. I really really do. HOWEVER, I cannot POSSIBLY recommend it to ANYONE, simply because of the atrociously poor “productivity” of the so-called “developers” of the game. They CLAIM that their complete radio silence and lack of updates for over eight months was due to ONE guy’s failing health, and while I do wish him a speedy recovery, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE REST OF YOU LOT GET TO SIT AROUND AND TWIDDLE YOUR FÛCKING THUMBS!

Real player with 104.6 hrs in game

So normally I would write a more concise review analyzing a game, and looking at all the good parts of it but also all of it’s faults. Pixel Piracy is this special case where I absolutely adore the concept it delivers and the gameplay, but the execution is so god damn awful I can’t bring myself to play it anymore, I wanted to play it to the end and explore everything, have a massive powerful crew that would dominate the seven seas. Instead we’re left with a game that, to put it simply, is badly made. It doesn’t work, and yet it ‘released’ mere days ago. Anyway, here’s a list of about everything wrong with this game that will ruin your experience. Some issues may not seem important but do realize that all of them create unfair situations where the player is not at fault and yet the game will end up punishing them anyway or worse, just straight up giving them a situation they cannot get out of because of the god awful AI. So, here’s the list.

Real player with 32.3 hrs in game

Pixel Piracy on Steam

Winds Of Trade

Winds Of Trade

So far I have played about 100 hours of this excellent game, and thought I’d give it a thumbs up with a quick reveiw because there are not many reveiws yet, and many of them refer to earlier versions.

If you’ve ever played a Port Royale or Patrician game, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly, but there are differences, such as the fluctuating market prices, which vary much more realistically. Also, there is a stock exchange, and your decisions regarding buying and selling goods in the various ports will have a direct effect on share prices. You can make big money investing in a company, supplying it with raw materials and selling their products.

Real player with 640.0 hrs in game

This commerce-heavy fleet game delivers what it promises. The supply chain dynamics are well balanced and the economic engine seems well tuned. The combat is boring… maybe that’s why it’s not called “Winds of Cannons”. As an economics-heavy trading game, this is quite fun.

The battles are very uninteresting, just turn based clicking to shoot cannonballs at ships (there is a very limited amount of tactical decisions to be made, ie ship position, but since its primarily a trading game, your ships probably won’t be anywhere near each other). Battles are just enough danger to justify defensive ship upgrades, but otherwise boring. I attempt to escape them whenever possible - there’s essentially no good that can come from them, just ship damage and perhaps a paltry amount of cargo. Don’t buy the game for the battles.

Real player with 191.1 hrs in game

Winds Of Trade on Steam

End War RTS 2

End War RTS 2

Compared with the first generation, End War RTS 2 transforms from 2D to 3D, which is a classic real-time strategy

End War RTS 2 is a story inspired by modern science fiction. It is mainly based on the fact that human beings started the world war in order to fight for survival resources, and the launching of nuclear bombs has become the killing means of various countries.

In the world of End War RTS 2, it is constructed by seven camps of the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Russia, Cuba and Libya. Each country’s power weapon units are different, and the U.S. space carrier, Russian missile submarine and other characteristics

End War RTS 2 on Steam

The Last Leviathan

The Last Leviathan

The Last Leviathan Is Truly an amazing Game with a simple but brilliant game mechanic.

Build A Floating, Armored Ship And Take on The Sea!

Testing the build of your ship as you sail, you have the option to fix or adjust (when not in Battle) the Ship, To anything from The weight to the Weapons to even the style.

The Art Style is very reminiscent to Legend Of Zelda - Wind Waker.

because the quality of the game is so stunning and visually appealing it would almost be taking as a game developed by nintendo in the craftsmanship alone.

Real player with 32.4 hrs in game

As a simple ship building and sailing sandbox this game let me entertain myself for a good 30 hours before it’s limitations and flaws started to suck the enjoyment out of it.

The ocean wave and wind physics are outstanding, and really provide a test for the ship designs you can come up with. You can add lots of water propellers, ballast, and even functioning wings if you want to try making a sort of hydroplane design for speed.

Outside of the sandbox, there is really not much else to do, there is no substantial “game” there other than the sandbox.

Real player with 31.5 hrs in game

The Last Leviathan on Steam