Hexagon World

Hexagon World

No. Just no. Do NOT pull the trigger on Hexagon World.

It’s pretty feature-free. The only controls are to 1) add land; 2) add water; 3) make a set of hexes desert; 4) make a set of hexes snow. That’s it. Nothing else. If you play this for 5 minutes, you’ve done everything you’re ever going to do with it.

Two menus (house and bomb) aren’t even implemented. No way to change the speed. No way to change the sound volume. No way to scroll the map – you can only zoom in and out on the center point. The cool airplanes? Just dots on the screen; you can’t even see what they’re doing unless it’s happening near the screen center. Switching from flat earth to globe view often results in just a black screen.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

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Entirely feature free “god game”

Actual trash, do not buy

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Hexagon World on Steam

Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency

Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency


Introduction: Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency(AISA) is a surveillance system building game. You will control an intelligence surveillance agency, you will need to achieve mission goals by establishing the surveillance system in the city. A news system will be provided in the game to provide players with the latest mission information. You can customize your equipment according to your needs in the Research center, including surveillance probes, surveillance drones, large reconnaissance drones, etc, and you can choose the way to complete the task according to the current intelligence. The location of the surveillance system you deploy, the detection range of the surveillance system, the efficiency of eliminating threats, and the casualties of civilians will all affect the success probability of your mission. Every action you take may have different effects.

Initiating foreign territory surveillance program

Protocol ‘AISAS-984XN’

Get main objectives:

– Establish surveillance network

– Search and Eliminate threats

Administrator detected

Initiating ‘Briefing’ protocol

Welcome to Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency (AISA)

– AISA is an intelligence surveillance agency approved by the Foreign Territory Land Monitoring Act, which is subordinate to the Ministry of National Defense.

– AISA is mainly responsible for the detection and elimination of terrorist activities in overseas territories and cities.

– The surveillance plan will allow administrators to place surveillance equipment anywhere in the city.

– Any individual entering the surveillance area will be scanned by the surveillance equipment and obtain personal information.

– If the surveillance device locates the threat, the administrator will be asked to take action.

– Administrators will be authorized to use equipment including military detectors, drones, and electronic warfare weapons.

– The administrator will be able to customize the equipment research plan according to the needs.

Authorizing the deployment of surveillance equipment

Authorized. Monitoring equipment is now free to deploy in the city

System diagnosing:

– Command center ready

– Research center ready

– Operation center ready

– Black Ops center offline

Bypassing local reinforcement security network


Requesting citizens information


Inquiry parallel projects status:

– PRISM (Decoy)

– Upstream Collection (Decoy)

– ECHELON (Activated)

Gathering Intelligence from base stations

Access denied, additional equipment required

Initiate program complete

Waiting for commands

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Advanced Intelligence Surveillance Agency on Steam

Land Doctrine

Land Doctrine

At one point during play a gamebreaking bug happens in the design screen. It states that I need to add the engine gun and suspension and yet have all three, still the game won’t let new designs get built for this arbitrary stupidity, dear dev, I have no idea where exactly the code is wrong for this but please fix because it’s easily the best 5ish bucks I’ve spent

Real player with 33.6 hrs in game

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A small 5 dollar (or regional equivilant) game that has the player conquer every city on the map using researched and developed tanks and varying levels of trained infantry.

Building up your armies with the right equipment and soldier/tank ratio is important; large numbers of tanks are good for deserts, planes, and quick movement across the map, but will be slaughtered in cities. Large numbers of infantry and a tank battalion or two is great for assaulting and holding cities, but are slower to move on the map. Reasonably equal ratios of tank and infantry battalions are well-rounded, able to take on just about every environment, but won’t be as good as more specialised army groups.

Real player with 33.3 hrs in game

Land Doctrine on Steam



I love this game! For being made by 1 person It beats a lot of AAA games in creativity. I would really like to see more games like this in the future and I will be following the game’s development closely!

Real player with 123.7 hrs in game

I pirated this game from Google, but after playing it for a while I decided to just buy the game to support the developer bcs this game is just super fun, after just 40 hours of playing this game I can say I love it the designing of the hull and turret is simple but is still fun, I’ve already made about 20 tanks just from WW1, the only problem with this game is that it’s empty and lacking a lot of other features that I would like in the game, I understand that it’s only made by one person so I can wait for as long as possible so that he can improve this game a lot, so I’ma just list the problems I have with the game:

Real player with 50.3 hrs in game

Sprocket on Steam



8.5/10. BLACK DAY .. to buy or not to buy. Well here’s the deal.

