Rising World

Rising World

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i leave more previous reviews here as a diary of my experience.**


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So After I bought the game I skipped singleplayer and went straight into multiplayer ( a no PVP server in survival mode )

as soon as I loaded in, i was AMAZED!

The graphics are better than what I had expected from looking at screenshots.

Real player with 9461.7 hrs in game

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If you consider buying Rising World, you should inform yourself about it first. This is not different to other things - you wouldn´t buy a TV, car, etc. without first reading the Pro/Cons before, right?

Rising World is a game in development, in Alpha stadium. That means it is incomplete and every update can change the whole game experience.

The content of the game is currently “limited” to building. Why i set “limited” into paraphrases? Simply because the game is yet incomplete and still, in my opinion, the best building game out there.

Real player with 1714.2 hrs in game

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Mine resources! Upgrade your gear! Make Profit!

It is a dangerous but lucrative job. Explore this vast procedurally generated world with your jetpack. Extract the minerals with an explosive gel. Expand your mining platform. But most importantly: stay alive.

The game offers you:

  • Mining and selling resources for profit

  • Exploring an infinite procedurally generated world

  • Upgrading your gear

  • A lot of explosions

The depths of the planet hide many unique biomes and treasures, but also dangers. Every biome has its own way to harm you and having the right set of gear will make your life much easier.

On the ground, you can build your base of operation. Different machines allow you to process and trade the resources that you have brought from your last mining operation.

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This game has given me many hours of enjoyment. I have followed the development closely and had a ball with all the updates. The creative update has given me many more hours of playtime.

Real player with 1027.2 hrs in game

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Hydroneer is one of those games which, on the surface, should actually be fun, and easy to play. However the problem is, that while sure, it CAN be fun in spurts… it’s more frustrating than anything. What’s more, it’s as if the developer simply doesn’t either have a clue how to fix the issues that players have… or has become so invested with his own goal for the end game that he simply ignores the issues.

The number one issue this game has, is tied to its physics calculations. Which, if you know anything about the game itself, or what it claims to be, is a MAJOR problem. A problem which isn’t really being addressed. The developer regularly posts streams about how he’s making entirely new sections of the game… and yet never touches on the problems with physics.

Real player with 104.2 hrs in game

Hydroneer on Steam

Coal Mining Simulator

Coal Mining Simulator

Welcome to the world of Coal Mining! Start with almost nothing and get to the top - develop your mine, sell coal, buy new machines and avoid dangers in this sandbox simulator.

Coal Mining Simulator is a sandbox experience in which it’s up to you to create new tunnels and pathways. Make your mine truly yours, as you go deeper and deeper in order to mine more coal.

Take control of numerous mining machines. Destroy, mine, drill, transport and blow things up - just remember to follow safety protocols and regularly maintain your equipment. Nothing works forever - if something gets broken, it’s up to you to repair it.

There is no end goal in Coal Mining Simulator - you can take contracts and complete special assignments to get unique rewards or just follow your own path. The choice is yours!

Mining is a dangerous job. Avoid earthquakes or gas explosions and be prepared for anything - whatever you buy, you can very easily lose if you are not careful!

Coal Mining Simulator on Steam

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter

Play a free prologue version now:



Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is a storytelling simulator where you live a real paleontologist’s life. Explore different lands, search, uncover and study uncovered fossils, and prepare the skeletons to build your own museum. You will learn many interesting facts about these extinct creatures that walked the Earth millions of years ago.

Game features:

  • Drive off-road vehicles in locations inspired by U.S. landscapes

  • Use various exploration and excavation tools to search through deformable terrain

  • Prepare fossils to showcase in your own museum

  • Learn about numerous dinosaur species while studying their detailed skeletons

  • Follow an intriguing storyline


Hit the road to search for fossils of extinct species that once ruled the Earth. Enjoy diverse landscapes across the United States, where you’ll force your way through mud, water, and various environmental hazards. Destroy rocks, drain bodies of water, and search for your prize in a vast terrain.


Collecting fossils is not that easy, especially if you have to dig by yourself. Use your georadar to search for clues and discover the remains of extinct species, adding to your insight of the Earth’s distant past. If you think all you have to do is find the right area, you’re wrong. It’s just the beginning! Use multiple tools, such as a chainsaw, shovel, or pickaxe, to achieve your goal. But, be careful! These bones can be very fragile.


Precious fossils are very delicate, so you need to carefully clean the bones to ensure that nothing gets damaged before assembling a complete prehistoric skeleton. Manage your know-how using the portable in-game tablet and become a world-renowned paleontologist.


After your dinosaur skeletons are complete, it’s time to customize your museum. Arrange the interior, grow plants, and decorate the building with various displays. Design your own prehistoric diorama. Choose all the elements for the set, from small plants to rocks and even types of soil. Arrange dinosaurs to create thrilling, dynamic settings and give them life to stoke the imagination of your visitors. Become a truly brilliant curator of your own private museum!

