CSC | Space MMO

CSC | Space MMO

EDIT: 3/20/20 Since the time of this review, missions have been added, refineries have been added, crafting has been added with the ability to make modules and ships, and more. This is a ton of development in less than 6 months! There are tons of new things to do, and development is moving fast, both great signs. This is a game that takes patience and time, if you enjoy the factory/production type aspect of games, and if you like economics and space stuff, you will like this game. It is not for everyone but it is a gem for those who enjoy this type of game. A player economy on this scale is something special that really sets this apart from other games.

Real player with 1757.8 hrs in game

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UPDATE After 1500 hours played…

There now “gate campers” playing the game. These scumbags sit there and wait for players to travel through gates and then kill them when the come out the other side. Wouldn’t be such a big deal if the game developers didn’t purposely leave the players ship completely vulnerable to attack for about 10 seconds after coming out of a gate. Can’t equip shields, or counter attack. If you have hundreds of $$ worth of mods on your ship, you are shit out of luck, and you loose it all. Not only that, but you have to rebuy insurance for your ship, which can range from $5-$15 depending on your ship.

Real player with 1560.4 hrs in game

CSC | Space MMO on Steam

Islet Online

Islet Online

Still playing yes, Game, itself is fascinating where you can hunt animals, for food an raw materials, you can even flood the world at one point, PVP is option too. I haven’t tried it yet. I did have events like bunnies bunnies everywhere…not bunny to drop. If you get that.(died by kamikaze bunny) believe for one exception you could build towering mazes and mazes,

I did see castles and cathereadals somewhere people are building amazing structures.

You can upload your latest creation to steam where they showcase it,

Real player with 122.3 hrs in game

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This review is for the current version of the game(2/7/16)

What is Islet Online? Islet Online is a creative open world sandbox, similar to Minecraft. This game features an experience system that allows you to level up in pretty much everything like jumping, crafting, fighting and much more. These can directly effect your play experience, for example, you may be able to eventually jump up to 4 times in the air. It actually reminds me of McMMO from the old Minecraft Bukkit days….

Real player with 70.3 hrs in game

Islet Online on Steam

The Repopulation

The Repopulation

Alright, I figured an vet player should prolly write a legit review so new players coming can see what good there is in this game.

I have been following Repop for 5 years now. A very long time. Next to SWG that is prolly the longest I have followed any other game. Obviously play time hasnt been that long because the game hasnt been up and playable that long. But I have over 700 hours played on steam and I played for longer than that on the old standalone client. So Im def a vet player. :D

The down and dirty: This game is in Alpha. It is not perfect. There are a lot of bugs and issues that need to be fixed still. A lot of that was due to lazy coding or even inexperienced coding and whatnot from the old team. The new team seems leagues above experience wise and it is their engine so I have faith a lot of these issues will be fixed. Before I touch into that lets touch base on a couple things to clear up some stuff with a bunch of the negative reviews and posts.

Real player with 805.8 hrs in game

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over 500hrs on record, so I’m not a paid hyper. wish I was one though…hint hint

The game is in alpha, if you gripe about buggy stuff in betas, or full releases, stay away from this game in it’s current state. The game needs a lot of polish, and can, at times, rattle a nerve or two. However, the game is fully playable, has a great community, great staff, and great development team. You will almost certainly never see anything about thievery in the game. Arguments are generally quick, and allowed to vent themselves out. The whole atmosphere of the game is very helpful.

Real player with 603.1 hrs in game

The Repopulation on Steam



3500+ hours in and counting… I think that means I like it! lol

Edit: Over 6000 hours now and still love it!

Don’t feel like reading? Consider checking out my video describing Boundless in broad strokes ^^

The Game is officially released but is still being developed!

Like any good MMO the game is still being added to, balanced, and improved upon. Updates oscillate from going to the public test severs one week and then to the live servers normally the next week so that 1-2 updates come to the live servers each month.

Real player with 6775.4 hrs in game

Edit: I’m adding a new review now that I’ve been putting this game on hold/maintenance mode, as I’ve reached my endgame in terms of content (highest tier gear, comfortable in terms of economy, and having a base i’m satisfied with). My old review is still available below.

At the time of writing (9 Jul 2021), the devs hasn’t communicated anything for several months now, and there’s no news about the latest update (nor is there any significant update). I’ve put the game down for about 3 months now. However, the servers are still up and the players are still playing (although to my knowledge the player count is getting smaller), which is questionable for an MMO.

Real player with 984.3 hrs in game

Boundless on Steam

Darkfall Unholy Wars

Darkfall Unholy Wars

ridiculously addictive and fun game

after joining the game world and completing the tutorial it would appear the world is abandoned - atleast it seemed tht way at 1st.

so i continued to complete my beginner feat’s and got my 1st mount. i ventured out the safe zone and started mining some iron ore nodes and some how lost my mount (didnt know to despawn it at this stage) due to some thiev’s in the area.

shortly after this i was killed and robbed for my hard work and my precious iron ores taken from me.

Real player with 5599.6 hrs in game

This review is for people who are familiar with Eve Online and I will use it draw comparisons. I will first list the features that both games have, which is the primary reason why I like these games.

