Rover Builder

Rover Builder

(Oct 8)

A bunch of changes have been made. Generally building has improved greatly with symmetry working properly now, and the addition of namable crafts.

There could still be improvements like the ability to copy paste sections or copy paste part parameters, but id say this is easily worth your time if you like physics sandbox games now as you arent fighting the clunkiness as much.



Its obviously very ea, but that doesnt change the review does it. I cant recommend it in its current state, but il update if that changes.

Real player with 36.0 hrs in game

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I definitely enjoy playing this game; it lets me unleash my inner engineer. I have had a lot of fun building unnecessarily complicated rovers. Despite having only a handful of parts (or maybe because of it), Rover Builder is a deceptively challenging game.

However, there are a few bugs/issues that I have found rather detracting. Fixing these will greatly improve the game.

  • Bearings don’t always load correctly when the simulation starts. Sometimes they disappear and sometimes steel beams coming off of the bearings are in the wrong orientation. In order to fix this, I have to go back to the builder, delete the bearings, and reinsert them. Sometimes even that doesn’t work.

Real player with 30.8 hrs in game

Rover Builder on Steam

Rover Mechanic Challenge - ERC Competition

Rover Mechanic Challenge - ERC Competition

⣾⡇⣿⣿⡇⣾⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣄⢻⣦⡀⠁⢸⡌⠻⣿⣿⣿⡽⣿⣿ play it

⡇⣿⠹⣿⡇⡟⠛⣉⠁⠉⠉⠻⡿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣦⣄⡉⠂⠈⠙⢿⣿⣝⣿ It’s good








Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

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hard to play

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Rover Mechanic Challenge - ERC Competition on Steam

Walk On Mars

Walk On Mars

Walk On Mars is a free VR experience. It worked on my system, looked ok, played ?, sounded ok. You are plopped into a crater on Mars. The only movement is you moving in your play space. The background music is ok, but you cannot mute or change volume. They put a credit sign behind you over the wall of the crater, breaking immersion. No space suit hands and arms or body. The sky is Wrong in this map, Martian sky does not show stars and the galaxy. Maybe ok, as a zen garden experience.

Try it, but there is better experiences like this out there.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Walk On Mars is a free VR-only “walking sim” where you get to wear a VR headset and look at a pretty bad skybox and some martian looking landscape. Unlike other walking simulators, there’s nowhere to walk to, which kind of misses the point of them.

It’s nice that this is free, but there’s nothing to it, it’s not a game, so I can’t recommend it to gamers.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Walk On Mars on Steam

How do you like it, Elon Musk?

How do you like it, Elon Musk?

I see a lot of potential in this game the realistic solar system is very intriguing to me I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this video game and it’s right up there with kerbal space program, but with kerbal space program 2 coming out soon we shall see how this game will be comparable. The only downside I have to this game is the building mechanics really need to be worked on the putting together of parts of your ship it can become very glitchy and quite frustrating. When you do get the ship that you were building to work correctly it’s a phenomenal game I just hope this game doesn’t get abandoned because it has some great potential.

Real player with 23.5 hrs in game

This game is awesome it’s just awesome, I wonder if Elon Musk has licensed the devs to use his name xD

I wouldn’t be surprised if it were so, because Elon Musk is known for being a Billionaire but modest I don’t act like another billionaire who acts like a complete dick and even named his company after his little dick ;-)

At first, I thought it was some cheap Kerbal Space Program rip-off, but no it’s a really great game!

As for me, as for me, I attended an ISTQB course for manual testers, took the ISTQB istqb foundation level exam and I missed a few fucking points to pass, a few goddamn points.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

How do you like it, Elon Musk? on Steam

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered

A Great Game

Red faction Guerrilla is an awesome game which features an amazing destruction mechanic through the Geo-Mod 2.0 engine which allows for the free-form destruction of buildings and other structures. This means that instead of Shooting a rocket at a building or setting an explosive charge and having it play our an explosion animation then showing a pre-set damaged building, it calculates the amount of damage one of the different and unique weapons would cause and destroys that part of the building in a way that reflects that damage. Using the game’s unique physics engine, the structure breaks apart in a spill of debris, falling to the ground all around and even damaging the building itself enough to where the whole building can collapse in on itself altogether. This makes for different types of destruction every time. -Set a charge on all supports holding up a structure and watch it fall down as a whole collapsing in on itself as it hits the ground. - Or shoot rockets at it one wall at a time to really play out and savor the destructive possibilities. The main weapon - a sledge hammer that can break its way through almost anything really gives you a sense of satisfaction over and over again until you’ve destroyed a whole structure one swing at a time. I honestly can’t express the awesomeness and satisfaction from the destruction of every building you decide to destroy (which is a big part of the game).

Real player with 54.9 hrs in game

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Welcome back to Mars!

Have you ever wanted a game that lets you destroy ANY building in the world? With most games that say everything is destructible, it’s usually pretty limited or scripted, but here you truly can and you can do it however you want to boot. Whether it’s with a rocket launcher, using C4 explosives, mini black holes, or your sledgehammer, you can demolish it all! There honestly hasn’t been a game like this in recent years that has managed to pull it off to this scale, and even after almost 9 years, it’s still a gorgeous and glorious romp on Mars fighting for the freedom of the people. Since this game has already been out for years, I will mostly focus on the Re-Mars-tered parts (OK I get the joke, but good gawd that just does not roll off the tongue and really sounds dumb) and touch on anything that I feel really needs to be addressed. Let’s return to Mars for another fun adventure full of explosives!

