Esports Life Tycoon

Esports Life Tycoon


the Managment stuff is a boring minigame to fill bars and the gameplay itself is a static rng mess ; the stats of players and developing them feels too linear and doesn’t provide enough options. No Teamfights not much active managment in game no hero comp buildings, Picks and Bans are too similar atm. Jungle feels so useless and is too much of a lottery. So even Early Access has a long way to get thumbed up and the publisher is sadly tainted with sort of abandoning other projects let’s hope for the best.

Real player with 47.0 hrs in game

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This is a “not yet” recommendation, because there’s a lot of fun to be had in this game, but right now it’s so wildly imbalanced.

But first, the good stuff:

-Fun premise

-The MOBA mini game is neat

-Character progression

-Character customization

-Ladder scaling premise is fun

-Decent variety of things to manage

As for the “needs to be fixed for this to be fun” part:

-Chemistry, as a research method, is very broken/overpowered. Potentially getting to take twice as many turns as your opponent does swings the RNG so wildly in your favor that it becomes very difficult to lose, even as a team with a rating of 59-62, I was consistently able to beat teams with ratings up to 74.

Real player with 17.0 hrs in game

Esports Life Tycoon on Steam



I regret the times, when I couldn’t play this game in it’s prime, when tournaments were alive. But I don’t regret buying digital copy now.

Back in 2008, when I read about the game, DotA Allstars was already a thing you need to be aware of if you play games. And I was indeed aware. I tried the thing and got bored pretty quickly. Something was amiss. Something didn’t want me to enjoy the game, and I felt out of place, when I heard praise about this new exciting genre like MOBA.

When I read about Demigod I got a little flame of hope lit up in me. Everything from background of characters to the name of the game and a little story behind already was to my liking. But would the gameplay keep up with that? I wasn’t sure.

Real player with 207.7 hrs in game

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First off, let me state that when Demigod was released, it’s multiplayer was pretty much broken due to the publisher insisting on doing the netcode and sucking at it hardcore. This issue has since been resolved, and is no longer an issue; the multiplayer works just fine now, no real problems.

Now, from there, let’s get into a few aspects of the game itself:

Demigod is a MOBA style game, where you play as a single hero/champion/demigod/whatever style character who starts off kinda flimsy, and gradually levels up, fighting large armies of enemy units with the goal of defeating the enemy team. Thing LoL, HoN, DotA, Smite, Dawngate and so on.

Real player with 137.0 hrs in game

Demigod on Steam

Dragons and Titans

Dragons and Titans

Dragons and Titans. Let’s talk.

I saw this game, saw dragons, and thought “Well, why not try it out. It’s free so let’s see what it’s about.” And thus learned this is what a MOBA is called. For what it is, if you have no experience with any MOBAs it really is good. It’s a great “Get your feet wet” kinda game. Hell, I spent over 850 hours playing it so it must be good right? Right?! Well, frankly, if there was a “neutral” button, I’d put it. If I had made my review a year ago, it’d be an absolute thumbs up reccomendation. As of now, I can’t. It pains me to say it because this game is boat loads of fun. Was, I should say…

Real player with 967.5 hrs in game

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wow it has been like 8 years since i first played this game…back then when it was only available in facebook, if it didn’t move to steam, i might have more playing hours than that lol…i didn’t even knew it got shut down ever since the servers got bugged and everyone lost their data (i lost all my skins and runes, submitted a ticket but nobody replied so i decided to drop it forever).

when it was in facebook, we have 800+ up to 1k players per day. it might sound too little compared to other MOBAs but no long queue time and could actually get into a game without bots was a miracle. when facebook no longer supports the game, slowly, our player base dropped to 100+, everyday i came online, all i see is just the few same people in my rank. the longest queue time was 2 hours and i didn’t get to play that day. then, i took a long hiatus, and when i re-logged in, d&t announced their servers got bugged, i can’t get into a game and can’t retrieve all my lost purchases. i didn’t log in ever since.

Real player with 319.3 hrs in game

Dragons and Titans on Steam

Dead Event

Dead Event

after playing the game for about 35 hoursi decided to write a revieuw

The world kinda sucks u into it and its rather addictive game wich is created by a solo dev who actualy listens to the comunity balance wise and if u have some nice ideas the game keeps getting updated regulary whit balance fixxed and content being added tldr of what the game is like u are a monster on a alien world where u are trying to survive by killing other players / npc’s foor either loot or materials as there’s a equipment system wich is ever growing new stuff being added its rather a grind to find the perfect items u like for ur build as there’s alot of freedom in how u build ur monster stats wise but also gear wise its not straight forward as equip is all rng onwhat affixes it has wich makes every monster unique already but to top it off there is also a skill system wich add another layer to debt of ur monster and uniqueness

Real player with 73.8 hrs in game

HELLO n_n some ideas to make this game more fun

-Some enemies travel in group ( the queen spider can have 4 or 5 little or mid spider around for example )

-Add more efects to attacks only we can see bites and punches

-Put 1 river in the map or more water resources (i die many times because i couldnt find water TT_TT )

-The map is big, but you can make more bigger??

-Nest or spawn of creatures ( put some caves or ruins like dungeons can be GREAT )

-Random generated events ( like alien invasion or earthquakes can make holes in the ground and spawn creatures

Real player with 35.9 hrs in game

Dead Event on Steam

Extreme Soccer

Extreme Soccer

I used to play FreeStyleFootball and this game has a lot of similarities with FSF. I would love to see more people playing this game. It has 1m+ downloads on mobile but it is free there. With a little bit advertising, it would be so much fun.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

It has a lot of potential.

Visually it is great.

Movement and animations feel a bit weird/slow at times, it can surely be improved on that part.