  • Player controlled cities/holdings

  • Player controlled buildings

  • Player built ships

  • Full crafting system where just about everything in game is built by players.

  • Full market system with buy/sell orders.

  • PVP is mandatory, if you go out to kill some mobs you always have to be watching your back.

Real player with 622.3 hrs in game

Darkfall Unholy Wars on Steam

Mod and Play

Mod and Play

I was a mod creator of Mod and Play, you see my props and level ports and even a pack of some old models I made in school. What do I think of this game?

Don’t buy it. Garry’s Mod is better, and if you want a next-gen of it then look into Modiverse, which is to be released January 29th. The game aims to be way better than Mod and Play, and the developer is actually skilled in Unreal and is very helpful with modders and gives proper documentation to his SDK which are project files that work in the normal Unreal Engine, so all plugins are supported. The link to their Discord server is right here and I suggest you guys check it out:

Real player with 62.8 hrs in game

Had very high hopes for the game but it is apparent that the Dev has no care in the world about the community.


The community discord is a load of hopeful gamers asking for the content they paid for only to get shot down by the sad reality that the Dev is highly irresponsible and unprofessional. A few reasons to save your cash.

  • Constant promise of updates for 5 months with nothing to show for it.

  • Developer with poor communication skills and no care for his community.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Mod and Play on Steam

Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox

Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox

The core methods of earning currency and ‘profiting’ are fun, such as mining and fishing, but unfortunately the game does suffer from power creep. Older features (such as the Nether) are neglected and no longer worth your time compared to other features, if you’re purely looking to profit that is.

The developers focus too much on bringing in new players with new features and they don’t take the time to refine old features and cater to their veteran players. As a result of this, some features feel neglected and aren’t worth your time, such as the best set contest which is widely regarded as one of the weaker features they’ve introduced.

Real player with 964.6 hrs in game

Played this game back in 2017-2018. Game is utter trash. If you get scammed, there is 0 customer support. Reporting system is complete nonsense. Snitching on players in forums, who broke ToS and guidelines is against their rules. That’s just… Mind blowing. Got scammed, dragged into a flame war, was told it was my fault I got scammed, and got banned from the forums. And get this, the scammer was a hacker with teleport hacks. They had buddies who laughed at me after my items were stolen in the rigged trade. My dignity broke. PMed a dev with proof and to check the logs, and a mod banned me. I couldn’t even believe it. I still have the pictures on my phone. To this day, I still haven’t gotten my money or items back. As if they can’t do a rollback on my player information to recover my lost items.How’d I get dragged into this hellish game? An ad on YouTube. My dumbass played this shit for 2 years. I spent money on the Winter Boosters. I got lucky and got the Frost Sword. I have a screenshot of it. Sold it for a 1PL. Traded that for an Umbrella and had 50 WLS leftover. Umbrella and other stuff got scammed. My 50 WLS were stolen. If you’re going to play this game on Steam or Mobile… Don’t. For your sake, do not play this game. It’s like gambling… Except your entire monthly savings goes into this game. If you’re not going to spend money, it’s your time that you’re wasting. You can play a much more fulfilling game than this garbage.The community is toxic. Forums. Don’t go there. Website isn’t even secure with HTTPS or something. The sheep flock to the popular, well known, oldest users, staff, and whatnot. It’s not worth your time trying to make friends on there.The game is heavily pay to win. Unless you’re the patient type who likes to waste your precious lifespan over wasting your money, you’re not going to make much progress into building your character.The friend system is useless because everyone is a scumbag. Not my opinion. It’s a known fact in every game.Finally… You get disconnected every 2 minutes. I’ve got the minimum requirements for this game and more… But it’s still not enough. Breaking a block, the game freezes. Doing nothing, game disconnects and reconnects. If I could report this game for fraudulent activity, I would do so in a heartbeat. Otherwise… Good luck. Once again, I have been sucked into this nightmare. If you see me in game, lets talk about life.Update 9/14/20… Yes. I’m still playing this game Why the hell am I still playing this game.So I got banned on 9/13/20 for “hacking”. I didn’t use hacks. Complete and utter bs. I emailed support on the same day with non-tampered hard evidence supporting the fact that I don’t hack.I mean… I thought this it was a joke. Maybe they were pulling a prank on me or something. But no… When it looked like I got disconnected… Boom… Banned forever.So far… I haven’t receive a response. Although it has only been 12 hours, I have given the mods, admins, and devs a ONE WEEK notice before I file a claim for online consumer fraud.I haven’t gotten a response yet for the reason why I’ve been banned for “violating” their Terms of Service… You would think that three years of playing, I would never get banned for hacking. This is so out of the blue and completely f—ing random as s—.If support doesn’t unban me and wipe the slate clean from my record, I’m going to come out with all the emails on imgur so get ready for that… If they do revoke my ban, my finger is already ready to click send at anytime should they falsely ban me again.Also, the irony of this situation. I absolutely despise hackers. If you’ve ready my story above, you’ll understand. So then… Why the hell would I do something that I reject so much. It is against my very nature to cheat… Especially in a shoddy Minecraft, Terraria, GT ripoff with zero in-game optimization.For your sake and for mine… Don’t play this game. I’ve lost all my good items now. I can never restart from scratch. This is rough.9/17/20 I got unbanned. I’m not sure if I should be happy… Or sad. Maybe I’ll actually quit soon…

Real player with 861.4 hrs in game

Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox on Steam

Playcraft MetaWorlds

Playcraft MetaWorlds

Playcraft is a building game where you make games and play other’s games or just test new things out or hang out with people. It has tutorials and you don’t have to code.