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter on Steam

Dungeon D14

Dungeon D14

Fun little toy. Not super deep and you only really play it once or twice, but for the price its good.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

needs more info. unplayable in current state. you will fail because of a resorce you didnt know you needed to make another requires the first, and a string of 3 more, however this is more info on that fact then the game will give you. playing you will have fun untill you grind to a halt because you didnt rush iron-steel bars-copper- copper bars-copper plates-microelectronics-gas-fuel cells, if you get behind you have lost, there is no coming back from one of these buildings losing power, your guys are best suited to doing one or at max two jobs as they run around like chickens with there heads cut off chasing invisible resorces. i lost 2 times one because i didnt understand my guys have ZERO controll minus telling them were to mine or build, not to mine or build. and a second time i microed my 2 chaines well and didnt figure out that coper plates/microelectronics were part of the power the building chain, lost because you cant make enough to power that chain with one building, meaning you somehow have to create extra energy or never build a building incorectly dont try for shoes or armor or anything cool it will ruin the power chain you have to run, taking the power grids away from the main chain will also resault in one or more of your buildings going unpowered, and they compeat for resorces with your units “life” bar battery thing, taking iron bars and a fair few people to make it. the food/ o2 system will almost never come into play if you take 1 min every half-hour of play to mine water/seaweed from the ground. this is the best tutorial for this game out there btw. cement=hard rocks , sand , water . steel bars= iron ore. coper plates= coper bars= coper ore. batteries=acid+steel bars. acid=sulfer. food=seaweed+water. o2=water. legit better than ingame id sugest if you get this get a notebook and wright it down, share it with the next chump afterwords.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Dungeon D14 on Steam



I’m a big fan of Milkbag Games. They make fun, relaxing games with a lot of thought and creativity in them just for the player’s enjoyment! Santacraft was a lot of fun to play. I was hooked and couldn’t stop. My desire to completely clear the map will probably send me back into the game very soon! Music, characters, and pop culture references are all on point!

EDIT for 2021 update: Love all the new stuff added, including a way to keep building! Thank you so much, Owen and Matt for making SantaCraft even more fun!

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

A perfectly witty and wholesome Christmas game just in time for the holidays! Definitely worth the $5!

On top of being fun for me, I’ve found that it is a great way to teach my 6 year old to use a mouse as he finds controllers too difficult and has given up on other games like Minecraft. This game is right up his alley with the cute characters as well as incorporating the crafting and building that he loves to do!

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

SantaCraft on Steam

Crypto Mining Simulator

Crypto Mining Simulator

Can’t really recommend this game. Seems to be pretty poorly constructed. I’ll try to point out some of the design flaws.

Game crashed and dupped the rig I was working on. I broke the game and I wasn’t even trying

UI is pretty confusing. You can’t tell what is buttons and what isn’t.

Inconsistent UI, i.e. you can sell Eth from the escape menu but have to go into the market to sell BTC.

Outside of the tutorial, which is short, there’s really nothing to do but let money accrue. Might as well be an idle game.

Real player with 30.4 hrs in game

Before I slam this game for all the problems it has, I will say I’d be willing to revisit this after they fix the issues and make some enhancements moving forward.

Pros -

1. Fairly easy to move forward with mining and building

2. Allows one to redesign there room

3. Offers a sandbox environment.

Cons - (there are a lot!)

1. Customer builds never seem to work, After accepting a task, building to spec, placing in customer pickup area …nothing happens.

2. Sometimes buying a rack comes completely assembled

Real player with 16.7 hrs in game

Crypto Mining Simulator on Steam

SkyLife: VoxelSurvival

SkyLife: VoxelSurvival

Amazing game and can not wait to see where it goes!

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

TL;DR - Skip down to “THE VERDICT”

Anyone who has ever played or seen a video about Minecraft, can probably identify this as “Sky Block”. I went into it mad that they are trying to cash in on, not only another Minecraft clone, but a paid version of a free minigame someone created withing Minecraft. While I am still upset at the idea, you have to remember that the only way to play Sky Block is to own a copy of Minecraft, or at least install and get into the map.

SkyLife however is a variant of Sky Block that runs on its own, and with (somewhat) higher quality graphics. It’s the Unity engine instead of Java, however the quality of the textures are really bad. Using an engine capable of textures greater than 16x16 should be using hi-res graphics and models. Just look at Eco and Creativerse as examples.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

SkyLife: VoxelSurvival on Steam

魂之大陆 Soultia

魂之大陆 Soultia

At the time of review, I have only played this for an hour.. I plan to play it more in the coming days, but wanted to share the experience thus far. I am giving this game a positive review because I think it does a lot of things right, and the idea is something I want expanded on more.

With $5 and an open mind, I really do believe you will get your money’s worth.


1. Combat feels really good to me. I love how powerful the dashes (shift by default) feel. I’ve only faced a few beginner mobs so far, but they all have unique attack patterns. Unless I’m swarmed with enemies, the combat always makes me feel in control.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

I just tried the early access version and can see that I definitely will want to play this AFTER they finish it, Playing with a keyboard is something I’ve never been able to do and at the time I tried the game playing with a controller hasn’t been finished. This game intrigues me and I will be watching to see when it has improved enough that a controller can be used so I can give it a better review. So far, I believe this will be a thumbs up for me.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

魂之大陆 Soultia on Steam