Real player with 42.8 hrs in game

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered on Steam

Take On Mars

Take On Mars

Notice: A lot of reviews are poor about this game because it is early access and people don’t bother to read that they’re buying an unfinished game. Actually READ what people have to say and don’t be taken in by metascores.

Notice: This is going to be detailed, so if your not into that skip to the next review, you have been warned!

Take on Mars - a game designed with a single purpose in mind - explore, and eventually colonize Mars.

Take On Mars - A Survival Game unlike any you’ve played. There are no enemies here except nature herself, but she a fierce one. Even without her Pets - Take on Mars is proof positive space travel is dangerous

Real player with 554.5 hrs in game


I am now updating this review to reflect the launch update and information that i found due to the comments made by Mr. Monochrome and INFIDEL in the comments below. I admit changes have been made and the game up to the point i have progressed to is working, that being said i still beleive this game needs alot more work in that the tutorials are incomplete as far as explaining all you need to know when it comes to the machines,the mission objectives are poorly worded and easily misinterpreted, and still no guidance in game on how to complete the unmanned missions and still make money. This game is frustrating and i personally believe that most gamers will lose interest due to this fact in very little time.

Real player with 275.4 hrs in game

Take On Mars on Steam

Marswar TD

Marswar TD

A typical, lack luster TD game, missing many of the bells and whistles such a game should come with standard.

(Edit: The designer added a target preference button, as requested)

The game has little to no personality, a lot of unit types appear to go by, but there is no sense that they are in any way different other than the way they look, except for the fliers and the easy to miss boss units.

The game has great hopes for itself, you get less than a thousand coins per perfect level right now, and some upgrades cost around a hundred thousand coins to purchase. Something significant would have to change to ever see you reach that.

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

Useless, towers not firing

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Marswar TD on Steam

Rover Mechanic Simulator

Rover Mechanic Simulator

Rover Mechanic Simulator, yet another mechanic simulator game where the player is expected to unscrew some machinery, disassemble it, find some malfunction, repair it and then assemble it again. It is looking good, it sounds good (especially music tunes on local radio), and it provides somewhat unique machinery to fix - some remotely-driven drones which are supposedly used to explore Mars.

However… the usual thing happened. The idea was good, but its execution doesn’t actually cover the fun and enjoyment section.

Real player with 12.7 hrs in game

I love this game. I absolutely love this game. I am fully in love with it. It has become my go-to relaxation experience. And I will explain below why that is in detail. But in brief: Rover Simulator is a very niche, ridiculously expansive mechanics and repair simulator which oozes passion, love, and complexity from every pore. It is a wonderful little experience which, for the price, I could not only recommend more, but say is worth more. You fix rovers. And that’s what you’ll do. From the so-called ‘MER Twins’ - Spirit and Opportunity - to the tiny, adorable Sojourner, all the way up to the (DLC-bound but heavily recommended) Perseverance rover, you’ll disassemble, clean, re-solder, and re-assemble them all.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Rover Mechanic Simulator on Steam

Million on Mars: Space to Venture

Million on Mars: Space to Venture

Million on Mars feels great with its crafting and how hardcore it is.

The linking of the factories has to be my favorite part, it really lets you build complex structures and planning really has to go a long way.

The sound track is absolutely beautiful.

The terrain feels like I’m actually on mars

Obviously this game is in early access and a lot of work still needs to go into it.

Would love to see more progression systems but as early access goes I think it’s worth it!

Real player with 184.4 hrs in game

This is still clearly early alpha, but the resources/recipe system definitely shows promise for being a physically accurate model for really building a human civilization on Mars!

Real player with 89.4 hrs in game

Million on Mars: Space to Venture on Steam

Star Rangers™ XE

Star Rangers™ XE

First I must disclose that I have been bug/beta testing this for about a year or so now.

Firstly when I first heard of this game as I am a fan of simulation games I was excited,secondly the young me was also excited as I had always had a fascination with space and everything to do with it also I do not know any one who did not want to be an astronaut.

The game is an as close as possible simulation of some of the things which NASA scientist have been developing and postulating for future missions to other planets.

Real player with 73.4 hrs in game

I have one reccomendation, for the Mars tutorial level, I think it would be fitting to have the food and oxygen levels be set to unlimited, essentially meaning that it doesnt drain while your doing the tutorial mission, however, if the player wants to stay on the level and continue say building a base, then what the devs could possibly do is once the player has completed the tutorial, is have an option appear on the screen, asking them if they want to continue playing on the level, or if they want to leave the level. And if the player choses to remain on that level, at that point then have the food and oxygen levels be returned to normal, so that they will drain over time. Now if the player wants to remain on the level and say want to mess around, such as in a creative mode, then maybe if the devs want they can have another option come up after the player choses to stay on the level whether they want to keep the food and oxygen set to unlimited, or have it changed back to the normal “survival” setting.

Real player with 38.1 hrs in game

Star Rangers™ XE on Steam