Aesoteric Collection

Aesoteric Collection

9 Æsoteric games, the result of many experimental worlds brought to conclusion at last.

Each of these belong in a common oniric universe, where you’re confronted with a diverse array of A.R.G. consoles, each having a uniquely different game in its system but sharing a common dark origin.

The Æsoteric Collection


tmOD / Vlast

Oneiroi / tmPaint

Apex Byte Reeling / Wrecc

Noahs Ark Demake

The experiences contained within this collection are calling. It is a mystery if they even grew to exist as a published format, cursed as they are, belonging somewhere between the discarded and the dreamt. Some originally forgotten demos, others accidents of evil destiny and spiteful development, even the consoles in which they belong are not a thing of public knowledge…

Until now.

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Aesoteric Collection on Steam

Fit For a King

Fit For a King

Fit For a King is a relatively short game but is definitely an enjoyable experience. The whole game is centred around the summit that you will be throwing and your main goal is to outspend your rival.

Like the trailer says, you can pretty much do anything, from executing a foreign ambassador to marrying a literal piece of sh- ahem refuse.

At times it can seem a bit aimless and it can be hard to find the clues to get things you need but otherwise is quite fun and definitely worth a play.

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

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The game has a weak and slow start, don’t let this dissuade you. The controls are dated and supposed to feel like a mid to late 80’s crpg, but are way more straight forward and easy to understand then those ever were back then without 200 page manuals. Once you can get a good grasp of the controls the game opens up and the gameplay starts. For the most part it’s a puzzle game with some loot hunting in it. The humor is pretty good and the mix of both serious and silly just strikes that perfect balance. It’s only really down fall and biggest selling point is that it’s short and sweet and complete. It left me wanting more, which is rare for most game these days. It made me want to give ultima another shot or some other Crpgs. I guess some minor things that made me sad was that while there was a ton of lines for the NPCs I wish there was more , and by extension more tasks or quests. (Spoiler) Another minor thing was that it’s never explained in game that some walls can be walked through as a sort of secret entrance.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Fit For a King on Steam

Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency

Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency


Introduction: Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency(AISA) is a surveillance system building game. You will control an intelligence surveillance agency, you will need to achieve mission goals by establishing the surveillance system in the city. A news system will be provided in the game to provide players with the latest mission information. You can customize your equipment according to your needs in the Research center, including surveillance probes, surveillance drones, large reconnaissance drones, etc, and you can choose the way to complete the task according to the current intelligence. The location of the surveillance system you deploy, the detection range of the surveillance system, the efficiency of eliminating threats, and the casualties of civilians will all affect the success probability of your mission. Every action you take may have different effects.

Initiating foreign territory surveillance program

Protocol ‘AISAS-984XN’

Get main objectives:

– Establish surveillance network

– Search and Eliminate threats

Administrator detected

Initiating ‘Briefing’ protocol

Welcome to Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency (AISA)

– AISA is an intelligence surveillance agency approved by the Foreign Territory Land Monitoring Act, which is subordinate to the Ministry of National Defense.

– AISA is mainly responsible for the detection and elimination of terrorist activities in overseas territories and cities.

– The surveillance plan will allow administrators to place surveillance equipment anywhere in the city.

– Any individual entering the surveillance area will be scanned by the surveillance equipment and obtain personal information.

– If the surveillance device locates the threat, the administrator will be asked to take action.

– Administrators will be authorized to use equipment including military detectors, drones, and electronic warfare weapons.

– The administrator will be able to customize the equipment research plan according to the needs.

Authorizing the deployment of surveillance equipment

Authorized. Monitoring equipment is now free to deploy in the city

System diagnosing:

– Command center ready

– Research center ready

– Operation center ready

– Black Ops center offline

Bypassing local reinforcement security network


Requesting citizens information


Inquiry parallel projects status:

– PRISM (Decoy)

– Upstream Collection (Decoy)

– ECHELON (Activated)

Gathering Intelligence from base stations

Access denied, additional equipment required

Initiate program complete

Waiting for commands

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Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency on Steam

Slave RPG

Slave RPG

A fun game with a unique look. You start with a big debt and have to earn your freedom by earning money through various methods. Like mining or fighting in an arena or looting ruined cities. It mixes sci-fi with fantasy. For instance you can be playing as an orc and fighting a robot. It’s a game I very much recommend.

