Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod

2,000 Hours don’t come out of a watch. It comes out of your life. Was the 2k hours worth it? Yes indeed. For a game like gmod to be amazing for such a low price your wondering is it good or bad? Its both 100% depending on the gamemode you play. Do i suggest it? I don’t know does time come out of a watch?


1,000 Hours later still finding the game interesting, Ive met wonderful people, bad people, and the ones to love and adore. From my 3k Hours this game is top Notch. Not Notch as in minecraft but, yeah. TOP NOTCH

Real player with 4472.3 hrs in game

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Garry’s Mod

Is not a game. It is a physics toy and sandbox style tool.

In Gmod, you can reluctantly do whatever you want to. You can: build things such as:

cars, buildings, bunkers, airships , boats , or whatever you can think up.

*Use weapons from other valve games, as well as add-on weapons created by other people.

Play with physics, kill NPCs with literally anything, drive a world of vehicles, paint, destroy stuff, spawn props, spawn ragdolls to pose and beat up, make a machinima for use on YouTube or other video websites, listen to music, and MUCH MUCH more.

Real player with 4265.5 hrs in game

Garry's Mod on Steam



I don’t write reviews…often. However, after more than 450 hours of enjoyment, with no end in sight, this deserves my valuable time…and yours. My favorite game of all time, prior to this, was Minecraft. I love the Survival genre. When I first saw this game, I doubted it could live up to the claims, the screenshots, and the videos. I was wrong, it does, in spades! Enough vague praise, let’s talk about why.

Basic Gameplay: I enjoy Surviving, and this game drops you on an Yland, in your underwear! Fortunately, I’ve yet to encounter a Bear, Wolf, or Puma at spawn, but I’ve rarely survived the first day without being mauled…entirely my fault, throwing caution to the wind (which sounds awe-inspiring, I might add), I explore over hills and around bends with abandon. Crafting is intuitive, with searchable help available. This is particularly useful for my absent-mindedness. I sometimes forget to put on my pants after respawn, true story. Starting out is tough, but respawning drops all of your hard-earned Survivalism next to a Gravestone. If it stopped at Survival, I’d still like it…it does not stop there. Make a boat, sail to a new island, be Magellan! If you are so inclined, you can build houses, fortresses, castles, and LITERALLY anything your brain can think up! There are even cars, yes cars! I’ve yet to get into that though, to be honest. Create your utopia, explore, build a ship, go underground, this is a world with possibilities limited by little more than your imagination!

Real player with 599.9 hrs in game

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Okay, I guess I am ready to write a review for this after 204 hours play time.

Well, It’s very addictive and fun at first but when you finished crafting everything it gets really bored. A lot of players just quit after joining your server. The map is really big though, exploration mode allows you to travel to different islands but in a sense that those island are basically almost the same. So, its like finding the same island over and over again.

Flying Pack allows you to just flying around the area freely. With it you can just explore the map in 5 minutes without any hassle. Pretty much killing the game. Building charging station is pretty useless too, cost 30 ylandium but the only thing that need charging is the drill. Maybe flying pack needs to be recharge too? I guess that was the plan in the future.

Real player with 431.1 hrs in game

Ylands on Steam



I have been playing this game for 10 years now, and this is my attempt at an actual, objective based view of Blockland.

When it comes to gameplay, Blockland is what I consider to be the best lego-based sandbox building game to ever be released. theres no strings attached. you click “start a game” and you are almost immediately thrown into a blank slate and are free to build whatever you want, however you want, when you want. Whatever brick, item, or vehicle is not provided by default, the community’s faithful addon creators have provided for you. Blockland also comes with a intuitve and dynamic eventing system which allows you to assign functions to bricks. This game also supports gamemode functionality. You can host freebuilds, deathmatches, treasure hunts, and even community created gamemodes such as falling tiles, jailbreaks, drawing games, parties, development servers, RPGs, and more.

Real player with 3126.3 hrs in game

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Due to this game’s hard-coded limitations, the concept could only be taken so far. But, considering the base technology that it runs on (old Source engine, I think?) Eric and the gang did a great job with this game.

I have many happy, sad, beautiful, ugly, and downright crazy memories playing it. I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.

I would say, as cheesy as it might sound, that the experiences that this game gave me really did shape me as a person, and is jointly responsible for who I am today. I’m not kidding. Many may feel the same way.

Real player with 1351.2 hrs in game

Blockland on Steam

Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator

Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator

Game battle mechanics are built on real-world physics. Select different troops and make various siege weapons to battle the enemy.

Game controls are greatly simplified. When selecting troops, game time will slow down so that you have plenty of time to strategize and input controls.

Then, just leave the rest to your soldiers.

Fun battles built on real-world physics

Destroy castle walls with trebuchets, or send in the cavalry to sweep across the battlefield?

With game combat based on physics simulations, identical matchups can lead to different ends. Choose your favorite battle method, command your troops in real-time, and fight in a realistic world!

Varied and Unique Troops, Brave and Intelligent Soldiers

Working with other unit types, the dozens type of unique units, each with their own stats and skills, can restrain enemies of all sorts, making them extremely effective in each scenario.

Each soldier is equipped with independent AI, which allows them to carry out your orders and, in the meantime, making their decisions based on allies and the progress of battle.

In addition, in this physics-based world, they’re also pretty cute-looking.

Fun Gameplay Expansion

In addition to commanding your troops for victory, you can also take to the battlefield from the perspective of a troop commander to engage in close-quarters combat with the enemy.