So far they’ve put 5 characters (there are much more on the mobile game).

There are very few players for now but you can also play with bots.

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

Extreme Soccer on Steam

变量 Variables

变量 Variables

Edit: It’s become one of my favorite games on Steam! You will really have to think to beat the higher difficulty levels.

It’s a good idea, realize the execution is currently very crude, and English descriptions are laughable. ; - ) almost returned it, but I’m hoping it will continue evolving.

There are some aspects of Tetris (or more accurately Rampart) in the placement phases.

it would be better to have more tiles, as it’s easy to trap yourself with a layout you can’t expand. Edit: You will learn that you can remove the bases and relocate them! Do this wisely for better chance of survival.

Real player with 41.8 hrs in game

If you’re a native English speaker like myself, you might have an issue locating the button to select language. It’s a small hurdle. Apart from that, once you get an idea of what you’re doing in this game, it becomes extremely interesting. You start your little game being able to flip over three tiles, which you can select one of as your turret of choice. It doesn’t end there, and if you think your level one turret will end up just taking space, it won’t. Once you get enough turrets that fit into a crafting recipe, it’ll wipe those tiny little baby turrets out and replace it with a turret with more hair on its chest than Austin Powers'.

Real player with 33.4 hrs in game

变量 Variables on Steam

Inferno Wizards

Inferno Wizards

Inferno Wizards, a little lack luster. Considering the most recent update was adding crosshairs and a camera actions I didn’t have my expectations set high. The graphics are okay, it’s very pieced together from a download pack feel but all in all I expect this to be a decent game. 5/10 with no eye balls.

I put in about 30 minutes, became level 10, found the key “n” if pressed fast was a great way to climb through the air. (GAMEPLAY)

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

This is gorgeous. Please keep the opa gangham climb. Add a controller layout/config in settings. I don’t know how to talk to NPCs. Deadass, I’d scrap the WoW leash of a skill tree. Go where WoW went wrong/skimped. I’d try to add skill-based progression in the game, how the weapons were in classic and how skyrim is. Maybe add achievements for each skill. Like, hit 4 dudes at once with a fireball 50 times to upgrade the radius or consecutively land 5 fully charged fireballs on any opponent to increase the maximum charged damage, etc. Maybe add a simpler LoL-style ability modification system. Like this item will directly enhance any applicable ability by an obvious multiplier. This would make things very easy to balance and math later. Add full-drop PvP loot like in Darkfall Online. Not the new defecation of the lazes that bought the brand, the original game. Maybe instead of using the monotonous “buy your skills here, at master whateverurclassis”, you could award skills after achieving a certain mastery in a tree (skills known, achievements earned, skill levels attained, etc.), or by finding a scroll held by a selfish wizard, or defeating a boss ghost that imbues its killer with their ability, chance drop, etc. You have a really cool game here, I’d love to get involved.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Inferno Wizards on Steam

Block N Load

Block N Load

Please do not think of Ace of Spades, Minecraft, or Team Fortress coming in to this, treat it as it’s own game, because it is. All gameplay elements are well balanced, and tie together incredibly well. In the context of pure gameplay, there is little you can say against it. It is the best game I’ve ever played, and that likely won’t change for a long time, I’m certainly a candidate for being the #1 fan.

Currently the biggest problem is the playerbase. It is quite low, and slowly diminishing. I’m sure the developers will be looking at ways to pick this back up. If you’d use a USA, or UK server, you shall be okay, but otherwise I’d suggest not purchasing the game. Queues may take a little longer than other games due to the low playerbase. However, if you’re in a long queue, please do not leave, it creates a perpetuating issue that is only solved by players being patient.

Real player with 4357.1 hrs in game

First of, dont get me wrong, I love this game, I wouldnt have played it for 2000+ hours if I didnt. I made quite a lot of friends through this game in the last three years and learning to play each hero is fun.

The gameplay is one of a kind, it’s a unique mix of building and class based objective gameplay, however, there are some serious issues with this game:


There are none. The practice ground can give you a few pointers about movement and the tutorial video provides tips about basic game mechanics, but the base setups shown in the videos are absolutely useless. Your best bet would be to search some gameplay footage on youtube and study the defenses and tactics of some high level matches.

Real player with 2474.0 hrs in game

Block N Load on Steam

Steel Ocean

Steel Ocean

After over 1200 hours this game needs a proper review. I started this by accident one day when I was bored around a year ago. Now because of this I can’t play other games cause I have no time left for them. I will give you some facts, good and bad, all mixed up as I go so hang on with me. This will be a long review, very very long. (I even hit the max character amount so had to shorten it)

When you start the game, it will be hard. You will be playing against bots at first and even they will slaughter you. If by luck you get matched against a long time player you will be shouting CHEATER!! No, he is not cheating he just understands the game mechanics. When I first saw another player play like that I wanted to be him. Now after all this time people who seemed like gods at the time are cannon fodder, at least some :-)

Real player with 2465.4 hrs in game

What are the differences between WoWS and SO?

That is a huge question… So a Huge Comparison wall of text is Incoming. But hey, at least it is better than “Oh mah gawd __ is obviously better!” without anything else? And there is a TL;DR.

To open: I was a part of the first wave of WoWS CBT (Prior to the buy-your-way-in) and had been a part of the Closed Alphas for WoT and WoWP. I played until SO came out in November of last year and have been playing SO more than WoWS since then other the odd WoWS match now and again or the the occasional “Lets do Warships to get an event ship” sort of thing (ARP Haruna, Kirishima, etc.). Since then, I now have 1,355.2 Hours in SO. So I’ve a bit of experience playing both games for some time, and am familiar with the business practices/trends that WG has shown since Tanks came out.

Real player with 1882.0 hrs in game

Steel Ocean on Steam