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

Love this game. The basic premise of this game is you play as a slave and you need to fight to work off your debt while learning about what happened to you. Now you can level up, you can fight mutated beings, attack npcs (with a perk) and more but It needs a lot more content I am 3 hours into the game and its starting to look like I am almost done with the second tier of arena and just need to find out where I came from there are no other arenas no crazy quests(that I have found) its just kind of there. If the devs decide to come back some day what I hope they add is-

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Slave RPG on Steam

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame

This LEGO game is not like the others. Whether this change is for the better, it is hard to say as there are certainly pros and cons to each style of game. This installment focuses more on open-world aspects rather than the episodic nature that its predecessors provided. Players are sent to various different planets (levels) to collect master bricks that progress the narrative forward with the help of a number of different tools to solve each planets puzzles (paint wand, grapple gun, power fists, etc). Players must also use build-ables (trampolines, sprinklers, generators, etc.) to traverse the planets using bricks the player collects from destroying the environment. This provides players with a greater sense of control when deciding where to go next and how to tackle problems. However, it still falls into the same trap as previous games in that certain puzzles can only be solved by progress further in the story and ultimately completing it. This means that players must still redo every level over again if they want to achieve that 100% goal. Not that surprising given the rest of the LEGO games but annoying none the less. Additionally, the story relates vaguely to that of the movie it is based off of. It uses the same characters, but fails to follow the narrative established in the film even changing core plot points to fit the games design. This led to a significant disconnect between gameplay elements and the overall story-arc. In the end, I did 100% this LEGO game, as I always do, and I did enjoy it more than the aging gameplay mechanics that previous installments have provided; however, this style of LEGO game needs a little more work before I will be fully on-board with it.

Real player with 32.1 hrs in game

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is not a typical Lego Game, its more like, when Lego Worlds was in EA (Early Access) but with The LEGO Movie 2 elements, like Characters, Worlds and Buildlings.

Controlls are better and this time also keyboard friendly. It works a bit like in Lego Worlds but simpler.

You have a lot of Quests to do, they are very simple so that even smaller childs could do it. With every Quest you complete you can get prints for buildings, a lila stone (on other Lego Games they where golden or red) or some items that need a shop to open it. (bad tongues would say “a few typs of loot boxes” but you cant buy them with real money ^^). The last reward can also be found with golden chests you find by explore the map.

Real player with 25.3 hrs in game

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame on Steam

Tidal Tribe

Tidal Tribe

The game has 3 modes: Story mode, Challenge mode and Free mode.

I played only the Free sandbox mode which is what I find more interesting.

The game mechanics consists in big water waves which come from the ocean and swipe the land.

The player can shape the terrain and create small lakes to encourage the growth of plants.

I wish more games would do such water simulations in 3D environments.

Each plant has some specific needs regarding water, light, vicinity to other species, altitude…

Peoples traits:

Real player with 51.5 hrs in game

This game is amazing. Quite worth the money.

Firstly, the game itself is quite therapeutic. One can make lagoons, mountains, paths, and help out the little triangle people with their economy and needs; it is oddly satisfying to see how their civilization passes from living in shanties to full-blown mansions. There are also quests in the main levels that require you to find keys and complete a treasure map, while photographing several things through the levels.

Not only is the simulation relaxing and the overall atmosphere calming, but also the story mode has many funny, pog, and bruh moments. For example: There is a password origami duck, and if you insult it, it will cleverly insult right back. There is also a casino that penalizes you for savescumming, restricting access to the casino itself if you cheat. Some side missions are a cakewalk while others have a Cuphead/Dark souls level of difficulty. Finally, the amount of minigames is unreal, and can be a good source of XP, as well as an alternative to the general simulation levels.

Real player with 45.4 hrs in game

Tidal Tribe on Steam

World of Contraptions

World of Contraptions

The game has so much more potential. The art style of the components would certainly lend itself to a change of scenery, I was disappointed at the constant white and grey levels and white overcast sky.

In terms of building, its very difficult to make smaller devices as the snapping tools (while quite effective) were incredibly limiting. I wouldn’t mention it if it were helping with physics bugs, but it certainly does not. I can’t count how many times an otherwise very simple machine just floated away due to a clipping issue.

Real player with 31.4 hrs in game

if you’ve ever played and enjoyed ( i think it was an old 2d flash game ) called Fantastic contraption , well this is it but in 3D with so so much more.

a very polished physics builder to solve puzzles

the tutorial is just enough to get you started, without making it a cakewalk, letting you discover new pieces for yourself.

game runs very smooth no glitches discovered so far

if you like physics games just buy it

Real player with 24.1 hrs in game

World of Contraptions on Steam



Very satisfying for an early access game. I have just a little over 24 hours into the game and highly recommend joining the discord to search for solutions/answers to some basic how-to’s in early game.