If you have been frustrated by the lack of good tactical and infiltration games then this should already be in your library.

Reminds me of classic tactical games when they used to make them good.

This game features really well thought out maps. Sandbox customization. Diverse hostiles from human opponents to futuristic robots and everything in between and there’s more to come.

What i really enjoy about this game is the fact that it totally Lets the player decide how he wants to play. There’s no right or wrong way. Take the easy or Hard Way or if you think you can handle it Hardcore all the way.

Real player with 138.2 hrs in game

Are you a fan of tactical infantry/special forces combat games such as the great Ghost Recon series? Do you enjoy game series such as Metal Gear and Splinter Cell ?

How would you like a DEEP TACTICAL SANDBOX experience that comes with x21 thoughtfully created maps for you to play with; a majority of which are just ENORMOUS in size and are BEAUTIFUL to see?

Altogether, Black Day generously gives us:

…x3 gamemodes

…x21 terrific maps (with time-of-day and weather variables!)

Real player with 42.6 hrs in game

BLACK DAY on Steam

Guns Craft

Guns Craft

so boring.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

you can’t make anything on your own you can only recolor the pre-made ones and even then it won’t let you chose new colors

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Guns Craft on Steam

Block Destruction

Block Destruction

This game is super chill and fun Worth the money if you want to chill

Go watch my Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h85j7V_y53Q

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Block Destruction on Steam

Winter Warfare: Survival

Winter Warfare: Survival

Played for 3 hours straight, this one is really for the hardcore survival player, i like it alot! Has a lot of potential!

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Loved this game! Only came out today and didnt play much but from what i saw i loved it. Gonna play more tonight to explore the game better and try and get to the end (which i didnt still)

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Winter Warfare: Survival on Steam

GunWorld VR

GunWorld VR

Best weapon mechanics I’ve ever experienced in a VR game. A lot of you will be comparing this to H3VR, I played both of them, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I don’t care what anybody thinks, nothing simulates the weight, feel and kick of firing a weapon better than Gunworld. It can feel a little clunky because it really tries to simulate the weight of carrying a weapon, and trust me, that shit is heavy IRL.

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

This is a pretty fun little shooter. huge selection of weapons and attachments. you can spend hours trying out all the weapons and just getting a feel for how each of them work. the interactions on each weapon is pretty cool, there’s so many of them. fire select, safety, load, unload, chambering, clearing, mag release, turning on and off attachments, down to even being able to individually load single rounds into a mag or chamber. the physics feel good and the SFX arnt too bad at all.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

GunWorld VR on Steam

Mech Mechanic Simulator

Mech Mechanic Simulator

I wish I could recommend this game but I just can’t in good conscience. It’s a fun and novel idea that I jumped into after discovering that my owning Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (CMS from here on) gave me a small PlayWay loyalty discount, but it’s very much held back by some questionable design decisions and somewhat limited amount of content.

First, the Good

  • All of the mechs look decent (albeit small) and unique and have a surprising amount of detail in the components that can be detached. repaired, and reattached.

Real player with 25.2 hrs in game

I could not start a new game at first. An integrity check on the files showed that half of the download was not good. Re Downloaded those files and now I am running all Ultra settings.

Short Version: This game could become an awesome Mech Mechanic Sim. Right now it is lacking. I will support the game and not return it because I can see that it may advance over time.


  1. It does not make me feel like a mechanic. It feels more like a search and find game or a memory game. When I have taken apart or assembled items I always lay the parts out so that I am sure on assembly that I have not missed anything. Part of feeling like I am progressing is that eventually I can dump the parts out and do a full assembly in 30 minutes without looking at a diagram. In Mech mechanic there is no way to get that feeling. When you disassemble you can see the part you need to get to thanks to the scan. To get there though you move your mouse around waiting on a part to turn green. Then you select that part and see if you can wiggle it off - no? well now you look for the screws or retaining part and remove that. now you wiggle the part off - rinse repeat. Seek and Find. After doing that to the same arm on the same mech you might could get that “muscle memory” built up over time but wait - Sometimes when you take it a part you unscrew the part but when you assemble it you have to select the part and it attaches itself automatically. That lack of consistency actually breaks the muscle memory and makes you feel like you are doing it wrong. All parts you unscrew on disassemble should have you screw it back on in assembly.

Real player with 24.7 hrs in game

Mech Mechanic Simulator on Steam