Also here is how to let others build in your world (game) (in-game only):

Go in the TAB menu, and at the top right of the screen there is the other player’s profile picture (if you don’t know who it is then hover over it), click on that then below it will be a small menu and the check mark at the top of the menu is what you should click (at the bottom is the word Kick (and a mute button now) and you don’t want to do that). Then they can build. To stop them from building then do this all over again but instead of the check mark you click the X in the middle.

Real player with 428.7 hrs in game

Playcraft is a -currently- solo developed game project centered around the creation of games/levels. You will probably experience bugs if you play for a while but once the issues are found, they are actually actively being dealt with by the developer. (Probably best via discord when you click on the icon in the main menu.) You can even see the developer responses on resolving the issue under reviews that actually mention bugs here instead of “iz bad downvote” reviews.

I was actually unable to download and play through the tutorial when I first started* but I did have access to the creator so I just tried everything out for myself and experimented with all the stuff I had available. Now I am one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to creating mechanisms and features in Playcraft.

Real player with 301.6 hrs in game

Playcraft MetaWorlds on Steam

蛮荒志异:起源 / Tales of Wild

蛮荒志异:起源 / Tales of Wild

Tales of Wild is an open world game with no clear files. Once online, it will go on and wake up alone. In the four quadrant array, you will find yourself in a land full of strange animals and chaos. You are unarmed. You must learn how to build tools, obtain resources, make goods, and build your defense station, so that you can have a foothold in this land. At the same time, you can use tools to kill exotic animals and explore this mysterious labyrinth land. At the same time, you can invite your friends to build territory, you can also expand your own tribe, you can invade other territories and seize rare resources.

Labyrinth territory

In the game territory, there are more than 50 kinds of exotic animals and animals, more than 100 kinds of plant creatures, and several kinds of rare mineral resources. You can kill exotic animals to obtain materials for building equipment, can cook food to increase physical strength, and plants can also be ground into special attack buffs. Rare minerals are necessary for you to obtain high-level items.

To survive

Food and water are essential to survival. There are many different kinds of food in the game, and different foods will have different responses (be careful that some plants have negative effects). All actions consume food and water, and long-distance travel will consume these items continuously. Day night shifts and weather conditions can also affect your environment. Make clothes, build shelters and use fire to protect yourself against the harsh and changeable environment.

Building homes and weapons

Logging, mining, collecting all kinds of materials, become a generation of production masters. Use your hands, worktable and machine tools to make more and more complex and powerful equipment. Use the construction hammer to build your large base, from wood to stone. You can also create weapons, clothing, armor, etc. from the workbench.

Fighting art

Use movement as the core, skill based combat system to fight ferocious monsters and other players. Master the real fighting art and become the most powerful fighter in the labyrinth. Use big sword, one handed sword, bow and arrow, dodge sword, axe and other weapons to fight.

Tribal system

If the enemy has a few rare resources, you can search through the city gate if you have the necessary resources. You can also help the tribal territory guards to advance, attack and retreat them, and give the tribe a loud name.

The growth system of roles

Character growth and upgrade will unlock runes. You can increase your ability by inlaying runes, and create equipment and runes with high attribute coordination. You will surely be invincible with the use of buff potions.

蛮荒志异:起源 / Tales of Wild on Steam



I really enjoy this game, as I’ve always loved making pixel art and building in a community-based sense. (I hail from the days of ThePalace and it’s ‘apartment’ worlds.) Because it is still a game that recieves updates, the nature of its abilities change now and then.

At the current date (5/2/2018), here is a list of things I find good and bad about Manyland.


Ability to create pixel art with a large amount of color slots

Scripting language is fairly easy to learn and there are complex guides on the main website

Real player with 443.1 hrs in game

Manyland is a weird game that’s for sure. This game is something unlike anything else I have ever played. Its a social game where you can build anything you want. It sets itself apart from other 2D or Sandbox games because when I say you can build anything I truly do mean that. In fact I would say that if you want to make some cool pixel art and share it with a small group of people this game might actually not be half bad. For everyone else its a way different story though

This game is a social game and if you have seen other games like this then you might already know where this is going. The community of Manyland is one of the single worst I have ever seen. It is as toxic as a Xbox Voice Chat while being as weird as Gacha Life. This community is, at least currently, an utter shit show of horny teens trying to e-date. I have meet and spoken to quite a number of people on this game to try and see if there is any “normal” people on this game. The short answer is no. This game has fallen so far into obscurity that the only people to find this game are not people that are enjoyable to talk to.

Real player with 102.1 hrs in game

Manyland on Steam