Like commented elsewhere, the gameplay is very raft-in-space. I like the story-line and blackbox gigs as the early access campaign pre-cursor. Good mechanics IMHO and I have yet to run into any serious bugs. In the current release there is a items-stop-spawning issue that is easily remedied by save-exit-load game.

Real player with 27.4 hrs in game

Ok so Im gonna start off by saying, Yes this is LIKE Raft. we all know that raft has shaped the open world survival craft genre. but Remains has similarity’s to Desert Skies and subnautica and Void Train. i have spent 2 hour trying to decide if this game is just a lame reskin or a game all its own and im leaning twords the second option. I am glad that its only 6 buck cause there is not much content. but im very very happy with it so far and im eger for more updates. this is really gonna be a game to follow! now time for the negative……..and its 3 words, IN.GAME.TUTORIAL! there is not help on how to play the game! you just get dropped in and kinda have to figure it out on your own. if a basic tutorial was added it would clear up major struggles and confusion. but thats really my only issue. now that im done writing this imma go play this some more! Cheers!

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

Remains on Steam

Duck Creator

Duck Creator

I like ducks. Since I now have more hours in this game I can tell you it is a alright game but it gets boring after a bit.

Day 1: Since this person think my hours are fake I will do a daily update for the days I play. Ducks will rule the world one day remember that.

Day 2: The all seeing duck spoke to me today. I think it knows what I did.

Day 3: It’s all coming together. One day you will see.

Day 4: The door is opening up to the new world. The ducks are mutating into something new.

Day 5: I am starting to see the veil between worlds.

Real player with 602.8 hrs in game

This game didnt just change my life. It IS my life. Every waking moment of my existence is filled with thoughts about Duck Creator. Every second i am playing this game is memorable and i consider to be the best moments of my life. Every second i am not playing Duck Creator is a second wasted because this game is the greatest product of humanity. I hold duck creator on the same level as i do food or water or air, i dont just want it i need it. Maybe i even put it above those things, its more than a need its something unexplainable and i cant imagine life without this game. Duck Creator truly is a gift from the gods and if you dont like it i will erase you from the planet. I would die for duck creator. I live and breath this game. I would give it a 10/10 but its perfection is beyond a numeric value.

Real player with 97.0 hrs in game

Duck Creator on Steam

Mercyful Flames

Mercyful Flames

Welcome to the murky times you’ll get the chance to become an occultist that due to a quirk of malignant fate becomes an inquisitor. A very wrong person in a very responsible position. Join the ranks of a bloodthirsty church and see how far are you ready to go to save your beloved one.

Mercyful Flames is a detective adventure RPG inspired by horror board games. A slow-paced, yet thrilling study of human meanness. Complete several dozen missions, each set in different but equally horrifying scenery. Investigate, bribe, fight, or even torture. Do whatever it takes, to achieve your goal, and remember that you’ll be doing it all in the name of love. Or at least keep telling yourself that to remain sane.

Some of the inquisitor’s powers:

Ultimate interrogation. Break your enemies' will, force them to reveal darkest secrets.

**Roaming the Dark Ages world.**​ Explore the wild and deserted nooks of the kingdom.

**Creativity.​ ** Develop terrifying torture machines

**God’s Grace.**​ Develop your skills through the power from the above.

Detective’s mind. Solve problems using the power of intelligence, fear, persuasiveness, or tortures

Dark ages. Poverty and misery are everywhere. Hunger and injustice raise anger in simple men. Keep it in mind - you are in the middle of it.

Make good use of the heavenly support. Ask the Lord to send favors, and help you in your investigation. Hunt down the devil inside the innocent souls, but remember that even the purest soul of loved once can be sometimes tempted but him. Decide how far can you go.

You are the inquisitor. Not the most loved occupation here. Be careful who you trust. There is always a mask, it’s important to know is it behind the face

or on it.

Have mercy on poor peoples' souls. Expand and maintain the authority of the church through the power of flames. Achieve your goal at all costs. Accuse the villagers of witchcraft, and pacts with the devil if necessary.

Earn the grace of the king and the pope. Do what inquisitors do.​ Burn the enemies of the church or just Burn EVERYTHING to the ground and

become a Grand Witch Hunter.

Mercyful Flames on Steam