Yes, something different!!! Like the idea for creating movies.

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

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I enjoy this game, but I would like to be possible to add sounds.

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

SimpleMovie on Steam

Filmmaker Tycoon

Filmmaker Tycoon

Edit: The lead “developer” has stated in discord that the current bugs in Film Maker Tycoon are “unfixable”. It was also said a few months back, that the other member of the 2 man team has left the project and it was heavily hinted that the individual who parted, handled all the art assets.

Dead on Arrival. The developer stated (within 2 months of release) that updates with be coming to at a greatly slower pace (this is considered we have only seen 2 patches so far, each containing only one fix and with the bug the first patch addressed still remaining). Just weeks after that, the developer claimed that development has ceased all together.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

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As one who has The Movies and still plays it from time to time, I have to say that this game is a bit disappointing at present - it feels very disjointed and basic at present, certainly not worth the asking price as it stands …. it just does not feel that you are embarking on a journey, rather that you are just seeing what’s available and looking at the mechanics of the game, whereas it would be nice if you felt as if you were on a career. BUT I think it has potential and if the developers can push out updates and listen to criticisms/suggestions then I believe this will become something immersive - a trait lacking at the moment. I know it is Early Access and it only came out yesterday so because of this I will give it a thumbs up - if it were possible to give a neutral review I would, however to ‘down’ on it would be unfair - fingers crossed we get updates and features….. and a sense of cohesion!

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Filmmaker Tycoon on Steam

Puppet Play 🎬

Puppet Play 🎬

You have the idea, we have everything else!

Puppet Play aims to make animating as easy as possible by utilizing the possibilities of VR headsets. In traditional animation tools, animating is done by manipulating gizmos on a 2D screen. In Puppet Play everything is animated by recording your movement in real-time. This not only makes animating easy but also super fast. No matter the prior experience, if you have a cool idea for a movie you can turn it into reality in a few minutes (depending on your idea it might take a bit longer)!

Grab an object → press record → move it around & repeat!

Additional tools like motion capture, remote control & auto walk support the process. Use your headset to record live audio and once everything is complete, export and share your creation in a standard video format (mp4).

A huge collection of different characters (not only puppets), props and environments are ready for you to use! All things animatable are separated into 3 categories:

Puppets: Characters with Full-Body-Inverse-Kinematic rigs for fast animations

Props: Large objects to build & decorate your set with.

Items: Small objects that can also be attached to the puppets, like weapon, hair & hats.

You are in your own movie studio with many different sets that can be further customized with props. They range from traditional puppet theatres to fully-fledged 3D scenes for your next epic cinematic trailer!

A puppet on a stick or a full 3D character with individually animatable limbs: Choose what fits your vision & time scope. Short on time but still want to tell a story? Choose puppets on a stick! Got a bit more time on your hand and want to go into detail? Then choose a fully animatable humanoid character!

It’s designed for VR, there is no place for 2D UIs! All interactions are physical and integrated into the movie/puppet studio world. Or to say it in cool UX design terms: It’s a fully diegetic UI!

Once your animation is complete, you can export and share it as a standard video file (mp4). You have all rights to upload and monetize anything you make with our tool!

Puppet Play is being developed by a team of freshly graduated students from Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Puppet Play started as a semester project in the study “Animation and Game” at the campus.

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Puppet Play 🎬 on Steam

Blockbuster Inc.

Blockbuster Inc.

A fresh system based game for simulation fans

In Blockbuster Inc. you will take total control of your very own movie studio. You will be able to construct all the facilities, hire and manage all sorts of employees and stars with the aim to produce the most prolific films and Tv. There are 3 pillars of the gameplay:

Freeform construction system

An intuitive and deep construction system allows you to plan, build, decorate, clone and expand your studio with ease. Further link your road system, landscape the lot and create a smooth utility system to get the best out of your employees.

Play through the decades

Each passing decade affects the gameplay and visuals accordingly, from the way your employees and stars dress, the cars they drive, as well as their physical attributes. Random and historic events will spice things up for your studio.

Manage unique employee types

Not every employee is similar, stars like Actors, Directors and Producers require more attention than your average construction worker. Managing employees is fun, thanks to the randomly generated character traits for each employee. Will your main actor be a diva or a smooth operator?

Interactive product process

Control the different phases and parameters for your Films and TV shows, from choosing the sets, outfits, stunts and all sorts of options that tailor your products to your desires.

Our mission?

A one-of-a-kind experience. There has been no other game in the past decade to match the unique experience that Blockbuster Inc. is. That we promise.

Blockbuster Inc. on Steam

Wedgie Simulator

Wedgie Simulator

1, 2, 3.


Give people wedgies in several different angles and poses. Take screenshots. Animate. Make a video. Upload it online.

Wedgie Simulator is a new and intuitive game where you can give people wedgies and make a creative production out of it. You can create memes out of screenshots, or even TV shows via animation sequences to upload on your YouTube channel!

Create new mannequins, dress them up, and prep them up for that wedgie action!

6 immersive relaxing scenes to wedgie, pose, and animate your pals, some of which are quite large with built-in interactions or animator, like doors, television, and vehicles!

Pose your characters via the Poser! Have Francis give Chelsey an atomic wedgie, boxing matches, hoola-hooping, jumping jacks, skateboarding, or even your dear aunt Sally getting pied in the face!

Animate your characters and the environment! Waging a wedgie war? How about a sports tournament? Or maybe a series of pranks among siblings, or college school classmates in the dormitory. Or maybe you just want get revenge on your horrible, abusive, boss at work. Not only is it possible, you can make a movie (or series of online TV shows) out of it, and upload it YouTube for all your friends to see!

A large catalog of royalty-free music to listen to while you make your wedgie (or non-wedgie) scenes! You can also use them in your animation sequences if you wish, and upload them to YouTube (tested and copyright-safe).

The fun never ends there! Mod support out of the box! An in-game level editor to create your own scenes, import and export custom character data through the game and beyond. Share it with your friends! Go nuts!

Wedgie Simulator on Steam