The future plan includes custom modules and multiplayer mode, which will make this city siege game even more fun.

Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator on Steam

Sandbox Anything

Sandbox Anything

Fun game would recommend to anyone. Cant wait for full release. Great game to challenge friends with

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

So, real quick, the game is in early access so there will be a lot of (like 7) new things in 2022 when its fully released. it WILL change prices from free to idk like 1.99? So, i checked the free box because the game will no longer be free by 2023. HA! we got 2 Y E A R S. get it while its free, kinda fun, and B U G G Y (spam ‘fix the bugs’ to them cause they can break the game)

–-{ Graphics }—

☐ You forget what reality is


☐ Good

☐ Decent

☑ Bad

☐ Don‘t look too long at it


Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Sandbox Anything on Steam

Portal Knights

Portal Knights

I’ve played a stupid amount of this game for an early access title. This may not be a comprehensive guide, but it’s long enough that I feel like it will give people a realistic glimpse into what to expect.

Things that rock about this game:

  • Large universe is LARGE. The home island that I have customized the most seems small at first Glance. I’ve been carving out huge swaths to make new buildings, dungeons, gardens, and landscaping projects as time goes on, yet an aeriel view on the smallest looking Island reveals I’ve still barely scratched the surface - and that’s saying nothing about the vast caverns beneath.

Real player with 274.8 hrs in game

Portal Knights, at first glance, looks like a pretty remake of Minecraft. It has the same blocky, cartoony charm, and does have exploring, fighting, mining and building as its main features. The game is, in some ways remarkably similar, but in other ways, remarkably different.

I’ll be using spoiler tags to hide both challenge-reducing tactics as well as actual game spoilers (for those who want to experience the game with zero advance knowledge, which can actualy provide a lot more fun to the game for first playthrough).

Real player with 216.6 hrs in game

Portal Knights on Steam

The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience

The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience

The Orville is a fantastic show which is both funny and dramatic, and this game is a must-have for any Orville fan. Also its FREE!

The game allows players to create a character to explore the USS Orville, including the bridge, medical bay, various character’s quarters, shuttle dock, quantum engine rooms, the environmental simulator, and many other rooms on the ship. Players can visit various locations and planet as backdrops to look at out the windows. Players can explore alone or in multiplayer with friends. A few weapons from the show can be picked up and used by players. The ship also contains many Easter eggs from the show to discover.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game


The loss of the interactive “Star Trek: The Next Generation” experience was bad for Star Trek fans. (I never understood why CBS didn’t just buy the website and hire the developers to run it, but anyways…)

But in the wake of Bad Reboots, canon-ignoring prequels, Kling-orcs, spore drives and CBS boldly backing away from where no man has gone before, we’ve now got something now that’s “More Trek than Star Trek” in its present form.

Taking a brief tour of this interactive Orville experience was nothing short of awesome. I’ve only gotten to try one of the scenarios so far. But so far this is beyond cool. The graphics are top-notch, and the interactive features are great. A lot of it still needs to be finished but so far this is looking awesome.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience on Steam

Anarchy Arcade

Anarchy Arcade

Anarchy Arcade is a Source Engine mod which allows players to create their own virtual arcades. In this 3D desktop players can spawn in any program or game that currently resides on their computer and turn it into an arcade cabinet, TV with console, poster, or many others.

Players can also spawn in images, music, or even YouTube videos that will play when players interact with them.

I use Anarchy Arcade to have a 3D desktop instead of 2D.

It’s a fun software with many possibilities in fact, endless.

Real player with 2913.1 hrs in game

Anarchy Arcade is amazing. It’s basically like a 3D desktop that allows you to do more than just add shortcuts to your favorite programs, it also allows you to add models from GMod to decorate your maps with so that they can be more lively if you know what I mean.

What I like about this game is that you can play NES and SNES games within the game, once you set up Libretro and add the games as shortcuts. GBA games do not work correctly yet as certain buttons make them reset or freeze, I recommend playing them on New Retro Arcade Neon until Sith Lord can fix these issues.

Real player with 847.2 hrs in game

Anarchy Arcade on Steam

Crash Drive 3

Crash Drive 3

Because I enjoy Crash Drive 2, I volunteered to help test this game (unpaid, but I got a free copy) and have played every day for over a year. Not because I’m dedicated (actually I’m rather lazy), but because it’s fun.

Like CD2, you can easily play for just a few minutes at a time, as each event or tank battle is only a few minutes, so ideal to fit in to the spare moments in a day. The vehicle physics is certainly not realistic, but rather sort of cartoony. You can drive up vertical walls, spin mid-air and many other impossible but entertaining things. It is particularly crazy on the moon.

Real player with 1127.7 hrs in game

I’ve had to change my review from positive to negative to positive. Here’s why.

AN IN DEPTH REVIEW So you can make an informed purchase! haha!

Firstly, straight up this game, from the moment you load it up, it’s just a good time. Always a good time!

The few(8) negative reviews on here suck, so I’ll try to address those first and the actual issues here. This is my first Crash Drive title.

1. You don’t need a roll button since the game does roll you over back, but a rest button could be handy.

Real player with 47.6 hrs in game

Crash Drive 3 on Steam

Hammer SandBox

Hammer SandBox

Hammer Sandbox is a solo/multiplayer sandbox game with no specific goal, except maybe having fun! You can make your own mods, maps gamemodes and plugins!

Map creators can define their own rules and goals!

Server owners can grow up their community and gamemode!

Hammer SandBox on Steam